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Reading comics is my anti-drug.
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Below is a list of comments made by brown_recluse_gundam, in date order (newest at the top).

Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
Gee wiz! More attacks on Mr. Buckley's alleged sexuality. How original, and totally out of place. Aint no problem with people expressing why they don't like a comic, but the creator's supposed personal life should have nothing to do with it.
Besides that, this comic is still great. CAD fans rejoice. Haters commence to hating.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
Still the best comic on the web. Boo-yah!
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
HA!!! First comment of the year. Here's wishing all you CAD lovers and CAD haters alike a happy and prosperous new year. Have a great 2008.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
WTF!!! I think you're in the wrong place, bob&mike. These are web comics. If you want to share bad poetry, you can go to deviantart like everyone else. OK? Geez! Talk about flinging crap.
Comic: God Mode 4/5
I'm diggin' the new art style on this comic. It looks very much like the origianl Dragon Ball style. I definatly would not fling poo at this comic, but instead fling poo with it.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
Typical CAD haters. Finding joy in uncivilized manners like beastiality. No wonder they don't take the time to enjoy this comic. They're too busy trying to chase the pussy...Or the puppy. Or the chimpanzee. It's really sad, but I'm not one to judge. Doggy style your doggy. We'll stick with the comics. Thanks.
Comic: Equille 1/5
Never check the comic. Don't know if I can stomach it a second time. I just like to check the comments to see if I get a reaction. Now that I have, I can go now in peace. Best of luck to ya. Oh! And Family Guy not funny? Are ya for real? I guess I shoulda expected as much. I'll come back when yall develope a sence of humor. Peace out!
Comic: Equille 1/5
Hey! I'm flingin' poo here!!
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
Read it and weep...From laughter that is! See what I did there? Huh? Huh?!
Comic: Equille 1/5
Equille, eh? Well let's just take a look seeeo0OHMYGODDISISOEFNLAME!!!
*thr ows poo*
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
I too would like to extend my congratulations to Order of The Stick for its ascension to the #1 spot. Being a fan myself, this is gratifying. However, for those of you that feel like this is some kind of personal victory from down voting CAD. Yall needa grow up. Seriously. Don't yall even think about coming on and talkin about how yall booted CAD down by down voting it because doing that would mean that you are taking credit for OOTS's climb to the top. That would be a great injustice to the work of Mr. Burlew. Hate CAD all you want. It will not waiver fans any. I know I still love it. CAD is a great comic. OOTS is a great comic. Both of them are at the top because they are great works of art. So CAD haters, before you say anything think about it first, and give credit where credit is due.

*flings poop* XD
Comic: Order of the Stick, The 5/5
Amazing! Simply amazing! How this story can be so enterning, funny, and epic in its stick figure form just blows me away. Never did I ever think that I would get excited to see a new comic on my favorites list based on stick figures. A definate must read. It's right up there with 8-Bit Theater and CAD.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
Big words hurt brain. CAD rules! *throws poop*
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
OK, Captain. You hate Buckley. We all get it. Now, slither back in your hole so that us homosapians can enjoy our webcomics. That's it. Back in your hole. Who's a good captain? Who's good captain?
Comic: I Am Geek 5/5
This comic is a breath of fresh air. For one, it looks great. The art is clean, and the writing is very well done. Secondy, it encourges you to look within yourself to find your inner geek. I have always been in touch with my geekdom (in more ways than one ;P), but now I am proud to exclaim to the world," I AM GEEK".
Comic: Sunday at Ten 5/5
This indeed is a very good read. It is both well drawn and well written. I love how they are not afraid to break the fourth wall. They just came out and said "We're a geeky fanservice comic. Love us". And love them we have. This one goes on my faves list, as it should also go on yours. Long live this jewel of a comic and all that enjoy it.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
Nice essay, Captain. Next time try writing it in L33T. Or, you can try just saying "CAD sucks" and get it over with. I can understand your frustration with the man's behavior, but, ultimately, nobody cares. Nobody cares about the man's personal life. They read the comic because it's good. And, it still is good. Also, I can go on about how people who are stupid enough to give money to a perfect stranger deserve what they have coming to them. That's besides the point though. People. Read the comic and judge it not for the person writing it, but for its content. Thank you. Good night.
Comic: Multiplex 5/5
Just got done with the archive. I'm so glad I caught this one early. This comic is great. Almost makes me want to apply at a movie theater. Almost... Ok, not really. But if I were to ever work in a movie theater, I would hope that I would get to work with people as cool as the characters in this comic. Multiplex is a great read. Add it to your faves why don't ya?!
Comic: Dueling Analogs 5/5
Pffsh! Whatever! If you're new to this comic, I would totally ignore all the hubbub below and just check out the comic. Trust me. It's good. Go. Read. Have fun.
Comic: 8-bit Theatre 5/5
OMG!! I just got through the entire archive. This is the stupidest and most idiotic thing I've ever read. Genious!! I've been a fan for a while, but I've never been able to go through the entire archive. There were so many laughs that I had missed. I recommand that you take the time to go through the archive because you never know what you might have missed. Hell! I'm gonna go through it again soon as I'm done with this. SWORD CHUCKS, YO!
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
I don't understand why everyone keeps saying that CAD "lacks characters". How can you have a strip without characters? Alright. I'm just funnin with yall with that inquiry. Honestly though, how can anyone say that the characters on this strip lack character? These characters are oozing character. Also, somebody once stated that CAD was just ripping off Questionable Content. Really? Cause I fail to see the comparison. And, yes, I fail at a lot of things. Just thought I'd throw that out there before the haters did. Questionable Content is infact a great comic. It's one one my faves. However, it is a completely different comic from CAD. The only thing that they have in common is that they both have great characters. Even at that the characters are nothing alike, but that is why they are both great comics. Anyone with character can see that. Someone also brought up that CAD was ripping off Clerks. Again an excellent piece of work that just has nothing in common with CAD except for great characters. And as for PA? Yeah! No character. Later, characters! Read CAD!!
Comic: Penny Arcade 1/5
Well. At least you were kind enough to address me as Mr., Phorcys. So I will humbly do as you request. They don't call me "brown recluse" for nothin. I would rather "fly my gundam" through anyones bowels than to read this dribble. It would probably be more entertaining and captivating to explore the inner anatomy than to go through PA's archive. Well, it would be less excruciating anyways. Sorry to burst your bubbles though and have a great 2007.
Comic: Penny Arcade 1/5
I was just kiddin. This comic sucks. CAD RULES!!!
Comic: Questionable Content 5/5
At first I did not think that I would like this comic, but now I am a total fan. I love how the art has been evolving and the story and dialoge are incredible. The conversations that these characters have are hilarious and fun. Also, and I am not ashamed to say this, Dora is so hot. I have developed a crush on her. You would to. Admit it. If you were a character in this comic you would so hit that. Anyway, rambing aside, this comic is hella good read. Check it out.
Comic: Penny Arcade 3/5
Well, I,ve been reading this comic off and on for years. Yes. It's that kinda relationship. It's been getting better, but for some reason it's still not as great as I think it could be. Perhaps it's the art. It just doesn't fit with the material. What I mean is that it looks too Saturday morning that the graphic stuff just doesn't fit. I always come back to it as it is my opinion that this comic will become really great some day.
Comic: Least I Could Do 5/5
I love this comic! I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that every man in the world wishes that he can be like Rayne. Not only is he a super super gigalo with the ladies, but he is also an uber geek who's into Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings. Also, it's nice to see him holding what is my favorite drink, Red Bull. Simply awesome. Understandably, no one can get away with the things that Rayne does in the real world, but that don't mean that it aint what we all feel like doing. Throw in some of the best supporting characters in comics and you got yourself a winner here.
Comic: Dueling Analogs 5/5
This here is a very good read. Fun and funny to the end. I must have gone through the archive atleast 5 times. The blond kid could use a different hair style though. The one he has now is kinda girly. I'm just saying. Besides that, this is a definate read.
Comic: Oxygen Deficient 3/5
It's very funny. I went through all the same stuff in college. Love all the commentary and crazy links.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
This comic is the absolute best thing that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It is hilarious. Mr. Buckley is a comidic genious. Way better than penny arcade or any other web comic. Anyone who does not find the funny in this comic has no pulse. Away with you, undead creature. And take that stick out your back side. As for the rest of us living breathing homosapians. Bask in the glory that is CAD.

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