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Yahoo! ugly_shirts
Below is a list of comments made by UglyShirts, in date order (newest at the top).

Comic: Wapsi Square  
As an addendum to my earlier comment, Wapsi has really done a long, slow slide into Crapville in the last few years. It used to be interesting and fun, but now it\'s just a mish-mashed mumbo-jumbo of demons, mythical creatures, vampires \"golems,\" demi-gods, phoenixes and other random bizarre, fantasy-flavored gobbeldygook with no real gel happening to bind anything together.

I mean, it just completely makes zero sense. It\'s not even like that thing that happens to a lot of comics that aspire to layered narrative depth (where the authors wind up lacking the skill to see through the story)...It just literally has no through-line to any sort of ongoing thread. And if the creator THINKS it does, or if it\'s \"all there in his head,\" he\'s made a fiercely bungled hash of it going on for years now. Some comics are like an unraveling shirt, where a solid structure starts to fall apart. Some are like an unfinished knitted scarf, where things start fine, but multiple threads ultimately get tough to keep track of before chaos sets in. This isn\'t like that. It\'s like the thread is sitting at one craft store, the needles at another, and the person who is supposed to put them together is going to culinary school. In a different city.

It wouldn\'t even matter if it was all collected into one compendium...It\'s just plain all over the place, a word-soup blender full of jumbled incomprehensibility.

To be fair, the art remains outstanding, retaining its unique, pin-up style charm. But if you\'re looking for consistency or coherence in story...Look elsewhere. Because this hasn\'t been that for as long as I can remember.
Comic: Not Invented Here 5/5
As a longtime fan of \"Ugly Hill,\" I was excited to see Paul Southworth return to a daily strip format. Obviously, it\'s very early in the life of this entity, but art-wise, it\'s obvious he hasn\'t lost a step. I was always just as much a fan of Paul\'s writing as his art, so it\'ll be interesting to see what directions Mr. Barnes takes things in story-wise. No matter what...It\'s very, very nice to have something of a replacement for my daily \"Ugly\" fix online once again. Best of luck, gents!
Comic: Lovely Clair  
Wow. Annoying-as-piss thumbnail...Rampant spelling errors...Uninspired character design...flat, nonsensical "gags"...Horrible site navigation...Is there anything to LIKE about this lifeless turd-splash of an excuse for a webcomic? What a zero.
Comic: Butternutsquash 1/5
I've gotta add a caveat to my earlier comment: This site is more adverse to updates than the bloody Catholic church. It can go weeks or even months without a new strip, and while they're CONSTANTLY begging for forgiveness for this, they're never actually doing anything about it. However, when it DOES update, it's still pretty good. Still, you could grow a beard waiting, and it's hardly worth the effort. Currently, it looks like they went live with a new site design WAY too early, as there is a 404 where the strip should be, and a few "dummy" placeholder links still in the CSS template. Nice to know they've been wasting time with an unnecessary update (and executing it sloppily at that) rather than actually WORKING ON THE COMIC. Y'know, the thing people come BACK for? That's like spending months carving an intricate frame without bothering to put a picture in it. C'mon, guys...Get your priorities straight and your shit together.
Comic: Orneryboy  
I understand life can get in the way of updates sometimes...But two months? Come the fuck ON, man! Let's get it together, huh? Some folks manage five a week!
Comic: World's Worst Webcomic 1/5
Really lives up to its advance billing. It's such a black hole of awful it'll suck your will to live directly out of your corneas.
Comic: xkcd 4/5
This comic is a triumph of substance over style. Sure, they "characters" are usually no more than stick figures on graph paper...But who cares? They're thought-provoking, irreverent, and frequently hilarious.
Comic: Ugly Hill 5/5
"Ugly Hill" has all the makings of a top-quality comic. VERY well put together. It looks professional, the art is unique and consistently good, it's genuinely funny, the characters are unique, well-defined and enjoyable, and even the lettering is well-done. Not to mention that the site is well-designed, easily navigable, and clean. I'm adding this to my faves. Nice work!
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 1/5
"...and anybody who says it's a swipe of "penny-arcade", is a complete moron, actuly READ it, THEN make your opinion...."

Uh, attention, dumbass. If you bother to READ the other comments, it becomes abundantly clear that I DID read it, inasmuch as I reference specific elements.

You're wrong. I'm right. And this comic is a shallow rip-off. End of goddamned story.
Comic: Outer Circle, The 4/5
Clerks + Red Meat - Drug Humor x distinctive writing/art style = Quality. This is a young comic, but it already shows a lot more potential than a lot of veterans. Shattering the fourth wall and becoming self-aware hasn't vry often been funnier. Definitely one to watch.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 1/5
Sorry. I'm seeing a lot of "How dare you compare this to Penny Arcade?" comments here, and, well...gee...As early as CAD's first strip they were admitting that their concept was hackneyed. Two guys, on a couch, playing videogames, making wisecracks at each other. Toss in the too-hot girlfriends, the random surreal violence, and the in-gags about the industry, and it's a virtual fucking clone. For chrissakes, they even make cracks about the Xbox controllers being unwieldy, and rip-off PA's convetion of overlapping dialogue balloons to indicate interruptions. I can't believe a comic that's this much a shameless rip-off is #1. Weak, weak, weak.
Comic: Wapsi Square 3/5
Wapsi frustrates me a little...It can't decide if it wants to be funny, a soapy serial, a weird sci-fi/occult thing, or all three. But maybe that's fine. It can be whatever it wants, I guess. The characters are interesting, at the very least, and the way the interact with each other is always unpredictable. The art is also constantly improving. I may not make Wapsi a daily stop, but I do catch up at least once a week.
Comic: Achewood 5/5
Achewood is an acquired taste to be sure, but once you get into it, there's no looking back. A richer and more diverse cast of layered characters than any ten strips, just the right mix of surrealism and tangibility, and writing that doesn't assume you were raised on "Garfield." Achewood is the reason web comics exist: This shit wouldn't wash in the mainstream. The only beef is that n00bs really have to read it from the begining to appreciate it...And that's a hella huge archive to have to digest. Totally worth it, though. Great stuff here.
Comic: Butternutsquash 4/5
Definitely the best art of any web strip around. Often funnier than most, too. The only issue I have is that, because the strip is evidently based on real people, there are often in-jokes that the average reader isn't going to understand. Nevertheless, far above-average quality overall.
Comic: Questionable Content 5/5
Consistently good...Jeph is really hitting his stride lately with the writing and the art. He's taking a lot of chances that really work. QC is one of my few sure-fire3 daily stops because of the well-drawn characters and good presentation. That being said, Faye is like every manipulative, commitment-fearing girl I ever dated, and Marten just hanging around waiting for HER to give the go-ahead can be really sad. Jesus, he took her in when she burned her place down, and she's gonna mind-fuck him for this long? Still, at least it rings REALLY true because of that. I mean, I understand preserving the sexual tension...But at least let him bang Dora. She's completely cool, super-cute and totally into him. Too bad he's blinded by the torch he carries for Faye. Also, Viva Pintsize! We CARE about these characters.
Comic: Niego 2/5
This comic is just okay. Throw a bad aping of Penny Arcade's art in with a bad aping of ButternutSquash's writing and a bad aping of Achewood's quirkiness, and you have an inconsistent mess that rately works. The occasional good gag can be had here, but it's really not worth wading through the boring characters, ugly art, and mediocre writing for.

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