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Below is a list of synopses created by demonluo that are currently in use.

Comic: 10 Beautiful Assassins
His name is Bernard Black, also known as the Black Rose, and he\'s one of the best cat burglars in the world. His one weakness? Bernie may be the best there is at what he does, but he\'s also a virgin, and whenever he gets near a beautiful woman he turns into a bumbling fool.

Bernie has stolen a priceless necklace from billionaire John Maiden during the Cannes Film Festival, only to have it swiped right from under him by his rival and secret love interest, the cunning Lily Frost.

In turn, John Maiden contracts out to an elite female service known as M.A.D.A.M. (Mistresses of Assassination, Destruction, and Mayhem). Their mission: To retrieve the necklace at all costs and to bring back Bernie\'s head on a silver platter. To accomplish this, M.A.D.A.M dispatches their ten deadliest and most beautiful assassins after Bernie, on a hilarious and action-packed romp through all the really cool places in Europe, from Cannes and Monaco to Madrid to Edinburgh.
Comic: 2 Cows and a Chicken
No one in town -- neither the real estate developer nor the relatives -- was happy when Farmer Ray left everything to his beloved farm animals. So they fled in fear, leaving a spunky young girl named Pearl to battle for their rights. Now the farm is theirs, but neither Pearl, nor the Wise Crow, nor the Weird Rabbits, can find them. Join the intrepid trio as they adventure their way across the land, seeking wide and far for their long lost home sweet home.
Comic: 27 (Twenty-Seven)
Hendrix, Cobain, Joplin, Morrison. All belong to the \'27 Club,\' which admits only the most brilliant musicians and artists...and kills them dead in their 27th year. Will Garland is a famous rock guitarist, secretly unable to play for months due to a neurological disorder afflicting his left hand. He\'s also 27! With mad scientists, long dead rock legends and cosmic entities in his way, can he make it to 28?
Comic: 40oz.
A ripoff of Red Meat...
Comic: 4Panel
Do you want to know how the animal commit suicide?
Comic: Addiction
Is there hope for you if you keep doing the wrong thing over and over again? What if it seems you can't stop your wrongs. Does it control you? Jesus is our hope and he will help you to overcome!
In this story angels seek a soul wanting change, but can she receive it? Or will the angels perish first? The angels Dora and Luin from Allegories of the Way Volume 1 come back in this tale from Volume 2 coming in early 2011.
Comic: Ads Ripped From 70’s Comics
Fake ads comic...
Comic: Allegories of the Way
Jesus heals and Jesus cares about us. In this complete first volume you will read about inner struggles, hopelessness, pain and regrets that are transformed to hope, peace, forgiveness and understanding by the power of God. "Allegories of the Way Volume 01-THE CUT" is a unique and different telling of angels and souls relating to our loving God.
Comic: Am I An A-Hole Or Is It Everybody Else?
This tale follows the day-to-day adventures of Mr. Bob Toben who has been described a curmudgeon, a surly fellow, and a total a-hole. Maybe the people are right or maybe he\'s just one misunderstood dude. Take a read of the comic below and enjoy. WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE.
Comic: Aminals
Bringing up adorable l'il animals in a world like this one. Short lived series has ended.
Comic: Ann Telnaes
Pulitzer Prize winner Ann Telnaes' editorial cartoons are syndicated with Cartoonists International/New York Times Syndicate. Her work has appeared in such prestigious publications as The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Le Monde, Courrier International, The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, The New York Times, and the Austin American Statesman.
Comic: Aoi House
Alex and Sandy were two normal guys just trying to get through college. That is, until their troublemaking hamster, Echiboo, gets them thrown out of their dorm rooms. With nowhere else to turn, the boys move into an anime clubhouse with five crazed yaoi fangirls calling all the shots!

Elle's obsessively high-strung, Nina's too laid back for her own good, Jessica's a total tease, Maria's a shy and reserved bookworm, and Morgan's just plain bonkers! Toss 'em all together and you've got a harem comedy that's truly like none other!
Comic: Arctic Circle
English cartoonist Alex Hallatt penned her first comic strip for her university's newspaper. After moving to the United States she started a new comic, "Polar Circle," which later became the strip she draws today. Hallett moved to New Zealand in 2003 and has since moved to Australia, where her comic strip has been running since 2005.

Since then, "Polar Circle" has become "Arctic Circle," and contains a cast of characters made up primarily of the original comic strip's cast. She holds a degree in biochemistry from the University of Kent.
Comic: Arkham Woods
Kirsti Rivers is an LA girl suddenly transplanted to the small New England town of Arkham Woods. Kirsti and her mother, Victoria, are tasked with clearing out and selling the old house left to them by Silas Scadmore, Victoria\'s recently deceased eccentric uncle. In the basement of the house, Kirsti and her friends unwittingly unleash an ancient evil that could spell the end of the world--unless Kirsti can find a way to stop it! Arkham Woods is an original stand alone manga tale of supernatural horror inspired by the Cthulhu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.
Comic: Ask Your Doctor if Financially Motivated, Overpriced Healthcare is For You!
One of the drawbacks of being a Canadian living in the good ol’ U S of A is that I’m denied a perk its native-born sons and daughters often take for granted: the right to bitch and moan about America while simultaneously enjoying all of its benefits.
Comic: Awkward Reference
I\'ve been drawing comics for as long as I can remember (that dates back to around being five years old). I\'ve always wanted to make sure that while I appear in a comic, I was never the main focus. I always felt that doing so would be such an egotistical move and would cause people to run for the hills, screaming and waving their arms in a comical fashion.

Thanks to the confidence inducing strength of alcohol, I have decided to break free from those chains and have decided to make a comic about me and my friends because, frankly, that\'s what we all wanted to do when we were 14. Hanging out. Making video films.
Comic: Barker
The story of a boy and his dog.
Comic: Baron Downe
A comic strip with a medieval flavor.
Comic: Barry Loser\'s Diary
I've never minded that my name's Barry Loser because my coolness has always cancelled it out, but ever since Darren Darrenofski joined school with his horrible little crocodile face he's been completely ruining my life about it.
Comic: Barry Loser\'s Loser
Meet the losers...
Comic: Batman Beyond: Stripped
Batman Beyond: Stripped takes place after the Dark Knight Adventures story "The Trial Of Bruce Wayne" in #10-12.
It is recommended that the reader reads that story first before reading Batman Beyond: Stripped.
Comic: Batman Live Action Comics!
The Batman parody...
Comic: Batman Origin Comics
Batman\'s gloomy 1930\'s origin gets an overhaul in this satire of the Dark Knight detective. (Note: some language, mature themes)
Comic: Batman: Dark Knight Adventures
Online original fan comic based on Batman! We close the gap from The New Batman Adventures to Batman Beyond! We aim to be monthly, so we are constantly updated! View our ever growing archive, behind the scenes, downloads, & more!
Comic: Boidtawkin
A quirky story of the birds...
Comic: Bondage
Do you believe there are things that have you captured and chained? God's desire is for us to be free from every evil inside and out. The tale BONDAGE illustrates this when two angels seek freedom for a bound soul. Then a child soul must face horrors and believe in God's help.

Also, read SPIRIT vs FLESH...a creative story of what happens when Jesus enters your heart and gives you eternal life, but Jesus also want to free you from past afflictions. The problem is your flesh is in the way!
Comic: BurdTawk...
Let hear what the bird have to say...
Comic: Burn
It\'s something I thought of considering what Jesus has done for us.
Comic: CAA Comics
I seriously doubt this page will be webcrawled, but if such is the case, I wish to briefly state the purpose of this page. It is intended only to be linked to from certain sites (basically exclusively Christian Anime Alliance), from which it will take its proper context. All the characters within these rather simple webcomics are members of the aforementioned forum, and hence they will not necessarily be understood by someone unfamiliar with the community in general. It logically follows that I haven\'t really gone to any effort to make this look incredibly appealing. As for the characters, their \"statistics\" [for SAC] in no way reflect my feelings about them, they are merely a way of developing a character. Each character\'s skills, however, are based on his or her personality, to a certain degree.
Comic: Cafe con Leche
A quirky comic...
Comic: Cameo
Cameo represents a clash between two different points of view and what happens when a bridge forms between them. It’s a short fantasy comic that I did just after Mixed Myth.
Comic: Cartoon Portraits - Block Print Art
Quirky art...
Comic: Cartoon Portraits - Color Samples With Photos
Color samples with photos...
Comic: Cartoon Portraits - New Ideas For You
New Ideas for you...
Comic: Christmas Comic - Wanted
A reference to Mary\'s pregnancy in a modern day context.
Comic: Chronicles of the Odd
Four kids that form a club that studies the extraterrestrial, talk to raccoons and swoon over Sasquatch.
Comic: Church Mice
A Christian comic about a mouse pastor and his church. God DOES have a sense of humor...
Comic: Coffee Break
A quirky coffee break story...
Comic: ColdCuts
Our goal is to entice you with visual humor. ColdCuts© captures those snapshots of life as deciphered byTom Wilson. These cartoons are digital creations by our cartoonist and unpublished as of yet. We shall give you a glimpse of these unpublished cartoons.
Comic: Comics From The Edge
Welcome to our Comics From The Edge page for comics .Thanks for supporting our humorous comic strip which is featured at Champion City Comics daily. All comics are drawn by Bob Toben.
Comic: Copy Cat
A webcomic story about a cat.
Comic: Cotton Candy Cindy
Destiny was a vespa...
Comic: Coz/Effect
COZ/EFFECT is an ambitious rock band who has to battle an army of evil pop stars and giant robots on their way to the top of the music charts. Each episode follows Coz, Blitz, Skyler & Zee as they go on their first ever world tour.

The problem is that, no matter where they go, the self-obsessed J-Zel and his band of pop-star flunkies from Zero Records are always ready to crash the stage uninvited. Armed with an assortment of over-the-top gadgets and plans designed to ruin the show, J-Zel's only aim is to squash his pesky rivals and put himself back in the spotlight.
Comic: Crankshaft
Crankshaft amuses comics fans with his no-holds-barred zingers and cantankerous disposition—an obvious outer crust for a school bus driver. The strip acknowledges issues facing today's senior citizens, so Crankshaft is popular among retirees and readers who have parents at or beyond retirement age. Crankshaft is a spin-off of Tom Batiuk's high school comic, Funky Winkerbean.
Comic: Crime Pays For Shit Comics
Miss Johnson\'s mom got sick so she need money...
Comic: Curtoons
Read a funny updating, single panel gag cartoon and see about publishing it on your blog, website or in your magazine.
Comic: Darren Issues
True stories by Waldo Pancake.
Comic: Day 165
Day 165 is a comic book by Champion City Comics that examines the lives of soldiers during their 165th day in certain military situations. We hope you enjoy this work.

Private First Class Chris Richland has survived 164 days as a soldier in Afghanistan. But on day 165, his life and the lives of his fellow soldiers will be forever changed by the horrors of war.
Comic: Dead Already
John Lyon, a wise-cracking, hot shot New York cop has the most amount of kills out of anyone on the force. But one day he takes down the wrong perp, and becomes victim to a terrible curse. Can he convince a sexy psychiatrist that he is not crazy and erase the curse before it is too late?
Comic: Dear Emily
Poem from God to Emily.
Comic: DeFlocked
DeFlocked is a laugh-out-loud family strip starring a young boy, two canine brothers and a self-absorbed sheep named Mamet. This unlikely family dwells in the folds of American suburbia on a working farm called Lubberland Farms. Mamet\'s outlandish behavior meets its reckoning with Cobb, the mature, sensible dog. Cobb\'s clueless brother Rupert burns with sunny optimism, which contrasts with the antics of Tucker, the human boy who they are raising as one of their own.
Comic: Dennis the Menace
Dennis the Menace celebrates the joys of being a kid. Fans love the fact that Dennis never grows up. Dennis is the archetypal naughty boy, who innocently antagonizes his next-door neighbor, Mr. Wilson. Dennis' adventures have been updated to reflect the interests of modern children, but the underlying humor of the predicaments in which he finds himself is timeless.
Comic: Desigaspring
A badly thought out parody.
Comic: Destiny\'s Hand
Destiny\'s Hand: a pirate ship that cannot be sunk led by a dying Captain who will not give up. His final wish before he dies is to find the legendary Devil's Eye.

And who does he appoint to lead his fearless crew in search of the lost treasure, but Olivia Soldana, a brash 16-year-old girl who can outdo any man.

Destiny\'s Hand was chosen by the Young Adult Library Association for their list of \"2011 Great Graphic Novels for Teens.\"
Comic: Detox Comic
Detox is a web comic strip about a group of friends with a common interest in I.T. Each character has a different background and range of interests allowing me to poke fun at the world of I.T and those who inhabit it (myself included).

Forget the big corporate culture with memos, HR departments, team meetings and expensive server rooms, and think open-plan office, last years hardware over-clocked for today's needs, abused and battered computers on desks whose colour can only be described as 'coffee with a hint of cola\'.

Although the majority of the characters are based on friends of mine, everything these characters do in this comic strip is derived from my own imagination. No character is real.

Except for monkey.
Comic: Dial Tone
Larry is a middle manager in the telecoms industry, struggling to deal with a changing world, but his kids understand modern digital communications technology and its uses better than he does.
Comic: Dinner With My Girlfriend’s Parents
A quirky comic...
Comic: Do You Love God?
A little girl helps to teach a man the importance of loving God.
Comic: Don Kenn Gallery
A writer and director of television shows for kids, John Kenn likes to spend his spare time creating "monsterdrawings" on post-it notes, which have spawned a book (and reprint) as well as a huge following.
Comic: Donald Duck
A quirky comic by Disney...
Comic: Doodles
A quirky comic...
Comic: Doodlez Zoo
As with all good things, Doodlez Studios had its beginnings from the heart.

Inspired by her husband, and the joys of friendship, Amy scribbled out collections of drawings on whiteboards, lunch bags, memos and other random items.

The art was well received. So she hit upon the idea that other folks would enjoy her art. This eventually led to the formation of Doodlez Studios in order to better share her artwork with others.

Thus became Doodlez, created (fall 2002) for the purpose of bringing life to ideas, thoughts, and passions through the magic of paper & pen, paint & brush, origami, and whatever else Amy can get her hands on.

Here’s to growing from our beginnings!
Comic: Downrange
Get your daily dose of Military humor with comics by award-winning cartoonists.
Comic: Dr Death Vs The Master Mind
Champion City Comics is pleased to present the third installment of the Doctor Death series which is based on the Doctor Death character created by Aaron Schutz.

Doctor Death has survived a near-death experience with a psychic vampire in the Oregon desert and he has also defeated a murderous zombie in Las Vegas. Wanting to avoid any problems with law enforcement, Doctor Death returns home to his superhero league headquarters where he discovers that someone or something has been stealing the memories of high ranking officials, world class scientists, and a retired Navy SEAL.
Comic: Dr Death Vs The Vampire
A bus travels along a highway in the Eastern Oregon desert. On board is an almost superhero known as Dr. Death, a man who has the power to euthanize terminally ill people and psychopaths. While on the bus, Dr. Death encounters a terminally ill woman who is traveling with a vampire companion that feeds off of her pain and suffering.
Comic: Dr Death Vs The Zombie
Champion City Comics is pleased to present the exciting conclusion to Dr Death vs The Vampire. Dr. Death has taken refuge in Las Vegas following a brutal encounter with a vampire clan. However, his refuge is short-lived due to the presence of a zombie that is terrorizing the city.
Comic: Dr Death Vs The Zombie Version 2.0
Champion City Comics is pleased to present the re-launch of Dr. Death vs. The Zombie. After completing the first edition of Dr. Death vs. The Zombie, a project we are very proud of, we decided to make our story darker, grittier, and feature more blood and gore. Please enjoy.
Comic: Dreamless
A girl from America and a boy from Japan, born on the same day in 1923, can experience each others\' lives as they sleep.
Comic: Drusha Fastman
Drusha finds a new pairs of shoes, and goes on a fantastic adventure!
Comic: Ducks
A quirky druck comic...
Comic: Dustin
At an age when many young men are setting out to begin their climb up the corporate ladder, Dustin Kudlick lives at home with his parents and younger sister. At 23, Dustin is unmarried, unemployed, and unable to see any of that as a problem. Until he strikes it rich, Dustin is happy working part-time assignments for an employment agency called Turbo Temps.
Comic: Embedded
A story that happen in Iraq...
Comic: Embrace the Pun
Panel cartoon based on that lowest form of humor.
Comic: Emulsifier-Online
A quirky comic strip.
Comic: epX: Generations
We follow the story of Juno, a kid who was never really good at anything. He was never the tallest or the cutest guy in his class and most people just ignored him, considering him just \"filler\" people. He always wanted to be good at something, to be noticed by someone. Little did he know that massive attention comes with a hefty responsibility and price to pay. Video games, anime style action sequences and slapstick humor, epX: Generations is where it\'s at.
Comic: Eternal Laugh
Sit back and laugh at these lighthearted funnies.
Comic: Faceless
Comics with no faces...
Comic: Fairview High
FAIRVIEW HIGH is anything but your average high school. As if being a freshman isn\'t enough to deal with, how about adding being part monster to the mix?

For some reason, the hallowed halls of Fairview High seem to attract teen creatures from all over the world!

Vampires, werewolves, witches-in-training, sea creatures, ghosts and zombies have made FVH their alma matter! How do the students survive each other and still have time for geometry?
Comic: Faith Land
Superheroes Redefined! What is faith in a world where people receive powers from God, Satan and science? Young superhero The Baptist is introduced as he fights evil in the alleys and streets. But he also has to deal with his own inner struggles.

By Melchizedek Todd-creator to the spiritual warfare series Allegories of the Way. This is a new fresh take on the superhero genre plus biblical commentary about faith.
Comic: Family Circus
The Family Circus is the most widely syndicated comic panel in the world. Bil Keane's heartwarming and humorous portraits records the lives of an average American family, made up of Mommy and Daddy, and their four children: Billy, Dolly, Jeffy and PJ. The Family Circus daily panels are routinely drawn within a circle, underscoring the sense of closeness between the characters.
Comic: Fantastic Four: A Night at the Movies
The Fantastic Four parody...
Comic: Fat Chixxl
4 fat lesbians living together under one roof! What an odor! Where do they get all that room. It was a short sale, that\'s why they got such a big house so cheaply.
Comic: Fit City
A quirky comic about fitness...
Comic: Fleeting
What will you wear tonight?
Comic: Flipping Roundabout
The sticking article spits beside a reasonable controller. An inherent photo refers to ation. The dimensional disturbance suspects in a distorted contract. The fancy kingdom visits a well animal. Ation exhausts the bastard underneath the roof. Ation eggs the cue over the guarded energy. Does a mouse unload a party lung? How does love collapse behind ation? Ation omits the programmable ancestor beneath the disabled offender.
Comic: Flux Destiny
FLUX DESTINY takes place in a universe where Destiny itself is a powerful, visible and potentially controllable force.

Hotshot 18-year-old soldier Marco is forced to mentor a troublesome 14-year-old boy named Hugo. Marco must watch over Hugo for the next 2 years until his 16th birthday; traveling the empire and doing good deeds to work off his parole.

During their journey, it isn’t long before Marco begins to discover the true nature of Hugo’s troubled past and the identities of his mysterious pursuers.
Comic: Four Science Fellows
Hoo lawdy! Embryonic stem cell research is once again under scrutiny — the Bush administration, given a clear moral mandate by the Christian right, is currently at odds with the scientific community.

I threw in on the issue four years ago when it first hit the headlines, with my Stem Cell Research Primer. Now I see that wasn’t enough. An issue this divisive clearly demands a retarded comic.
Comic: Frances and Friends
Frances and Friends is a free all ages \'Clickbook\' starring Frances and his animal friends! Presented exclusively by Clickwheel Comics.
Comic: Free Runners
Free Running—an extreme sport that is not just a sport... it\'s a philosophy in motion that utilizes the urban landscape in a fantastical acrobatic ballet. Its practitioners seek the ultimate freedom as they vault off of walls, back flip onto rooftops, and catapult over water towers.
Comic: Gheldo
Gheldo is a dream-like tale of confusion, loss, fear, and hope.
Comic: Gibbleguts
Mindless cartoons with absolutely no redeeming value.
Comic: Gil
Meet Gil. He’s an 8-year-old kid. Gil is a bit of an underdog. He’s a little on the chubby side, and he’s usually the last kid picked at school to play dodgeball. He doesn’t have the newest toys or live in a fancy house. His parents are split up — his single mother supports them with her factory job income and his father isn’t around as often as a father ought to be. But none of these things seem to have an adverse effect on Gil’s relentless optimism and upbeat attitude.

“GIL” is a realistic and funny look at life through the eyes of a young boy growing up under circumstances that are familiar to millions of American families. And Cartoonist Norm Feuti expertly crafts Gil’s world in a way that gives us a good chuckle.
Comic: Glorious Man!
The Defenders of the Earth parody...
Comic: God Mode
Once upon a time, a teenager created a popular video game cheat code website that was inexplicably bought by a billion-dollar corporation and turned into the ultimate gaming portal. Today, she\'s all grown up and overseeing the GOD MODE empire with an iron fist and a smoker's cough.
Comic: Golden
My name is Leslie. I\'m a dog. Golden retriever. Never wanted... to... go back...
Comic: Gonzomill Real Estate
Real Estate is an ugly business. Based off stuff that happened.
Comic: Good Samaritan
A great retelling of a classic story.
Comic: Good Times
A quirky comic but not for kid...
Comic: Green Rock: Courtroom Drama
Once again, co-created with the talented Takeshi Miyazawa. Check out his online comic if you’d like to see more of him.
Comic: Green Rock: Till Death Do Us Part
Co-created with the immensely talented Takeshi Miyazawa…
Comic: Green Wake
In the forgotten town of Green Wake, a string of grisly mutilations leads Morley Mack on the trail of a young woman named Ariel, who is the prime suspect. But when a stranger with startling connections to Ariel arrives under mysterious circumstances, Morley unravels a dark plot...
Comic: Grim Stories
Follow the stroy as how the Carnivor kids got their powers.
Comic: Grin and Bear It
Grin and Bear It has successfully satirized all aspects of \"the establishment\" with targets such as military intelligence, the greed of big business and the never-ending stream of political red tape. When it\'s not going after bigger fish, Grin and Bear It also deflates the ordinary inconsistencies and absurdities of American morals and everyday life.
Comic: Half-Baked
A quirky comic...
Comic: Happyfun Toy Co
Smith, the employee of a toy cooperation have to come out with a fresh idea for their newest product or else he'll be fired...
Comic: Hazel
As the Baxters\' feisty live-in maid, Hazel\'s job may be serving the family, but what she dishes up best are quick-witted barbs, especially at the expense of the Baxters\' guests! But her work is never done as she keeps the household shipshape, watching over the adults, two kids, pets and usually a houseful of the family\'s friends.
Comic: Heaven's Love Thrift Shop
Heaven's Love Thrift Shop is a faith-based, Sunday-only feature by cartoonist Kevin Frank. The strip centers on a community-minded, Christian-run thrift shop, its outreach programs and the diverse people who work there: Wilson, the thrift shop's rational director; Cassidy, the socially conscious, day-to-day manager; and Dag, the well-intentioned, but somewhat scattered worker bee.
Comic: Henry
Eternally silent yet infinitely expressive, the pot-bellied, bald-headed little fellow strolls through life with his hands in his pockets and a cheery whistle on his lips. Henry loves candy, ice cream and Henrietta, not necessarily in that order. Although he\'s usually good-natured and good-humored, Henry doesn\'t hesitate to give the bullies on the street a black eye if they give him any grief. He may be silent, but he always gets his point across!
Comic: Here's Newby
A quirky comic...
Comic: Hi and Lois
Hi and Lois, their children, Chip, Dot, Ditto and little Trixie, and their canine companion, Dawg, offer readers a warm and loving portrait of a wholesome family with traditional values and modern-day sensibilities. In today's often-dysfunctional world, the Flagstons put the "fun" into functional family.
Comic: Hilarity Ensues
Bob & Phil are watching an anime, guess what happen next?
Comic: Home
Home is a side story of the current KingdomCome webmanga I currently have running. It may not feel like it initially since these characters haven't appear in KingdomCome yet. XD This story stands pretty well alone though. The inspiration came from a random thought: "What would happen if a pastor's son refuses to believe?"

Wow, I took approximately a year to complete this?! Anyway, I\'m happy to announce my first complete series, spanning only 5 chapters. ^^; I know some readers have commented that the last chapter was sort of a rush and I must admit so. I was trying my best to cram in everything towards the end. I will learn from this experience and hopefully, learn to arrange timelines a little better.

I loved developing the characters and am pretty pleased with the ending. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed composing this sidestory and look forward to seeing these characters in its mother manga, KCome. Thank you for reading this and giving me your valuable feedback!
Comic: Home Office
A quirky comic...
Comic: Hope & Death
A quirky comic...
Comic: Hungry Magical Maid Girl Cupcake-tan
A hungry magical maid girl who love to eat a cupcake...
Comic: Hussein’s Big Day
Saddam Hussein testified in court...
Comic: Hyperbole and a Half
Hyperbole and a Half is a combination of web comic and blog written by Allie Brosh. The comic is drawn in Paintbrush and is intentionally artistically crude. It is a retelling of her life, and includes stories from her childhood as well as the challenges she faces as an adult. Brosh has also expanded the comic into a series of web videos in a similar style, which have been popular.
Comic: I Will Help You Beat Up Your Dad
Are you like Joe, longing to give your mother the affection your father isn\'t man enough to deliver? Are you sick of your dad constantly showing you up in front of others, castrating in front of your friends and treating you like a rival?
Comic: ICCC 2005
Submissions to COMIX35's First International Christian Comic Competition.
Comic: ICCC 2007
Submissions to COMIX35's Second International Christian Comic Competition.
Comic: In The Zone
A lot of strange things have happened in hockey. in the zone explores the odd, the unusual and the just plain bizarre side of the fastest game on ice!
Comic: Infinitarium
Walking the worlds is easy. Surviving said walk... that\'s something else entirely.
Comic: InVisible
Seventeen year old Kay is not your average NYC high school student. From a young age, Kay has worked as a model in print, commercials, and on the runway. And now her career has recently undergone a dramatic upswing--she\'s been booked for a runway show and several shoots in Japan.

On the morning of her departure, Kay awakens to a shocking change in herself, which threatens her entire career and forces her to reconsider her priorities: she has inexplicably been transformed into a boy!

Kay\'s boyfriend Adrian, a trained make-up artist, comes to the rescue. He convinces Kay that she\'s still pretty enough to play the part of a girl. With a little make-up and the right outfit, Kay\'s nearly convinced that the charade might work... but once she clears airport security she wonders how she is going to spend a whole two weeks in Japan pretending to be the girl she once was?
Comic: It Came From My C Drive
Fake ads comic...
Comic: It Takes A Wizard
Nobody has been inside Manhattan for the past three years, and with good reason. It\'s become a place of wild, dark magic, where technology and the laws of science do not work. And it\'s at war with the United States--a dark kingdom that seeks to spread across the river to the rest of the world, with armies of trolls, goblins, imps, ghouls and harpies gathering under the command of a dark sorcerer: Everett Winterthorn.

Isaac Silverberg is his former apprentice who is plucked from Death Row and given a final chance to redeem himself. The US Army gives him an offer he can\'t refuse: his life, in exchange for the rescue of the New Jersey governor\'s daughter, apparently kidnapped by Winterthorn\'s minions and taken into the depths of the Magic Kingdom.

It\'s a mission that can only be accomplished by the most powerful mage there is. Unfortunately for him, the government believes Isaac Silverberg is that man. In fact, they are quite sure of it. But is he...?
Comic: It's a Dog's Life
Peg has always wanted a pet dog. Then one day in the park, she found a stray dog. She names him "wood", and brings him home to live with her. Only he's not a dog - he's a Rat. And he has other ideas.
Comic: It's funny because it\'s not.
I just wanted to put in some comics that I had ideas for but was to lazy to give to an actual comic maker.
Comic: Jade Warriors
Angel Sorayama was imbued with the power of a \"Deathkiss\" as part of a cult of female assassins fostered by the Yakuza for its own ends. When she dared to escape this life, the hunter became the hunted!
Comic: Jenny Normal
An on-and-off superhero comic.
Comic: Jerry King Cartoons
Jerry\'s cartoons have a way of making life seem a little more fun. From the challenges of relationships, to having terrible seats at the game, or even losing your shirt playing slots, Jerry\'s work makes it all a little less serious, and a lot more fun.
Comic: Jesus Comics!
A quirky comic of Jesus...
Comic: Jinsus
We've launched! No joke here, just paying out Rohan.
Comic: Johnny B. Goode
A superhero fights one of the cities most dangerous criminals, but struggles with own emotions at the end of the night.
Comic: Jotham's Curse
Judges 9, the curse of Jotham, like you never seen before--mafia style!
Comic: Judge Parker
Judge Parker chronicles the lives— in and out of the courtroom—of Judge Alan Parker, Sam Driver and Abbey Spencer. With its true-to-life storylines, drama and suspense, Judge Parker has kept comics fans hooked with its thematic storylines and the relationship between attorney extraordinaire, Sam Driver and the beautiful and wealthy Abbey Spencer as they care for her adopted daughters, Neddy and Sophie.
Comic: Jumble
That classic scrambled word game delivers new brain-teasing fun. How fast can you solve it?
Comic: June in Summer
A Special Addition to April & May. The original is dead.
Try and think of this as a 10 minute special produced on a variety show reunion or something.
A fat girl in love with his childhood friend, the now hottest guy in school. There has to be a way to become pretty!!
Comic: Kanami
A story about a little sister & her big brother...
Comic: Kardia
It is my purpose in life to be pleasing to God. Therefore, in all of the outlets of my life I strive to accomplish two main things that God might get the glory: the encouragement of the body of Christ and preaching the gospel to the lost.
My prayer is that Kardia will accomplish these goals both by presenting the gospel message to all who read and encouraging the body of Christ to live a life devoted to God through stories with Biblical themes and philosophies.
Comic: Katzenjammer Kids
The longest-running strip in history stars two twin boys, Hans and Fritz. The Katzies, as they are often called, are born troublemakers. Their neat clothes and innocent faces conceal their deep-seated ability to do mischief and play tricks on neighbors, pets, and any other available target, including their own mother.
Comic: Keys
Eh dunno, gaining confidence and faith from God? Just read it, will ya. XD
Comic: Kinesis
The zephaniah chronicles.
Comic: Kitty's Diary
My little diary/art manga stuff xD
Comic: Know Me
A man\'s journey into himself, learning about God and about life.
Comic: Krupps Arcane Adventures
Thats the end of the first arc. I have a second planed and some ideas fore more. this was a learning experiance; so i hope the next will be a little better.I allso plan to re shoot a few shots to make this arc better.

All pics are screenshots from WoW; edited in MS paint.
Thanks go to the Guys at ComicHub; and Blizzard.

Comic: Laddertop
Twenty five years ago, the alien Givers came to Earth. They gave the human race the greatest technology ever seen--four giant towers known as Ladders that rise 36,000 miles into space and culiminate in space stations to power the entire Earth. Then, for reasons unknown, the Givers disappeared. Due to the unique alien construction of the Laddertop space stations, only a skilled crew of children can peform the maintenance necessary to keep the stations up and running.

Back on Earth, competition is fierce to enter Laddertop Academy. It is an honor few students will achieve. Robbi and Azure, two eleven year old girls who are the best of friends, are candidates for entrance into the Academy. They will become entangled in a dangerous mystery that may help them solve the riddle of the Givers...if it doesn\'t destroy the Earth first!
Comic: LaSalle’s Legacy
In the world of the Twelve Seas, the secrets of necromancy have been lost to the Old World for decades. When a young man discovers that his father’s old nemesis, who is now a zombie, is out to kill him, he sets out to learn more about this forbidden art. Along the way, he discovers he isn’t the only one curious about the secrets and becomes engulfed in a battle for power.
Comic: Last Chance
A man gets one last chance to make the right choice.
Comic: Last Hope
Handsome and mysterious transfer student Hiroto Nakadai arrives at Maunaloa Academy, but he holds a secret far deeper than anyone can guess. Hiroto is actually a prince from another world, on the run from the evil Lord Kumagai and his dimension-hopping foot soldiers. Together with his newfound friends, Hiroto must journey through space and time, into the realms of the imagination, and beyond death itself in order to escape.

But first he\'ll have to make it out of high school alive.
Comic: Life Savers
Is it enough to just have superpowers?
Comic: Long Story Short
A quirky comic...
Comic: Lose the Fish
The Aquaman parody...
Comic: Love Comics
A series of short comics to illustrate 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8.
Comic: Major Victory and Kid Verse
Christian Comic.
Comic: ManaWorld
It\'s a sexy story of the mana world...
Comic: Mandrake the Magician
A suave and sophisticated man of mystery, Mandrake the Magician often battles the most remarkable and inventive villains while attired in formal white tie and tails. Equally at home at a swank society affair or among the colorful denizens of the underworld, Mandrake is world famous for his many remarkable feats. His powers do not come from any supernatural source; rather, he is the world\'s foremost illusionist and hypnotist.
Comic: MaQua
This is a world of warcraft comic that not really follows the game, It is more following it own\'s way.
Comic: MaQual
The background to MaQual:

I started the MaQua part in 2008, just to have something to do, for a starter I was aiming for a short comic, that only would last for a month. I got stuck to the idea and fell in love with my own creation, unwilling to let it go. So Instead of a short period of a daily comic making I went for a weekly update. I mostly let it live because of one of my friends that cheers me on, without her it wouldn’t be any fun any more :)

One day back in 2011 I found the urge to make a new chapter in the comic part MaQua and make the story digital coloured instead of plain old black and white ink. And with the new looks I went and changed the name to MaQual.

And I still make the comic for myself and my friend, but when I hear other that likes it out there in the world, the fun in making this comic just gets bigger!

The comic is based on the mmorp game World of Warcraft and the characters are based on actual characters in game, beside from Sekila.
In MaQua the characters from alliance was on the European server Aerie Peak and the horde was and are still from The Maelstrom.
Comic: Maria's Sea - Doll & Maker
Maria's Sea is a collection of short and medium-length comics.
Stories are released as they are completed.
Comic: Maria's Sea - Parallel Star
Maria\'s Sea is a collection of short and medium-length comics.
Stories are released as they are completed.
Comic: Maria\'s Sea - Karen
Maria\'s Sea is a collection of short and medium-length comics.
Stories are released as they are completed.
Comic: Marionette:Soul
Takano Aya, a young girl that became an orphan at a young age. At 17 years of age, she\'s currently living independently but unknown to many she is with her \'dolls\' which she now calls her family.
Comic: Mark Trail
Avid environmentalist Mark Trail teaches readers to preserve nature\'s three most valuable "W's": woods, water and wildlife.
Comic: Market Forces
A world where wizard will be executed...
Comic: Marty Bucella
Business Cartoons, Office Cartoons, Sports Cartoons, Diet Cartoons, Health Cartoons, Fitness Cartoons, Medical Cartoons, Doctor Cartoons, Hospital Cartoons, Lawyer Cartoons, Education Cartoons, Family Cartoons Tax Cartoons, Pet Cartoons, Computer Cartoons, Animal Cartoons, Holiday Cartoons, Free Cartoons (NOT!), Cartoons for Illustrations, Cartoons for Web Sites, Cartoons for Newsletters, Cartoons for Intranets, Daily Cartoons, Cartoons for Greeting Cards, Cartoons for E-Zines, Cartoons for Calendars, Cartoons for Conferences, Cartoons for Seminars, Cartoons for Textbooks, Cartoons for Clip Art and more!
Comic: Marvin
Marvin features a precocious red-headed toddler who spends much of his time lost in his own thoughts and fantasy adventures. Like most young children — and too many adults — Marvin is convinced that everything and everyone else revolves around him. He may be right. Marvin is definitely the epicenter of all the activity and chaos in his family!
Comic: Master Strokes: Golf Tips
Phil Franke is widely recognized by magazine editors, PGA pros and Top 100 instructors as being the best golf instruction illustrator in the business today. Franké has worked as an illustrator for nearly 20 years, and he has been staff illustrator at Golf Tips since 1992.

In 1999, Franke created Master Strokes, the most popular nationally syndicated newspaper feature about golf instruction. He has illustrated many books by PGA golfers and Top 100 teachers, including most recently, the best-seller A.J. Reveals the Truth about Golf by A.J. Bonar.
Comic: Matt and Austin
A quirky comic which is swf based...
Comic: MD Comics
Biology humor, medical student humor, and who knows what else.
Comic: Merry Gentlemen
This is another sidestory linked to KingdomCome. It delves a little more on the lives of Francis' guy friends in the Home webmanga. For those who read Home, don't you want to at least know their names? LOL This should also be a treat for Gil fans who want to know more about his past.

What a way to kickstart your teaching career. First, McCoy officiates his first day on the job in the wrong school. Next, some kid finds his way into his private space. This is NOT the type of tutoring McCoy signed up for!
Comic: Metal Fist
Look like the world is about to end but can metal fist save it?
Comic: Mickey Mouse
A quirky comic by Disney...
Comic: Microsoft Good Judgment
Let's face it: You're always going to be a whiny suckass sometimes. But with GoodJudgment, no one has to know.
Comic: Minor Treat
Minor Treat is about three main charaters. Shin-X (Shawn) and Mca (Mark) are based off of us. They look (except Mca isn't QUITE so hairy in real life) and act a lot like we really do and a lot of the stories are based off of things that actually happen to us.

Jen though, is completely fictional. She does, however, share many characteristics of a person we both know and want to have sex with *, but Jen was created long before we ever met her.

Mca (Mark) draws all the comics and graphics with Shin-X (Shawn) adding input on how things could look. Shin-X (Shawn) initially writes the majority of the comics, with Mca adding his own input on the story, and dialouge for the Mca character.

Shin-x (Shawn) does all the webby stuff.

Shin-X (Shawn) can't draw at all, and Mca (Mark) is computer illiterate outside of photoshop, so the creation and weekly writing of this comic strip wouldn't exist without the efforts of both people, as neither of us could do it on our we are too lazy, so we both push each other to get things done.
Comic: Misc. Comics
Tales of internet voiceover artists...
Comic: Misfits
A zany parade of bizarre characters and off-beat situations, marching to a different drummer, always without a clue, they’re life\'s odd-balls and eccentrics.
Comic: Missionaries
A look at the work of Missionaries behind the Iron Curtain.
Comic: Momoka Corner
The story tells about Midori, a young shrine maiden and her older sister. The elder one blames their mother\'s death on Midori and wishes for her death. Midori asks her sister for a way to redeem herself, and they end on a weird ritual that summons Snax, a wacky ruler of the dark realm who is obsessed with The Hoff. This story is featured in full color and is a mix of the classic fantasy and horror with otaku culture.
Comic: Monster Massacre
Massive monsters, bad babes, giant guns, carnasaur carnage, creepy creators... what more could you ask for?
Comic: Monstrous
A child from Earth finds himself stranded in a Dungeons and Dragons -like world where he is considered the odd one out- a dangerous changeling from some dark netherworld. But hey, at least he got some really swank winged boots for his iPod.
Comic: Moose & Molly
Moose and Molly chronicles the misadventures of a lazy, out-of-work, out-of-shape loafer, and life with his wife, children and multitude of pets. Moose can never seem to hold a job for more than a day, yet he pursues sloth and gluttony like a true professional.
Comic: Mr. Grieves
He was the best cleaner the mob ever had, covering up crime scenes for his bosses and planting false evidence as if it were an art form. Then he died...and got drafted into an underworld organization far more sinister: Hell.

As Hell\'s cleaner, Grieves\' job is to clean up after unauthorized demon attacks on the mortal plane and to hide all evidence of the supernatural from humankind. Through a combination of clever misdirection and a grisly attention to detail, Grieves faithfully serves his masters in Hell, whether he\'s concealing a random act of demon rage, or mopping up a bloody vampire attack. The rules are simple: no evidence, no witnesses, and Grieves performs his job like a loyal drone, bereft of emotion.

But when a mortal teen girl named Angela witnesses a murder scene that Grieves must clean, his task is clear. Hide the evidence, kill the girl. Yet Angela awakens something in Grieves he thought lost forever: his soul. Grieves must decide whether to follow orders and whack the girl, or protect her and go on the run, with the legions of Hell at their heels.
Comic: Mr. Stitch in Time
Mister Stitch travels through time in a very nonsensical way. He causes disruption and confusion in every turn and feels very matter of fact about it all. Columbus would have dscovered the new world in July if Mr. Stitch wasn\'t aboard.
Comic: Murder!
A spoofs comic of magazine cover...
Comic: Mystic Revolution
A fantasy web-manga that follows the adventures of a pyromaniac sorceress and an incompetent ninja as they journey through life, levels, and lots of alcohol in the online game world of MYSTIC REVOLUTION.
Comic: Naira
Naira, an intergalactic scientist, begins a research project on an undiscovered planet in a galaxy known only as A-1166. To her surprise, the planet is home to a species of plant that has the ability to cure many diseases, but to her horror, the planet is inhabited by a race of violent creatures.
Comic: Naycism
Nay style of sarcasm.
Comic: Nelly
Nelly gets hit on by a handsome guy! But is he really the best for her?
Comic: News Skim Comics
It’s not easy running an evil shadow government at the best of times, and it certainly can’t help when your puppet candidates are two foul-mouthed potatoheads cursing the homeless on live television. As with most matters of American political direction, all heads turn to a top-tier Batman villain for a rational solution.
Comic: NNN
A story consist of weird, surreal, bizarre, experimental...
Comic: No Man's Land
John Parker had it all. A decorated sharpshooter in the Civil War, he had a promising career ahead of him, a beautiful wife, and a newborn son. But after becoming embroiled in a dark and demonic conspiracy engineered by the Bakerton Detective Agency, he lost everything.

Fleeing to the West, a broken man, Parker reinvents himself as \"No Man,\" a heartless gun-for-hire whose only solace comes from hunting and killing the demons who he helped set loose. With Buntline Special in hand, a deadly revolver with a sixteen inch barrel, he blasts his way through a different kind of Old West, where strange and evil beings lurk.
Comic: Obliviously Aware
Yet another quirky comic...
Comic: Off Center
A quirky comic...
Comic: On The Edge
A quirky comic...
Comic: On the Fastrack
On March 19, 1984, the year of George Orwell, the comic strip On the Fastrack debuted in 150 newspapers worldwide. Its immediate focus was on the technology transforming society, a process that has picked up steam ever since.

Initially the main character was Bob Shirt, a confused young man finding his way in the corporate world. Other major cast members were Melody Acapella and her daughter Laurel, but just as early computers were replaced by improved models, Fastrack 1.0 was soon supplanted by latter versions as new characters took center stage.

Wendy Welding became On the Fastrack‘s main character in the late 1980s, and while the strip is still set in the offices of Fastrack, Inc., the Welding family of Wendy, Art, Patina and Rusty are now the four compass points marking the strip’s landscape.

Throughout the rise of the Internet, the crash, social networking, Facebook and Twitter, they’ve hung on as vast changes have swept through their lives. They hurtle through cyberspace, drawn to the promise of what’s beckoning over the horizon.
Comic: On The Subject of Witches
The beauty of art...
Comic: Online Anarchy and Scribbles
Don\'t you have something better to do? -Jake Flinthart.
Comic: Operation Texas-Style Success
A Bush comic...
Comic: Out of the Gene Pool
aka Single and Looking...
Can’t we all just get along? It’s not the easiest question these days. With all of our differences, it’s amazing the Earth still rotates in one direction. Out of the Gene Pool is a comic strip with characters you might recognize from your own neighborhood: hard-working dads, frazzled moms, inseparable friends, gossiping co-workers and some folks who are just plain bizarre. They manage to coexist on this big ball of dirt--one day at a time, aspiring for progress rather than perfection.
Comic: Pages Ripped From Childrens’ Books
A quirky comic...
Comic: Pakman Saga
In the beginning, there was the cold vastness of space. Then there was a light... and worlds sprung forth... One of those was... the world of pak-men!
Comic: Paladin
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. But against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly place.
Comic: Paper Eleven
14-year-old Maya survives a terrible train accident only to find herself in a strange world where people, places, and souls are made of paper. Now, hunted and alone, she has 11 days to find the bodies, reconstruct the accident, and return home.
Comic: Parallel Lines
A story that happen in the train...
Comic: Paranormal Mystery Squad
Goth girl Stephanie Kane, her bratty sister Katie, and best friend Charlotte have a good thing going. They've made a name for themselves traveling the country in their trusty Winnebago hunting down cryptids and all manner of supernatural beasties. That is, until the organization known as PETM (People for the Ethical Treatment of Monsters) slaps them with a boatload of new regulations and places a court-appointed PETM liaison on their all girl team: the enigmatic, albeit slightly anemic, J.C. Summerfield.

When things go awry during the team's next case, it's Stephanie's kid sister Katie who finds herself in the hairiest situation of her life... literally!

Paranormal Mystery Squad is the second story in a supernatural double-feature with Vampire Cheerleaders.
Comic: Peacemaker
A collection of introspective looks into life and spirituality.
Comic: Pencil Wedgees
Silly and fun cartoons.
Comic: Perpetual Awesome
Ok, first comic. Don't expect stellar drawings or regular updates. This comic is strictly reserved for me venting, or messing around in Paint.Net ( the free, Open Source image editor. I could probably do these in MS Paint, but lets face it, I like to be all snobby.
Comic: Phantasmagory
What will happen next when the schoolgirl find out her boyfriend is not human?
Comic: Phoebe & Eddie
Phoebe & Eddie are two Midwestern teenagers under the influence of rock & roll, comic books, vintage clothing, late night infomercials, caffeine, video games, John Hughes movies, and bad Chinese food. They claim to be the coolest duo on the planet but unfortunately the world has not received the memo.
Comic: Pilgram's Progress
A Pilgram\'s trip is interrupted by an agent of the underworld.
Comic: Piranha Club
Ernie Floyd and his wife, Doris, live in the suburbs with their baby. Their hearts are full of love and dreams and plans for the future as they go about their idyllic daily lives, surrounded by flowers and butterflies and...Wait a minute. That\'s not right. They\'re surrounded by wackos, misfits, well-meaning screwballs, incompetent scoundrels and a long list of surreal and anthropomorphic oddballs.
Comic: Pirate Bathroom Comics
Salty adventures on the high seas, swashbuckling action & small boys going to the bathroom on clear glass coffee tables while you lie underneath it watching!
Comic: Pista del Muerto
It\'s a funny story of a Dead Head guy...
Comic: Pizza Gun
Our mission is to make everyone in the entire world laugh...
Comic: Porterfield
A quirky comic...
Comic: Proguard
Cheat or not to cheat, that is the question. Problem is, what will be Gerry\'s answer? It\'s up to Proguard to decide!
Comic: Pros & Cons
Pros & Cons focuses on five characters and three professions: Samuel Rhodes, a defense lawyer; Gillian Jaggers, the District Attorney; Lyndon Peel, a psychiatrist; and Stan Defoe, a cop. When the competition and stress becomes too great, they withdraw to Defoe's Diner. Owned by Sophie Defoe, Stan's sister, her diner is the closest thing any of them have to a haven.
Comic: Puccino's Coffee Shops
Jim Smith has been the in-house designer for Puccino's coffee shops since 1998.
Comic: QIP
A project for my Lit class.
...Sorry it sucks.
Comic: Quiltbag
Two young college girls begin a journey of self-discovery on a campus that represents the whole spectrum of sexuality, and possibility.
Comic: Rain Dancing
A miracle in the rain.
Comic: Random Crap
Random non-linear comic.
Comic: Rapid City
In this issue, a young hero tries to figure out how to begin a career as a costumed crime fighter. His first challenge, finding a name.
Comic: Ravenskull
A hell-cursed Templar on an epic quest!

Brian De Bois Guilbert, villain in Sir Walter Scott\'s Ivanhoe, returns as the doomed hero in this thrilling sequel to the classic work. After a brutal death at the hands of Sir Ivanhoe, Brian is reborn as Ravenskull, undead walker of the Shadow World, cursed by an impossible love. To save himself and the woman he loves, he must embark on a perilous journey to the East, facing all manners of monsters, black magic and evil assassins!
Comic: Reality Check Comics
Arts Majors: Burger King cashiers of tomorrow!
Comic: Realms of Ishikaze
Realms of Ishikaze is a fantasy comedy set in a populous online multiplayer roleplaying game. In ROI, everything is player-run, including stores, cities, item creation, and political systems; no non-player characters. In the short time it's been up and running, multitudes of players have formed powerful empires, crime syndicates, and thousands of rare treasures. Just make sure you watch where you step. Ishikaze has no ground. Every city, dungeon and realm is made from giant floating rocks. The only way to get to anywhere outside the newbie realms is to rent a ride or buy an aircraft of your own.

This series follows the adventures of three players, Denki the mage, Arashiko the warrior and Tabitabi the rogue.
Comic: Recess
A quirky comic...
Comic: Red Spike
Project Red Spike was successful in creating the ultimate super soldiers. But what happens when those soldiers stop taking orders?
Comic: Reluctant Prayer
Something I drew during a difficult moment in life.
Comic: Replacement Parts
I wrote this story for 4th Cloudscape Comics book, “Exploded View”, which will be on sale soon. It was drawn by my co-worker, the very talented Aaron Bouthillier.
Comic: Rescue
Our world is dying and in need of a savior. We have the answer to the cure, the water that will put out their fire. We are well equipped to help save lives. But why are we not doing more? Why do we choose to ignore the fire that threatens our friends? Our family? Our fellow man?
Comic: Revelation Saga
Richard is a widower living with his son. Having lost his faith due to his wife's illness and eventual death he's turned his back on the church. His son, Eric, however has not, and often tries to convince him to go back. This leads to frequent arguments until one night, after another argument when a mysterious light appears resulting in mass disappearances around the world, among the missing is Eric.

During a frantic search for his son Richard encounters a mysterious boy who appears out of nowhere, claiming to know the whereabouts of all who went missing. Hoping that this mysterious child can lead him to his son Richard takes in the child and soon finds himself being sucked into something much deeper and sinister and quite possibly fatal.
Comic: Reverb
Reverb is a short experimental comic that is designed to be read backwards as well as forwards. The direction you read it in will give you a slightly different version of this ghost story.
Comic: Rex Morgan, M.D.
The star of Rex Morgan, M.D. is a principle-driven medical practitioner has a flawless knack for diagnosing illnesses and uncovering corruption and misconduct. Over the years readers have seen Rex deal with the compelling medical and social issues of our times, including drug abuse, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, diabetes, organ transplants, adoption and sexual harassment, just to name a few.
Comic: Rhymes with Orange
Like the color it's named after, Rhymes With Orange is a vibrant, energetic, smart strip that approaches the universal truths about everyday subjects, like relationships, work, pets, parents and holidays, with insightful wit and humor. It leaves no stone unturned in its journey to prove just how weird and wonderful we all are. Rhymes with Orange casts a glorious spotlight on life's everyday minutiae.
Comic: Robo-C
Hollo people! This is a comic I\'m working on based on a \"Robo-N\" fan-fic I submitted for Nellie Melton\'s 2008 Bad-Fic Contest (I didn\'t even come in third TT_TT).
Comic: Robot In The City
One robot. One city. One lifetime.

Ritz the Robot doesn\'t know how he wound up in this city. All he knows is that his heart is pure, his imagination is wild and humans think he looks like Abraham Lincoln (that\'s how he landed that job as a barista afterall). He befriends a local art student, Elite, and they begin to learn that the vastness of the big city can be close if you have the right friends with you.
Comic: Rodco Novelties, Inc.
Fake ads comic...
Comic: Saint
We\'re all saints.
Comic: Salmon
All of the Western world bows to us, for we are fertile and young.
Comic: Sam Seeking...
A store about big heart.
Comic: Say, Actor Kirk Douglas…
Fake ads comic...
Comic: Senior Moments
A quirky comic about senior citizen...
Comic: Sharky
For '90s kid Patrick Sharky, there's no comic book superhero cooler than the one that shares his last name: SHARKY, the ultimate tough guy. They say you should never meet your heroes... but Patrick may not have a choice in the matter!
Comic: Shoot First, Ask Later
A comic about daily life & world issues as viewed from the warped viewpoint of the artist. WARNING: Strips may contain violence, mild swearing & politically incorrect scenarios. Not for the sensitive or easily offended.
Comic: Silverninja of Scratch
This is where I dump all my shitty comics.
Comic: Single Scene Comics
A quirky comics...
Comic: Six Chix
Six Chix is created by six cartoonists who each draw one day of the week. Isabella Bannerman draws Mondays; Margaret Shulock draws Tuesdays; Rina Piccolo draws Wednesdays; Anne Gibbons draws Thursdays; Benita Epstein draws Fridays; and Stephanie Piro draws Saturdays. On any day, you will find funny, female-centric gags about the economy, technology, zombies, pirates or healthcare.
Comic: Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids
Bad guys of the world beware! Slylock Fox is on the case. The brave Scarlet Sleuth uses his keen eyesight and sharp mind to help him unravel even the toughest mysteries. That's why, when it comes to solving crimes, no one outfoxes the Fox. A friendly cast of furry characters help Slylock as he solves mysteries and teaches young readers about art, nature, pets, self-esteem and health.
Comic: Smoke

Smoke is about Nico, a 19-year-old boy who has dated \"The Killer Yellow Jacket\" Kisame for a few years. When temptation strikes in the form of Kaeda, Nico\'s coworker, Nico is caught between a rock and a hard place. But with \"The Killer Yellow Jacket\"\'s explosive temper, what could happen to Nico if caught stepping out with another man?
Comic: Snake
Two man getting water in a forest & then...
Comic: Somedaze
Primarily a one-person operation, Spungifeel Comics is basically the umbrella entity for not only the comic book work of T. wEieR but also other features such as the regular cartoons featured on this website and sundry items offered for sale.
Comic: Soup - The Comic Strip
Soup is a fantasy strip centering on one Erlak, god of soup, and his mortal champion.
Comic: Spanish Class Heroes
Three quieky friends have a secret: They\'re a disfunctional superhero trio, fighting the equally disfunctional villains of their high school.
Comic: Spider-Man Comics!
The Spider-Man parody...
Comic: Squad 77
It\'s an action comic...
Comic: St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Cards
After all, St. Valentine shouldn\'t be the only religious figure to get exploited for billions of dollars by the Hallmark corporation.
Comic: State of the Union
A quirky comic...
Comic: Stick Monkey Chronicles
Brendan Thomas is a young upstart cartoonist with big dreams. One of them to follow in his father\'s footsteps as a world-famous cartoonist. But the cartoon he drew for his high school paper came back with bad reviews. To his dismay, his journalism advisor/teacher gave him a deadline to change his entire storyline. And if he doesn\'t make it, he\'ll lose his position!
A troubled Brendan walks home and stumbles upon a unique-looking pen along the way. He picks it up and takes it home. Back home, he randomly sketches a little doodle before taking a nap. But when he wakes up, he is shocked to find Stick Monkey, the silly doodle he drew, standing right in front of him! What is he going to do with friend?
Comic: Stupid Detective Mysteries
Sub-standard tales of sleuthing!
Comic: SubOrbital
This story first appeared in the 2008 Cloudscape anthology “Historyonics”.
Comic: Super Happy Fun Time
Darkness and Dragon didn\'t know what to expect when they were suddenly kicked out of their old NORMAL school and placed into a Private magic school. Well, they expected something, but not as much as they got.
Comic: Superman Origin Comics
The origin of superman...
Comic: Tales From The Future
Champion City Comics is pleased to present Tales From The Future, a sci-fi anthology inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick and classic golden and silver age comic books!

Check out our stories The Number 18, Charlie's Story, License Expired, Technicality, The Plan, and The Impossible Box. Also included is a great new sci-fi tale, Escape.
Comic: Tales of Therusia
Therusia is a land endowed with the mystery of magic. Dwelling within her are those who are both gifted and cursed by it, as well as those who seek it\'s mastery. Follow a collection of unique and driven characters destined for greatness as we both explore this world! Welcome to Therusia!
Comic: Tales Written With the Express Intent of Astonishment
Fake ads comic...
Comic: Tastes Like Honey
Michael Jackson testifies in court...
Comic: Ted Goff Business Cartoons
AKA Mostly Business.
For your publications and inhouse communications.
Comic: Teh 1337 Comic
Oh lol look I am so wacky and funny and weird look at me use internet lingo I am so funny ! Ha ha ha ha ha I suck so badly...
Comic: That Darn Chauncey
That Darn Chauncey is a webcomic written and drawn by Mr. Henderson, with over 100,000 people reading it each day at (as of January 2006).

It was originally billed as \"The Worst Comic Strip Ever\" but quickly gained an audience who appreciated its sophomoric brand of humor, and crude artistic style. The strip has been favorably compared with Max Cannon\'s Red Meat for its twisted, bizarre, and often tasteless sense of humor.
Comic: That Suave Guy
This is an exercise in writing silliness for me, and my son. We\'re... ummm... appropriating art from an old, but well-known comic strip, and we\'re adding our own spin. It\'s a competition between the two of us: I do one page, he does the next, and we each have to continue where the other left off.

Nobody\'s making a profit here. We\'re doing this purely for the fun of it, and no ill-will or comment of any sort is intended towards the original works, or their creators. And if it happens that you get a laugh out of what we\'re doing here... so much the better.

Dirk and Jake Flinthart hope you enjoy \"That Suave Guy\"
Comic: The Adventures of Addison Combes
The story begin with the case of the missing pendant...
Comic: The Adventures of Liza
Liza is a girl who likes to have adventures...
Comic: The Amazing Adventures of Pencil Man and Texter Boy
Once there was a radioactive experiment... The experiment was to make the pencil and texter evil! But the scientist accidentally used the good serum, so pencilman and texterboy began!
Comic: The Awesome Foursome
Sup. This is my first Web Comic.. Its gonna be a bunch of mostly true stories that have happened to my cousins and I.

I really hate the Clash face in the last one. But no matter what I drew it sucked so this was the least sucky!

And I know the name is super lame. We couldn\'t think of anything better..

hope you enjoy the rest!!
Comic: The Better Half
Married couples everywhere relate to husband-and-wife team Harriet and Stanley Parker of The Better Half. Their quest to keep the spark alive in their aging marriage brings a knowing smile to readers around the world. Cartoonist Randy Glasbergen continues to attract new readers with his fresh, topical humor.
Comic: The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee
Edison Lee is a precocious 10-year-old boy genius. His inquisitive nature and entrepreneurial spirit are reflected in his many inventions and often pointed observations about society's pressing issues. In an age when we are bombarded with information and a 24-hour news cycle, The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee offers a disarming viewpoint of our world through the eyes of a child who is both a brilliant genius and an eternal optimist.
Comic: The Captain and The Sea
These are the tales of degradation within the fathoms of an empty subconscious.
Comic: The Captive
Based on the 1837 poem, La Cautiva, by Esteban Echeverria, this tale follows the horrific capture and bold escape of two Argentine settlers, Brian and Maria.
Comic: The Champion City Fire
New Ravenwood, Ohio, also known as The Champion City, is full of crooked cops, pushy dames, untouchable crime lords, and gun-wielding vigilantes that can travel time. Two clean cops, Johnny Magnum and Andrea Hammer, are on a mission to put an end to the crime and corruption in The Champion City by enlisting the help of a retired cop and a patient from an insane asylum.
Comic: The Chase
A new perspective on old allegories.
Comic: The Clow
This comic is quirky...
Comic: The Creature From Beyond Infinity
A. Kaviraj has adapted this story from Henry Kuttner's A Million Years to Conquer. Fans of science-fiction will enjoy this classic tale.
Comic: The Dann Duke Show
A quirky comic about a show...
Comic: The Dude
Something for Megazeen\'s \"draw another artist\'s work\" thing. I got Drew\'s!
Comic: The Duke of Conte Fisto
Edward Durante has been accused of vicious crime he did not commit the majority of! He is then sentenced to die in jail so the only way for him to survive is to jailbreak & to uncover the man who framed him!
Comic: The EMEAns
Join Doc's search for purpose in the world of telecoms billing.

Doc works in the EMEA (Europe-MidEast-Africa) business unit of an international telecoms billing system vendor. Join him in his eternal but doomed quest to uncover any net benefit to mankind which would result from a slightly improved billing system.
Comic: The End Of Paradise
Nick Hamilton, a former small-time criminal, is on a serious revenge mission to kill Frankie Paradise, a notorious mob boss responsible for the death of an innocent man and his family. Joining Nick on his mission is Marshall Jackson, a weapons dealer, and The Kid, a teenage prophet and gun for hire. Nick, Marshall, and The Kid must take out Paradise\'s henchmen in order to get to their main target, Frankie Paradise.
Comic: The Fibonacci Case Files
Social Commentary. Surreal Homicides. Bad Craziness. What do these have to do with each other? Nothing except for... THE FIBONACCI CASE FILES
Comic: The Invaders
This story appears in Life Meter Comics Vol 3. It was drawn by Jonathon Dalton, who makes me cry with his awesome real-world colouring technique.
Comic: The Ironclad Man
As the deadliest war in human history rolls across the known world, Luon and her companions travel to stay ahead of it, while pursuing a dangerous man known only as the Ironclad Man. Luon’s plan is simple: she’s going to find him, and then she’s going to kill him. However, along with the war, strange and deadly things are being churned up, including savage creatures and a deadly plague. Each day that passes brings more death, and some believe that the very end of humanity is at hand.
Comic: The Jesus Adventures: Cara and the Forever Friend
Young soul Cara learns what happens when her anger goes out of control. And who is her Forever Friend?

Ages 7 and up! But adults will also enjoy and learn from this unique children story.
Comic: The Lockhorns
The award-winning Lockhorns panel gently spoofs the state of marital bliss, poking fun at the foibles of both partners to the amusement of comics fans around the world. After decades of marriage, Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn have fine-tuned the art of arguing and gotten squabbling down to a science.
Comic: The Love of Jesus
Mike\'s 2nd Masterpiece detailing his spiritual Journey.
Comic: The Lunar Antics
Who are these funny looking cartoons with the antennae?

They are the inhabitants of the moon. But don’t let them steal the show because The Lunar Antics® is really about us Earthlings! The moon guys are simply foils in these funny cartoons to illustrate human nature—although don’t tell them that!
Comic: The Night Before I Went To Jail
A kid from the streets learns the true meaning of Christmas.
Comic: The Occupation of Latveria
The Avengers parody...
Comic: The Pajama Diaries
“The Pajama Diaries” details the personal life of Jill Kaplan, a contemporary working mom trying to juggle it all — work life, family life, and sex life (or lack thereof) – without going bonkers. The characters age in real time so readers can enjoy and relate to each new challenge that awaits Jill and her family. The subjects range from everyday silliness to social commentary. It is a sounding board for modern, multitasking women and their families.
Comic: The PBC Shorts
The comic strip version of Pillow Book Chronicles...
Comic: The Quigmans
A quirky comic...
Comic: The Red Devil
Dublin O'Darby (The Red Devil) is an international crime-fighter who works for Sebastian Coronado, the director of an organization dedicated to combating cartels of evil. Joining The Red Devil is teenage sidekick Charlotte Murphy (Kid Diablo). In the exciting first issue, Red Devil and Kid Diablo track down a dangerous ninja, Silent Noise, who has stolen a mysterious ring which once belonged to a diabolical group of demon worshipers known as the Order of Methalius.
Comic: The return of University of Lost Gods
Some of you may know that the Indianapolis Star ran an article on webcomics a while back and covered some of the local webtoonists. Well, we all got an email a little while ago from INTake, a free mag associated with the Star, that asked if we\'d like to have our stuff run in it. Now Metrophor isn\'t exactly fit for pg13 audiences...what with swearing and some gore.

At any rate, I decided that I could do little \'snippet\' strips based in the ULG world. I really like the full page strips with the storyline and all, but these are still kinda fun. =D It takes place before any of the full comic does.
Comic: The Sam Stonehouse Mysteries
The story begin with \"What Songs The Caged Songbird Sings\"...
Comic: The TG Comics Evolution
Comics require (to varying degrees) that you suspend your beliefs in the here and now. Even the \"Slice-of-Life\" genre asks you to walk through a door to an ever so slightly, different reality. I looked for transgender comics and was painfully disappointed. Much of it was about magical transformations, alien mutations or the kind of “super science gone horribly wrong” that’s usually reserved for horror stories. And nearly all of that was steeped in a cauldron of hard core porn. Well, with a little help from my friends, we created a transgender, porn free zone. This is a place where the stories can be about the characters, and NOT ABOUT their undulating naughty bits and bodily fluids. I believe a large number of comics fans agree with me. We’ll all find out soon enough.
Comic: The Tinker
This is my contribution to the upcoming Cloudscape Sci-Fi anthology, “Exploded View”.
Comic: The Trials of Mannack
Mannack has been laid off, and the Hoomuns are to blame, those hitherto mythological childhood terrors are taking all the jobs.

Only by adopting a Blade Runner-esque persona can Mannack scratch the surface of corruption at the heart of this crisis, but as nefarious political machinations are brought to light Mannack finds himself in the role of a cyborg Oskar Schindler as he sets about emancipating these poor meat-based organisms...
Comic: The United
Thank you for checking out this new web comic i\'m working on. Like faith land, new pages will be posted slowly but steadily. Unlike faith land and my other comics, the characters in this story were developed by other christian creators.

You can call this a crossover, but I call it something different. This is a chance to unite and support fellow believers with what they love to do: spread the gospel and create comic books.

A special feature with this web comic are links in blue you can click on to go to the respected web sites of the characters in the story. There you can learn more about the characters and the ones who made them.

So let\'s begin...
Comic: The Unnamed Hero
A relatively unknown hero saves a city from an unfathomable evil. However, it\'s what he does after that which matters the most.
Comic: The Visit
This was my first ever story strip, written all the way back in 2006. It appeared in a print-on-demand anthology by the webcomic collective that I belonged to at the time.
Comic: The Wartleys
A series of short comics chronicling the adventures of a Christian family.
Comic: The Weird World of Weiss
Even the best of us need to blow off some steam. That\'s what the Weird World of Weiss is all about. There is a God, whether our society likes it or not. There is right and wrong whether or not we want to accept it. The best thing any of us can do is give out hearts to Jesus, the second best thing we can do is live to follow Him. When I look at the world and I see all that is going onwhile we ignore these simple truths, I sometimes feel like my head will explode. This is my creative venting. Welcome to my world. Enjoy.
Comic: The Wisdom of Moo
The adventures of a merry band of boys and girls and the toys who love them! You heard that right.
Comic: Then it was now
Just a random chibi crack comic...Read from right to left like in Japan please ^-^
Comic: Theophilus
Travel with Theophilus as he begins to discover that following Jesus
sometimes runs afoul of serving his church. Grow with Theophilus as he changes
from a "church member" to one who is truly devoted to Jesus and follows wherever he leads.
The familiar situations you see portrayed in these cartoons will cause you
to think, study, laugh, cry, hope, and pray.
Comic: Throw Your Voice Into Mariah Carey’s Anus
Fake ads comic...
Comic: Thy Name
Kate Bakely suddenly finds herself trapped in an elevator with a tormented young man. Can she make him see the light before it\'s too late?
Comic: Tina's Groove
Tina's Groove chronicles the personal and workplace adventures of a single, smart, attractive waitress who works at Pepper's restaurant. Tina has found her groove and empowers herself by embracing life and everyone she meets head-on. She isn't "waiting" for her life to begin she's living it! Tina is the every woman of our time: smart, funny, and real, as she struggles to deal with her job, dating and the ups and downs of day-to-day living.
Comic: To many Eyes
The writings of Marc Tullis illustrated by various artists. This is a lead-in to an illustration of \"Ails for what Cures you\". There will be illustrations from the same pieces from different artists, often single page excerpts from longer stories. This is the kind of shit that gets put in special editions. Be warned though, Mr Marc has no filter. Sexual situations, drug use, violence, coarse language, odd humor, more violence and all other manner of first amendment goodness are likely to pop up here. Be warned. If you have a problem with this, please take it up with your pastor or what-have-you and leave me out of it. If that\'s not enough, than please kindly fuck right off, the back button is top left, don\'t let it hit you on the way out. -MCT-
Comic: Todd the Dinosaur
Todd the Dinosaur revolves around the comic adventures of a restless 7-year-old, 12-foot-tall, three-ton T-Rex who lives with his friend, Trent, and attends elementary school. The strip gives an offbeat and imaginative glimpse of what life would be like with a T-Rex living in your house.
Comic: Todd, The Sensible Vampire
At the stroke of midnight, when cold wind rakes the trees outside your window, and in the distance come the fluttering of leather wings, does the vampire come to take you.

It just won’t be Todd. He’s resting up for his doctor’s appointment.
Comic: Tozar's Labyrinth
Two man went to a cave for pirate treasure & then...
Comic: Treat; No Trick
Halloween mini-comic tract thingy.
Comic: Triviatoons
Triviatoons is like a cartoon version of trivia pursuit. It is a series of cartoons mode to test your memory of trivial memorabilia about movies, television, music, politics and sports. It is not meant to be a contest, no prizes and no discounts. It doesn't matter if you are a trivia expert or not. The only difficulty you will have is unscrambling the answers found under the cartoon. So get to it and have yourself a blast from the past!
Comic: Twenty-something
The 24 parody...
Comic: Two-Fisted Action Romance!
Fake ads comic...
Comic: Two-Fisted Tales of Fisting
The Two-Fisted Tales parody...
Comic: University of Lost Gods
The old gods of the world don’t have as big a following as they used to. This means that they have a lot of of time on their hands. Which is good, because they have a lot to catch up on. And what better way to do this than to go back to school?
Comic: Untitled
Ayane Sonokawa 17 yrs old she had a boyfriend last 2 yrs ago
her grades are low bcoz she doesnt know to balance love and studies
so her boyfriend decides to break up with her after 2 yrs Ayane was obtained high
grades, but she nids money to her tuition next semester so she apply for
a part time job to a exclusive boys school.
Comic: Valeria
Valeria is a graphic novel about a young, college graduate, who moves to a new city with her friend to start a new life but their plans are derailed one moonlit night by a centuries old curse.
Comic: Vampire Cheerleaders
The Bakertown High School cheerleading squad has a secret: behind all their pretty makeup and short skirts are five hungry vampires who sure know how to show their school spirit!

When one of their own turns up missing, the vampire cheerleaders have no other choice but to induct one of the eleventh grade girls from B Squad into their vixenous ranks. Siring new recruit Heather Hartley may be the easy part, but keeping her from turning into a vamp-gone-wild and draining the entire football team on the eve of the big homecoming game is another matter!

Vampire Cheerleaders is the lead story in a supernatural double-feature with Paranormal Mystery Squad.
Comic: Vision
A trip to salvation from a new, fresh perspective.
Comic: Waiting on God
Two prayers are answered in a single night in a most unexpected manner.
Comic: Waldo Pancake
Oh good, sarcastic comments on gift products.
Comic: Waldo Pancake Cartoons
A quirky story of the Stupid Little Birds & Froth Monsters...
Comic: Walls
A story about magic...
Comic: Weapon Brown: Blockhead\'s War
The current project I am pouring my heart into is the continuation of the Weapon Brown saga, begun in the pages of the Deep Fried comic book. Weapon Brown: Blockhead\'s War is intended to premier sometime in 2008.

Weapon Brown is a post-apocalyptic parody of Charlie Brown, first serialized in Deep Fried and then collected into it\'s own stand alone volume. The original arc, A Peanut Scorned, tracked Chuck \"Weapon\" Brown and his dog Snoop as they crossed the ravaged landscape of post-World War IV earth looking for Chuck\'s kidnapped girlfriend. Along the way he encounters gritty adult versions of the entire Peanuts cast. At story\'s end, Weapon Brown and Snoop are on the road again, heading for parts unknown.

In Blockhead\'s War we pick up where A Peanut Scorned left off. Weapon Brown has returned to bounty hunting and scrapes out a living earning the only things of value his world has to offer: electricity and famine rations. When his latest quarry turns out to be carrying something valuable, something that could save what\'s left of humanity from extinction, Chuck ultimately finds himself throwing in his lot with a tribe of refugees that guard a secret coveted by his creators, the evil Syndicate. To claim it for themselves the Syndicate will unleash hell on earth, including a vicious new model of super soldier named CALv1N who wants to claim the title of the future\'s biggest badass for himself.

Having exhausted all the possibilities of spoofing the inhabitants of the Peanuts comic strip, Blockhead\'s War pits Weapon Brown against parody versions of dozens of other comic strip stars, from Annie to Ziggy. New heights of infamy never before thought possible will be reached as one comic strip after another is mutated through the radiation of my my merciless wit. Only in Blockhead\'s War can you discover what hell Armageddon will wreck upon Dilbert, Cathy, Garfield and so many others!
Comic: Westwood
Seventeen years ago, a college student named Charlie Westwood disappeared while investigating a secret society in his hometown of New Ravenwood, Ohio. A police investigation of Westwood\'s disappearance led to a dead end but an archivist at a local university later discovered a photograph of Westwood. The photograph pre-dated Westwood\'s disappearance by nearly sixteen years and the archivist decides to investigate the whereabouts of Westwood and the secret society.
Comic: Whack Project
Let\'s just say TheProject folks enjoy parody and crossovers.
Comic: Wicked Funky-Cool Reservation Blues Writing Project...Comic!
Very, very weird comic...
Comic: Willy 'n Ethel
A quirky comic...
Comic: Winnie the Pooh
A quirky comic by Disney...
Comic: Wire-tapping For FREEDOM
September 12th, 2001. In the White House, Bush: \"Gentlemen, we need wire-tapping if we\'re going to prevent further terror attacks...\"
Comic: Woody
A kid\'s look at life makes us all rethink how we see things.
Comic: You Had To Be There...
A quirky comic...
Comic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Force
A tie in to the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! anime/manga that aims to add to the fun of the original series and expand the universe while retaining the original flavor of the manga. Based on a fan fiction I wrote and posted years ago on, but with some differences.

Experience the exciting adventures of the Duel Force, a group of Duelists who wish to one day have their names known in Professional Duel Monsters circles who find a dangerous and important destiny thrust upon them. They must use magic and monsters and gaming skill to protect a set of magical artifacts from the various groups that wish to use their magic for evil, all the while making way for an ancient sorcerer to rise again and save the world!
Comic: Zippy the Pinhead
Philosophical strip starring Griffy and Zippy, who personify the dual personalities of adult and child that exist in us all. Bill Griffith's Zippy the Pinhead is the popular comic strip with its own bizarre answers to this already bizarre world. The strip has created a reality all its own with a unique cast of characters including Griffy, Zippy's foil; Zerbina, Zippy's wife; and their children, Fuelrod and Meltdown.

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