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Dueling Analogs

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Genre: Gaming
Date Added: 16 January 2006
Last Update: 23 May 2015
Archive URL:
Current Comic Ranking: 63/23733
Views This Month: 9956   (More...)
Average Views a Month: 1636   (More...)
Favourite of: 1035 members
Status: Normal (?)

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Dueling Analogs is a color semi-weekly webcomic that lampoons the characters, culture and subtext of modern gaming culture.

Updates every Monday and Thursday.

Current image by: pierski

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This comic strip although posses not a good story still good to watch because of the art. Very talented.
This guy always just randomly makes me crack up. His blogs are also really great.
freedomcall525 1/5
I just can\'t find these sorts of comics funny, it\'s just too biased, he has no problems poking fun at the PS3 or Xbox 360, but seems to think the Wii or anything made by Nintendo is absolute perfection.

It also doesn\'t help that there are no jokes, the comics are just expected to be funny simply because it\'s about video games.

In short the creator is lazy, can\'t write a joke to save his life and is a clear Nintendo fanboy, if all you need to enjoy a comic is a pretty picture of a random video game character, then you\'ll love this.
I-Wanna-be-a-Marysue 1/5
Dueling analogs is not worth reading. Its all ideas that have been done before. With bland art. And failed attempts at edginess. AND a Mary-Sue self insert. And none of the videogame characters depicted in the comic are in character.

Go read Penny arcade or another one of the comics with Dueling analogs rips off instead. Many of them are better than this.
to117 5/5
Very talented artist who can pretty much draw in any style. From a very objective point of view, I'd even say he is the *most* versatile artist on the Internet. At least that's from what I've seen so far. The art is very, very consistent. Which is a feat in itself given Pierski can draw a million different styles that all look good, but still get back to an old one and replicate it faithfully.

I can't understand people who say it is not good or just simply good. Outer Circle's artist got nothing on this guy. Nothing!

I like the jokes a lot, but I can understand why it isn't for everyone. Kinda like Penny-Arcade, I guess.
DDR 4/5
funny, weird good art style
I really wish there was an edit option... Accidently posted this in the wrong comic profile. I meant to put the review below this for the comic "Sore Thumbs."

My apologies to this comic's author, as I haven't read much of Dueling analogs yet.
Stormblazer 2/5
This comic had potential, but it's somewhat out of touch with the gaming community, and worst of all, every time the author tries anything political, it fails spectacularly. The reason is that, similar to some other webcomics I've seen, the author has a very skewed idea of what people on different sides of the political spectrum are like, and it really destroys any chance of humor.

The art is good enough, it's the humor and execution that are problematic.
PapaChabre 2/5
Gotta take this off of my favorites list. I used to like Dueling Analogs but there has been a serious lack of humor lately. And to the author's 'if you don't like it just ignore it' bit - it's called criticism. If you can't take it maybe you should stop submitting your work to the public.
Sometimes ideas, like men, jump up and say, “Hello.” They introduce themselves, these ideas, with words. Are they words? These ideas speak so strangely. All that we see in this world is based on someone’s ideas. Some ideas are destructive, some are constructive. Some ideas can arrive in the form of a dream. I can say it again: Some ideas arrive in the form of a dream.
Louis@skateboarding 5/5
Dude...Your comic Is SWEET! not only does it have awesome game parodies and funny ( yes morons funny) have the same haircut as me...I think we are made for each other. Enclosed is a video of me reading aloud poetry of you whislt touching myself....I am also straight ^^
crocty 5/5
One of the few comics I've seen on this site that#s good!
quellious 5/5
Funny, nice artwork, aimed for an adult crowd (unlike most gaming comics)
horsehead 5/5
Fuggin' hilarious.
Enravagement 5/5
Some people here need to get the sand out of their vaginas.
militiagung64 1/5
Very disappointing. I used to like, but on my watch, there hasn't been a mildly funny comic in months. None of these jokes are funny, and 70% don't even qualify as jokes. Boo. I would also like to loudly express my disbelief and distaste that this comic holds a higher ranking than greats such as Penny Arcade and VG Cats.
Brava pierski. Gaming comics are not to my taste, but I think you handle yourself real well in the arena. The sense of humor is not for everyone, but if you try to please everyone, you're going to end up pleasing no one.
brown_recluse_gundam 5/5
Pffsh! Whatever! If you're new to this comic, I would totally ignore all the hubbub below and just check out the comic. Trust me. It's good. Go. Read. Have fun.
mofous2k6 3/5
point made. honestly i wasnt really trying to bash, so if it was taken that way i apologize, i was just trying to state my oppinion.
pierski 4/5
Usually I just let this stuff roll off, but allow me to rebut…

First off, I was never trying to reinvent the wheel. I create a self-encapsulated gaming webcomic where every strip is individual and no back story is required to enjoy a strip. Is it simple? Yes, but I never claimed otherwise. I already do a second webcomic with an ongoing story and character development, I wanted to do something lighter and something gaming… its called Dueling Analogs.

Second, the advertisement... I’m not going to lie, I enjoy the additional traffic that it brings to Dueling Analogs. Personally, the ranking is not the motivational factor in the banners. It’s the ability to reach larger audiences. And to prove it I asked TWCL to change the linkage from the banner to go directly to Dueling Analogs. This means if one person or one thousand people click it, it will not affect my ranking at all. Cool?

Lastly and I guess this is a personal thing, I’ve never understood the need to attack other people’s webcomics in the public arena. A good portion of the people that visit TWCL are webcomic creators. And as webcomic creators you know that it takes a lot of time and personal motivation to do and maintain a webcomic. Look I don’t like all webcomics, but I choose to promote what I enjoy and ignore what I don’t. Isn’t that a better philosophy?

I think Woots summed up a lot of these comments best when he said “if this comic didn't get so popular so fast, I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it.”
mofous2k6 1/5
I am glad to see some negative comments about this comic. Because I, personally, have never been a fan. I can't see the humor in it, I mean, are sex puns about video game characters really that hilarious? I have to agree whole-heartedly with Ignigbot. My comic is not incredible, I know, so before I start getting loads of hate-mail, but at least I have tryed to push beyond the video-game genre and do something new, dueling anologs has done nothing of the sort....
sorry guys...
this blows
Ignignot 1/5
I don’t mean to be mean, I’m just getting this off my chest.

Dueling Analogs sucks. It’s not that funny, and often falls back on formulas - if you honestly laugh at "Games I'm Glad Were Never Made" or even giggle at "Rejected Megaman Villains" then you should really just pick up a newspaper – Family Circus is probably right up your alley.

Even the negative critics are saying, “at least the art’s good” and I’ve got to disagree there too. The art’s static and feels really lifeless, and uses a lot of the same images over and over (most notably in Harvey’s frequent monologues) The latest gimmick, “What if (famous cartoonist) created Dueling Analogs?” has yielded better art every time, which kind of depresses me, ‘cause it shows he can do better.

Now, you’re almost definitely saying, “He’s just jealous.” I’m not. I don’t care that much because I KNOW that this doesn’t deserve to be #1, but it’s advertised so much, you’d think Steve Napierski owned this website. (which he very well might – I haven’t fact checked this ) Steve, if you’re reading this, all I want to say is this: Please stop advertising for a year-ish and see where you really fall. You’ll find a lot more acceptance, I promise.

Now I KNOW I sound like a jerk, but I want to make really clear that I don’t mean to make any personal attacks against Mr. Napierski – from what I hear, he’s a very nice guy. I’m an artist too, and I know it’s hard, and it takes work. Dueling Analogs has a lot of readers now, and I think something good can be done with it, but as long as it’s got its fake #1, I can't imagine it being improved.

Just sayin’.
RosesArePizza 4/5
i like this comic. love the art.
JMW2243 3/5
Some pieces are good while others are boring.
JMW2243 3/5
Some pieces are good while others are boring.
DeathbyChiasmus 2/5
it's not quite the bottom of the barrel. I mean, if I could rate the artwork and site design alone, I'd give 'em both a 4. but the humor is entirely derivative and unoriginal, and not especially funny either. too many webcomickers are under the impression that just because they're making comics that are so offensive they'd give your mom an aneurysm, that makes them humorous.
brown_recluse_gundam 5/5
This here is a very good read. Fun and funny to the end. I must have gone through the archive atleast 5 times. The blond kid could use a different hair style though. The one he has now is kinda girly. I'm just saying. Besides that, this is a definate read.
HomicidalPoptart 5/5
The art is very well done and the humor for once isn't based loosely on a mentally unstable video gamer and his antics. It reminds me somewhat of VGcats, where the humor is with the games and not the people who play them. Anyways, this comic is very clever and entertaining, give it a read. You just might like it.
Patex99 5/5
Its a Must. Its awsum to the max + sweet times by wicked and add kool.
Its a Must. Its awsum to the max + sweet times by wicked and add kool.
lordslayer89 4/5
good art, funny jokes, but not the best comic on the block.

worth reading, in my opinion.
VinnieChant 3/5
Dude, I make a point of checking in on DA every few days, and I've found myself laughing alot, even if they are somewhat childish "poop" jokes, but it's the same system the Jackass and Viva la Bam series have run off of.....

Deff one of my top 3 favorite gaming comics....
yusecki 5/5
I have many favourite comics and this is one of them. I always look forward to the new comics.

It is, to me, an equal with Extralife, PressStartToPlay and QC
Lance Icarus 4/5
I love this comic. The art style is great and it's always got a laugh in it. Sure it may fall on sex jokes a bit too often, but it's still funny stuff.
joshua_wyatt_england 5/5
Fantastic, this comic is fantastic. and the Sony bashing rocks!
Love it :) Some utterly hilarious strips.
LordofthePopes 5/5
Why all the hate? This is a good fucking comic. Definitely one of the better ones out there.
Jornak 5/5
And btw...

Jornak 5/5
|>|_|3|_1|\|6 /-\|\|/-\|_065 r0x0r5 m41 b0x0r5
JohnnythePirate 4/5
DA is another gaming comic. You have your typical Xbox jokes, Mario makes a cameo, it's got it all, but one thing is does differentis the brand of humor. Aside for the need to delve into the booby and penis well of humor, it works as a very fitting political cartoon. It takes issues that we do and don't thin of involving the gaming industry and lights a fire under it. The art is rather hit and miss. Primarily copy and paste, which the humor does it's job very nicely to make up for it.
manuverse 5/5
Dunnut know what people are complaining about. This comic really isnt that bad at all.
Barbosa 5/5
I wouldn't put too much stock in what the people comment here. Basically you've got two types complaining. Those who bitch just to bitch and other webcomic creators that are jealous of how high the comic is ranked. If it was really as bad as they said, I don't think you'd have almost 550 people listing it as one of their favorites. You've got almost as many people with you on their favorites as PVP.
thunk 2/5
this is nothing on CAD or even QC... the fact that it remains so high up on the list is dodgy but then he still pays for advertising whereas the better known and more established comics like QC and Penny arcade have no need. Hopefully once Steve Napierski gives it a chance without the advertising we can see if it truly deserves its spot!
Pl4n3t F4bul0u5 3/5
I've just finished reading this comic and I have to say it is really good. It has quite a satirical look at the gaming world (sony in particular) and I think that although it isn't in the same league as other comics such as Penny Arcade or VG Cats, just yet, it definately has potential. Plus, you gotta admit, it is incredibly funny! The writer has an amazing sense of humour.
Srg_Charlie 3/5
this comic is not exactly in touch with the gaming community, its preaty obvious that the author is an old school gamer, and not much else, however, this does tend to add on to it charm as most people cna relate to the comics, and even the most casual gamer will get the humor. That being said, whenever the author makes an attempt to diss on somthing, it makes me want to punch myself in the crotch, to distract from the pain. All it achieves iis to make the author seem like a complete dick. He lacks the bitin wit of penny arcade and CAD, when it comes to insults and put down, ( a very large peice of the gaming community, like it or not) So therefore when the author tries to make a joke, it succeds, but when he tries to state an opinion are make a comment on just about anyhting, it one of the most pathetic things ive ever seen. and god help me, I CANT STAND THE WAY HE DRAWS HIMSELF< O WHOEVER HE MAIN CHARACTER IS SUPPOSED TO BE. ASSHOLE! but that is juat a personal taste issue, and has not affect on the comic what so ever.

In short, it gets a 3 out of five, but leaves abad enough impression in my mind,that i for sure know this comic doesnt even come close to deserving the #2 spot, leave that for 8 bit, or penny arcade, questionable content even, ut for gods sake, not this comic. deuling anologs-Close but no cigar
dev 5/5
Ok, here's the deal. It's a comic for game savvy people and thats all. Minus all the perverted actions, this is one of the coolest web comics!
Pudge_bar 1/5
Sucks bad..... Penny-arcade & CAD is way better,
The Drama Is Super 4/5
I like Dueling Analogs. It gives my comic hope. If a comic as young as DA can knock off Ctrl+Alt then Coming Soon! may have a shot. I can only hope.

Oh. comment. DA roxs. Alot. I mean it.
ericsagirl 1/5
hmm..this is number one? in that case...dont rate my know, unless you actually see how bad this comic sucks
slightlight 3/5
Its not the best of its genre, its definatly not the worst. Its consistant, and has on occasions, brilliant strips (loved the Konami Code one)
nazgjunk 3/5
Wew congrats, Dueling Analogs is #1! It's never really been my favorite, but i do like to read it.

Imagine, you got ctrl+alt+del off #1!

Again, congrats.
averageuser 5/5
This is some awesome stuff. I love it.
Enchuu 3/5
I cant understand why this is no.1 Thats not to say its not a good comic but there are a number of much better comics in the exact same genre and mould.
agsgdafsh 5/5
Geez, so many haters...this comic is really good. I really enjoy it. Showed it to a couple of friends, and they enjoyed it too.

I will admit that not all the strips are good...some are a bit boring. But when they're good, they're VERY good.
kripsy 4/5
Nice comic, I like the sexy outlook you put on this comic
i have to agree with those that say this comic is a tad overrated, although i dont wanna sound like a dick
metaslugx 4/5
One of the freshest comics i've read yet. Don beat CAD though

'B' comic
Arlo_Level99 5/5
You rock, dude. That is all.

SotiCoto 1/5
Whats this piece of sh*t even doing advertised here? Not only is it low on content and dipping into an already terrible AND overused genre, not to mention being unfunny besides.... but its layout is genuinely heretical in its mimicry of S*ny's handheld abomination.
I hope whoever is responsible for this filth loses all family to freak accidents before dying of genital cancer.
stickboybob 5/5
great comic! i wish i could crank out comics like that!
Boyinabox 3/5
An okay gaming comic with great art but the jokes need a lot of work. I'm surprised this has managed to beat VGcats and Penny Arcade to #2 in such a short space of time when there are much better comics around.
otakukyokai 2/5
It's ok, I guess. Artwork's really good, but the jokes themselves are kinda dull. Maybe it's just me, but I find Dueling Analogs very undeserving of such a high spot, especially when there's better comics out there like Penny Arcade and VGCats.
e_seidel 2/5
Actually...wait no, nevermind. pretend I never commented.
(that comment directed at no one directly, just those who don't think it's funny)
e_seidel 5/5
Get your funny checked.
mikep3313 3/5
The art is nice, but the experience on the whole would be better without the sex jokes.
Barbosa 5/5
Good to see a gaming comic actually about gaming. Great artwork and good jokes.
Woots 2/5
I have to admit that, if this comic didn't get so popular so fast, I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it. But as it is, it's mediocre, at best, and usually not funny, just dirty. The art's decent I guess, but it's certainly no Outer Circle.
Scratch that #2: this comic should not be at #1. Methinks this is a staff favorite...
Captain_Thunder 1/5
Violence/sex/cursing can NOT be used as a substitute for an actual punchline. The art is pretty good, but even that's not enough to save it. This comic should not be all the way up at #2
NatNi 4/5
I like it. Good artwork and site design, the jokes get a fair chuckle out of me.
Binstig 3/5
Its not bad but its nowhere near as good as the outer circle. Thats just genius
komiyo 5/5
Dueling Analogs is one of the best gaming webcomics i've seen a while. Sick, twisted fun.
komiyo 5/5
Dueling Analogs is one of the best gaming webcomics i've seen a while. Sick, twisted fun.
Touche salesman (peter griffin voice)
pierski 4/5
Well Shorty and CJ, the ranking (to the best of my knowledge) is based on how many people visit the comic in between regular updates.

Lets take the month of March for example. In this month Dueling Analogs has received about 2300 visitors with 4 updates (as of now). That averages to almost 600 hits a strip. Now Press Start to Play has received almost 600 hits for the month with about 4 updates as well (as of now) for an average of 150 hits a strip. Its just simple math.

Remember, just because you may not like something doesn't mean that everyone else shares your opinion. Is it perfect? No, I'm not going to lie and say it is, but apparently there are enough people that like the comic... just look at how many people have it listed as one of their favorites.
Shorty 2/5
I agree with CJ. Explanation please.
C.J. 2/5
What the crap is this doing at number 3?
DedRandal 2/5
The art here is fantastic. Unfortunately the writing is predictable and sophomoric... so most people should love it.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, I just crave more clever writing, like in VGCats. I would rate this good if the writing were better, I'm much more lenient on art over writing. You could be drawing basic stick figures, but if it's clever or interesting, that would only add to the charm. Poor writing just has this falling flat for me..
Gelmaron 3/5
I'm sort of so-so with Duleing Analogs. The art is good and somewhat unique and I like the layout of the webpage. However, some of the humor is lost on me. I guess because I'm not familiar with every video game in existence, I dont get some of the humor. But there is enough good stuff to keep me checking the site.
ryclaude 2/5
these thoughts all seem to become somewhat one sided, I'm gonna look for good and bad right now, having read this through.
First of all, Gamer humour is not inventive much like the majority of the games industry. The standard for gaming webcomics is parody game - add something for shock value - Violent close. the other problem being that since the people reading the comics play games already and most of them have half a brain, many of the gags are what we're all thinking.
This seems to be the case in this instance (with the possible exception of that orgasm / stat increase joke which was more the author's stream of consciousness and gives a worrying indication of his state of mind). Add to this the added factor that some strips read EXACTLY like other comics - the mario screws toad thing - and this is overall a lazily written comic.
Artwise, there is a very defined style that is merged well with the look of the videogames it parodies. It definately has quite a professional glean to it, my personal favourite pieces of eye candy being the pacman ghosts painting themselves and "dont judge alien hominid based of his cover". The one gripe with the artwork i have on the comic is that when a "realistic" human is drawn, their anatomy feels off, and the angles of their bodies are somewhat skewed.
The site design is innovative, though I do wonder if something more interesting could be done with the "controls" page at the bottom of the screen. Lastly, one small problem which is more of personal preference, I'm sick of seeing links pages where the majority of links listed are those Heavy hitters, VGcats, Penny Arcade, Machall, Etcetera. I'd like some more obscure finds showcased.

Overall, Dueling Analogues is an excercise in style over substance, one that seems to be succeeding, even if it's in a very overcrowded genre.
cocoa 3/5
meh, it seems ripped off in all ways.
Also like Photoshop Gone Bad...
C.J. 3/5
sweet layout etc but the writing needs to be sharper, In jokes do not work when spread online for the world to see - that DK grab bag strip for instance.
Traitorfish 4/5
Not original, by any means, but it''s still got quality artwork and humour, plus a cool site design.
Sure, it's not original, but I'd rather have an unoriginal but good comic than an original but bad one.
iowabarbidoll 2/5
When I did my first review, the comic was a lot less overboard on the pervo-meter. The art and site are still well designed and you deserve props for that, but it consistantly goes for for the disgusting shock humor which gets quickly repetitive, so I can't recomend it like I had before. Not that it matters, there is a large audience for such things.
Ami 2/5
Sorry, but we already have a gaming comic with a severe lack of funny in the top 10 (CAD).

Better luck next time.
UnicornEmily 1/5
Way, way, way too much gross humor for my taste. Art's not bad, but the humor's disgusting. Avoid.
joshwah 5/5
i love this comic although in quite a few places it seems to blatantly rip off VGCats (the archives page, the joke about the mushroom kingdom and (i think) ff7). the art is strong and the jokes are consistently funny. if you like VGCats this comic is right up your street as they are so similar
smileyfaceman 5/5
Crap, double posted! How embarrassing.
smileyfaceman 1/5
It's been done before...and by people much better at art and humour than this guy. Avoid this one.
smileyfaceman 1/5
It's been done before...and by people much better at art and humour than this guy. Avoid this one.
paco 5/5
yes! Another piece of work from Steve Napierski. I love this art work, and the site is awesome.
I wouldn't mind owning a monolith... heh
iowabarbidoll 5/5

This is funny. Great art, always funny punchline.
Keep up the good work!

Definitely! This comic is one of the funniest, but there are so few...
Tiago 5/5
Great humour in this one, but it needs more comics. MORE, MORE!!!!! =)
Pretty nice to read, but should have a much bigger archive. *cracks whip* :)

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