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Below is a list of synopses created by Florian that are currently in use.

Comic: A Dance with Death
Welcome to the home of A Dance With Death, a fable of sorts about a ball held in honour of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
The ball is hosted by the vices of mankind personified, who revel in the end of the world. Three of the brothers are excited to be there, but Death, for some reason, is not...
Who will Death deign to dance with?

Written by Crystal Yates, author of the excellent \"Earthsong\".
Comic: Aditi Reborn
On a futuristic world, Eto, an ex-superior, must risk everything to save his wife from non-existence.
Packed full of action, heart ripping moments, comedy and tons of fun, dive into the world of Heinzworth City. People sell their soul to live there, and quite possibly.
Brought to you by bestselling authors Neil Fontaine and Samantha stone. Neil is also a professional artist.
learn to draw:
Comic: Alembic Grimoire
A brash young girl battles for her life, freedom and sanity, striving against her superiors and peers in a small but highly trained militia. The goals and aspirations of the group, unbeknownst to her, hide a dark secret that will drive her to the brink of madness, and very possibly release a threat of eschatonic proportions from beyond space and time.
Comic: Alice in Mobland
Alice, but in a grown up gritty world.
Comic: Arpeggio
Teenaged bard Meghan Susan Green discovers her literally miraculous talents – and learns how dearly such gifts can cost – in the urban fantasy series ARPEGGIO.

Created by author Satyr, artist Syme and editor/ letterer Sandi, Arpeggio explores fear, fame and friendship in hidden places. As Meghan pursues her musical talents, she literally changes the world around her. To what end? Stick around and find out.
Comic: Calliandra Cloak
In a fantasy world, two thieves steal a valuable item from a library. But one of the new librarians is mistaken for the culprit, and now must pursue them to prove her innocence and get it back.
Comic: Champs
CHAMPS is a sports-romance webcomic about an MMA champion\'s conquest in the cage and in love.

The story follows the FFC Women\'s Bantamweight champion, Jane Brooklyn, a very confident champion who thinks nobody is good enough to be a champ aside from her.

That is until she was forced to watch an undercard match featuring the rookie fighter, Tala Labrador who has a very promising potential. It seems that this rookie not only has the potential to be a future champion but has also won the Champ\'s heart.

Now the Champ has to face her biggest challenge yet: Winning Tala\'s heart. Can she win the big fight? or will she choke out in the last minute?

Written and Drawn by Mharz, this comic will bring action and also love to the fray.
Comic: Cindersong
Cindersong is the tale of a misanthropic healer and her mild-mannered dragon as they search for her girlfriend's murderers. Unfortunately, her quest for bloody vengeance is frustrated by a series of increasingly cordial and well-meaning companions who insist on helping one another, learning new things, and exploring their feelings. Their travels take them through a wild and unexplored world- making friends, dodging foes, and skirting a deadly war.
The comic updates Mondays and Fridays.

Cindersong will contain mild language, mild romance, LGBTQ themes, lush food drawings, and genre-typical violence. It is not recommended for readers who are emotionally unprepared for any of those things.

Created by Sarah Stern, a regular human whose dayjob is coloring comics that are not ponderous gay fantasy friendship adventures.
Comic: Crimson Rebirth
Rikito is a timid 14 year old boy living in a small village, located next to a mysterious forest that supposedly has some...inhuman residents. Baited by his peers and scared by his parents\' constant fighting, Rikito finds himself drawn into the darkness of the woods...

Crimson Rebirth now updates weekly, every Tuesday.
Comic: Delve
In the time before legend, a mighty dracomage wielded forbidden magic, carving deep into the stone and caverns beneath the Worldroot Mountains, searching for even more forbidden magic… the forbiddenest of magics. No one knows what became of the dracomage, for he was never seen again by the mortals of the upper world.

In time, the boldest adventurers gathered their courage and descended into the darkness below in search of power and glory. They found other things waiting there for them as well. Few are those who enter the Delve and return. Fewer still are those who return with anything worth showing for their troubles.

Nevertheless, an entire industry has sprung up around sending hapless fools down into the Delve, filled with dreams of gold and loot. Getting into the Delve is simply a matter of completing a few safety courses and passing a verbal exam (the written exam was discontinued after overwhelming complaints from the ‘Fiters’ guild).

In short, entering the Delve is relatively easy. Getting out again is the real test of an adventurer’s skill.

Contains partial nudity.
Comic: Dracula Everlasting
A tale of teenage angst, romance... and blood! Nicholas Harker is an average teen who has just lost his parents in a tragic accident. But when he learns he is the sole heir to a vast estate from a mysterious ancestor he never knew he had, his life will never be average again. Together with his new friend, Jill Hawthorne, who has relocated from London, Nicholas discovers that he is a direct descendant of Lord Dracula, and what’s worse, Dracula’s spirit is beginning to exert control over him.

In this all new shoujo manga series, Seven Seas is pleased to present a contemporary spin on the world’s most famous vampire, Dracula. Amazing Agent Luna writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir team up with artist Rhea Silvan to deliver a beautifully illustrated ongoing vampire series that expands on the Dracula mythos like never before.
Comic: Dragnarok
Dragnarok tells the story about the world which was touched by the Curse.

After thousand of years after disaster people went to the North and have lived there since then. One of the survivors, Ka’Net gets by working as a mercenary.One day she discovers something long forgotten to the human race.

Comic started 6.03.2013 with pilot chapter and uploads new pages every Sunday and Wednesday.
Comic: Dragon Ball Multiverse
Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) is a free online comic, made by a whole team of fans. It's our personal sequel to DBZ.

Select from one of 33 languages at
Comic: Evenfall
Emotionally shattered by the death of her mother, Phoebe Shankar falls through the cracks of reality into the bizarre and deadly world of Zokomaya. Set upon by terrible enemies and aided by strange new friends, Phoebe\'s only hope of getting home is an undiscovered power that lies within her own heart...
Comic: Far To The North
Check back every Sunday and Wednesday to see Kelu run, see Kelu jump, and see Kelu save her captive family (with maybe a little help from a scaly, fire-breathing neighbor or two.)

Story and art by Allison Gregory
Comic: Fine Sometimes Rain
Fine Sometimes Rain follows the life of Georgia as she tries to overcome her depression with the help of her friends and family. This isn’t to say that this comic will be about depression all the time though!! There is still plenty of comedy and romance. Just think of it as a slice of life comic where the main character has depression.

From the author of Aura, of Wolves and men, Magus.
Comic: Goblins of Razard
A Prince travels through lands infested by goblins. One night at the campfire, an attack by ratmen sent by their master implies that all will not go smoothly ...

Good quality artwork.
Comic: Grrl Power
Comic: Haytham
On the island of Atama, a terrible tragedy: A giant monster attacks and takes four people. Only two people realize the monster is controlled by the sound of a Lyre. The player, a girl, is one of the four.
Her best friend Annibal is determined to find out why....
Comic: Hell the Gate Opens
A new story from the creators Drowtales.

Comic: High Noon Rising
A classic western tale by James MulHolland.

Rated Mature for simulated violence.
Comic: Hoax Hunters
A team with a tv show investigate all kind of weird phenomena. When an astronaut falls from the sky who disappeared fifty years ago, the team finds more than they bargained for...
Comic: Katrina
Jacqueline and Henry stumble upon the truth behind the legend of Katrina, Queen of the Vampires, who has been locked inside a convent for nearly two centuries.
Now she has been unleashed by the storm that bears her name.
Comic: Love not found
On the planet Monotropa people have advanced tech , but for gotten the need for genuine human contact. Follow one girls adventure to find love from an actual person instead of a machine.
Occasionally not safe for work.

Gina Biggs has run the comic studio, Strawberry Comics, since 2004. Strawberry Comics is an all-female group of creators banding together to help promote women in the comic industry as well as the neglected and often overlooked genre of love and romance in the medium. She also runs Filthy Figments, the naughty cousin to Strawberry Comics. In a similar vein, Filthy Figments promotes women creators who wish to draw erotic stories.

Gina is most well-know for her long-running comic series, Red String, which began in 2003 and ran for ten years, ending in 2013. The first three volumes of the series were published by Dark Horse Comics and the entire series was eventually rereleased by Gina herself in omnibus editions. She is the creator of the collaborative series, Erstwhile, a comic adapting the lesser known Grimm\'s fairytales. You can find out about all of her comic works at Strawberry Comics.

Love Not Found © Copyright 2013 Gina Biggs and Strawberry Comics. All rights reserved.
Comic: Luther Strode
A high school nerd gets his hands on a book to get buff.
Because of the excercises he gets real power, but he is not the only one ....

caution: lots of blood and gore. Not for kiddies.
Comic: Lyfe
grade 9.70 RATE
Nine years after witnessing the Tragedy of Janvier, Andrew still doesn\'t remember much about what happened on that day. Nowadays, he\'s a ladykiller that rejects love confessions like a routine. These were his \"normal\" days until his father got arrested for a very severe crime. Under a delicate situation, he needs to befriend his worst enemy, Grace Riverhood. With feelings of mutual hatred, where will their relation lead to?
Comic: Marksmen
New San Diego lies in ruins. The Hyatt, Marriot and convention center gone. Like spoilt children, Duke and Deacon have destroyed what they couldn’t have. However like their predecessors, the Navy Seals, the MARKSMEN don’t EVER give up. Not even in death.
Comic: Medusa's Daughter
Fifteen-year-old sideshow freak Maia Volokos, born with writhing ringlets and viperous locks, seeks the dangerous truth about herself and the parents she never knew.

Beautiful photographic art style.
Comic: Mystic Shenshu
A pair of Taiwanese middle school student who were stuck in their routine daily school life got captured and transported into the World of Ghost in Ancent China, where written words, and the art of Calligraphy holds power. .

It is rumored the only way out of that world and return to normal sleep life is finding \"Shenshu\" the ultimate piece of calligraphy written by the illusive Calligraphy Master, Wang Xi Zhi...

Mystic Shenshu is rated T (mild violence)
Comic: No end
Comic: Opalond VII
Ever since he was
young, Opalond VII seems to have a little obsession over hunting for powers.
These hunts have had their ups and downs but were all generally harmless.

This time on the other hand, it all becomes more serious.
Comic: Our Valued Customers
This site depicts REAL things said to me (or at least near me) by customers in the comic book shop that I work in. These are real people. This is what they look like and this is something that they actually said.
Comic: Paradiso
Comic: Persephone
According to Homeric tradition, Persephone was kidnapped by Hades against her will. What if Homer didn't quite get the full story?
Comic: Porcelain
An innocent woman’s life has turned to darkness when she is transformed into a political secret weapon. Realizing she is still human, she will initiate a vigilant plan to save the world from what she has become.
Comic: Puck
Puck, ancient fairy of lore, has many hurdles to overcome: obnoxious child, satanic roommate, immature boyfriend, and the centuries-old erroneous belief that she's a dude.
Updates Tuesday.
Comic: Puppet Flesh
\"Circe,\" an alien under a form of a human and once a well respected soldier, became one of the most wanted criminals in her artificial home planet, Daedalus. Unfortunately, she recently lost her memories and must recover to survive.

Mature content. May contain intense violence, gore, mild nudity, and strong language. Viewers discretion is advised.
Comic: Purple Hyacinth
He's an assassin. She's a police officer. Now, they need to work together without "accidentally" killing each other.
Comic: Queen of hearts
About the Stories
Queen of Hearts is an ongoing web and print series about real princesses who lived some weird, sad, and interesting lives.

Each comic features a largely fictionalized short story about an actual princess. Certain biographical facts about the princesses, their friends, and the times they lived in are preserved and used in the stories.

About the Comics
The comics are inked traditionally with crow quill pen and india ink. Toning and text are added digitally.

About the Author
When Louisa is not at her day job, she makes comics (or sleeps). She’s been drawing comics for over ten years and making art for quite a bit longer. Her current likes include historical biographies, taking funny cat photos, and oyster shucking.
Comic: R:il Persona
Awakening in the war ravaged era of
post-Cataclysm year 693, an enigmatic and powerful young man known only as Rade finds himself lying face yo face with a woman who has been brutally murdered.
With no recollection of even his own name, Rade must quickly come to terms with the mysterious circumstances surrounding his memory loss and the peculiar woman\'s demise, as he is immediately thrust into a series of violent confrontations that will put his extraordinary abilities to the test.
Comic: Raruurien
"Raruurien" is a heartwarming slice of life webcomic about Rien, a widow witch with two sons, living in a small mountain village. To maintain a peaceful life without her husband, she has to assimilate with the villagers, learn their culture, become a role model for her sons and also keep a low profile by confining her powerful magyx in public.

Raruurien was initially published as one of three comics in Kroma Comic Anthology in 2016. The book won the Pakoban Award (2016) as the Best Compilation and TGR Award (2016) as the Best Local Comic. Raruurien also independently won Bronze in 10th Japan\'s International Manga Awards (2017).

Enjoy Reading!

~Ann Maulina
Comic: Rumplestiltkin
Manga after the fairytale, beautifully drawn.
Comic: Samurai's blood
In feudal Japan, an era when lineage defined you, three teenagers must make their way through the world hiding their identities in order to find their destinies. As their village burns behind them, they are headed for a city they\'d heard about only in stories. The three young samurai must now struggle to stay alive and take vengeance on the evil usurper who has destroyed the rest of their clan and the only world they\'d ever known. Will they rise on the tides of vengeance, or they will they fall on the swords of fate?
Comic: Seven Souls
once upon a space,

there was a planet called Rigel II.

Surrounded by massive planetary systems and interstellar associations in perpetual expansion, there were only three things that kept the independence of the \"Little Empire\" safe:

The Natal technology, a lucky heritage of both machinery and knowledge, vastly sophisticated, matched to no other known in the galaxy.

The An Gahar: an assassin squad specially trained for precise and deadly action when needed.

And, maybe the most unusual thing of all:

an Emperor that truthfully cared about the welfare of his people.

This is the story of the survival of Rigel -

the story of its price.
Comic: Shifters Redux
Set in the not-so-far future of an alternate earth, there are two worlds. The Waking World that people know, and the world of the Veil, which lies hidden in the shadows. The secret world of the Veil, harbors the monsters thought lost to time, secretly alive and well in the dark places of the isolated Shade City. The conspiracy to keep the knowledge of their existence secret, the Veil itself, has been kept, by force , for centuries under the careful watch of the races that form it. Silent wars of the Veil races have raged right under humanities nose, and continue to simmer on and under the streets of Shade City. Currently the New Gen Vampires and Shifters have been silently escalating their long standing war, and the vampires have come up with a plan to win. But what they didn’t count on was the re-appearance of an ancient horror so powerful and terrible that it is only spoken of with whispered hatred, its name cursed.
Comic: Shimita
CATALYST is a powerful military conglomerate that controls 90% of the region\'s military power.

CATALYST deals with crime syndicates and rivaling organizations that try to claim their military power. They send a large group of highly trained assassins that belong to a group called the
\"Municipal Outlaw Control Unit\" (M.O.C.U) to deal with situations like this.

Recently, CATALYST developed a line of Super Human Guerrilla called \'Shimita Soldiers\'. These super soldiers were modified individually using a gene present in less than 1% of humans. The Shimita gene enables the possessor to develop unique inhuman capabilities depending on their personality. These soldiers originated from research assembled by a man named Hayura Hideo, who is the head Bioengineer of CATALYST.

But discovery often comes with a price...


This comic contains:
Violence and mild Gore
Romance (♀ + ♂ pairings, no BL/GL)
Suggestive Themes (Partial Nudity, Mature Humour, Smut)
Comic: Shot from the hip
Shot From the Hip was born as it lives - spontaneously. It was inspired by old campfire stories that we told as a kid, where one person tells one part of the story, and then the next person picks up where they left off, and so on. After a few rounds, the story turns into something completely unrelated to what the first person was going for, but is still totally awesome. So that\'s what we decided we should do with a comic. Tams and I each created two(ish) characters to use in our world, and we are bound by honor to not reveal to each other what\'s going to happen next in the story. Every time I draw a page of the comic, Tams has no idea what I\'m going to draw, and vice versa.

Not only is this a fun project to do, but it\'s also a great tool for us to explore and develop our comic-drawing skills. Without having to worry about scripting and plots and whatnot, we can focus strictly on our art and technique, which is a unique sort of thing here. Also, as the creators, we get just as much excitement about seeing the next page as anyone else. Because neither of us knows what\'s going to happen next, we\'re both reading and contributing to the story as it happens.

In other words, it\'s AWESOME. Cause I get to READ it and DRAW it. YEAH!!

Comic: Simon Sues
Simon, a former law student at the prestigious Haversford campus, has made it his mission to defend the students against demon-like Fiends. Helping him is a mysterious boy named Isaac who has the ability to destroy Fiends that breach their own contracts. But his relationship with Simon is more sinister than it seems...
Comic: Simulacrum
Comic: Skullkickers
September 2010, Image Comics brings you fantasy as you like it -- hilarious and action packed -- with SKULLKICKERS, an all-new ongoing series.

Written by Jim Zub with art by Edwin Huang, Chris Stevens and Misty Coats.
Comic: Sleepless Domain
Sleepless Domain is a comic about an isolated city in the middle of a dangerous world filled with monsters. During the day, the city is perfectly safe. At night, however, the populace locks themselves inside as the city streets fill with monsters. The only ones who can combat these creatures are very special girls with the power to transform into Magical Girls!

Who works on the comic?

Sleepless Domain is an original project by Hiveworks. It\'s written by Mary Cagle and drawn Oskar Vega, with editing help from Jojo (head of Hiveworks) and Isabelle( of Namesake).
Comic: Star power
From the wonderful artist of Dominic Deegan, Michael \"Mookie\" Terracciano, comes a whole new epos in a fantastic wolrd and in full color.

The Story

In the far future, a young astronomer on a distant space station is chosen to wield the Star Power. Now, as the last of the Star Powered Sentinels, she must protect and explore a galaxy far more dangerous and wondrous than she could have ever imagined.
Comic: Sub Zero
In a last attempt at peace, Clove, the last princess of a near extinct clan is forced into a political marriage with an enemy prince.
Comic: Subhuman Sanctuary
Subhuman Sanctum – Updates Mondays and Thursdays. Traditionally, the Starlin Academy has been a strict boarding school whose members are allowed no contact with the outside world. Now its doors are about to open, and the world will soon discover a whole new breed of human!
Comic: Super Mom
Elisabeth “Liza” Lang-Ramiro aka Paragon
used to be the super hero Paragon with super strength, flight, and invulnerability. As the Paragon she was very famous, and beloved by many. She still has those powers, but she retired nine years ago to tackle a job that turns out to be harder than any super villain: Family Life.
When her kids Mark and Gail manifest their own powers, and Paragon\'s powers go on the fritz, \'hectic\' takes on a new meaning...
Comic: Supernovas
Supernovas is the story of four teenagers from upstate New York who receive superhuman powers when a once-in-a-lifetime celestial blast hits both the teens... and the supermax prison on the outskirts of their hometown. 1400 of the most dangerous convicts in the United States also receive the incredible powers and escape, leaving the four teens as the last hope of the world.

Comic: Symbol
"There are three schools of magic. Philosophy, Science, and Engineering."

- Paraphrasing Robert A. Heinlein (1980)

Prodigy engineer Penny Copper works in a repair shop haphazardly run out of an old man's house. Rick Burning Sky was a prolific robotics expert who left behind his former life to fix broken laptops. An engineer and sorcerer, Symbol works with mechanical golems to defend and support the city. Or - he used to.

How does heroism face up against grief? Is a borrowed costume and malfunctioning magical ability enough to fill the hole left by a hero? (How do you file self employment taxes for secret robotics expenses? Asking for a friend.)

Symbol is a story about identity, self-made family, and robotics.
Comic: Tears of the Dragon

Tears of the Dragon tells the story of a well-traveled Old Man and his two young grandchildren, who are taking a long journey to the homeland of the old man’s beloved and children’s grandmother, the Kingdom of Vapolany. To pass the time, the children request a story. Young Callum wants to hear one of the old man’s legendary war stories, while little Cayla would prefer a love story. They’ll both get their wish, as the old man spins a grand tale of swords and sorcery, dragons and demons, revenge, regret and redemption, and above all…love.
Comic: The Adventures of Shan Shan
14-year-old Shan Shan\'s always been able to see and hear things that supposedly don\'t exist. After he is attacked by Karmavore—a beast created from evil deeds—he is offered a chance to become a Guardian of the universe. He\'s not really sure he\'s cut out for it. But together with Cassie, Adam, (and Backpack), hopefully he\'ll overcome all the ordeals of becoming a hero, saving the world and a being teenager.
Comic: The Darkwynd Chronicles
The Darkwynd Chronicles is a coming of age story set in a magical world full of floating skylands. Join Onyx, Dyanna, and Kerrigan on their adventures as they get into trouble in the port city of Darkwynd.
Comic: The heart of earth
In a land where people have a bad history with their magical neighbours, two of them cause quite a stir.
When an important artifact goes missing, action needs to be taken to get it back...
Comic: The Hunters of Salamanstra
Plagued by strange monsters emerging from the mysterious Black Gates, the Kingdom of Salamanstra lies in constant conflict with beasts from the unknown. Follow one young girl and her companion\'s valiant stand against the darkness in search of profit, fame, and most all adventure as a Hunter of Salamanstra!
Comic: The mirror
Graydon is tired of being treated like a nobody.

When the head of the Free Spears, the second most powerful group in the two kingdoms, offers Gray a chance to join, he thinks his worth his finally being recognized.

There\'s just one catch: Gray needs to hunt down a rogue oracle who has defected from the most influential organization in the world, but what she has to say may make him more of a somebody than he ever wanted to be.

Sometimes being a somebody can get you killed.
Comic: The sundown Boys
The Sundown Boys is an original webcomic set in an alternate, dystopian future where cities, states, and even countries have succumbed to the richest and most dangerous criminal organizations. They make the rules and the world is a very dark place.
As a consequence of the current war between the DeSaule Organization from New York and Corporativo Tecnologías Militares Nuñez based out of Mexico, the streets of New York City, once bustling, lie barren. Robert, Leon, and Geoffrey Heron work as soldiers and assassins for the DeSaule Organization. Their younger brother Timothy, too young to fight and less skilled than his seemingly superhuman brothers, stays home. Their futures seem bleak.
But everything changes after a chance encounter with a girl from Leon’s past. Suddenly, the brothers find themselves swept up in a major conspiracy which will reveal not only a startling secret about the brothers’ abilities, but also long-kept secrets from within the DeSaule Organization itself.
Comic: The Vault
A team of archeologists, divers and investors try to excavate a pit deep under the sea. But what they find may be more than just precious metals...
Comic: The Weave
Comic: The Wormworld Saga
A young boy goes to spend the summervacation at his grandmothers house. Little does he know that this summervacation is going to be different from all previous ones....
Comic: The young protectors
The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy is a multi-chapter superhero webcomic created by writer Alex Woolfson, penciler Adam DeKraker and colorist Veronica Gandini. It updates every Saturday.

Like my other “Yaoi 911” comics, these webcomics look to combine thought-provoking action-adventure with romance between guys and are intended for both women and men to enjoy.
Comic: Three minute max
Max Reaper, former Army Ranger, has the rare ability to die for up to three minutes at a time and still bring himself back to life. This makes him uniquely suited for the Strike Gate: a secret, highly experimental teleportation device that kills whatever it transports — unless they are already dead. Teleported into crisis situations, Max has only three minutes to save the day and be yanked back to the Strike Gate before his death becomes permanent.

But the more time he spends dead, the weirder things start to become…
Comic: Twin Dragons
Comic: UberQuest
Comic about an epic MMO, good quality art. Furry.
What are you waiting for? Go read it!
Comic: Walking on broken glass
A man dealing with a dark fate looming over his future and his quest to make up for the wrongs of that future in the present. A woman with enough strength, determination, love and stubbornness to stand by his side through thick and thin.
It’s about monsters. It’s about magic. It’s about werewolves! And witches! And vampires! (Oh my?)

Come see our Facebook!
Comic: Weirding Willows
The worlds of Earth, Wonderland, OZ, Neverland, Mars, Pellucidar and Elysium collide like never before -- and Alice of Wonderland is trapped in the middle!

Alice has grown up in the shadow of the Wild Woods, a place filled with mysterious portals to other worlds, through which all manner of creatures spill.
Now Alice and her allies must protect the Weirding Willows from those who would invade them -- as well as face the deadly problems brewing at home!

From Frankenstein's Monster to Doctor Moreau, the Wicked Witch to Mowgli,
The Weirding Willows are filled with familiar faces -- like you've never seen them before!
Comic: White Heron
In 1982, a young female metahuman made a daring escape from North Korea. Known by her code name, WHITE HERON, she joins forces with the 707th to fight back! But her time-bending powers come with a cost, she could be frozen in time for days, weeks, even years...
Comic: Wishmakers
A man gets a Jeanie bottle in the mail. His life will never again be the same....

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