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Plotless Violence

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Genre: Mature
Date Added: 2 November 2004
Last Update: 22 May 2010
Current Comic Ranking: 12157/23669
Views This Month: 5   (More...)
Average Views a Month: 34   (More...)
Favourite of: 12 members
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Dedicated to the portrayal of conflict resolution choreography.

Combat is holy.

Current synopsis by: PlotlessViolence
Current image by: PlotlessViolence

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thelanyard 2/5
Wow. This comic has gotten a lot of comments, but I suppose I'll add my two cents. The website is chaotic and hard to navigate. The art is lacking a bit. I think the motion lines need to go or at least look a bit cleaner. It looks like the artist just used the brush tool without sectioning off sections. I like the idea. It's not really my type, but it is rather different than other webcomics out there. I like the detail in the "choreography". The plan is sound but the execution could use some work. This seems like a comic that you will either understand/enjoy or hate. Clean up your art style and you might be able to tip the scales a bit towards the former. The characters remind me of old video game characters. Like they're crude 3D models with skins painted on. I'd recommend exploring folds and fabric a bit with your art. Let the the characters wear clothes where right now they look painted on.
lincalinca 2/5
This webcomic to me seems like an attempt to resurrect the appropiately dead "beavis and butthead" humour. Much as it was funny in 1996, it wasn't funny enough to perpetuate or even to be funny enough even though until the B&B film came out. This comic seems not only to perpetuate the visual style but also the un-funny humour style of B&B Anyone who likes this comic is impotent.
Elder Zap 5/5
Needs more violence... but it ROCKS anyway....
Well, its been awhile and your comic has improved leaps and bounds since i last checked it. That being said, it still insults my eyes by looking at it. Do you want me to send a book on how to draw?? I can get your the Wizard "Best of basic training" today. It'd be Ä34 well spent if only to shake you out the coma you must be in to make you think that you are on any level doing a good job.

I'm also now convinced that the comic isn't diliberatly like this, this is the best you can do. If you were going for the shittyy grinhouse feel by producing bad drawings with absolutley no sense of storytelling, great. i can get behind that. But after reading your "ews posts" I have no deduced that you lack the basic intellegence to pull off irony.

I can't believe I have put so much time and effort into writing this.
kudos 1/5
i'm not a big fan of this comic. at first, it was like: "OH! a kung fu comic! Interesting!" but then, it was: "what the hell? no one fights that badly, there's nothing memorable, and the fights suck and are hard to comprehend at times. this is gay!"
1) If you don't like the comic, list specific reasons so the author can improve. Flaming is for retards.
- linked

your a bit of a hypocrite, aren't you? all you said was the comic didn't fit your tastes. you didn't exactly give specific reasons or tell the author how to improve his comics.
Linked 2/5
I am not here to dis your comics at all. I just rated it a two because it doesn't fit my tastes. I am here to talk to most of the other people here.
1) If you don't like the comic, list specific reasons so the author can improve. Flaming is for retards.
2) If you are a friend of the author, don't just rate it a 5 and say "oh, this is fscking sweet!", tell the truth. I doubt the author will take it offensively and stop being your friend.
3) If you have already posted here once, don't post here again, retard!
teladi 2/5
some of the stuff here are ok. the action scenes are REALLY short though. and the choreography isn't exactly A grade material. the art has gotten better, i guess.
kakashikun 1/5
let me explain why
#1) ur action scenes are short and retarded, ur not very good at art either
#2) u think ur making clean techniques, but ur movements are not well choreographed, in a martial arts battle, speed defines the winner, but apparently, ur using some very crooked and crappy movements, no one would use a walking stance palm heel strike in battle, it leaves ur whole torso area vulnerable, in a real battle, the only appropriate stances are those that are short, fast, effective, and keeps your opponent at a fair distance
#3) i read ur review of star wars ep III (which was an awesome movie). u act as if u know what ur talking about and u act as a martial arts expert. let me say something, NO! YOU'RE NOT! all ur techniques come from old kung fu movies. the sword fights in star wars are highly choreographed and they are all correct techniques. yu have no right to bash their fight scenes. the choreography in star wars was superb and their techniques are clean and smooth. high ground really does matter, especially with someone of anakin's height. the reason obiwan said he had the high ground advantage was because anakin would be clumsier on a volcanic planet. especially since it would be easier for obiwan to use aerial strikes.
#4) u are retarded. ur whole comic lacks substance, i really don't know how u keep pulling in hits day after day.
u know what? just don't pay attention to this, you usually don't anyway
kakashikun 1/5
this comic sux
antiplotlessviolence 1/5
the best comic is still MegaTokyo
antiplotlessviolence 1/5
if you want to read a good keenspace action comic, read godlike and ghost trigger.
antiplotlessviolence 1/5
after some research, i have come to a thrilling conclusion. those of you out there who think Misanthrope and PlotlessViolence are the same person, YOU MIGHT BE RIGHT! if you look under misanthrope's profile, he pretty much gave all keenspace comics a bad rating, with the exception of Plotless Violence! Shame shame shame.
antiplotlessviolence 1/5
Plotless Violence sucks shit, and now, i'm gonna tell you guys why. #1, this guy thinks he's got like the best action comic ever. NO!!! the techniques suck, it's horrible drawings, and the author's immensely big ego. #2, you idiots that actually like this comic are morons. there are so many better action comics out there like anti-hero for hire, godlike, and ghosttrigger.
critic101 1/5
"Alright Plotless, kiddo, whatever. Me and you are going to have a talk about why people can't stand you.

For starters, having your friends post nice things about your strip is just plain stupid. It makes you look egotistical and its dis-honest. If there was honest to gosh value to your work people would be willing to give you high marks without you asking.

Second, you're full of shit. The problem isn't that you tear others down its that you build yourself up at the same time. 'Nother words, you mock others by comparing their work to yours. That makes you sound even more egotistical.

Lastly, your comic is crap. Sorry, it is. Its hard to be impressed with a guy who demands to be entertained by other sites when he can't even make a decent comic himself.

Tool." - Donny

i whole-heartedly agree, Donny.
critic101 1/5
it's not so much that ur drawings are bad. it's just... well... ur fight scenes suk. u can't choreograph jack. end of story
Eh, I wouldn't go so far as to say creators are thin skinned nor do I think that you should limit your posting. Tom has some great advice, take it.

Yes I did do a blurb for my comic on the Academic Team Vol. 2 page. It was also absoludicrous the way I worded it so I doubt many people will take it for anything other than the joke it was meant to be.

And yes I do critizise others. On the other hand, the nice things I have to say far out weigh the bad reviews I've given. And even then I try to hold back and not purposely flame someone (try to mind you, I'm human after all).

Finally, I never compared your work to mine nor have I ever indicated that my ability to draw gives me more right to critizise than others.
Well, what can I say, Tom? You're right. I had thought that webcomic artists and fans would have necessarily thick skins, but experience has proved otherwise. Then there's the fact that some comics improve but you can never change a post. So I think I'm going to restrict my postings from now on.
Tom Brazelton  
There are some things in Donny's post that I agree with, but would not have worded so bluntly. Regardless, I will answer the questions addressed to me.

I *don't* that your comic is so horrible that the only person in the universe who wouldn't hate it is you. Nor do I assume that anyone who rates it above 1 star is either myself under a pseudonym or a close friend I had to beg and pay. It's more than likely that PV will find an audience who appreciates it, but stacking the deck with positive comments from friends right out of the gate casts suspicion. Judging from the comments you've received, I am not the only one that feels that way.

Regarding your ranks of other comics, it's not your rankings that offend me, but what you type after the fact. I agree that you don't dissproportionally attack popular web comics. But I feel your criticisms are dissproportionally unfair. A pattern develops and a judgement call is made on behalf of the people who read what you write.

At the crux of things, I believe we disagree on the point of professional courtesy. You don't think it plays a part. I think it does.

Regardless of if you are stating your opinion, since you create a comic, you can't fire wildly into the crowd and not expect some of that sniping to come back at you. People who read your comments aren't going to say "That's just some random guy lipping off." and disavow it. They're going to read your comments, see that you have your own web comic and wonder "Is he saying that to generate controversy?" It adds another facet to your motivation beyond "He's just expressing his opinion." Regardless of whether or not you see the distinction, most people don't. And it doesn
t help that these tactics have been perpetrated s before. Look at Little Gamers and Oh My Gods or Penny Arcade and Movie Comics. Granted, those examples were more about plagarism (which I do not accuse you of), but it illustrates the point that controversy generates traffic.

Ultimately, if I could impart only one piece of constructive criticism to you, it's easier to play nice with other creators. The community is vast, but still small enough where we can all help each other out to grow our readerships.

I apologize if my original comments caught you off guard. I will admit to posting while angry and that was wrong. This is not the venue to air these grievances but is the only one The Web Comic List affords us.
...said the man who advertised his comic on the Academic Team Vol. 2, The page. Look, Donny, I like your comic and I thought your first two comments on this page were honest, but now you're starting to get ridiculous. You criticize other comics as much as I do, but that's ok because you can draw better than I can? The only time I pointed people towards one of my comics (LG) was when that link contained my further relevant comments.

But since these totally irrelevant star ratings matter so much, I'll enumerate the exact score for everyone:
I rated myself 5 stars: 2 times
My friends rated me 5 stars: 5 times
Other people rated me 5 stars: 1 times
Other people rated me 4 stars: 3 times
Other people rated me 3 stars: 1 times
Other people rated me 2 stars: 3 times
Other people rated me 1 stars: 10 times

Donny 1/5
Alright Plotless, kiddo, whatever. Me and you are going to have a talk about why people can't stand you.

For starters, having your friends post nice things about your strip is just plain stupid. It makes you look egotistical and its dis-honest. If there was honest to gosh value to your work people would be willing to give you high marks without you asking.

Second, you're full of shit. The problem isn't that you tear others down its that you build yourself up at the same time. 'Nother words, you mock others by comparing their work to yours. That makes you sound even more egotistical.

Lastly, your comic is crap. Sorry, it is. Its hard to be impressed with a guy who demands to be entertained by other sites when he can't even make a decent comic himself.


Although I assume Drastic and Ziggurath also rated me based solely on the fact that I gave them low scores, that is just an assumption. Probably they would have hated PV anyway. You however made explicit in detail that the reason you hated PV was at least partially because you were offended by my comments. I wanted to address your comments, and hey, I consider this my forum anyway; if, as you say, I was just trying to drum up hits I would have posted again on your page, but apparently that's a problem.

I don't see what the big deal is with me having asked my friends to post their comments; everyone does that, and it's not like it affects the webcomiclist rankings. Your assumption is that my comic is SO HORRIBLE that the ONLY person in the universe who wouldn't hate it is myself, and that therefore anyone who rates it above 1 star is either myself under a pseudonym or a close friend I had to beg and pay. I honestly don't think Plotless Violence is quite that bad, at least not anymore.

Nor do I understand why my ranking other comics offends you. I don't rate webcomics dissproportionally to their popularity. Look at the comments I've left: I like some webcomics and I dislike others. That's my personal taste, and I don't see why "professional courtesy" should keep me from expressing it on a website designed for people to share opinions.

Frankly, I don't even think Theatre Hopper is that bad. You can certainly draw better than I and since my deleted comments were posted you've had some strips I've found humorous. I can't remember what I rated you, but I do know that even back then you couldn't have earned a 1 star from me because you're not a sprite comic and you're not offensive (in the comic). I do seem to remember that I did not use foul language in those comments; I think they were removed because I criticized your taste in movies. You just sorta surprised me by going after me so long after my comments on your page.
Tom Brazelton  
I find it curious that you would take the time to reply to my comments when there were others that we much more to the point and vulgar. Perhaps my comments were a little too on the nose? Or maybe itís because I have a higher profile and you can score some hits off the controversy? Just playing Devilís Advocate here.

My comments were not in response to what you left on my page three months ago, although I did ask for those removed because I didnít feel they were fair criticisms. If you feel that way about mine, please do the same.

When I asked Ash to remove your comments, he had a problem with the language used and agreed. I donít remember specifically what was said. I *have* gotten over it.

Iíll be honest and admit my comments were retaliatory based on the assumption that you and Misanthrope are the same person. If that is not the case, then I apologize. But I call it into question when you praise your own work so highly and freely admit to recruiting friends pad your page with comments Ė honest opinions or not, they are likely to be positive because theyíre your friends. It casts a shadow over your credibility.

I would question why you seem to attract so much negative attention. A lot of it seems to stem from the reviews you leave of others peoples comics. You speak in a condescending tone and with great hubris. Youíve pissed all over comics like PvP, Ctrl+Alt+Del and Little Gamers. These are all proven, successful stories with large audiences. They must be doing something right. What makes you think your comic will turn web comics on its ear? It makes it look like youíre trying to pick fights with bigger names to call attention to yourself. You might call it being honest, but in the future I think you would be better severed by tempering your comments with a little more tact.

I wonít begrudge someone who is trying to be creative and tries to improve their artistic output, but not at the expense of others. Regardless if you and Misanthrope are the same person, just good friends or complete strangers Ė thatís still an issue you need to resolve with yourself.
eh, don't listen to people like Theater Hopper guy. there's always g2 b someone like that everywhere. keep doing what ur doing.
SkyAvalanche 5/5
Yo PlotlessViolence, this is SkyAvalanche, the author of Ghost Trigger. Thanx for ur support towards my comic. Your comic is pretty sweet. So uh, this KeenCombat thing. why are we giving you links to fight scenes?
1) Is this about my comments on Theatre Hopper? Because those apparently offended someone enough to get them removed, the only time I've ever seen this site remove a comment. And that was THREE MONTHS ago. Get over it.
2) "Shameless Self Promoter?" My ad budget is zero. Duh I'm going to take advantage of webcomiclist to get some hits. That's what it's FOR. Or maybe you feel that my rating other comics is unfair promotion. Except that I seem to be one of the few people who rate comics objectively, good or bad, instead of vindictively. Way to show me that was wrong with your touching, poignant, totally unbiased rant.
3) I can't "take it"? Why do you think I put my comic here? I've got a tagboard on my site, a forum at p?t=64143
and my e-mail address is . Flame away to your black little heart's content, but if all you're going to say is "you didn't like my drawing, so I hate yours," then I may not take your suggestions into as much consideration as otherwise.
4) I think I do give out constructive criticism. It's harder to be specific, of course, when reviewing a gag comic and the criticism is "be funnier." But despite your supposed refusal to help me out, telling me to work on proportions was constructive. I'll find an anatomy site on the web and practice.
5) No one was paid to post here. I certainly did ask my friends to do so, but I specifically asked for their honest opinions, and all of them listed their e-mails (this was before webcomiclist moved to registered posting only); none of them hid behind standard internet anonymity. Apparently giving myself a rating offends people, so I won't do that anymore, although I have to ask: why would you think I'd draw something that I myself didn't find entertaining? I'm a sadist, not a masochist.
Anyway, people: don't be afraid to post, but keep in mind that I'll be alot more receptive to honest suggestions than vindictive flaming.
maverick 1/5
This comic is the biggest piece of crap i'v ever seen. it is so obvious that most of the people who gave it a high rating were asked to, like Orosco316. this comic blows ass. u know, the comic seems to think that it's a martial arts showcase. i'm a martial artist myself. and let me tell u. this piece of crap is an insult to me and combat in general. ur moves don't flow at all. ur drawings suck. u just suck. ur so worthless, and yet, u take time to criticize others. u have no talent in martial arts or choreographing it. it's is pure crap. ur comic sux ass. giving u a one star rating is putting it the nice way. ur comic has started a new generation of crap. end of story.
MDB 1/5
This thing is a major piece of shit.
toydivision 4/5
I like it because It has a grindhouse movie vibe.
mongo 1/5
Tom Brazelton 1/5
The only reason anyone is even aware of this comic is because the artist is a victim to his own sad compulsion to rip down the work of anyone he thinks is getting more attention than him.

A shameless self-promoter with nothing worth while to promote. A hack in the strongest sense of the word.

Demands constructive criticism from others, but doesn't temper his own judgements of other comics with the same objectiveness. In other words, can dish it out, but can't take it. When he doesn't get the feedback he wants, he invents it for himself and posts it here.

Tries to hide behind the veneer of being a "tough guy" who doesn't care what people think, but is so devoid of any marketable ideas or creative ability to get his comic noticed, he has to be obnoxious in order to be visible.

The artwork is positively 5th grade and impossible to look at for long. This guy is self-taught and it's REALLY obvious. Try looking at an anatomy book sometime. Try getting your proportions right. Your comic looks like Napoleon Dynamite got tired of drawing "Ligers" and attempted to draw "only the most awesome kung fu comic, ever... GOSH!"

I'd like to think I'm above making these kind of personal attacks - but screw that. I'm not. I'm petty. I'm actually starting to see where this guy is coming from. It feels good to pick on people in a public forum where they can't directly address your attacks.
Misanthrope 4/5
I like it. It initially looked ugly, but the art's been steadily improving, and Kung Fu is perfect for comics. That's how you take advantage of the visual format, not by copying-pasty pictures of two losers sitting on a couch, spouting word bubbles at each other with jokes that would have been topical 5 years ago. So, yeah: More violence, less plot!
MintWhelp 4/5
By the way, this gets four starry stars!
This comic is quite cool! And, also, I disagree with the opinion before the one before this one. The fact that the main character has a description and a history (even if it's short) makes it more of a not-so-plotful-story, rather than a plotless one (Yeah, the guy is a psychopath who loves to kill and we follow in his "adventures" that's enough plot for me. To hell with all those persons he kills and why the hell they were there) The battle choreographics are quite amazing, which makes up a bit for the messy artwork, which is good, though not something godly(I once saw a guy with, like 2 extra phalanxes there). Still, if you ask me why I come back to look this comic, it's because of the very funny comments the author adds below his comic pages. (being specially fun this one http://plotlessviolence.keenspace.c om/d/20050212.html since I saw my comic oddly portrayed there) Anyways, it's a good comic when you don't have anything else to do... or if you are searching for german porno.
Oh, I forgot to mention that he gave HIMSELF 5 stars TWICE. Shame, shame...
Donny 1/5
Now don't get me wrong, I know that good art is not the end all or be all in a comic. Writing though, is incredibly important and this comic fails the test. Calling the comic "Plotless Violence" doesn't excuse the complete and utter lack of a point in this waste of internet space. Its horrible horrible horrible.

"Ohnos! Other comics break the fourth wall!" Big, frick deal. His comic uses crappy and generic Photoshop filters but he doesn't seem too concerned about that. And I swear to God the kid uses the word "cliche" so much in his reviews that the word has lost all meaning.

Theres another kid around these parts called Twitch that does the same thing that Plotless does: bad comic, but judges others more harshly than he does himself. And the ONLY ones giving these kids good reviews are people that had to be asked to do it. I mean take a look below. The one person who actually bothered to register only has this comic listed as a favorite. The rest either have no username or just have an e-mail address listed. Pathetic.

I have to give this comic one star or nothing at all, so let me describe what an accurate ranking for this comic would look like. A puking star giving the author the finger while being screwed from behind by a gorilla. And an ugly gorilla at that.
Drastic 1/5
Artist may have to learn that the fourth wall is sacrosant. But other people have to learn if they can't draw, don't do a webcomic, you pretentious hack
ziggurath 1/5
Seriously, does the net get much better than this? A pseudo-intellectual college kid who does a terribly drawn kung-fu comic and liberally doles out condescending criticisms of OTHER webcomics.

As a portrait of what giving everyone on the net a creative outlet can result in, this comic/author is hilarious though.

For constructive criticism, refer to Lord of Illusionís comment.
Kay-chan 2/5
It's okay. I mean, I'm pretty easily-pleased, so... Not in that way, you perverts.
Sammy Broadway 5/5
This is a comic for all the hep cats out there. So cool it is a solid smooth groove of a glacier in the Antarctic winter. The way this artist playfully frolics across his masterpieces is reminiscent of how I would play games of kiss chase as a young boy with my childhood sweetheart Claire. With his rapier wit and clever negotiation through the seamy underworld of martial arts, PV truly gives us a glimpse of his brilliant, forlorn, yet innocent mind. This is truly a work that would inspire the angels in heaven.
PlotlessViolence 5/5
For what it's worth, I'm no longer using MSPaint. Smooth-lined comics start at

Lord of Illusion 2/5
As a comic, this sucks, but as a martial arts showcase it is pretty interesting and the moves are somewhat easy to follow. Since this is solely what it means to accomplish I guess it succeeds. The comments on the bottom are somewhat amusing if a bit longwinded and tedious at points but seem to fit a blog or a webjournal more than an actual comic. I can't say this is a truly enjoyable comic and I really have no interest at following it since, other than martial arts moves, there is nothing driving me to come back and take a second look. The graphic are horrible, there is no sembelance of a story to get you interested, and I really dont want to read those long comments to get a punchline. I guess this is for a niche audience of kung fu fans like myself but even we would not be really interested past a cursory level in my opinion. If I wanted to see good plotless fighting, I would just watch an old pre-USA Jackie Chan movie, because at least those are entertaining and have some sembelance of a story and comic releief within the medium itself.
plotlessviolence 5/5
To the previous three commentators:
1) PV is a KUNG FU MOVIE in comic book form. If you don't like Kung Fu, you aren't qualified to judge my execution of this one other strip that does action scenes better.
2) I have been to each of your three sites and seen your comics, and PV is better than all of them combined INCLUDING pure humor.
I will admit that "Joerules" 's later efforts get better in the sense that he stops telling the exact same "joke" every strip, but "Matt": a 4th-wall-breaking sprite unfunny comic with no plot accuses ME of being plotless!? You shouldn't even be online...there should be a law keeping you away from computers. Many laws..
3) As long as you're posting, post some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. How would YOU redo the strip to make the action smoother?
Matt 1/5
I fail to see comedy nor any quality of any form. So why read a comic with no quality? Violence is better with a plot, I say. DBZ was plotless and violent, but that became old after a few episodes. Same with this. Gets old fast. Plots are our friends.
Kilty 1/5
I fail to see the "comedy" here, but I suppose that this comic lives up to everything it says. Truly Plotless. I hope that when my eyes stop bleeding I can clense them with something less abrasive. Possibly steel wool.

I wont say Stop What You Are Doing because I cannot tell you what to do, but I will NEVER visit your site again.
Joerules 2/5
I'm not a real big Kung-fu buff so maybe I'm the wrong person to judge this strip. But it doesn't work for me. The violence witch I think is supposed to be exaggerated for the purposes of humor, is not only difficult to follow, but also, not that funny.

Maybe as an actual movie this would be funny. As funny as such Kung-fu comedy classics like Kung-pow. But honestly, was that even funny?
The Cardinal 3/5
What are you thinking, I mean seriuosly people lets just get our thinking caps on straight and do the honorable thing, tell the truth, forget it my fingers are tired... this comic is like a blow job from G-d while on X. Wawho.
LiquidHAL 5/5
In an age of mindless entertainment, derivative work upon derivative work, carbon-copy clones built of formulas and cliches, lowest common denominator market-researched products created to dull the mind , comes some more mindless entertainment. But without all that other stuff.

Ariel Weisberg 5/5
Badass. Just Badass. If your in the know the combat showcases some interesting techniques. And it's in color!!!!
John Kerry 5/5
I love the absurdity of the comic.
This comic is way too absurd.
It's funny to make fun of the Saudis.
The Saudis are our allies.
Orosco316 5/5
This is a spectacular webcomic and I was not paid to say this. If you like martial arts and mspaint, well this is the place for you, you weird freak. Some of the comments on the bottom are amusing and funny. Not as funny looking as the author though. ZING.

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