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Below is a list of synopses created by Draco Dei that are currently in use.

Comic: Acrylic Eyes
Main character is a mildly homocidal doll. Secondary characters are another doll, and their owner.
Comic: Affairs of Dragons
((This comic SEEMS to have been taken down by the author for reasons that he wasn\'t going to leave fragmentary work permanently unfinished, and had decided to work on other projects instead.... but I could be wrong))

Anyway, here is the summary:
Maiden sacrifices are not eaten, as so many have told you. Instead they serve as lifelines to their new masters. If a dragon is gravely wounded or killed, one year of life is lost by his or her charge.

Follow the story of the Dread Dragon Equinox and his new pet rabbit, Celia. Why exactly does he expect to die, much less multiple times? Is he a victem, or just a villian who refuses to die?

Celia must come to terms with her slavery, and with the concept of her life force being drained away everytime Equinox is mortally wounded. Or, she must die trying to escape him. How many lives will the Dread Dragon live before poor Celia runs out of years? Dragons may be tough, but rabbits only live so long...

Synopisis transcribed from an in-comic (but outside of plot) advertisement at one of the authors OTHER websites:
Comic: Captain Stick Figure
A stick figure wakes up in a seemingly featureless plane. Despite the name, art evolution is built right into the plot.
Comic: Castle of Cards
Adventures in Heaven, Hell, and/or Purgatory. Focuses a cat who is the Lady of Suicide (and Waste) who has been asleep for 200 years.
Comic: Chronicles of Gathion
A long time in development, but only started actual production in January of 2009. Sword and Sorcery. Involves a muffin thief.
Comic: Dex Lives
Engineering graduate proceeds in somewhat zany life. Everyone happens to be bipedal fire-breathing dragons, but that has surprisingly little impact on the plot. It DOES come up occasionally. Problems dealt with include giant ants, getting stranded in the woods, and inter-table wars with the Veterans of Foreign Wars at a restaurant.
Comic: Double Trouble
The adventures of a big baby mouse and a fox kit.
Comic: Dream of the Rarebit Fiend
A predecessor of sorts to Little Nemo, by the same author (Winsor McCay). Archives may or may not be complete, thus why I choose to make the \"most recent page\" link to a search for all pages.

For Wikipedia:
The strip focuses on various people who have a passion for various foods and dishes -often, but not always, Welsh rarebit. Each strip features a different protagonist known as the Rarebit Fiend (who is rarely named in the comic strip, and who changes from strip to strip) in the course of strange dreams and nightmares. Upon awakening, the protagonist blames his dream on having eaten Welsh rarebit or some other dish.

McCay\'s famous character Little Nemo—who later had his own strip, Little Nemo in Slumberland—first appeared in Dream of the Rarebit Fiend within the first year of its existence. Unlike Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, which was intentionally created for an adult reading audience, Little Nemo was intended for children. McCay went on to write and draw Little Nemo for the New York Herald.
Comic: Frogherder
Initially saddled with trying to learn the family business of using mental powers to herding frogs, Timo finds much greater challenges in store for him.
Comic: Godslave
Godslave is a comic about Edith landing headfirst into the modern day world of Egyptian Mythology. It’ll feature magic, monster fights and family drama. If that sounds like your bag, Godslave will update every monday and thursday! There’s about 8 pages up now, and if you’re not familiar with Egyptian Mythology, check out the silly Myth comics on the side for a refresher.
Comic: Gone Astray
Horse Warriors, Magical Rubber Duckies, Mouse Theives, and Rangers with Severe Allergies to Magic... Adventure and Humor. Long running plots, NOT joke-a-day.
Comic: Grapple Seed
Grapple Seed follows the adventures of 13 year old Turner Trent, in a world where the earth’s gravitational force repels everything excluding itself. Sounds confusing? Imagine a world where the ground is above you, while the sky lies beneath your feet, making life adapt in ways that prevents it from falling into the great infinity.Young Turner is dissatisfied with his predictable life in the small rural area of Rootstalk Village. He wants nothing more than to experience everything the world has to offer, however exploration becomes difficult when any misstep means plummeting to your death. But suddenly one day things take an unexpected turn.
Comic: Krazy Kat
Archives will only be going through the end of 1922 I believe, since that is all that is public domain at the time of this writing. If it goes into 1923 or beyond, then the \"Comic URL\" field of this entry will require updating.
From Wikipedia:
The strip focuses on the curious love triangle between its title character, a guileless, carefree, simple-minded cat of indeterminate gender (referred to as both \"he\" and \"she\"); the obsessive antagonist Ignatz Mouse; and the protective police dog, Offissa Bull Pupp. Krazy nurses an unrequited love for the mouse. However, Ignatz despises Krazy and constantly schemes to throw bricks at Krazy\'s head, which Krazy misinterprets as a sign of affection. Offissa Pupp, as Coconino County\'s administrator of law and order, makes it his unwavering mission to interfere with Ignatz\'s brick-tossing plans and lock the mouse in the county jail.

Despite the slapstick simplicity of the general premise, it was the detailed characterization, combined with Herriman\'s visual and verbal creativity, that made Krazy Kat one of the first comics to be widely praised by intellectuals and treated as \"serious\" art.[2] Art critic Gilbert Seldes wrote a lengthy panegyric to the strip in 1924, calling it \"the most amusing and fantastic and satisfactory work of art produced in America today.\"[5] Poet e. e. cummings, another Herriman admirer, wrote the introduction to the first collection of the strip in book form. Though only a modest success during its initial run, in more recent years, many modern cartoonists have cited Krazy Kat as a major influence.
Comic: Lightbringer
Years after his parents are killed in a mugging Carter Granholme rebels against his pacifist upbringing and uses the power to control light he has had since a young age to bring criminals to Justice.
Comic: Little Chimera Tales
The story of a wizard raising a Chimera (Goat and Lion head, with a Snake for a tail), that he accidentally created when trying to help to Pookas to achieve fertility. The Pookas ran off when they saw the child.
Each update of this is a single wordless panel with diary entry below.
Comic: Little Nemo
Adventures in dreamland. All strips end with the main character (to my knowledge, no relation of the Jules Verne character nor the clownfish) either falling out of bed or being woken up at the end of each comic. Classic comic, started in 1905, copyright lapsed. Site has good subject search, but is not well designed for sequential browsing. However the individual pages are so large that this presents less inconvenience (since you only need change pages every few minutes). Sorry I can not be more informative as to plot.
Comic: Lunar Rising
Too early to tell, but it looks like a werewolf (noting that all the characters are furries so the change would be... a matter of degree), and Frankenstein\'s monster type character meeting up and trying to avoid the torch and pitchfork demographic. Suspect romance will evolve.
Comic: MS Paint Adventures
The comics, one ongoing, three completed, all done in the style of command-line games based (in part) on reader suggestions for commands to be executed. One story has a good deal of branching, the others don\'t.

Current story:

Past Stories:
Problem Sleuth
Bard Quest
Comic: Mushroom Go
Set in the re-imagined world of Super Mario Bros, the (hand drawn) comic is an episodic tale of danger, adventure, and discovery with a crew of desert pirates. Discontinued, but the last page has a detailed summary of where everything was going.
Comic: My Roommate is a Nightmare
For eons, gods and mortals have shared this planet in a symbiotic relationship that benefits both. Molli Becker, friend to all and fangirl extraordinaire, is about to embark on her own relationship with the terrifying Nightmare King himself, much to the god’s dismay.
The Creators
Razz is a traditional media artist and cartoonist who happens to be blind and likes to tell stories about fantastical people who have adventures. When not making comics, Razz can be found reading, playing video games, and hiking.

Tracy Bailey is a digital artist, colorist, and character designer with a worrying fixation on elves. She enjoys cooking, hiking, and yelling at cats.

Website Guy
DeBray Bailey is a scary, scary man who does whatever Tracy tells him to.
Comic: New York State of Mind
Everyday life in New York. Main plot may arrive around late September 2008 if I had to guess...
Comic: Professor Prince
The sequel to \"Az and a Furry College Life\"
Comic: Scurry and Cover
Scurry & Cover is a webcomic about daily life in Tokyo. But it's not just any Tokyo; our story takes place in a world where tales of intelligent, magically imbued animals who live in the forest is a reality.

Our story follows the life of Nozomi, a one-fourth Rat three-fourths Human girl, who has come to the big city with her grandfather. She has a lot to learn about life in the city, growing up, and her future path. But with her friends, she's going to leave just as big a mark on Tokyo as it does on her!

Scurry & Cover updates every Monday, with a new chapter every 8th week.
Comic: Selkie
A selkie (Irish Seal-woman) or something very like it gets adopted by a single human guy.
Comic: Signal Ghost
From the website:
This is the story of a girl who crosses over to another world and befriends, among others, a noble, lion-like beast who acts as her guardian and guide. But she finds very quickly that leaving this world behind is not all she\'d ever dreamed of, as she soon finds herself a focal point in a war where the players and their intentions aren\'t fully known or understood.
Comic: The Black Brick Road of Oz
Dorothy (if that really is her name) is going to need more than some fancy shoes to get out of this one...

A re-imagining of "The Wizard of Oz", with the geography of Oz changed, and the Wicked Witches (and maybe the good ones too?) given a mad-scientist vibe.

Includes servicable, if basic, Flash sections.
Comic: The Changing Workplace 2
The later adventures of Oren Otter, expert on Transformation. Focuses on his romance to a large degree. Note that the original The Changing Workplace is NOT finished, and still updates (at least sporatically).
Comic: The Chickenfox
Young effort. Seems to be mostly non-sequential art with a common theme, but starts out with a story, and may have more coming later.
Comic: The Dragon Doctors
In a fantasy world, fantastic problems require fantastic! Enter the Dragon Doctors, mystic doctors who can cure anyone of anything! Following their first case, they are all stuck in the wrong gender. Oops. Updates 5-7 times a week.
Comic: Vikodin
Penguin dreams of a warmer place to live, and drags his brother along for the ride.
Comic: When Curiosity Met Insanity
Alice returns to Wonderland as an adult to escape a boring life and an arranged marriage. Years later the Mad Hatter pays court to her.
Comic: Wildlight
Given an advanced personal stealth and armor system, Tammy is thrust into a classic battle of good versus evil, however the greatest battles lie within.
Comic: Wings Of Change, The
A dwarfed dragon trains a winged elf in the ways of the nature magic while they both try to corral a bunch of hyperactive pixies.
Comic: Wulf Mountain
The third (not counting "Affairs of Dragons" which seems to have been removed), comic by Az the Wox. This one is set in a much more primitive time.

(It will be possible to add the first page as the "Archive URL" on about October 15th 2010, when the SECOND page should post.)

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