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Hi, i'm me.
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Below is a list of synopses created by butterfly-dragon that are currently in use.

Comic: A Stranger in Paradise
Day by day the citizens of Nautica work like dogs to support the forcas, the ruling family.
They submit their minds and souls while hoping for the day when they will reach the promised "Paradise".
Meanwhile the Forcas sealed themselves and their knowledge behind the mountainous Forca Wall, the one splitting the royal district from the dust-ridden industrial city.

Behind the wall, the young Irenil Forca has lived 18 years as a part of the royal family.
Though he is a popular memberof the population, his lingering past makes him critical of his current life.
Surrounded by strict rules and mindless servots (automated humanoid servants) and the coming of an arranged marriage, Irenil becomes interested in an alternative life: one that lies beyond the Forca Wall.

After many attempts he escapes to the Industrial District, where he meets with a strange servot, Mimi, whom is strongly interested in him.

Things go from weird to weirder when start rising from the shadows to attack the Industrial district and the Forca Wall.
Mimi forces herself onto Irenil and merges with him, granting hims strange powers of unknown origin, a new hero is born: Saviour.

But who really is Saviour?
Why did Irenil get chosen by Mimi?
Why those dark beasts seem connected to the Industrial district and hate so much the Forca family?
What were the origins of this strong division between the royal family and the industrial district?
Comic: awakened, The
A Brief Story Summary
What if nothing was coincidence?
What if every happy or horrible event that took place in your life was put there on purpose?
What if it was all an experiment; a war game that has taken place on a hidden plane since the dawn of humanity?
What if you woke to find yourself in the midst of it?

Comic: Boids!, The
A bird android and its quest to mingle with fellow birds
Comic: Clockwork Game: The Illustrious Career of a Chess-Playing Automaton
In 1770, the court of Empress Maria Theresa witnessed one of that era's most amazing feats of engineering: a machine that could play chess. Artfully constructed by a talented Hungarian nobleman named Wolfgang von Kempelen, The Turk played a unique game against each opponent, far surpassing the abilities of all its fellow automata. Audiences across Europe flocked to see the astonishing mechanical marvel seemingly capable of human intelligence.

The Turk survived its creator by several decades, touring as far away as the United States and Cuba and playing against many famous opponents. Through the years, its fame has inspired tales both true and fictional, mundane and fantastic, all of them captivating.

Clockwork Game is a mostly-true story, a dramtization of actual historical events, retold with as little conjecture as possible. Some characters, whose names and histories were lost to the predations of time, had to be created almost entirely from whole cloth. Strong—but not ironclad—proof exists for the actions depicted in certain scenes. And, of course, dialogue and personalities had to be invented, based on whatever writings were available.
Comic: Compass
Following a fateful encounter with Trans-Dimensional Commerce, young Irishman Jay Donnel finds himself employed as a treasure hunter--of artifacts scattered across hundreds of worlds!
Comic: CrossWorlds
This comic was born with the help of acknowledged comic writers that brought us "accidental centaurs" and "the wotch" and supplied the author with know-how and a bit of self esteem rocketing but other than that (which still means that it's going to be a very interesting comic) it's still too early to provide a decent synopsis
Comic: Daedalus Blue
Creed would really like just one thing: to die.
But he is not allowed to, because he's the best, they cloned him, they tweak his memories they revive or "resurrect" him as they need.
So he's forced to go each time in the midst of the battles, with any connections with the targets erased from his memories, so he cannot recognize friends from foes. Just the enemies of his faction.
There is no black and white here, just Blue & Red.
Comic: Deficients & Dragons (Storie di Draghi, Mostri, Eroi...)
[this comic is in italian, so the synopsis is in italian]

Le avventure di Accacielle, Diossina e luppolo assieme a molti altri, senza contare naturalmente l'altro lato della grande battaglia tra il bene ed il male, ovvero Lord Pustola ed i suoi fedeli servitori che si trovano nel suo esercito per via dei vantaggi sul piano sanitario... ovvero sopravvivono di piu' (ma non tanto) al suo fianco che non trovandoselo contro.
Comic: Demoralized Logic
A surprisingly short comic, considering that it has been running since 2004, Demoralized Logic is your standard whackfest with the unlikely hero bent on remaining mysterious through sheer faked dumbness and a harem of fantasy female beauties ov various species bent on understanding why and how's he so good at what he does despite his usual mindless behaviour.

While very stereotyped it IS rather enjoyable.
Comic: Doctor Voluptua
A word from the Author:

Hello, and welcome to the new website for yet another crazy-ass comic of mine. Some of you may recognize this as a comic that was featured on the Slipshine website, available to be read if you paid money from your wallets. Well, the time has come for me to try to see if making porny comics for free is viable... particularly in the area of drumming up a living for artists, whilst providing entertainment for many more people than before.
Currently, there's no guarantee that it will work. There's always the chance that the archives of this comic will be shoved right back into the hidden depths of paysite territory, but I'd really like to try this out. I like having my comics read by many people. And if it does work out, there's the chance of seeing more free material made available from the Slipshine network. That would be nice, wouldn't it?
I hope you enjoy this experiment.
Comic: Dystopolis
Hell Planet Comics is an indeplodent publishing scrill for comic books and related merpees, currently on the web but hopefully branching out into print before the first person who reads this sentence dies of old age.

Currently featuring Dystopolis, a story about an Android and her quest to understand why she was built
Comic: ELO
Everything is normal in Lila's life.
- school
- home
- stories nicely drawn by herself
- alienfrendsfromoutherspacesenttojudgeearthanditsdenizens

Yep. Everything's fine.
Comic: Eriadan (così, tanto per fare.)
Eriadan's webcomic blog
Il blog a fumetti di Eriadan
Comic: Fistfull of Benevolence
A girl studying how to control her powers in a world where the old laws of science do not have a meaning any more, where everyone is born branded and the brand you have makes what you are destined to without a choice on your part.
Comic: Imaginaries
A great hero born from the immagination of a young kid finds himself lost in the land of abandoned dreams when the kid is forced to "grow up" to face the problematic situations of his life.

But a great hero cannot leave an undefended soul alone and without his protection the kid seems more vulnerable to him. Yet he is just a dream and a dream cannot interfere with real life...

even if he could...

first of all he should need a way to leave the land of forgotten dreams.
Comic: Impulse.
The adventures of a new canadian super-hero, the nameless(?) SuperBunny!
Comic: Kaellara
The adventures of a noblewoman whom simply doesn't want to be married without her consent and the absolutely absurd adventures that come out because of her will to pass for a simple student.
Comic: Killer Body
Synopsis my the author:
"the adventures of a self-aware military android with a body to die for"

We begin at a field command center on a distant world. A new resource has been uncovered here which promises revolutionary new technology and threatens the delicate balance of power.
Comic: Las Lindas Bonus Comics
here will be posted all the pages of side stories that are bought through donations made on this page:
Comic: Luna's Journey
Synopsis provided by the author:

Luna is a wolf that comes from a clan with a misterious past. One day she saves a human traveler from freezing in a heavy storm...
Comic: Mark of the Dragon
Everything begins when the young wizard Darian befriends the handsome and solitary sorcerer Ossian.

Days pass by without any great problems (unless you consider being put in a dangerous dungeon a problem...) until suddenly some boys with elven blood are found dead under mysterious circumstances. Soon, our mages find themselves wrapped up in something bigger than they ever expected.

These are Darian and Ossian's adventures! ^^
Comic: Max - Television from Another Planet
Max is a biological television from the planet Tyøøb. Like all other Tyøøbs, Max has no gender. Max is a unipod and gets around by bounding on a single hopper appendage. Four subcutaneous tentacles which can extend to 1.5 meters each are the main means by which Max can grasp and manipulate objects. There are lots of other interesting things about Max and Tyøøbs... but that will be info for later!
Comic: New Dawn
Comments from the author:

A long, long time ago (I think it’s been about 5 years now) In a land far, far away (Actually not that far but most people never heard of Royal, Iowa and half the time if you sneeze you’ll drive right past it.) I wrote a comic strip for my high school newspaper called Joanna: It’s was about a wise cracking teenage cat girl with her friends in high school. The art was shit and sometimes the jokes weren’t that great but it was fun to do and made me feel like I had an important job at my school’s newspaper.

When college rolled around I had to put the comic way and work on try to graduate. I had all but forgotten about it until finals came up and I was in need of a story. I was trying to brainstorm for ideas when I came across my old comic sketches. A whole new world seemed to come around the characters and I decided to go with it. I ended up likening the story idea so much that I decided to make a web comic out of it.

The little town of Dawn has always been a safe haven for both humans and mamens alike. It’s buried deep in a forest and can only be found by those who need it; at least that’s how it use to be. Because of conflict from the outside world the forest has been diminishing, making it easier to find. Fears from the inside have been closing off many of the gates that were supposed to be open. At this rate, Dawn runs the risk of either being destroyed from the outside or locked from the inside. In order for Dawn to not be lost, it needs to change. Some of the younger generation might be who bring about this change, but first they have some growing up to do.
Comic: Nine, The
Imagine this: Tomorrow, when you wake up, you are immortal. Not only immortal, but invulnerable. You will never age, you will never get sick, you will never suffer physical harm of any kind, and you will never die. And you have no idea why. Changes things a bit, doesn't it?

So now the question is - what do you do? Remember, this is still you we're talking about - with your same family, same friends, same responsibilities, same problems, same life - what do you do? The answer: Whatever you have to.

Because as far as you know, you are alone. The only one of your kind. No one else can help you or come close to understanding you. If you felt like an outcast before, you truly are one now. And it will be that way forever. No way out, no way back. Only forward remains. For you, there is always the next day to face. And the next. And the next. And the next. And the next...

And somewhere there are two men you have never met watching you. Judging you. Debating you. Believing somehow that within you is the answer to whether humans beings will ever be worth a damn or not. And they don't care what you do. They just want to be there when it happens.

So go ahead - dress in black leather and act like a super-hero. Train yourself in swordplay and take revenge on all who once hurt you. Turn your inner demons outward. Or don't. Just go slowly and quietly crazy. Shut yourself in for all eternity. Wander the earth like a pariah. Help people. Kill people. No one can stop you. Do whatever you want. After all, these people walking around today are only flesh and blood. Mortal. Wisps of existence. They will all die. All of them.

You're the only one that has to live with yourself.
Comic: Obsolete
When Zack Greenwich gets dumped by his longtime girlfriend, Ashley, Zack's best friend, Simon, builds him an UPGRADED robot copy of Ashley to cheer him up. Much craziness ensues! Obsolete is a sci-fi comedy in a high school setting.
Comic: Persona Animus
Persona Animus concerns a young healer, a seasoned ranger, and the fate of the world.

Persona Animus takes you into a fantastic world of animals and people who look like animals, where even the most common person may wield magic, and the Gods have been known to walk the earth.
Comic: Pug Davis
Pug Davis - Fighting aliens in space, so we don't have to fight them at home
Comic: Quantum Rip
Quantum Rip is set primarlily on an Earth that closely resembles our own. At least untill you scratch the surface, it does.

Dimension hopping aliens, that have come to be known as Travelers, have been conducting genetic and cybernetic experiments on people. Their primary goal is supposedly to study the effects these changes have on the psychological make up of sentient beings. The Travelers seem to take some perverse glee from it, though. The Travelers have been stranded on this Earth, and scattered around the globe after their installation was attacked by beings that call themselves Technothropes. Trapped on an Earth that isn't their own, many Travelers have begun to alter themselves to more easily survive. They continue to abduct and change people, though now often as slave labor. Their preffered design for slaves is the Pantherine human. Pantherines were inspired by, and to some degree mock, the cat people that appear in so much human fiction and mythology.

The Technothropes are the product of technomancy; the bizarre combination of advanced technology and powerful magic. The creator of technomancy, the Technomancer, seeks to rule his Earth, and has begun to pool his power with technothropes on other Earths in an effort to become powerful enough to defeat all the sorcerers who will try to stop him. The introduction of such powerful magic to an Earth that was previously lacking in any real supernatural forces has allowed a lot of things that normaly hid in the shadows to become bolder. In many cases, they've also become much stronger.

In the middle of all of this an organization calling itself the Special Response Unit (S.R.U.) has risen to try to protect people from these new, other worldy threats. Founded by Dr. Sarah Hancock, the S.R.U. was originaly formed as a small, privately funded group of scientists and investigators, tasked with uncovering illegal, unethical scientific experimentation. Since the coming of the Travelers, they've grown dramaticly, and have begun to see new sponsors, from private and corporate sources. A few governments have even begun to aid them. The S.R.U. is now an international organization. The comic revolves a round a team of "irregulars" that the S.R.U. has assembled. The team includes a Traveler victim who hasn't spoken in eight years, a six inch tall dragon, a werewolf priest, a shapeshifting mystic healer who's bent on patricide, a reluctant Technothrope, and a relatively normal guy with a penchant for overpowered energy weapons.

Hate groups have also sprung up. So called geno-supremacists who target the new "altered population." This encompases not only Traveller victims, but also those who have been through mysticaly based metamorphosis. They call for the sterilization and isolation of all such people . Some of the more militant groups call for outright extermination.

People around the world are beginning to understand why "May you live in interesting times." was considered a curse by the ancient Chinese.
Comic: Renaissance
Over 2,000 years ago, the fall of the White Empire left the world of Sia in ruins. The once great Elven cities were easily toppled by barbarian hordes as thousands upon thousands of elven people lost their lives in the Elven Civil War. Over time, the remains of the Empire combined their forces with the armies of Men and were able to fight back the menace and reclaim their lands.

With military conflict becoming more and more mechanized, and magi learning new and more powerful spells, very little was being done to conserve the planet's magical energy, called Mana. The overabundant use of this energy in warfare helped trigger a cataclysm that nearly destroyed the very world The Alliance was trying to save. Losing a third of it's population, continents were torn from one another due to immense earthquakes, and the planet's atmosphere virtually disapeared. The once beautiful world of Sia had almost entirely been turned into a giant smoking rock.

Now, in a time of sophisticated technology, a restriction has been placed on the use of Mana as scientists and magi work night and day to heal the dying planet. But the drums of war still beat as the World Coalition Authority, a universal government harboring the remains of the Elf-Human Alliance, and the Technocrats, a faction created following the Elven civil war, devoted to technological advancement and opposed to any and all spiritual beliefs, continuously struggle for dominance over what little is left of the planet's resources.

However, the Technocrats are not the only enemy the WCA has had to deal with. Their influence on their own nations is waning and several groups have begun to oppose the world government. One such group is the Sia Liberation Front, a band of freedom fighters who believe the WCA is being overpowered by their own greed. Many talks of a coming revolution are beginning to emerge and the MPTF, a powerful military organization working under the WCA, has been charged with bringing order to the Allied nations.

A handful of mercenaries, soldiers and spell crafters find themselves engulfed in this three-way conflict when they discover an Elf with unnatural abilities. Her memories have been wiped clean and she is determined to recover the life that was taken from her.

Comic: REVVVelations
Here comes your standard post-atomic radiation belt semi-rat-race kind of thing with evangelization and TV reporters in between... ok... so ti's not really that much standard
Comic: Run
Drawn with MS Paint, the story of a fox cub living england and bred for being hunted down
Comic: Space Hunter X
In the year 3506, Theropicus Paagen is an undercover cop for the InterStellar Police Force. When Thero meets his new partner, the android X-19-84-42-01, his life changes dramatically.

SpaceHunter_X is an adventure/science fiction manga by Manda Hunter (A. R. Harter). Updates are sporadic (i.e. the next one might be tomorrow, or next week, or possibly two months from now)
Comic: Therpan Idols
Lizkay doesn't know who are her real parents, Rango found her still unhatched in an egg in the deep Mogonmeo forrest. The only thing her real relatives left was a green band wrapped around the egg, she wears that band as headband now. Rango was like a father for her and his real son Mika was like a real brother for her, she learned everything about the culture and also about fighting with the Turaroque rods from them and her new two friends Thenga and Dimi.

She was never that highly interested in all the Idol Believes Therpa owns, a few of the citizens tend to call her faith-less because of that, but the main reason for her not to believe is that she didn't find her personal idol yet. Her biggest goal in life is to find out what happened to her real family, there are rumors going around about an old noble family who completely died out in one of the empire wars, the tales tell that only members of this old Gryfary gender have a tufted tail, just like Lizkay has.
Comic: Under Lock & Key
What if you start mixing a haunted mansion with "the cube" and mix all sort of completely weird (and possibly dangerous to one another) people inside?
Comic: Wayfarer's Moon
Wayfarer’s Moon is a high-fantasy online comic book set in the world of Lachryn. It follows the adventures of Iri and Lily, as they deal with a variety of threats, both large and small. Lachryn is not a typical fantasy world. While there are elves, humans, and many other ‘standard’ races, we are striving to make Lachryn a ‘real’ place, where people have faults, make mistakes, and where good and evil are really just shades of grey. The ‘Wayfarer’s Moon’ itself is a star with a fixed point in the sky, much like the ‘North Star.’ It is used by travelers to find their way.
Comic: White Noise
Aliens have invaded the earth and most of the humanity was wiped, entire citied leveled to ground zero, the atmosfere itself is just a fraction of what was before. Many years after the Aliens have gotten what they wanted from earth and left, we follow two people who are simply trying to survive in a world that hates the genetic horrors left by the aliens... and persevered by humans themselves.
Comic: Words of Something
It's about words. Those words are about something.

Read the title i mean! Everything's already written there.

Oh, yeah, something about love...

by: (and about:) Kent and Carolyn Gabriel
Comic: Xeno's Paradise
There is a mountain, somewhere, that's filled with silme.

Intelligent slime.

Lot's of questions arise about their origins, their purpose, what's outside the mountain.

Only one slime asks them.

This is the story of Xeno and her quest for answers.
Comic: Zero Sleep Beauty
in a land where fairy tales have taken root and grown into their horrifying conclusions the phrase "happily ever after" is to be avoided at all costs lest you jinx the possibility.

If life's but a dream, then who's to say that nightmares can't kill you?

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