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Penny Arcade

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Genre: Gaming
Date Added: Before Time Began
Last Update: 22 May 2015
Current Comic Ranking: 10/23733
Views This Month: 19696   (More...)
Average Views a Month: 2859   (More...)
Favourite of: 1937 members
Status: Normal (?)

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Penny Arcade is a hilarious look at the video game world: the creators of games, the producers, the players, the nuances, and all the things that make video games what they are. It's crazy, unpredictable style of humor is wonderful.

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Lordyv23 4/5
Penny Arcade is for me one of the best. I really appreciate the whole thing. The drawings is very excellent, the story is good, and the humor makes the story go wild.

upsidedownjerry 5/5
in my opinion the best webcomic ive ever read. consistently funny, awesome artwork and the characters are loveable. sure the first few strips werent particularly anything special but for god sake people it was 1998. webcomics barely even existed. cads first comic was about a melon.
to sum up questionable content is good but this fully deserves that top spot.
guymandude 5/5
Fantastic. I have absolutely no idea why this comic is below CAD. Especially since I\'ve noticed a few CAD strips that might as well have been copied and pasted from penny arcade. I get how they are both gaming comics and both will occasionally decide to mock the same game, but seriously, sometimes it\'s just too similar. But Anyways, this is a great comic all around that delivers intelligent and quirky humor every time, and I am truly disappointed in that seemingly large quantity of people who are unable to get it.
clubby71 5/5
There\'s no way this comic deserves to be anywhere near this low on this list. It is the leading gaming webcomic by viewings, its affect on the gaming culture, and simply by its success (a charity, and expo, and a video game based on the characters.) It has nearly 1.5x the page views than #1 questionable content, and QC has double the page views of #2 ctrl alt del, and while all three are excellent and influential webcomics, the numbers don\'t lie. Whatever technique you used to calculate its rank is very wrong, or is being abused by haters. Penny arcade\'s rank deserves to be nothing worse that in the top ten. It\'s writing and artwork isn\'t that bad either (understatement), with consistent updates and dedication to it\'s subject.
JoshWyatt 2/5
Better than being stabbed i guess
joeyecw 2/5
I stumbled upon this webcomic a couple of years ago, yet I found myself here yesterday wondering why I stopped following it. So, putting on my best journalist face, I clicked the link and returned to the Penny Arcade to see, as the kids say, what the dillyo. I remember...

Early the series, the art is serviceable, not great, but I\'m not an art critic. I can\'t draw convincing stick figures, so I\'m not the guy to throw stones. The art later becomes much more appealing, however, and makes the comic a lot more accessable, and that\'s really the first step to being a widely-read strip; nobody is going to read a strip that makes their eyes hurt.

Where this comic, at least in my opinion, fails to make the grade is in the comedy. To be fair, we\'re talking about self-made men (and women) here, and not your typical professional cartoonist who have their strips syndicated in the big papers, so it\'s not fair to blast them for allowing some of that amateurism to occasionally show.

But that\'s not the problem with Penny Arcade.

I in no way consider myself a diehard gamer, but I play them enough to get most of the references in PA, but again, that\'s not the problem. Even though Penny Arcade is more niche even than some of the other gaming strips, it\'s not that the casual gamer can\'t relate--though there\'s some of that, too. The problem with Penny Arcade lies in the humor...or lack thereof.

No offense to the creator of this strip--he\'s a fine enough artist and kudos for creating and maintaining a popular strip for those who actually do appreciate his brand of humor--but it\'s my opinion that he just doesn\'t have the comedic chops to make this strip work. The jokes are often either too narrow, too easy, or casual observations that aren\'t that funny at all, and this is where Penny Arcade dies in the minds of those who aren\'t quite \"diehard\" enough to forgive for the sake of a strip that speaks to them almost exclusively.

In the end, I reccomend Penny Arcade to those who are interested in hardcore gaming and frequent, dependable updates (these things ARE hard to find in webcomics) but aren\'t so worried about laughing out loud.
Great comic, needs spice
Anonymous 3/5
Cheat2Win is right. Little humour to be had here owing to Balds explaining each and every one with a tl;dr essay, which usually links to other tl;dr essays. There is an unwritten rule about jokes which states that when you explain one, or when one has to be explained to you, it's not funny. I don't know why Bald thinks this doesn't apply to him, because it most certainly does. What IS, is superior to B^U, though that's not exactly heard when you're "the rubbish king", much of which is owed to pig-like's evolving skills as an artist. To be honest, Penny Arcade has some damn good art, which you can bet your arse on, is it's one and only saving grace. 3 stars for the art that sugars the pill.
DDR 4/5
a good comic , love the art style and many creative strips, only thing is some of the jokes seem deju vu
ruff1298 5/5
Pretty much awesome.
Cirkux 5/5
The original and best.
CountofMonteCristo 5/5
Definitly one of the best gaming webcomics
Cheat2Win 2/5
Personally, I like how the artwork improved and stuff, but I don't really see how there could be anything else I can give to this comic that's positive.

Needless to say, I don't like this webcomic.

The jokes are actually, quite few and far between on terms of humor. I also believe that the webcomic's jokes (don't get the wrong impression of me, i'm not a choir boy or anything)gets very stale because they curse very unnecessairly. I mean, they could have a very good joke coming along and they screw it up with an unneeded curse, and most of the time it's not like it's appropriate in the situation they're in. As one person said, it's like their trying to get their fan base to be mostly made of immature people.

For the improvements on artwork (unlike Tim Buckley of CAD-slightly shorter and neater = not fooling anyone Buckley.) I would give this comic a 3. If the artwork never improved, I would have given this comic a 1. If there was a 2.5 for the rating, I would have given Penny Arcade 2.5, but since there's no such rating as that, I'll compromise and give it a 2.
PapaChabre 5/5
I wonder why some people feel the need to post about how much they like CAD in the PA comments section.
Philosopher B. 5/5
Aside from having awesome art, Penny Arcade tells a joke like nobody else. The phrasing in the dialogue is inventive and hilarious. I've been reading PA for years, and hopefully will continue to do so for years to come. And I'm not even a hardcore gamer!
WeaponRad 5/5
Alienates a lot of its potential audience but seems to be doing fine with that. Good to see the art has improved a great deal.
I carry a log, yes. Is it funny to you? It is not, to me. Behind all things are reasons. Reasons can even explain the absurd. Do we have the time to learn the reasons behind the human beings’ varied behavior? I think not. Some take the time. Are they called detectives? Watch and see what life teaches.
jayngfet 5/5
one of the best gaming comics out there
crocty 1/5
this = shit
Louis@skateboarding 5/5
isaac17 5/5
Not exactly the god of all webcomics, but I'm pretty sure no other comic has made me laugh as hard as PA. A must read for everyone (over 16ish, it's pretty screwed up...)
santaman87 4/5
tomdelay 5/5
It doesn't suck so bad.
chrono1 5/5
The comics are hit and miss with me, but both gabe and tycho are very talented
If the comic doesn't make me laugh then the blog often does because the writing is always clever.
RedTopHat 3/5
I tried.

I really tried to love this comic, but its jokes don't really go with me. They don't make me laugh, maybe a slight chuckle or a "how about that." but I cannot say I like this comic.

The art is good, with an interesting style. Its updates are good. Nothing else I can think about.
militiagung64 5/5
By far the hardest I've laughed on the web, possibly ever. The fact that it isn't #1 on the list greatly disturbs me. It should hold that spot, even if only on the principle of its influence. I dare not imagine an internet without PA. Keep up the good work!
Ignignot 4/5
The writing's usually pretty hit or miss with me, and frequently lacks punchlines, but even so, it still manages to make me laugh at least 2/3 comics. There are a bunch that I can always go back on and always find funny.

As for the art - it's just a lot of fun for me to look at it. It's a big part of what makes it funny, and Krahulik's range into detail and then back to simplistic is impressive.

And I don't care what anyone says - 'wang' is a funny word. Say it with me.

enchantedspleen 4/5
I'm no gamer but i tell you this... I love this comic...

BEAUTIFUL art. Its so childish its creepy, going with the adult themes.

Its a little hard understanding some of the comics, but the visual language and smaller jokes inside the comic more than make up for it.

Art also has extremely improved over the years.
JohnnythePirate 4/5
the one thing about PA that I really enjoy is that no matter what, I get at least one of three things out of the strip:
Good Art
Good Writing
Good Humor.

I always get a combination of the writing and the art, mind you as the humor sometimes falls a bit flat from time to time. So humor is a bonus that I don't always expect, I suppose. But the writing and art are always top notch. Jerry is a master with words, and Mike is a master with photoshop.

The humor is hit and miss at times though.

NullTermination 5/5
The artwork is always top notch. Well, except for the few times Jerry (or Tycho) did the strip in MS Paint. I also love the writing. Maybe it's just because I follow gaming news and I "get" it. I'm not a fan of the CTS or Twisp & Catsby strips but they do have their audience and Gabe and Tycho only do those strips once or twice a year. It seems like every time I start thinking that the old strips were so much better than what they're putting out now they come up with stuff like /2006/12/15 and 006/12/20. Bottom line, no other strip has me actually laughing out loud as often as Penny Arcade.
brown_recluse_gundam 1/5
Well. At least you were kind enough to address me as Mr., Phorcys. So I will humbly do as you request. They don't call me "brown recluse" for nothin. I would rather "fly my gundam" through anyones bowels than to read this dribble. It would probably be more entertaining and captivating to explore the inner anatomy than to go through PA's archive. Well, it would be less excruciating anyways. Sorry to burst your bubbles though and have a great 2007.
Quote: 'brown_recluse_gundam' -

"I was just kiddin. This comic sucks. CAD RULES!!!"

Mr. brown_recluse_gundam, please go fly your gundam back into the quite recesses of Tim Buckley's brown-eye. Where you apparently came from.
brown_recluse_gundam 1/5
I was just kiddin. This comic sucks. CAD RULES!!!
DeathbyChiasmus 5/5
quality artwork and writing; Krahulik and Holkins really pay attention to their craftsmanship. creative and opinionated. but you already knew that.
and where else can you find an automatic juicer that has sex with fruit? or Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood, generic gun-toting McFarlanesque dark hero? or the Adventures of Twisp and Catsby? you know, if you keep tuning into this comic long enough, you'll eventually forget just how weird and bizarre some of this stuff really is.
brown_recluse_gundam 3/5
Well, I,ve been reading this comic off and on for years. Yes. It's that kinda relationship. It's been getting better, but for some reason it's still not as great as I think it could be. Perhaps it's the art. It just doesn't fit with the material. What I mean is that it looks too Saturday morning that the graphic stuff just doesn't fit. I always come back to it as it is my opinion that this comic will become really great some day.
BeachNuts 5/5
Love the style. Writing is great. I'd def hump this strip.
KoI 5/5
This is easily my favorite game-related comic. The characters are hilarious, yet still seem realistic. Both the writing and art are great...blah, blah, blah. Really, what more can I say on it that hasn't been said?

If you play video games, you're going to find something to laugh at here.
BeachNuts 4/5
I'm not a gamer, so I don't relate to much of the material; but, I must say that the quality of the writing and art is well done and consistent. Kudos. I humbly bow before Penny Arcade. (bow bow)
Jornak 2/5
Penny Arcade lacks artistic style.

Their humor is also very, very particular, and isn't suited to a large range of people.
Bobwater 5/5
The best webcomic out there, as far as writing and art go.
JamesGannon 5/5
If anything should be required viewing for gamers, this is it. The drawing is superb, and the humor is always dead-on. It also features a great ensemble of second and third string characters. With everything that grew from this simple webcomic, such as charities, gatherings, merchandise, and games, the greatness of Penny Arcade transcends the Internet. Long live Penny Arcade!
Brillo 5/5
Has moved from one of my favorites to the top of the list. The artwork is good, and the writing is excellent. I always read the related post, as I find Tycho's writing style to be very entertaining.
Jim AKA Mutt 5/5
One of the first and best comics to use the formula of 1) Comment about video games or pop culture 2) Sarcastic retort 3) violence.
Jenx 5/5
You *points random person* don`t like PA? Well, no problem. Everyone as the right to have bad taste you know. :) Lol, now seriously. I must admit that there are some strips that just..well, aren`t funny. But heck, EVERY webcomic has such. It`s PEOPLE who make this, and people aren`t perfect. I like the comic, though I honestly never read the entire 99-00 comics. It`s just that they didn`t catch my eye with that style. I am giving it a 5 star:
1. - Coz I really like Gabe`s current art style
2. - Coz Sepoohroth just rocks my socks every time I see it
3. - Coz there are enough strips that make me almost fall from my chair laughing
4. - Coz I used to be a gamer, and I`m still a geek. And this is a comic about geeks and games.
5. Coz...this is Penny Arcade for god`s sake!
metaslugx 2/5
This comic just seems to not have the polish i'm used to. It's been around for to long using the same jokes and seems it would be a better as a newspaper comic.
agsgdafsh 4/5
It's a good comic. It can be hilarious, chuckle-worthy, or even downright boring in some strips. However, the boring ones, from what I've seen, are very few.
MammothFrog 2/5
I made an attempt to read it. Honest. But it was to dry. I stopped before i could even make it through the first 30 strips.
klahd222 5/5
I think what Quinlan RB said about PA being less about the characters and more about the gaming industry nowadays is interesting. Maintaining a comic strip for years is hard work, and in order to do that, it has to evolve into something. What it becomes may or may not be as interesting to its original readers and may or may not pick up new readers who find the new content an improvement. "PVP", on the other hand, has sort of done the opposite; become less about the gaming world and more about the lives of its characters. I guess its all relative...
Keeper of Secrets 5/5
Okay, I've seriously changed my opinion on this comic. As I've been following it, the character's adventures, and classic trips the gaming store have really gotten to me. Not to mention the art has just gotten better and better. Definitely a grade A comic.
Xingxian 5/5
I often find this funny. And I often find many other gaming comics not funny. Well, pvponline is funny. But ctrl+alt+del makes me laugh about 1/100th the time this comic does
krudman 5/5
Its penny arcade.

It made webcomics what they are today.
That's all i really need to say.
Quinlan RB  
nazgjunk, penny arcade made ctrl-alt-delete what it was as well as look into the copying Cad does, compare it to the old QC where the anthropc's eyes turn red and quoted the "meatbag" phrase that Cad uses then ask yourself, is that what Ezekial said?It is and guess who used it first: Questionable content
Quinlan RB 5/5
I remember back in 1998 when I started reading this comic. It was awesome then and always interested me because of its own wacky wangtastic style. This comic is one of the first web only comics and you should worship it for bringing the gaming genre of comics into existence. I left the comics world for a time in 1999 and started up again in 2004 when I got better internet and I have to say its changed. It still had a unique style but the wang jokes had disapeared and it seemed to have switched away from the lives of gabe and tycho to more of the gaming world in general. This isn't particularly bad in any way, its just that this comic is now less interesting and less humorous then it used to be. Still, come on, this comic still has managed to keep its originality over all these years and now the only problem against it is that its art is a little too cartoony. I am just a little upset at other gaming comics for copying them and I hope that people around me will look closer at this comic next time and see, see that this comic is and should be the #1 comic of all time and should win the lifetime achievement award (almost 9 years is a lifetime for a webcomic). Other than that I guess you can say that newer comics are beginning to outcompete it for popularity and guess what I say to them: good job, just try holding that popularity for as long as penny arcade has.
nazgjunk 3/5
I find this (including the old ones) way less amusing than the old ctrl+alt+del. Between this and the new CAD i'm not sure though.
LifeBeforeLoading 4/5
It's Penny Arcade. Despite what a lot of these comments say, it's ranked in the top 5 for a reason. Funny as hell (especially the older ones) and never fails to update, unlike other comics *cough vg cats cough*
Gorthus 1/5
Meh. The humor is bleh.
Rickford 4/5
Mneh. I read it. Therefore it qualifies as something a bit special. I don't read just anything you know. You should judge a comic by the amount you come back to it, not by the amount of hype it has. And Penny Arcade gets more hype than any other comic I've encountered.
Admiral 5/5
Come on. It's PA.
klahd222 5/5
I'm simply stating that I get the humor of the creators through the strip's content, even though it may not be my own. If you don't like obscenities, or rants or the word "wang". Go. Read. Something. Else.
eruchye 5/5
Giggity-Giggity, Thank you for LJ feed! You guys are awesome! I espire to be like you!
klahd222 5/5
A good alternative comic strip should feel like a reflection of it's author(s). Penny Arcade is one of those strips. If you have such a big problem with obscenities go read Beetle Bailey.
wonderful. a double post to make me look like an ass...
DedRandal 3/5
Penny Arcade isn't really a bad comic. the cut and paste art is pleasant on the eye and the writing isn't bad. However, I don't know what it is, but I'm just not compelled to read it in any regular capacacity... there's just nothing keeping me here.

Though that's possibly because I shy away from "doing what everybody else is doing, just because they're doing it. " I think Dilbert is a good comic, but it doesn't have anything compelling me to read it either.
DedRandal 3/5
Penny Arcade isn't really a bad comic. the cut and paste art is pleasant on the eye and the writing isn't bad. However, I don't know what it is, but I'm just not compelled to read it in any regular capacacity... there's just nothing keeping me here.

Though that's possibly because I shy away from "doing what everybody else is doing, just because they're doing it. " I think Dilbert is a good comic, but it doesn't have anything compelling me to read it either.
cocoa 4/5
Penny Arcade, even though it has the constant cussing which drives a few people off, is a good comic. The art style is cartoony yet adult, and the humour is top notch. I smile at practically each comic, but yet it just doesn't make me laugh out loud like dragon tails...
Van Helsing 2/5
I don't like this comic very much. A lot of the time it uses curses unneccesarily. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some god-squad lackey or anything, but I think using f***-you all the time just to attract little kids who think they're getting away with somehting is a bit pathetic. A lot of the time they just rant about a video game in the first few panels and then end off with some "wang" joke at the end that has no relaion to the rest of the strip. The art is good, though, and admitably, a few comics are laugh-out-loud funny, but altogether I think that this comic is designed to appeal to a more easily entertained "Beavis and Buthead' kind of audience, and those are exactly the kind of people who are going to reply to this rant with; "oh, yeah? f***-you man, why don't you go to a church and read pvp or something? WANG
Beholder18 5/5
Gabe & Tycho - two of my heroes since the whole case with Jack Thompson. Respect for their work!
Keeper of Secrets 4/5
This comic is hilarious. The art style didn't please me until 2003, but from there it took a giant leap towards my liking. Its funny, has a good art style, and is a giant blender of great things.
Pandalyn 5/5
You guys are freakin' genius! I love it. Funniest things I've ever read. The I To the C To The O was the best. I am in love with ICO the game and oh man... you guys just... oh my God.

Gabe is my hero.
JJK 3/5
Hmm, honestly, I don't find this funny at all. Somehow though, it makes me want to read it regardless. Doesn't deserve 2nd place in my opinion though.
meandroo 5/5
Ahh, Tycho and Gabe. Great webpage, comic is often good, occasionally brilliant. I like the current events slant they tend to put in, and the art has gotten a lot better.
bobb17 3/5
check out montezumas revenge..its way funnier than this
R23 5/5
Unlike a lot of strip comics, this one's kept its momentum ^^
They're always hilarious, and I love seeing the artstyle evolve!

manifest 4/5
This comic is selective appeal. One week will be complete gold and you will understand every rant and joke and be ulimately pleased with the world. Then on the following week you will find you've just become too old and out of touch with the game genres that used to be your life. It's a tough situation, but that 1/50 that you understand makes it all so very worth while.

Oh and wonderful art.. that's a big selling point for a lot of people. It's always nice to look at even if the update is just a random sketch.
Kiyoshi 5/5
Hey wodan, the comic isn't necessarily always to entetain, it's like a diary for Gabe & Tycho. If you don't get it or if you find the jokes repetive (which they most certainly aren't) then maybe you should try to understand it better...
wodan46 2/5
This comic went from being funny to just a series of repetitive meta jokes. Now its all just pointless violence, vulgarity, and random musings about game developers
kichigai-kiddo 3/5
The art is amazing color and style wise. Very crisp and the detail is just amazing yet so simple.

Although I'm a game nut I have no clue what the hell is going on half of the time :l But it is funny at times :D
Marko90 5/5
I'm a long-time fan of this webcomic, a lot of it reminds me of my brothers and myself. Gaming humor at it's best.
Prototypecomics 5/5
awesome comic im an old fan of the stuff. i also love the little comic you guys did for broken saints awesome work.
CK01 5/5
One of the webcomics at the top of watchlist.
Avatarist 5/5
splendid and jolly good indeed.
zooker 5/5
I really hate gaming comics for the most part, but Penny Arcade remains fresh and accessible. Tycho's writing is always spot-on, and even though I'm not much of a gamer, I can appreciate it.
krabat 5/5
Nothing beats this comic for simple laugh out loud hilarity.
ishkampo 5/5
no seriously this is not funny...

(there's no flaming there)
MikeCrick 5/5
This comic is simply one of the best. It's up there with VG cats and CAD. Keep up the good work Gabe and Tycho!
I'm going to Whore out a bit here, but if you like PA please take a look at my comic
(sorry for the whoreing guys...but it's hard to get noticed)
StickManArmy 5/5
I've looked up to this comic ever since... well, I started reading it. I don't most people appreciate it nearly enough. It rawks my socks off.
money 5/5
my favorite comic on the net. enough said
Subhuman 5/5
It's en vogue right now to bash PA, but the fact is that it's just a damn funny comic, gaming humor or no. Tycho can write a mean punchline, and Gabe's art is excellent. PA's success is no fluke.
nohara_megami 5/5
I have to admit, I do not get a lot of the gamer jokes since I only became a gamer myself recently, but what I do get is hilarious beyond reason..... I do love the fact that since I only picked up this habit recently, I get to read a sort of 'history' if reviews from years past, amny which I remember and some I only heard of recently.... A good read but 7 years of comics is a long time to run, I congrad them on that and the fact that I actually sat throught that many comics, it was worth it^_^
rhathar 1/5
I've tried to read this comic several times. I've started at different points. One time I even started at the beginning and read through the first several hundred. It was hard. VERY hard.

I don't give a shit about the swearing. It just wasn't funny. I have 10 other comics I check regularly on my favourites list, so I'm not going to be checking back in on this one ever.
link1986 1/5
It has it's moments. But God are they few and far between.
bigfan 5/5
One of my favorite web strips. It has longevity and has really stood the test of time.
Meeko 5/5
The Best Comic EVER. i could read (and have) PA for hours upon hours
vetarra 5/5
Good reading, not always the best, but usually it is.
hollyqi 5/5
I can't understand anyone who says PA is overhyped, unless anything "popular" is overhyped automatically, sort of the way all musicians are "sell-outs" the minute they start getting money or fans from their work. Whatever. Anyway, Penny Arcade is hyped, but for a reason. It is laugh out loud, piss your pants funny, and the artwork is great.
What can I say? Penny Arcade is a CLASSIC! Vulgar, funny and just that good!
greengirl 4/5
Love it especially when they say bad words... ; )
No really, this is a very funny web comic.
barryallen 4/5
Great strip and very tyopical especially if you are a video game fan.
jancola 5/5
This comic is great. They update often, are always well drawn, and most of the time quite funny. Some of my favorites: when Tycho accidentally kills his wife, when Gabe is waiting in line for a PSP, and my number one favorite: when Tim Story tries to make F4 for $20. "I'm Mr. Fantastic, look at how f**king fantastic I am!"
As good as it gets for game strips!
kaptainownage 3/5
Like one person said, the jokes do get older and older, but thats cause its been around for so long.
Jono!!! 5/5
Firstly there would be no webcomics as we know them if it wasn’t for Penny Arcade. Respect; they started it!

As for an overall picture it’s a cool comic. Well laid out, Simple but cool art style, and very well written. Great jokes about the industry that for the most part is very analytical and satirical. The Jokes have begun to get a little stale in its old age, but they’re still a lot better than most comics just starting!

Top marks!
wasureru 1/5
Okay, it's funny. Kind of.

If you can survive the 'art', the beginning comics are hilarious.

Then the jokes get old. Then older. And then... well, you get the idea.
Jenny169 5/5
In my opinion, anyone who complanes about the foul language in this comic is lame. That is the way people talk. It makes it sound more realistic.
Solid Marine 2/5
It is very diddicult to try and read all the writing in each comic. The humour is not quick enough for me. I like CAD better
rhathar 1/5
This comic is lame. The rocks are old and cliched, and it doesn't even pull them off well. Or try.
Orangayang 1/5
So why does everybody like this???
violue 5/5
<3 Penny Arcade is Love.
Misanthrope 5/5
Awesome. Although these authors are losers in real life, they have found (indeed, created) an element where they can succeed.
The only negative aspect of P-A is the legions and legions of horrible ripoffs it inspired by making people realize how easy it was to create a comic.
blank 3/5
1 every 15 comics is funny, but when a PA comic is funny, it's VERY funny.
The art is good, too.
and yes, the comic is highly overrated.
wtsstar 5/5
Great site if you´re a gamer and perhaps because they have the same kind of humour that I possess.
wtstar 1/5
Slow loading times, small comics, lack of mindblowing humor, overrated to the max, and still doesn't have all that good art. I'd definitely look elsewhere. Would give it a two or a three, but all the gushing fans that will defend it to the death force me to give it a one.
irokie 5/5
one of my favourites. if i were to do a comic, i'd model it on PA. i want to buy these guys a drink.
Garbled 2/5
I don't see why this comic is so popular.
The artwork is good enough, but, overall, the humor is atbest mediocre.
Manga Turtle 4/5
i'm not a video game fanatic but even i'm laughing. i love the starwars puns. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! but one thing, why do they have to fill it with profanity?
ziggurath 5/5
Great. Duh.
Pigeon Tycoon 4/5
The godfather of gaming webcomics!
I think its past its prime but pay respect to the great.
ZoeNox 3/5
I mainly like the spoofs done by other comics based on this one, but I do like the one about World of Warcraft. Soon my night-elf will rule all of Azeroth...
Donny 5/5
Its worth checking out for Mike Krahulik's news posts alone. Penny Arcade deserves every bit of success that it gets.
RDemon 5/5
Probably the best comic on the internet
ash 5/5
Everyone loves Penny Arcade, including myself.

It is a true gamers comic
Kirb 5/5
An intelligent, satire-filled webcomic. Though I agree, if you aren't a geek that keeps up to date with all the happenings in the game industry, you may not understand the jokes. But fortunately, I am.
Tolkoto 5/5
Not only responsible for the webcomic movement, they're still one of the best out there.
Falos 3/5
Cliche characters, but that's okay. My comic has 'em too - same hairstyle by coincidence, in fact. Overrated yet good. Like Harry Potter. I didn't like it, though. Not sure why. 3-star 'good'.
Xocrates 1/5
I checked Penny Arcade several times and I never found out what's so special about it.
It's not funny, is often agressive and seldom logical.
Heccubus 5/5
PA transcends the webcomic in that it...oh hell, it's just really damned funny, okay?
Gabe! 5/5
Web comics would have been just another internet thing that came and went if not for comics like Penny Arcade. Awesome art, funny stories, cursing, and other random vulgarities... they revolutionized the web comic world. They were not alone in doing this by any means, but never overlook their contributions.
J.K. 1/5
Tired and trite. Nothing to see here anymore. Maybe in the beginning, but now...
Joule 5/5
Away with you William. If you read the rants, all of your so-called inside jokes are explained. Maybe you are just a little slow. Great comic.
George 4/5
Great comic! I mean really great!
The professor 4/5
A funny comic about video games and the people who play them.
William 3/5
Very funny but not universal. Sometimes the video game inside jokes are lost on most (then again I advocate inside humour many times). But when they're funny they're VERY funny. Great support of charities too. Coudos.
Middle mark to balance of the very funny and the lost jokes. :p
#1YAY 5/5
#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1# 1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1 #1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1YAY YIPPEE
death to Hiro Tomokiro 5/5
Gleezus 4/5
One of my favorites, good art, good humor, and gaming... what more could you ask for??
Creator_42 5/5
Gabe and Tycho are definitely hilarious and very talented.
cheeseboy38 5/5
Jesus fuck my eye christ , it's great.
Sushiman 5/5
Right up there with Megatokyo in my list of favorite comics. It's a hilarious comic with excelent art and a good sense of humor. It has the occasional bomb, but then, what comic doesn't? Definetely deserves to be higher than Ctrl Alt Del.
MaCeR 5/5
f00kin awesome! What more is there to say about this comic? I think I've read it from start to finish at least 20 times and I still find myself laughing at the jokes... must read
Me. 5/5
Perfect. Almost every strip is hilariously funny, which is why this is the web's most popular webcomic.
Jeremy Woods 4/5
I like this comic. I find it entertaining even though i'm not much of a gamer.
Scrud 5/5
This and ctrl+alt+del are my favorite comics. PA is very funny but sometimes you need to read the post to understand the comic.
Hiro Tomokiri 4/5
Probably the most overrated webcomic in existence. But even then, this is a good comic. But not good enough to have a number 2 rank. 8-Bit Theatre deserves that rank.
Booger eater 4/5
EXCELLENT ARTWORK ( reminds me of cerial box art ) and occasionaly very funny . Lately it's been very dull I guess nothing good to make fun of ?
Bob 3/5
Okay, I guess. It helps pass the time.
Aidank 5/5
This is an absolutely hilarious view of the video gaming world. Great jokes about the industry, the quality of games, and quirks. This comic really points out how funny the gaming world can be.

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