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Below is a list of synopses created by Mr.Enigma that are currently in use.

Comic: 32 by Danielle Corsetto
32 is a series of little autobio comics about life, cats, and whatever's in between.

I'm not 32. I'm actually 36. I know, that's confusing. I'll explain eventually.

32 is sustained by the generosity of readers who send me small donations via Patreon, and is hosted ad-free thanks to the kindness of Hiveworks.

For as little as $1 per month, you can access the extra, slightly-more-personal strips that I don\'t post here. (Here\'s a list of them!)

My other webcomic, Girls With Slingshots, ran from 2004 to 2015 and was sustained by merchandise and ad sales over those eleven years. I\'ve decided to clear this new comic\'s home of distracting ads and focus on what you\'re here for, which I presume is the comics. (If you\'re here for the ads, sorry to disappoint you!)

If you\'d like to read more about ethical design, I recommend articles & interviews by Tristan Harris, or give his TED talk a listen.

32 doesn't update on a schedule, but I'll try to make a new one every week, and an extra one for Patreon patrons every month!
Comic: Anime Tentacle Monsters
anime tentacle monsters is a comic about anxiety and depression. and slugs. and boobs. it updates three times a month!
Comic: Best in Black
Emily is a seventeen year old going to college. She hates being around, and especially talking to, other people and does her best to avoid both. However, her new roommate Eden, who believes she is always right about everything, has other plans.

Updates Mon-Wed-Fri, with two 4-koma style comics per update.
Comic: Bumrush Comics: REDD
Redd has no arms, but she does have mentally controlled free-floating hands that she can use to grab, lift and move things around... including herself. Ibisec, the company that gave her the hands, recruits her as a superhero to get into the lucrative heroing business. Hilarity and monster fighting ensue.
Comic: Crosstown
By Ryan Turcotte and Adam Pilkington. A weekly webcomic chronicling the painful post-life trials and tribulations of the newly-deceased John.
Comic: Danger Zone One
The future is here. Technology permeates every facet of society. Megacorporations run the world. And crime runs rampant in the streets of Pallad City.
Reena Saffron is fresh out of the academy and eager to begin her first day as a full-time officer with the Pallad City Police Department. But her idealistic nature and unwavering belief in justice is put to the test when she’s partnered with ‘Maniac’ Madison Wynter, a loose cannon officer with the Department’s Special Crimes Unit, whose methods stretch the law to its very limits.
Can these two find common ground long enough to lock away a few perps? Reena and Madison will have to put their arresting bodies on the line to protect and serve, while demonstrating some impressive busts if they ever hope to clean up the streets.
But it won’t be easy. Whether it’s stopping a madman in a stolen military-grade power suit, shutting down a sinister underground fight club, or rescuing the kidnapped mayor, these girls have their work cut out for them!
Danger Zone One is written by Midnight, with artwork by Katsu.
Comic: DORD: Derelict Orbital Reflector Devices
Abandoned, high-tech, artificially intelligent solar energy collectors try to kill time and alleviate their boredom.
GAMERGEEKDADDY is a web-comic strip that will be published several times a month, and tells the story of a young man on the adventure of a life-time: how to juggle his video-gamer, geek-tastic lifestyle with his newfound fatherhood!

Comic: Harpy Gee
\"Harpy Gee\" is a project that\'s been bouncing around in my head for many years, about an elf, and her adventures in a small town.
Comic: I Want You to Feel the Pressure
I Want You to Feel the Pressure is the story of a young black ops soldier and her best friends, punching their way through down-to-Earth relationship troubles and action-packed espionage affairs alike.
Comic: Mermaid Comics
neil lalonde is a writer/illustrator/human living in canada. he makes a bunch of comics. the ones on this site are about mermaids

mermaid comics dot com updates on mondays. cool!

you can contact neil for basically any reason at illustruction[at]gmail[dot]com
Comic: Mike: Bookseller
Mike: Bookseller is a “slice of life” webcomic featuring Mike and his coworkers working retail in a large corporate type bookstore. Join them in the stories of irate customers, horrible bosses/coworkers, selling silly loyalty discount cards, passive aggressively shilling the Nuk E-reader, and random geek topics when the opportunity strikes. Most of the comics are produced on paper save a choice few (which don’t look as awesome in my opinion.)
Mike Lugaresi is a real life bookseller from California, drawing and posting his comics online. Currently he’s only actively working on Mike: Bookseller, but plans to go back to working on Travels of Krrobar (despite people not reading it as much as Bookseller, he still loves writing and drawing it.)
Mike likes drawing supplies, giraffes, playing games, Magic the Gathering (what a nerd), watching anime (NERRRRD), and cats. (Nerd?)
Any views shown on this website are not to be misconstrued as the views of certain large corporate bookselling companies. They’re solely the warped thoughts of an exhausted, cynical insomniac.
Comic: Mush-A-Mush
Mush-A-Mush is about two teenagers, Allison and Sean, who, through an unusual set of circumstances, start investigating mysteries where they live: Lake Mush-A-Mush.

Is Mush-A-Mush really full of weird creatures and other supernatural phenomenon? Or is it just Sean’s overactive imagination? They’ll find out soon enough!

NEOKOSMOS is a sci-fi adventure webcomic about kids in space. The format is inspired by adventure games, MSPA, and animation. Our goal with NEOKOSMOS is to approach comic creation with a cartoon mindset!

NEOKOSMOS doesn\'t have a set update schedule! We post pages in batches as soon as they are done.
Comic: Paradox Space
The comics on this site are all inspired by the story Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie. The comics will hop all over the prodigious universe and canon storyline of Homestuck, featuring the characters, various hypotheticals, hilarious antics, doomed timeline scenarios--it\'s wide open. The site updates every weekday.
Comic: Parallax
Lomax Torchstone is your average college student. However, unlike most students, he doesn\'t want to be there. When he tells his new teacher, Dan Rogers, about all this, he gives Lomax a strange box and tells him to only open it if he really wants to change. That's when things start going downhill...
Comic: Real Science Adventures
Atomic Robo gets up to all kinds of sci-fi shenanigans in his travels. And along the way he meets all kinds of side characters. These folks have their own lives with their own rich histories and crazy exploits.
We always wanted to tell their stories, but there are only so many pages in a comic book. And even if there weren’t, there are only so many hours a day we’re allowed to keep Scott chained to his desk before it becomes “unusually cruel” as if that has any objective legal meaning.
But anyway.
Thus Real Science Adventures was born. We get to tell more stories about the world of Atomic Robo, you get to read more comics, and everyone is happy. Except for Scott. But if the chains are tight enough then you can hardly hear him whimper so who cares.
How does it work? It’s quite simple really. We hire some of our favorite print and online artists, we throw some scripts at them, and then comic book magic pops out.
Comic: Roomies Comic
Mary had set out for the big city with hopes of becoming a famous model, but when she realizes that college is way too expensive she decides to become roommates with a complete stranger. Hilarity ensues as they try to keep from losing their new home
Comic: Street Fighter Comics
Read Street Fighter Comics: For FREE!, where you can read UDON\'s epic Street Fighter comics for free, is back in action! We\'ve returned with over 10 issues available, that\'s over 250 pages of comics! New pages will be added every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

And if you just can\'t wait that long for the next chapter of the story, be sure to follow our store link to purchase any of the books from our Street Fighter hardcover graphic novel line.
Comic: The Future Universe
The Future Universe (TFU) is a webcomic based within the open-source, fictional Future Universe hosted by Wikia. It is the “Official Baseline” of the Future Universe canon, written by James Wasson and drawn by Allan Wood, two dudes who are just a couple of online buds who happen to work well together. The site is maintained by Allan. TFU runs on Comicpress with WordPress. It is written, sketched in pencil, then scanned and drawn in Manga Studio EX. Finally, it is colored, tweaked, and lettered in Photoshop after consultations by both artists.

Comic: Thermohalia
Thermohalia is a webcomic about the adventures of a robot and mermaid set on an alien ocean-covered planet. The original story and characters were created in my early teens over 10 years ago, but during a bout of nostalgia I decided to remake the comic to see if I could bring the world to life as I had always imagined it.

Written and drawn by Heather Penn.
Comic: Woo Hoo!
Woo Hoo! is an upbeat cartoon comedy full of colour and energy. The short stories of Woo Hoo! follow a small ensemble cast including Jolee, an aspiring artist from the boonies, and Rhiys, a fringe-dwelling urban parkour master. Together they share adventures in Port Metro, a vibrant Pacific Northwest metropolis.

This comic updates every Monday (and sometimes on Fridays). Woo Hoo! is rated PG-13 for comedic violence and suggestive humour.
Comic: Zen Pencils
It’s a website where inspirational quotes from famous people are adapted into cartoons. It launched in February, 2012.

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