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Fantasy Adventure Comic
Comic: Boned
The Comic
A story about being nice to birds and having safe gay sex.

The Author
Alice Fox lived in Brooklyn for four years where she worked for the Italian-American Mafia in a money laundering operation, pretended to have sex on stage with a drag queen, briefly dated a thief and rewrote this story.
Comic: Carciphona
Maelstrom is a world that consists of three planes: the Overworld that’s ruled by Deities, the Mortal Realms--home of humans, and the Underworld where Demons dwell. Though the living is able to call upon the spirits of the other worlds through the art of sorcery, it is impossible for the inhabitants of each plane to travel to the otherplanes. Because of this limit to their scope of the world, the names \"Maelstrom\" and \"Mortal Realms\" are often used interchangeably.

Magic is commonly practiced by the inhabitants of Maelstrom. The Sorcery of humans draws power from Demons of the Underworld, Deities of the Overworld, and Souls of the Mortal Realms. In addition to humans, many other intelligent races of Mortals and Immortals inhabit the Mortal Realms. These races practice unique elemental magic that humans are incapable of performing.

At the beginning of the story, the kingdoms of Maelstrom had recently prohibited all uses of Common Magic--alias for Demon Magic. This is due to the suspected link between summoning upon Demon spirits of the Underworld into the Mortal Realms, Demon-infected human souls, and the sudden appearance of an assassin that is immune to magic.
Comic: Cataclysm 2: Fire and Steel
Takes place in fantasy world where a superpowered humankind gets freedom from a benevolent peaceful race, only to waste it in squalor and war.
A graphic novel about a giant mutant crow that eats people. Written by Chris Crosby and Brew McCloud, illustrated by Owen Gieni.
Comic: Demented
\"Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Corruption never felt so good.\"
Comic: Devil's Deal
Experience Selma Journey as she risks everything, including her soul when she joins the adventurers guild to pay down her family\'s mounting debts
Comic: Does Not Play Well With Others
About Michael Poe & The Comic

Michael Poe has worked in webcomics for more than a decade, and was one of the first in the field to also be successfully published in print. He is best known for creating the instant hit turned cult classic Exploitation Now, and for his award-winning fantasy comic, Errant Story. Errant Story will be followed by a new series of short stories called Errant Tales this spring.

Does Not Play Well With Others is Michael Poe’s third webcomic. Though he occasionally posted one-off comics under the same title for years beforehand, the comic officially launched on January 1, 2011. It updates five days a week.
Comic: Hell Kitchen
Nero, timid little uke transfer student who \"accidentally\" falls off the school rooftop into Hell. Now he has to fight his way to get back. He\'s either the luckiest or unluckiest boy in the world.

Hell Kitchen is still currently being revamped and regularly updated in MM (2-3 pages every two weeks).
Comic: Katamari
Since its debut with Katamari Damacy in 2004, Katamari has been one of the most unique and iconic series in modern video game history. The whimsical adventures of the Prince and his friends continue in an all-new webcomic written by Buttersafe\'s Alex Culang and Raynato Castro. New installments release Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:00AM Pacific.
Comic: Kawaii Kissu
Police Officer Emery Williams has fallen in love. She quickly discovers a passionate, beautiful and intense world opening to her. She just didn't expect it to be so dangerous. An adult comic - Not for Minors -
Comic: Lancelot
Blamed by God and Merlin for the fall of King Arthur and the dream that was Camelot, the legendary knight Lancelot Du Lac wanders the Earth immortal and guilt-ridden, desprate to find his release into the hereafter. Updates Fridays
Comic: Never Heroes
Comic: Panthera
Webcomic About A Group Of Teenagers Who Acquire Superhuman Elemental Abilities
Comic: Planes of Eldlor
Planes of Eldlor is a full-colour, high fantasy webcomic, which updates every Monday.

In the world of Eldlor, humans, dwarves and elves govern the lands, but all defer to the mighty dragons, charged with preserving the balance of life in the world. Kingdoms lay between vast expanses of lawless wilderness, clerics and paladins beseech their gods for power, rare magicians wield the untamed magic of the land itself.

Few but the dragons can appreciate how tenuous the balance truly is, as creatures of the outer planes relentlessly test their might against the barriers holding them from the precious resources of Eldlor. The last rift was destroyed nearly 800 years ago, ending the Battle of Echaeras and resulting in the devastation of an entire culture.

Now, a new, dormant rift has appeared in the remote northern forest of Nath Lagir, discovered by chance. It is left to the dragons to discover all they can about this new gate, and find a way to keep it from opening before the land descends into chaos once more.
Scape takes place in the world of Deusmar, once ruled by magic and mystery but now industrialized and inventive. Sula Lakeman is a resident in the capital of Ampherdale, which in the past thirty years has been undertaken by a mysterious epidemic where humanesque monstrosities emerge from heads as they sleep.
Comic: Senka
Senka is the rather uneventful story of a guy\'s travels after his days of being awesome end. Bored and not wanting to settle down and live with the usual responsibility, Shiun chooses to explore the mysterious world where he lives, Eishiya.
Comic: The Cummoner
The Cummoner is a webcomic and comic series about the magical and erotic adventures of young sorceress Vilga and her various companions.
The comic started as a single chapter sold online and kind of got bigger than I expected. Paid chapters are released from time to time and contain additional adventures and lots and lots of hot sex of all kinds.
The comic might contain sex, male and female nudity, demon nudity and occasional bondage.
It will NOT contain any rape, gore or underage characters.
Currently updated weekly.
Comic: The Lydian Option
In a remote section of the galaxy, far from human space, lies the Eye. A prison run by the Tha’Latta, a species with an alien view of right and wrong, the Eye houses hundreds of different species – most of whom have a vicious hatred for humanity. When chaos breaks out, its human residents find themselves with no choice but to stage an escape.

Based loosely on Xenophon’s Anabasis, The Lydian Option is planned to be a six issue limited series. The Lydian Option is moving to a regular update schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Comic: the thin h line
From collaboration with the creator of Sexy Losers, Thin H line is a continuation of a lot of the strips in blog format from characters of SL after the discontinuation of the main SL site.
Comic: Tokyo Demons
The story follows two supernatural teenagers, Ayase and Jo, as they begin high school in Tokyo in 2002 and are unexpectedly pulled into an underground gang war. Two sequel series, Tokyo Ghosts and Tokyo Angels, take place a number of years later.

Tokyo Demons is intended to be a living novel, open to feedback, changes, and various multimedia incarnations. The story will be serialized with approximately one new chapter every month, released in pieces; the site is updated every Sunday. Tokyo Demons: Book 1 is eight chapters long; Chapters 1 and 2 were released simultaneously in May of 2011 and the final chapter (8) will be released on December 20th, 2011. (Tasteful) comments and (constructive) criticism are welcome on each chapter and will be considered during subsequent revisions. After the serialization is complete, a revised, updated version of the entire book will be released digitally and in print at the end of 2011. Should the project become financially self-sustaining. Tokyo Demons: Book 2 will start in early 2012. The entirety of the Tokyo Demons story will be contained in three novels.
Comic: Turtles: Dawn of the Ninja
Following a series of shocking events occurring in Japan more than thirty years ago, two stories are set in motion that transcend the corners of the globe in search of definitive clarity to the ever so mystifying question: What is a NINJA? The first story follows young Oroku Saki (Shredder) throughout the beginning of his life as he battles with the haunting death of his father, Oroku Nagi, and the feelings of retribution that eventually warp his perception of honor. The second centers on the Ninja Turtles and April O’Neal as they attempt to unearth a disturbing mystery, the transformation of Baxter Stockman into a new and exceptionally dangerous mutant. At the same time, Raphael grapples with the significance of his existence and the duty of preserving the selfless legacy set forth by Master Splinter’s fallen owner, Hamato Yoshi. Both stories are told in juxtaposing narratives that focus highly on the human elements of vengeance and honor, while maintaining the charming fundamentals that have positioned the Ninja Turtles as true American icons. In the end, both tales finally converge, and from the resulting, climatic wake, a fierce and everlasting rivalry is born.
Comic: White Out
poorly written, 3D animated comic, about post apocalypse female rogue and her escapades

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