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Questionable Content

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Genre: Geeky
Date Added: Before Time Began
Last Update: 22 May 2015
Archive URL:
Current Comic Ranking: 1/23733
Views This Month: 40762   (More...)
Average Views a Month: 5796   (More...)
Favourite of: 2075 members
Status: Normal (?)

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The plot centers on Marten, who is your average frustrated 20-something music nerd, his anthropomorphic PC named Pintsize, and Faye, a somewhat mysterious girl who moved in with him after she accidentally burned her apartment building down while trying to make toast. Lately Marten's friend Steve and Faye's boss Dora have come into the story a little more frequently, ensuring that things will stay nice and complicated.

Current synopsis by: UglyShirts
Current image by: Mithel

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Msskunkhat 5/5
Probably the best webcomic out. I\'ve read it from the begining, and I love it.It has meaningful messages in there, yet it is still really funny. A must read.
Lordyv23 5/5
Although I was not able to see this web comic but as I have read the feedback\'s of the viewers, I am beginning to get interested to watch it. But definitely I am a frustrated artist. No matter how hard I try to draw still my drawing is not good. That\'s why I have high respects on drawing artists.
incompetence 5/5
I started reading QC early 2006, the latest strip was #545 I think, and it\'s been my favourite ever since. I\'m more attached to the characters in this than in almost any other fictional work.
The cake:hi 5/5
Is it just me or have most of the people who give this a bad rating not read more than the first 50 strips?
neo42 5/5
I absolutely love QC. I only discovered it last year and read all strips within two weeks or so. This comic has credible characters the author really cares for, funny stories, and the art has improved dramatically over the years. I wonder what all those one-star-reviews are about; there never is a plausible reason why those people hat it so much; I wonder whether they\'ve been reading a completely different comic.
The cake:hi 5/5
I started off thinking this was a bit bad but then I read on and found myself loving it. I read all 1932 strips so far in 3 days. Spoilers: normally I won\'t get too attached/involved with characters and groups but what happened with Dora and Marty near the end really devastated me because they were good together.
Miranda_Dawkins 5/5
One of the best drawn webcomics out there. Been reading for years and it\'s amazing watching the characters develop, along with the artist, Jeph\'s, techniques and style. Avid every day reader.
Randomperson 5/5
Why are there so many bad reviews for this comic? I personally think it is one of the best comics on the web. The characters are well developed, the storyline is good, and it\'s hilarious. Sometime\'s I\'ll be reading it and I\'ll laugh really loud and freak out anyone that happens to be sitting near me. There is so much I could say about this comic but I don\'t feel like typing all of it. ^_^ Anyway.... great comic!
parasytestuie 5/5
This is THE best comic on the web, don\'t let any of the bad reviews above fool you. The progression of the art, characters and story are superb.
Lio 5/5
I Simply Don\'t understand why some people think this comic is awful.I read everything in the archive in about five days and i\'m still hungry for more!It can be witty yet stupid or romantic yet awkward.Simply put I believe that this comic is the best I may have ever read.
bushwhacker2k 1/5
... Uh, why is this ranked so highly? This is really, really, REALLY mediocre...

The art is mediocre, the characters are boring...

Nothing really happens, the jokes aren\\\'t funny...

What am I missing?
... Uh, why is this ranked so highly? This is really, really, REALLY mediocre...

The art is mediocre, the characters are boring...

Nothing really happens, the jokes aren\'t funny...

What am I missing?
mayamine 1/5
I think it is ridiculously unfunny, not attention grabbing in the least, and boring to read through. i read the recent updates. I read the beginning strip. I tried to muscle through from the start and got about 30 strips in when i realized that this was the most uninspired thing i had ever read and it left me feeling dry and in an overall bad mood.
SpiritRadio 2/5
The artwork is kinda a drag at first, and it was insanely difficult to muscle through the first ten pages of horrid storyline. How it got even close to #1 is beyond me. It must get better, right? RIGHT!?!? *cricket*
guymandude 1/5
I can\'t put up with it. I just can\'t. No idea why. Everyone told me I would love it, it is definitely my type of comedy (maybe that\'s why), but I just can\'t stand reading it. Boring, not funny, bland, bad plot, at least it seems that way to me. I can see why people would like it. I\'m not even saying its bad. It\'s just not good and I really don\'t think it should be #1.
mysterchr 3/5
I liked it at first but after the end of what I considered to be the second season when (trying not to be a spoiler) the crazy stalker voodoo doll girl entered the strip I just got so frustrated and gave up...not because of the crazy chick but if you\'ve read it you know what else was happening at the same time. Up til that point it was alright. after that though it was never the same...
jmays 5/5
I found this comment and went back and read the entire archive in three days (lost alot of work time in the process)... I think the author is spying on me because I know all these people
BenMacleod 5/5
I honestly had difficulty starting to read this comic, I tried about 4 times because it was so popular before I forced myself to read the first hundred strips. It is now easily my favorite comic on the web. My advice to anyone who is skeptical about this comic, just read the first hundred strips, you will like it
wonderlandkitten 5/5
i started reading a couple years back when it was still in the double digits and it was alright but not great. i went back through and he has gotten amazingly better one of my fav now!
sup101010 1/5
It\'s completely unfunny. I can\'t believe anyone actually likes this comic, it\'s absolutely terrible.
jellybeansniper 5/5
People who want to give a ratings attack: you\'re a few years too late. He\'s already doing this for a living, and it\'s already one of the most popular comics on the web. I don\'t think he cares.
Felli 5/5
Verny nice comic.
lambo5621 1/5
Good artwork but not very good content
yuansuxs 1/5
Magravan 5/5
This is an exceptional comic if you enjoy something that is not only amusing but also has a continuous plot. The transition of the art style from the first to the latest is exceptional, and Jeph streams some of his drawings for people to see how he does it.

Not only an exceptional comic writer, but also very helpful to those who want to learn how to create a webcomic of their own. Hats off to him, he\'s awesome!
I-Wanna-be-a-Marysue 1/5
I\'ve wanted to read this comic. It\'s popular, i\'ve been curious as to why. So I open up my browser, and read the latest update first. Because its the first thing I see, and may prep me for some archive binging.

But then I see the latest update is SO BORING, I close the window. I can\'t read this. It just bores me before I have the chance to.

This has happened more than once. I even peeked at the comic before writing this comment, to see if it were good today. It wasn\'t.

And what\'s the point of reading the old comics it if the newest comics are so boring? I\'m giving every comic i\'ve read a 1.
buttermytoes 5/5
simply amazing. (:
joeyecw 5/5
When I first wrote a review for this comic, I was still in the 2003 section of the archive, barely into the 20s of the strip count. Today I stand before you as a man whom has read every single strip in the archive. Yep, all 1431 of em.

In order to see the uncanny improvement in art, all one has to do is read the latest strip, then press the \"first\" button above it. There is an incredible difference between Jeph Jaques circa 2003 and Jeph Jaques 2009, as far as his mastery of the craft goes.

QC was a joy to read when the characters were little more than avatars set using funny fonts in boxy speech bubbles, all set aganist a simple gradient backdrop. It FELT indy and young and hip. Today, however, QC feels professional without losing any of its edge or credibility. I was gripped by the storylines, sometimes tearing through as many as 200 strips on a slow work day, and actually found myself quite depressed as I watched the strip grow ever closer to present-time, after which I could spend no more shifts at my desk at work eating up hundreds of strips to get through the day.

I am learning more and more about webcomics as I go. Looking back, I feel foolish for believing that certain comics were as great as I said they were, now that I have comics like QC to compare them to. If I could, I\'d give this comic a 10. It deserves it.

If you love yourself, read this. Start at one, and work your way through it, and watch an artist grow up and a simple strip become a classic.
joeyecw 5/5
As an addendum to my previous post below...

I realize that the strip is not taking place in the early 90s. After re-reading my review, I realized I came off as not knowing that. I do know it, so let me clarify.

That kind of person--the self-conscious music geek who likes coffee shops and/or flannel and/or oversied sweaters--has always existed, and still exists today. My earliest memories of them, however (and perhaps the first time they truly became cool, at least since the 60s when they were all group in with, and mistaken for, hippies and beatnicks) was in the early-90s, so that\'s immediately where my mind goes when I see that archetype.
joeyecw 5/5
What can you say about QC that hasn\'t been said before? I was born in the early-80s, so I was a little too to truly participate in the self-loathing, emo-before-emo-became-emo first-half of the 90s, and it\'s probably because I spent those formative years wishing I was old enough to be one that I still look back at those people and that KIND of person with such fondness. And that\'s probably why I dig this comic so much.

I read this comic and I think of a young Ben Stiller, or a young Winona Ryder. Actually, it makes me think of the true poster child of that era, Janeane Garofalo. Dunno why, maybe it\'s the whiney-ness of it, or the depressant antics, or how the protagonist in the early issues is pretty much me circa 1998 (though I was probably a little younger than he). Wonderful strip, wonderful writing, and the humor is funny and silly and brilliant. Thank you for this. My first 5-star review.
Axl-Ryder 5/5
I\'ve read about 400 of these now, the first 200 and the most recent one, and I must say that there is an amazing display of development in the plot. Usually webcomics just meander aimless without purpose or drive, but that doesn\'t seem to be the case here. The art also improves quite a bit, and while rarely laugh out loud funny, the clever diologue and obscure references are enough to make anyone smile. Also, the self referential nature of the indie vibe as well as the satyrical tone that goes along with it is a bit of a refreshing change of pace from all the other \"my genre is the best\" comics. To top it all, no. 1276 has to be one of my favorite strips EVER (from any comic, manga or newspaper). I would honestly give it four and a half because it still feels a bit scatterbrained for its own good, but that\'s really just nitpicking.
Seanier 3/5
Funny at times, with a fairly interesting storyline, and the characters hold my interest despite being flat as a crepe. But the jokes are very, very formulaic and predictable, and the dialogue often seems forced and unrealistic.
Jay of the Dead 2/5
I have a problems with QC. How is it that just about all the girls in the comic end up having a thing for Marten? Sure he\'s a \"nice\" guy, but he has ZERO personality. He is a complete bore with seemingly no interests outside of \"indie rock\" music. Oh and the bands that he favors are just terrible! Slint? Xiu Xiu? Sigur Rós? I rest my case. Marten also makes jokes that seem to be forced, or just not funny in the least. There are also times where I\'m not sure if the characters were written to be true to life hipsters, or if they\'re supposed to be making fun of hipsters. I only say this because no hipster would ever refer to themselves as such... and they mention being hipsters often. And who the hell refers to things as being \"indie\"??? Before I stop jawing on, how about drawing girls without short haircuts? They do exist. I mean every girl in the comic has short hair? Wait, Marten is an inspid dullard! Long live Pintsize and Faye!
Daniel.Drache 5/5
It\'s fricken awesum!
dai 5/5
A well written, well drawn, compellings comic that has a wonderful, entertaining story line, yet doesn't take itself too seriously.

hornsofthebull 5/5
Insightful commentary on the angst ridden life of twenty somethings. The obscure band references make me smile simply because I never get them but this comic has without doubt some of the best writing across the net. Complex characters that provide interesting scenarios lead to an enjoyable comic that engages the reader. The story driven nature makes you crave even more regular updates. Plenty of smart laughs, good stories, great characters and a good smattering of geekiness. Am now searching the net for anything to equal it.
isaac17 2/5
I have absolutely no idea as to HOW this is ranked #3. It's not that it's a crappy comic, but it has nothing whatsoever to make it stand out. After reading half of the archives, waiting for it to get good, I gave up. The humor was lacking, the art isn't anything special, and the characters didn't stand out in any way. Doesn't deserve this high of a ranking.
kalbzayn 5/5
I'm about a third of the way through the archive and just amazed at how much the artwork improved during that time and then continued to improve up to today. That's some hard work and dedication.
wickedjulie 5/5
One of my favorites of all time. Great character development. I love the storyline. Jokes are pretty good and the artist has definitely refined his skills throughout the comic's history.
Reddlemagne 5/5
An incredibly realistic webcomic (If you consider evil vespa riding women, and zany robot antics to be realistic), in terms of life stories. Plus, its over 100 comics now, and has one of the best update times around. You honestly can't go wrong with this comic.
WeaponRad 5/5
Nice gem. Will keep reading.
oops 5/5
I have been reading this comic for a while now, and I must say the art is amazing. The progression over time it baffles me how well he has developed a style.
The characters are fun and easy to relate with, I could see myself hanging out with these people. I love the plot line and to see these characters interact when something big happens. this is a truly well thought out comic and it is one of my favorites
dizturbd_spat 5/5
Great comic. Love the storylines/artwork.
Saintofmyworld 5/5
Fuhive Stas!

So. I love this comic. I've read it since comic numero uno and I love the steady progression of the artwork and the chracters.

Also bought a T-shirt. Very fun.
isaac17 3/5
Well, I'm sorry, but I really dislike the comic. I DID read through the archives, but I never cared for any aspect of the comic. The art is sub par, it's never actually funny, and the characters are just a bunch of emo kids. I give it originality points, but it's just WAY over hyped...
SpaceNoodle 5/5
Its so real and so funny! The art work is fab and the characters are perfectly not perfect and Pintsize should have his own spin off!
crzygrl0902 5/5
I love love love love this comic. Great art, hilarious characters, and believable story line. AWEXOME!!
apocobring 5/5
I love this comic.

Great artwork, great story line, and great characters. Couldn't ask for more.
identical-looking hipsters slump back and say witty things

sometimes bands are mentioned

oh, and one of the girls is an unlikeable emotionally retarded psycho

as jeph would say in his newsposts,

JohnnythePirate 4/5
I can't complain too much for a webcomic to update five times a week and to always take a shot at coming out with a punchline when all is said and done.

My main gripe is the art is a bit wierd to look at. I love looking at how the guy keeps getting better and better, mind you. I't amazing to see how much he has progressed since day one. But I can't put my finger on the what it is that I don't like about the art...

The characters are really nice. Everyone has distinct personalities and views on things and the writer isn't afraid to let them collide every now and then. That's darn good writing when chracter developement is factored in.

The humor is a bit cheesey at times, but I amazed to hear myself chuckle at every punchline that's thrown at me.

It could be better. It DEFINITELY could be better. The art and progression has shown this. The comic keeps getting better. I'm giving a 4 out of blind faith. I'm pretty sure a year from now, it could easily be a five.
brown_recluse_gundam 5/5
At first I did not think that I would like this comic, but now I am a total fan. I love how the art has been evolving and the story and dialoge are incredible. The conversations that these characters have are hilarious and fun. Also, and I am not ashamed to say this, Dora is so hot. I have developed a crush on her. You would to. Admit it. If you were a character in this comic you would so hit that. Anyway, rambing aside, this comic is hella good read. Check it out.
Datel 5/5
I've been a fan for a while, and I have to say, I was a little thrown off at the start because of all the Indie Music references, but I got over it, and overall, I have to say this is a pretty awesome comic, 5 Star.
LTE 5/5
Amazing story, and I personally dig how there is more than one punchline in each strip. The dialogue is truely amazing, although I'm not crazy about the art, as pretty as it may be.
kitty_cat162 5/5
My favorite webcomic, personally. My favorite part about it I think is how much Jeph's art has matured over time and how willing he is to experiment with new styles. Not every comic has made me laugh out loud, but many of them have and most have made me smile, at least. The fact that it is plot driven and develops the characters so that they become more three-dimentional every time you meet them is another excellent aspect.
The archive is certainly worth the read if you have the time to spare.
whitelynx 5/5
A comic I got into a couple of years ago. Read it from the start, and I love it. This one is at the top of my list.
Rem Exelian 4/5
It's a good comic, with a lot of character development and personality to its characters. I feel occasionally that Jeph tries to fit one too many punchlines into his comics, but otherwise the humour is great and the comic rocks.
nanajeebus 4/5
The comic is a little overated, but it IS good, the artwork is stiff, but it's pretty funny and has a good storyline.
unionavenue 4/5
Artwork is well done (maybe a little too stiff in spots) but damn does it look pretty or WHAT? Nice twisted humor.
Srg_Charlie 5/5
AMAZING it can best be said that this comic deserves to be published in book form. My biggest complaint is that i have to log on to the internet to read it. The characters are real, the plot is fun and damn if it isnt funny. Hard to belive it but i can easily put this one over penny arcade and ctrl alt del, which is hard to do. Im adicted, and i highly suggest that anyone wo enjoys a little drama with side splitting humor to cheack this out. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED
mcknight1081 5/5
It sucks.

Just kidding, this is quite possibly my favorite comic on the net.
shakeybob 5/5
5 stars kids... started it two nights ago and am all ready caught up to current. addictive, funny, and likable characters.
krudman 5/5
fresh, original, and you get to see the artists skill develope substantianally.

it beats gaming comics, because everyone understands music, the storylise are great, and the rediculous amount of characters all retain their own original personallity without being the "second man" to deliver a punch lines.

clever, original and fantastic rave the new york times

5 stars peeps.
Quinlan RB 4/5
Qc keeps you hooked with its quirky senses of humor and that person hasn't missed an update in 6 months, man, that person is consistant and I can rely on a comic monday through friday.All I have to say is move the storyline faster please!
dionyza 5/5
i read the whole series in 2 days last week, and am now officially dependant. worship QC! WORSHIP IT!!!
Falken 5/5
One of the best webcomics in existence today.
itsthelisa 5/5
Awesome comic.. Im addicted..
L'ope 5/5
Funny and very, very clever. It deals with Faye's pysche in a sensitive and amusing manner. Whilst witty it also displays heart-warming romance which is great.
HeirateMich 5/5
QC is fantastic, I've been reading it for over a year now and I've never once not laughed at a strip!
HeirateMich 5/5
QC is fantastic, I've been reading it for over a year now and I've never once not laughed at a strip!
billythehick 3/5
a good dose of social humour, hampered the most annoying creation i've ever some across in a webcomic: faye.
Ernest 5/5
I think that this is the best webcomic on the internet. Jeph Jaques is funny as shit and has EXCELLENT taste in music. I wish there were more comics like this one. A+. 5 stars.
comical comic XD
comical comic XD
Lyuii 5/5
YAY... taco's.... mmmmmmmm
BlackAlex 5/5
Questionable Content is heroin to me. I've been reading for a few years now, and am completely hooked. I like the way the artwork changes constantly since it is usually an improvement. I look forward to reading QC years from now.
cicatriz 5/5
bitchin comic, love it and hope it keeps going.
boolean 5/5
I kinda gave up reading ages back because I'm too lazy to read so much text. But I still try and catch up every now and then, and I still believe that this is only a handfull of comics that gets the 'natural dialouge' down pat.
degrey182 5/5
I love this comic. The art style has come a long way since it started. I just barely got into it maybe a month ago, but I love the story. I have never laughed harder in my life than when Pintsize was the underwear ninja then "poof" disappeared. I laughed till I cried. It does have its downsides. Sometimes it has comics that just aren't interesting. At all. But it seems to have shaken that off as it has matured.
Mr. Man 5/5
Awesomeness at best.
FiFi! 5/5
I LOVE this Webcomic, I have to Admit I dont Really know much About webcomics after Hearing about them a few weeks ago BUT This Was the First Web comic I Read and i Loved It! And Still Do love it
lostmonkey 5/5
the best there is in the internet, the romantic story is really going somewhere, unlike other webcomics around, and the carachters are so well written you really can relate to them. also the devotion of the creator to his work is remarkable. great work jeph.
our hats are off
meandroo 5/5
I dig the story, the art has gone from ok to decent to downright good, and the dialogue is some of the best I've seen. Especially the puns!
Subhuman 4/5
Consistently funny, quirky without being annoying, and touching at times. The art style has fluctuated a little wildly, which makes it hard to remember who is who, but overall the style is solid. The romantic subplot is realistically drawn-out, sometimes to a fault, but the characters are genuinely interesting without resorting to stereotypes. These feel like real twentysomethings. Mature, but doesn't take itself too seriously. And it has less to do with indie rock than you might think.
Ivalaine 5/5
constantly improving artwork, based upon real life interactions. doesn't rely purely on slapstick jokes to carry the comic, but has a real story to it.
Ami 4/5
A pretty good offering. The art is top notch and has continued to expand and improve, which is always nice to see. The jokes, while rarely hilarious, are usually fairly funny and witty. My main gripe with the comic is the absurd dragging out of the romantic tension between the two main characters. It reminds me of a lot of bad Animes (and webcomics for that matter) that can never move beyond the whole romantic struggle. Lets face it, clichéd dating teasers are a lot easier to write around and the transition from “loser in love” to a mutual relationship is pretty difficult, but this has been going on since the comics inception over two years ago. That and pintsize and his cheap gags are pretty damn annoying as I imagine the author is aware of considering how rarely the character is used nowadays.
Somnium 4/5
I enjoy this comic, it sticks a lot more to reality then most I read and the characters are believable. Very Good :)
krabat 4/5
It's a fun comic to read. Pintsize rules. The whole indie joke thing is overdone, however.
thegirlwithonewheel 4/5
I completely enjoy reading this comic. It makes me laugh every time. The dialog is unrealistically wittty and clever, and I must agree with those who say that everyone is a little bit nice and pretty, but for all that it is pleasant to rad something where everyone is saying clever and entertaining things all the time.
netjester677 5/5
My favorite webcomic... classic
hollyqi 4/5
Pretty cool. We dig it.
keth 5/5
great comic. the day after i found this one i spent 9 hours reading through the whole thing. relatively believable characters that you can relate to. and who doesn't love a destructive mischievous robot?
adel824 5/5
I love this comic... the art is smooth and constantly developing, and I enjoy the humor and characters. My favourite of all my regular webcomic haunts.
wutasumi 2/5
Questionable Content, the comic with so few decent jokes, that it's acctualy 1000x funnier then it should be if one is kinda funny!
Benthenicknameless 5/5
Brilliant. My favourite. Its success is well deserved. Here is some critique, though:
The women all seem to be Jeph's wetdreams. While it strives, and succeeds (most of the time) to be realistic, EVERY WOMAN IS HOT, andmost are fun and intelligent, and thus super-desirable, while the men are amazingly nice Marten, and Steve. This is a realm of five lovely and (mostly) fun and smart women (Faye, Dora, Ellen, Ellen's roommate, and Raven) and only one man who's developed as a character (Marten, who I'm told is desirable), and Steve, who is underused. It would be better if there was more balance, though Jeph seems to be attempting to fix this by adding Sven.
As for Pintsize, he's funny, yes, but overrated.
UglyShirts 5/5
Consistently good...Jeph is really hitting his stride lately with the writing and the art. He's taking a lot of chances that really work. QC is one of my few sure-fire3 daily stops because of the well-drawn characters and good presentation. That being said, Faye is like every manipulative, commitment-fearing girl I ever dated, and Marten just hanging around waiting for HER to give the go-ahead can be really sad. Jesus, he took her in when she burned her place down, and she's gonna mind-fuck him for this long? Still, at least it rings REALLY true because of that. I mean, I understand preserving the sexual tension...But at least let him bang Dora. She's completely cool, super-cute and totally into him. Too bad he's blinded by the torch he carries for Faye. Also, Viva Pintsize! We CARE about these characters.
theo 5/5
I seriously can't get enough of this strip.
It's become part of my daily routine. The female cast is absolutely 100% boinkable. <3
twitch360 3/5
Decent art, I'd say.
ziggurath 4/5
Great artwork, consistant quality.
Hedgehogozzy 5/5
Excelently written with witty and amusing characters.
Great with puns and indie-rock humor, while not taking itself seriously.
rastopopolus 4/5
Very cute. Great conversations between interesting characters. And the art has definately improved!
inkytwist 5/5
QC is awesome because the artwork is great and the storylines are funny! Seriously!! Funny!!, it makes good fun of emo boys and girls!
Heccubus 3/5
I just recently stumbled upon Questionable Content, and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoy the story-driven basis of the comic, and the adorable robot.
Heddy 3/5
I like this comic. I enjoy the characters and sense of humour, and I rather like the clean, simple artstyle. And the anthro-pc rocks.
Me. 2/5
Whiny protagonists, the annoying robot adds absolutely nothing, predictable characters and plotlines.
Grumpy Bear 3/5
One of the only strips where the guest art is prettier than the comic itself. :-O It is addictive, though
Rowist 5/5
One of the best web comics that isn't about computers and video games like all of the rest of them.

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