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Below is a list of synopses created by zonarius that are currently in use.

Comic: A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge
When the levees broke, everything changed for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge is about surviving Hurricane Katrina—and its aftermath. Told in webcomic form, A.D. is written and illustrated by Josh Neufeld, and presented by SMITH Magazine.
Comic: Adventures of Boschen and Nesuko, The
A new level in coffee obsession, sex, violence, and derring-do! Updated once a fortnight.
Comic: Agnes
About a young girl and her best friend.
Comic: Amazing Spider-Man, The
Can a normal college student cope with super power and a secret identity,or must disaster follow?
Comic: Barkeater Lake
Barkeater Lake follows the exploits of Delores Tanzini, of Brooklyn, N.Y., who decides to give up her crazy hectic life in the city for a quieter, saner existence. When she moves to a small town in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, she slowly realizes she's stumbled into an entirely different brand of crazy.

Comic: Bee: Motel Art Improvement Service
A tense and puzzling road trip ends in a roadside accident that lands Bee in a motel to recouperate.
Comic: Betty
Betty is a confident, witty lady juggling the demands of family and career.
Comic: Beyond The Black Stump
Beyond the Black Stump stars a bunch of the craziest Aussie critters ever to grace the computer screen.
Comic: Big Top
Big Top chronicles the life of a little boy named Pete growing up in a circus family of talking animals. As he grows up, discussions with his fellow performers keep Pete grounded in his innocent ways.
Comic: Bizarro
Bizarro is about the incredibly surreal things that happen to all of us in our so-called 'normal' lives.
Comic: Blondie
Follow Blondie,Dagwood and there family as they blunder Through life.
Comic: Bound and Gagged
With a keen appreciation for puns and an off-beat sense of humor, Dana Summers creates a hilarious and bizarre new world in each panel of "Bound and Gagged."
Comic: Brewster Rockit: Space Guy
Brewster Rockit is an unlikely captain. He's woefully ill-prepared to lead ... and that's part of his charm. Orbiting the stars in the space station R.U. Sirius, Brewster and his crew of misfits encounter a constantly challenging set of interplanetary anomalies. Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! pushes the limits of space, time and humor.
Comic: Buckles
Buckles the family dog, with his innocent, guileless personality, more human than dog, and his endearing relationship with his humans Paul and Jill, who love him as family rather than owners.
Comic: Cats With Hands
Cats with Hands provides a cat's-eye-view of everything from business to aliens to building the perfect mousetrap. Filled with quirky, hyper-intelligent felines (are there any other kind?), this is a perfect strip for cat-lovers. Don't pigeonhole this one, though…the broad range of humor and whimsical drawings will appeal to everyone.
Comic: Close To Home
Close to Home makes us howl at his adroit mix of everyday settings and extraordinary events. close to home's offbeat, oddball characters turn up in familiar places, but their actions are always hilarious and unexpected.
Comic: Committed
Committed is an irreverent comic panel about modern family life when both parents work, kids rule and the house is an absolute mess.
Comic: crock
Long running parody of the Foreign Legion classic, Beau Geste.
Crock chronicles the adventures of Vermin P. Crock and the other characters stationed at their grim desert outpost including the cowardly Captain Poulet, the simple-minded Maggot and camp-follower Grossie.
Comic: Dimples
Its a comic about a young woman, the man she loves, and her cat. Comes complete with talking animals, shopping, aliens, and loads of best friends! Updated DAILY.
Comic: Doc Rat
The adventures of a veterinarian in the australian outback.
Comic: Dumnestor's Heroes
The misadventures of an elf who doesn't want to be human, a thief who just wants to make a buck, a cursed sword who wants to write poetry, and a dwarvish accountant who wants to have an adventure - none of whom are remotely interested in being heroes.
Comic: Ellington Way
Ellington Way reflects what it’s like to make your way in the world for the very first time. Whether it’s a first job, first business, or first anything, at some point we all have to leave the comforts of home and put on our “adult clothes.” Ellington Way is about a group of friends who do just that—and they find the clothes are still a bit too large.

Ellie Jones, the central character, has started her own art gallery and is learning to deal with all the nightmares and headaches that come with running a small business; her best friend, Dee Dee Okada, is toiling as an HR analyst for a large cable company; and their mutual friend Nate Wiley is on his own for the first time and is struggling to balance his work and college life. The strip isn’t as much about being an adult as it is the humor of getting there
Comic: Exiern
What happens when a Barbarian is changed from a he to she by a misfired spell? Can she adapt her new form? Can the world adapt to her?
Comic: Flight deck
A comics about life.
Comic: Frazz
Bryson Elementary's janitor is the most respected educator in the school. Every kid's pal and peer, Frazz exudes a love of learning that's contagious. The principal wants to be just like him. The other teachers want to learn from him. The students can't get enough of him. A Renaissance man, friend, role model and so much more, Frazz makes learning fun for everyone.
Comic: Fred Basset
Any reader who has ever been a "dog's best friend" will recognize and love Fred. Fred is a wry and witty observer of life, finding funnybones and turning up smiles on three continents.
Comic: Ginger Meggs
The adventures of a young, freckle-faced kid who is wise beyond his years.
Comic: Grand Avenue
Grand Avenue follows the antics of an energetic pair of fraternal twins being raised by their grandmother.
Comic: Hagar the horrible
Hagar the Horrible, the world's most popular Viking!
Comic: Heart of the City
Follow the antics of Heart, the precocious yet endearing young star of Heart of the City. Growing up in Philly with her single mom, Heart encounters endless challenges such as dealing with nanny, Mrs. Angelini, planning her future wedding with best friend, Kat, and giving needed attention to her Karlie and Ben dolls. Heart will warm your heart and, surely, make you laugh!
Comic: Heroes of Middlecenter
Meet our four heroes in training, and follow their adventures through a fantasy world as they make new friends, face unlikely villains, and learn what it takes to save the land of Middlecenter!
Comic: iharthdarth
He likes walks on the beach, itunes, taking care of his children and the dark side of the force. And that's why we harth Darth.
Comic: Innocent Blood
In the Europe of 1920, while the continent heals its Great War wounds, a man wakes up in Paris, not sure why he is there and what for at all. Apparently about a year of his memories is missing.

In the capitol of France, he meets a stray kitten, a teenage girl, who has her own issues and is surely not your usual next door girl.

The take off on a trek across Europe, trying to recreate his memories, only to find more mysteries. And the girl seems to have some sort of key to solve the riddle.

Comic: Jenny Jetpack
WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, where flying cars, robots and teleporters are still no match for the attention span of a six-year-old.

Jenny Jetpack is a sweet but restless little girl with a fascination for "ancient" artifacts from the 20th century. Along with her robot, Derby, Jenny shows us that even in an ultra-modern future, it's still tough being a kid.
Comic: Knowledge is Power
Written by Laura ‘Ironychan’ Chapple author of Get Medieval, and art by Cil Cheung.
Updates M/W/F.
Comic: Kudzu
Kudzu delivers homespun yet biting commentaries on life, religion and human foibles through an extraordinary cast of characters, including the forever-upbeat Preacher Will B. Dunn. The strip pokes gaping holes in the pretensions and stereotypes associated with Southern life.

Comic: Liberty Meadows uncensored
these are all the Liberty Meadows strips that did not make it into the newspapers.
Updated whenever.
Comic: Lost Sheep
George is a quietly plucky sheep who wanted more out of life than what the flock offered, and so set out on his own to explore the world. He quickly made a fast friend in roommate Joe, a quiet and genial beret-wearing gent. Their attempted good deed – liberating an unhappy obnoxious parrot from a pet shop – came back to haunt them, in a good way, when the aptly-named Frank refused to fly away and turned their quiet duo into a noisy trio. These unlikely comrades, surrounded by colorful friends and peculiar extended families, face the befuddling challenges each day brings as they ponder their quirky way through life.
Comic: Meaning of Lila, The
The life and loves of Lila and her workmates.
Comic: Meg!
Meg follows the adventures of an irrepressible youngster. Meg! is a charming chronicle of a lovable little girl, and her friends and family. Meg lives for the thrill of competing on the soccer field, fights to understand her boy-crazy best friend, and never misses a chance to annoy her little brother. She loves soccer and skateboarding, enjoys art (she named her puppy Van Gogh), and expects to win the World Cup MVP and be elected President in the same year.
Comic: Monty
This quirky comic spoofs suburbia, trashes tacky TV shows and offers absurdist commentary on everything from hosing down spider monkeys to the latest conspiracy theory.
Comic: Myth-Tickle
A tribute to mythology and classic literature without getting too all-fired brainy and obscure.
Comic: Natural Selection
about life
Comic: non Sequitur
Absurd, imaginative and indirect, but hilariously on the nose, Wiley's Non Sequitur comic has a surreal way of exaggerating the way of the world so as to give it a wild and unpredictable flare.
Comic: Oddly Enough
Oddly Enough is a single panel strip that is unafraid to look for humor in absurdity. This strip, crisply drawn and brightly colored, explores the secret lives of polar (and bi-polar) bears, questions the motives between crazed train attacks (i.e. locomotives) and alerts readers to the dangers of decapitation present in every day life. Unafraid and unapologetic, this strip is certainly an original.
Comic: On the FastTrack
Wendy is the embattled yet optimistic executive assistant of Fastrack, Inc.'s CEO. In this position she finds herself at the center of the company's maelstrom of weirdness, trying to find a balance between home vs. career, parenthood vs. sleep, and corporate loyalty vs. the urge to hurl her laptop through a plate glass window.

By the author of "Kevin and Kell" & "Safe Havens".
Comic: Pardon My Planet
Pardon My Planet is a visual record of the nincompoopities of the human spirit. This imaginatively sly panel peeks under the veil of the taboo and paints a smiley face on the shroud. Deftly balancing the tightrope of political correctness, Pardon My Planet gives us a rubbernecker's eye-view into the boarded up attic of the human psyche.

Comic: Passage to Seamier
Did you ever wish you could leave behind all your worries and go to another world? A place were everything you imagined came to life? If you have... be warned... thing aren't always as the appear... in Seamier. Updates weekly.
Comic: PC and Pixel
A comic a It expert PC his cat Pixel an the mouse Digit.
Comic: Phantom, The
The Phantom, a one-man police force, a silent avenger who appears and vanishes like lightning. His home is the fearsome "Skull Cave," deep in the heart of his jungle. His only intimates have been the faithful Bandar, his great white horse Hero, his savage gray wolf Devil, and his lovely American sweetheart Diana Palmer.
Comic: Pickles
A very funny comic about a intergenerational family.
Comic: Pooch Café
"Pooch Café" is the story of a cheese-loving, squirrel-fearing, kibble-desiring, break-dancing, toilet-drinking mutt named Poncho. Dogs, like certain barflies, want to go where everybody knows their name (other than the vet's office.) So they gather at the Pooch Café to compare notes on such weighty issues as avoiding baths, zebra-flavored kibble, toilet breath, and the construction of a giant catapult with which to hurl all the Earth's cats into the sun. Don't look for it out on the main street -- it's actual location is a canine top secret that was only compromised that one time they got a pizza delivered.
Comic: Prodigy Grey
The world has ended. Humanity hangs on by a thread, clinging to the hope of a better future.
Comic: Raising Duncan
Raising Duncan celebrates the furry, four-legged creatures that are the center of many families' lives. Raising Duncan follows the antics of Big Daddy Kelly, an easily distracted romance novelist suffering from writer's block. His wife, Adelle, is an organized mystery writer who shares his antique writing desk and his unabashed love for Duncan, a little black Scotty dog who is the heart of their household. A wide-eyed innocent who marvels at the world and asks endless questions, Duncan is loved by everyone - even the cat.
Comic: Reality Check
Reality Check is a glimpse at everyday life situations. A wacky vision of the world that exposes the hidden hilarity in ordinary circumstances.
Comic: Rubes
a comic about everything.
Comic: Rudy Park
Rudy Park lampoons consumerism, technology and culture. The strip is not afraid to ask the tough questions, like whether it really, absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. And, if technology's so great, how come we still can't program the VCR?
Comic: Rugrats
Based on the Nickelodeon cartoon.
Comic: Schwarz Kreuz
An alcoholic vampire and a psychic fire starer trying to stop Armageddon. Blood, tears, action, schnapps, soul searching with it’s share of light humour and the complexities of being human, dead or alive. Updated Sundays.
Comic: Sebo
Sebo, the magickal familiar, is given the task of looking after Charlotte, the daughter of Chelsea Chattan, Queen of the Netherworld. Hilarity and adventure ensue.
Comic: Sharing a Universe
An Elf, her roommate, and the squirrel who loves her.
Comic: Shooting War
New York, NY — The year is 2011, and Jimmy Burns, a young anti-corporate blogger has just seen his Williamsburg apartment blown to bits by yet another terrorist attack on New York City. He’s recorded the gruesome scene on his videoblog camera—footage Burns beams live to a freaked-out world and that makes him an overnight media sensation. Exploited by his own network (Global News: “Your home for 24-hour terror coverage”), enraged by the terrorists, and determined to tell the American people the truth, Burns takes off for Iraq to get the real story of a war that’s been raging for more than eight years. SHOOTING WAR is written by Anthony Lappé, illustrated by Dan Goldman.

Comic: Single and Looking
A comic about family and friends.
Comic: Skin Horse
By Shaenon K. Garrity and Jeffrey Channing Wells
Comic: Speed Bump
about life.
Comic: Spooner
Newlyweds Spooner and Roxanne try to adjust to the ups and downs of marriage, and to each other.
Comic: Spot the Frog
Spot the Frog is a charming comic strip that welcomes readers into the sweetly funny, beautifully drawn world of a lovable little frog and the two-legged mammals who fascinate him. In Spot the Frog, readers learn what Spot already knows: that life is a glass that's always half full. And, if you're a small green frog, that's just the right size for a dip.
Comic: Strange Brew
A comic about life.
Comic: Swamp
Funny comics about life in a swamp.
Comic: The Meek
A young girl goes on an epic adventure that will decide the fate of mankind. She is also mostly naked.
Comic: Trouble With Martians, The
The Trouble With Martians is a sci-fi strip that revolves around a single word - friendship. It is based on a martian and his robot that crash lands on earth and are befriended by a boy and his imaginary friend
Comic: Walking is Still Honest
A comic about life. Honestly.
Comic: YAC - Young Aristocrats Court
Lord and Lady Hawthorne ruled the City of Man until they were summoned away to the Capitol. They left their daughters, Princess Renee and Princess Krystal, in charge, along with the girls' entourage. And these are their stories.
Comic: Zits
Enter the life of Jeremy Duncan, a 15-year-old aspiring rock musician, riddled with angst, boredom and parents who don't understand anything. Let him show you the wonderfully lousy world of being a 15-year-old. Meet Jeremy's parents Connie and Walt Duncan. Watch as they continue to try to figure out the mysterious science of parenting a teenager... the second time around! Meet Jeremy's brother, Chad, the glowing college student. Jeremy will have to live up to his brother's dreadfully perfect example. Join Jeremy and his best friend Hector as they struggle to solve the mystery of life, aided with advanced hangin' out techniques. Watch Jeremy as he flounders around with his awkward high school love affair with Sara Toomey, his uh... girlfriend.

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