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Below is a list of synopses created by Hollowedzs that are currently in use.

Comic: 9Lives
Connie thought the biggest challenge about high school would be fitting in. When her great uncle leaves his estate to her family and they move to the little town of Dolores, CO she soon realizes that's the least of her problems. Especially when the relatives start wanting an inheritance!
Comic: AlexBeaZoe
Three neurotic girls work in a grocery store and let their imaginations get them in trouble. Features: turkeys, smoothies and (of course) pirates.
Comic: Almost Nothing
A comic about superheroes. Somebody call the press!
Comic: Ame Hana (Rain Flower)
A story about Tsubasa Amane, an aspiring young Manga-Ka and his journey into the world of manga.
Comic: Dramacon
A teenaged girl is finally in her first comic book con and has found a boy who she feels comforted with and is not afraid to express her feelings with this one boy. This is a mix between a romantic, comedy, and suspense type book.
Comic: Jannee and me
Iain and Jannee Meet online and fell in love now 7 months laters they are finally going to meet. Will Iain cope with living with a girl (at his perents house) and will Jannee get used to living in a new country?
Comic: Jannee and ME
Iain and Jannee met online 7 months ago up to yesterday they have had a online relationship but now they will meet together for the first time in person will all come to reality? Basically its a love comedy about 1 character coming to terms that he now has a real life girl friend and the other coming to terms on living in a new place.
Comic: Japork
Japork is a comic based blog about an atypical Japanese family's life. It's the side of a Japanese household that few people ever get to see. Unfortunately, for me, it's the extent of my existence.
Comic: Joudan Manga
ES: Joudan Manga es un webcómic de formato 4koma (tiras cómicas con edición vertical) sobre la vida de su dibujante y las personas que la rodean. EN ESPAÑOL.

EN: Joudan Manga is a 4koma webcomic (comic strips based on the typical japanese vertical edition) about the comic artist\'s life and the people who surrounds her. IN SPANISH.
Comic: Kaena-kawa
Just a regular guy... Who has the ability to control fire. Although, as cool as it sounds, he has a miserable life. So, join 21 year old Kaenakawa Mayahara on his long quest of life.
Comic: Kamikaze Joe
Joe's life was simple, eat, sleep, and train. Until one day when he ran into a girl who asked (forced) him to protect her from a over emotional alien and her group of temp generals. Now he has to fight spell casting knights, high level vampire lords, invincible action movie heroes, and a bumblebee girl. All of this and he still doesn't know where he came from?
Comic: Kentou Underground
A group of unlikely friends are brought together to compete in a multinational underground martial arts tournament. Fighters from all over the globe hope to claim the prize of Grand Champion, as crime bosses and gambling houses scramble to make a fortune. Action/Adventure/Humor in full color!
Comic: Kikashi's Plain
Everything was peaceful and serene until this cat came to town. A young girl wishes on a star and gets a pet alien thats more than she can handle.
Comic: Kouin international
Manga duck!
Comic: Kuemani
In a world of twelve lands what goes on is much deeper than the surface. There are powerful senseless creatures roaming the land, which are capable of turning it into rubble. Intelatures (creatures that have the mind to reason) with distinctive powers terrorize the world for their selfish gain. secretness surrounds the lands as it perplexes the mind of individuals. Now put an innocent 7 year old girl with a kind heart in the midst of this distortion, and now you have kuemani.
Comic: Kurenai Mashin
One blind elven assassin seeks to redeem himself for past failures. But the Clan that he abandoned has an entirely different plan for him. A story about redemption... And the people one must kill to achieve it.
Comic: Kuri Kuri fanzine
En Kuri-Kuri encontrarás divertidas parodias sobre Manga, Harry Potter y Final Fantasy. Entra y lee nuestro tronchante fanzine.
Comic: Kyoshi - The Undiscovered Avatar
A fan comic of Avatar: The Last Airbender, telling the tale of avatar Kyoshi.
Comic: Kyuugetsuki Koibito (The Vampire Lover)
Katsumi is your regular 16 year old girl, but she's got one big issue: Every time she sneezes she turns into a boy. To make things worse, On her first day of school she catches the eye of the incredibly charismatic, handsome, charming, and incredibly gay vampire Damien. Now she must fight to keep her sneezing problem a secret along with having to fend of Damien's strong advances.
Comic: L u n E: The Light in the Dark Sky
A girl... A demon... An electric romance.
Comic: L.O.S.E.R
Jie Yi Huang... A loser at his school. He thought his reputation would leave him once he reached high school, but no... The girls who used to like him and the guys who used to be his friend brought him down and kept him there.
Comic: Las aventuras de P Pan!
This is a webcomic in spanish. It's re-imagining the tale of Peter Pan, and it's ambiented in a modern day Mexico city like place!
Comic: Lavender Legend
Banished princesses, maids of questionable gender who serve them, and revolution all around. Get your fill of swords and ruffles at Lavender Legend.

Lavender Legend is the story of a princess and the maid who serves her. Princess Lavender is the youngest daughter of King Meavian, who rules over the war-torn land of Meave. Since Lavender's birth, she has been kept away from the public, hidden in a manor. It is decreed that any man who looks upon Meavian\'s daughters will be put to death. As a result, each of her retainers and servants is female... Or, that is what she thought, anyway.

Felicia is a maid who comes from one of many families torn apart by the perpetual war. When even the resistance fails to provide Felicia with a means of taking revenge on the monarchy, it falls upon the shoulders of this maid to do what must be done. Lavender lies in the path of Felicia\'s revenge, and yet Felicia's heart is ever-wavering when it comes to the spoiled but pure-hearted princess.

Fantasy, comedy, adventure, drama, and romance--all part of Lavender Legend!
Comic: Law of Purple, The
A family of alien refugees crash lands on Earth, and everything that ensues afterwards.
Comic: Lawless n0
4 guys; all of them criminals, all of them share a cell in prison. All of them completely different from one another.
What could possibly happen, eh...
Comic: Legend of the Ztarr
Adora is a young girl and the only living member of the Ztarr family. She has been chosen to replace her father in the prophecy to kill the Emperor... "The sword of Ztarr but once shall slay and end the Holy Emperor's reign".
Comic: Legend of Trinity, The
The Legend of Trinity is a tale about a young boy, who is seeking adventure. After finnally giving up on his ambitions, he goes about his normal life, only to be thrown off by a simple cry for help. This new path he is set upon will lead him to face love, tourmoil, and above all a task... Save the world.
Comic: Legion Of Deception
In a distant future war is but a memory. Now we solve all political problems in the tournament. Held once every 5 years each countries millitary chooses their best squads to win. Watch as one group goes through the tournament. Yet this one seems different then the ones before. Perhaps it's because this is a a Legion of Deception.
Comic: Liana
Two different stories became one. A shock from a tragedy erases memory, and she... A new life begins, a life with nightmares and a new family.
Comic: Life Less Ordinary
"Live a life less ordinary.
Live a life extraordinary with me.
My face had said too much.
Before our hands could even touch.
To greet a "hello".

The story of four guys living together under one roof, their individual feats and those that they move through together.
Some BLs and HLs.

Some inspiration drawn from the song Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf.
Comic: Lightless
Miyako is a non-human girl that her parents send her to an academy were students are taught to fight against, non-humans. She finds out about this and thinks it is really strange that her parents did this. While in the academy she gets involved with a very important family whose profession is to kill non-humans.
Comic: like heaven
Breaking up is never easy... But it's not the end of the world. Down in the dumps? Trying not to tread memory lane? Yeah, me too.
Comic: Little Big Apocalypse
A Sackboy doll suddenly wakes up after the world ends...
With little idea of what came before him, he spends most of his life wandering the wasteland.
Until a very unusual day...
When he discovers a building he has never seen before.

Comic: Lizzard BD
Bloody Warriors is Lizzard BD's first comic.
Comic: Looks Like Me
Christopher just moved in a new school. All that he wants is some peace, a low profile and being able to study between a part-time job and another. But all he finds in his classroom is Samuele; the most eccentric and "particular" person he has ever met. A boy who will, maybe, teach him a new way of seeing the world.
Comic: Lost In Side A Bloody Window
Tank is a mechanical genius in the mysterious Jaque to whom he knows nothing about. His forced "friend" Azure is very unhappy with this... As she is with most things.
Comic: Lotus Root Children
Inspired by the documentary film, "China's Stolen Children", Lotus Root Children is a story about a woman who takes care of kidnapped children before they are sold off.
Comic: Love Fight
Even though Rita hates her school for being full of delinquents, she's agreed to deliver a letter to her brother's rival and supposed gang leader. Hoping it'll be hassle free she leaves class to deliver it.

But what was actually in the letter gets her into a heap of trouble.
One-shot, girls love.
Comic: Love, Annotated
Things are going pretty well for Chloe during her first week as a freshman at her university. Out of sheer luck, she lands a job on the newspaper staff as an assistant editor. Then she meets the editor who she's supposed to be assisting. Problems are bound to ensue.

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