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PVP Online

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Genre: Workplace
Date Added: Before Time Began
Last Update: 12 March 2012
Current Comic Ranking: 865/23731
Views This Month: 6055   (More...)
Average Views a Month: 935   (More...)
Favourite of: 887 members
Status: Not Checked For Updates (?)

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PvP Online is a comic about the everyday going-on's at the headquarters of a video game magazine. It has lots of humorous references to recent games, movies, and other electronic entertainment. The dialogue is witty and the characters are intriguing and hilarious.

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Lordyv23 5/5
I really like this comic, it has so many ups and downs, the ambitious cat who wants to rule the whole world who is always spoiled on its plans. LOL!!!
poisonsbreath 5/5
I read a few year's worth in about a day.
Me likey.
Also, I truly cannot see how anyone could not like this comic.
Philosopher B. 5/5
The writing in PvP has really improved a lot. 2007 was one of its best year, in my opinion. I'm not one of those gushing, can't-stand-to-hear-criticism-of-P vP fans, but damn if the comic hasn't kept me reasonably entertained for a long, long time now.
There are clues everywhere all around us. But the puzzle maker is clever. The clues, although surrounding us, are somehow mistaken for something else. And the something else the wrong interpretation of the clues we call our world. Our world is a magical smoke screen. How should we interpret the happy song of the meadowlark, or the robust flavor of a wild strawberry?
Stormblazer 4/5
A little inconsistent in style (I'm not talking about art), but otherwise a decent comic about gaming.
JohnnythePirate 5/5
I wouldn't go so far as to say the humor goes through slumps, but rather say that it is replaced with nice chracter developement and story telling. It's a really nice read as long as you aren't always looking for humor.

Also note: ding ding and toot jokes are funny :P

The art is really different from most comics. It has a very nice newspaper sydicate feel. And seeing how it has managed to make it into a few papers, I'm not the only one who would think that.

Very original and very fun to read. It's nice to see a comic that manages to pull in 7 strips a week. Most comics can barely pull in three to five on a timely manner so I can't really rag on Kurtz for his rather unpunctual updates... too much. :D

Great comic and a great read out of the 30 seconds of your day that it takes to read it. goods consistancy and characters.

NullTermination 4/5
I used to be a PA and CAD guy. I didn't like PvP so much at first. I read the entire archive during a slow day at work and it just didn't really grow on me. There were a few gems in there but not many. Sometime between then and now, my interest in CAD waned and my interest in PvP grew. There's just something about this comic. The artwork isn't the best I've ever seen and it's not the funniest comic on the web. The characters are one of PvPs strong points, but they could be better. I guess it's the way Kurtz puts it all together in one package that makes this comic a good addition to your daily browsing habits.
FredC 5/5
One of my favorite webcomics. Great characters and comics all around.
unionavenue 4/5
The comic is funny and well done. I'm a little tired of the whole video-gamer format.
krudman 5/5
The characters are so well developed you cant help but love them. Skull the troll is perhaps the most lovable of all internet icons. The storylines are great, the daily updates are a plus, and the occasional nod to the nerds is great to.

Kurtz does what it takes to bring the funny to the table, whether it be penis and fart jokes, a pop culture reference, or a a joke developed over a storyline, a month, or a year ripe for picking. This amongst my favorites and should be with yours too.

5/5 B.
Shotgun Holiday  
The skill behind VG cats.... Im not sure penis jokes represent skill.
L'ope 5/5
This comic is funny, and it isn't just about the games which means it can appeal to a wider audience. It has character and a great story. I love getting my daily fix of PvP
Of course, webcomics should be clever. Every well-received strip in history is either politically or socially relevant. The term "Funny pages" is a wonderful example of the lack of respect that comic strip creators have always had to put up with.
Traitorfish 3/5
You've got it all wrong- PA has some really clever writing, while this relies on obvious jokes way too much. I won't say it can't be good, but it often choses not to be.
Basically, PvP is so popular because people who don't really get the skill behind stuff like PA or VGCats can't tell the difference between them and this.
Van Helsing 5/5
Tha's true. pvp is great no matter what. I guess that's pretty hypocritical anyway as I don't read any video game comics. pvp has no downside, and if you don't like it because it dosen't have video game references then maybe you should go check out Penny Arcade and listen to some wang jokes.
It doesn't matter how you try to classify it, this is one of the best webcomics in existence. The artwork is better than most mainstream dailies, the characters are well thought out and it is consistently funny. Who cares what level of gaming content it has, Kurtz's success rests on the fact that he opened it up to a larger audience. It's longevity is a testament to its quality. (It's the only strip I actually went back and read the ENTIRE archive for.)
Van Helsing 5/5
I love this comic. It's one of the few I read every day and one of even less that is extremely loyal on it's updates. It's hilarious, has good artwork, and apeals to a wide audience. The only reason I can see to anyone disliking this comic is that it tries to be a gaming comic, which, admitably, it's not.
Beholder18 5/5
Spend some great time with it.
repelhistory 2/5
Contrary to popular belief, this comic is neither funny nor cohesive.
Keeper of Secrets 4/5
PVP is great. Its funny, has great humor, game-wise or not. All around an excellent comic.
Malek86 5/5
It's currently my favorite, together with Sluggy Freelance. It seems to never get old, even with time passing, and new strips are just as funny as the archives (most of the times).

Brent is my all-time favorite character on any webcomics.
freeme 5/5
the funniest comic for those not as much into gaming as the penny arcade guys. My #1 recommendation together with
meandroo 4/5
The first time I saw pvp, I went back and read EVERY back comic. SK needs to bring back real life Jade.
Ami 3/5
Itís consistently updated daily and has pretty solid art, though at times Kurt severely abuses the cut/paste option. The storyline moves forward at a reasonable rate. He has been called the most professionally savvy webcomic artist on the web and I would have to agree. The organization of his products and the sheer number of references he can call in is impressive (though the name dropping does become old). So why three stars? Itís bland, painfully bland. Itís ironic that Kurt has trumpeted his comic as a ďkick in the pantsĒ to the funny paper comics when his has all the same weaknesses. Itís painfully formulaic and tries to pander to a specific demographic while remaining as vanilla as possible in order to appeal to as a wide a range of the public as possible and in the end creates something not particularly interesting for anyone. If I wanted a business strategy for creating a successful webcomic I wouldnít hesitate to ask him; itís just too bad that not much of his business aptitude translates into artistic creativity.

His rants, nonsensical as they sometimes are (I mean suddenly ranting against WWII games as disrespectful) can at least be amusing in the amount of flak they create. Whether he does this for publicity or not I donít know, but I wouldnít put it past him.
Traitorfish 3/5
I think I've figured out the problem with this- there's new comics about everyday, right? But only about 1 in 3 are any good. So, he should make less comics, so they'd be funnier overall. Like PA. Then he could do more colour.
nohara_megami 5/5
I love this comic because it seems more...realistic than others that I read (Penny Arcade especially) but it has the gamer feel to it so much it ozzes.... never late updates and you get a lot of comics during the week!
Mithel 2/5
There's a reason why newspapers wouldn't take this comic for free. Five letters comprising one word:


It's so generic I could cry. Perhaps it wasn't when it was new. However, so many copycats have flooded the market since PvP's inception, doing its shtick so much better, that it's just worth anybody's time.
thewizardess 5/5
This is my favorite comic ever. You learn to love the characters like they were real people and it's just genius. When you get some spare time read the archives, it's TOTALLY worth it!
maroon17 5/5
this is funny and cool
maroon17 5/5
this is funny and cool
Pudge_bar 5/5
Lots of stupidity.... so funny
Pudge_bar 4/5
wtf this rocks!!
zooker 4/5
Fails to hold my interest, but there's certainly no reason not to read it.
nohara_megami 4/5
Heard of this one through Penny Arcade.... It is a good one, love the troll^_^ but I have to admit I cannot review it all that well I have not read that much so far, only about a years worth(from beginning) but so far I enjoy it.....
Meadow 5/5
One of my absolute favorite web comics. I have been reading PVP for a long time and I am still amazed by how fresh it still is. The characters and stories are always good.
bigfan 5/5
One the best! It's a classic.
netjester677 5/5
ONe of my favorites
Hands down, one of the absolute best! Always good for a laugh.
greengirl 4/5
I just started reading this one last month and I really like it! There's a huge archive so I'm working my way through the masses of geek strips.
jonathan 5/5
Considered one of the greats and rightfully so. What I like about PvP is that is doesn't just focus on the gaming industry alone, it also dabbles in popular culture as well as give us characters that we can all identify with. It's the web comic people love to hate and love and hate... Never mind all that, PvP has real heart.
theblogComics 1/5
I really don't get why this is so huge. Apparently the newpapers don't either, lol.
rhathar 5/5
Definately a five star comic. I read through over five years worth in a few days. Just great.
Exalted Vileness 2/5
The humour in it ranges from poor till average.
Misanthrope 1/5
Hasn't been funny ONCE, EVER, and I want to slap the author
just because.
grifters 5/5
funny 7 days a week. I read it every day.
PlotlessViolence 2/5
Of all the strips I read (and I can only tolerate so much) they only varied from inane to almost mildly whimsical. What is it people see in this? There must be something here, because it's very popular, particularly among other webartists whose work I DO like. Or maybe my body was more resistant growing up to the radiation that affects everyone else's brain matter, which would explain MUCH.
twitch360 2/5
How did this become so popular? Do people just have an attraction to the unispired?
Donny 5/5
Fantastic art, wonderful writing. PVP will live on in webcomics history even when it out grows the web. Anyone who thinks that the comic is crap or that Scott is failing with his syndication deals needs to actually visit the PVP site. Because they obviously have never read the comic.
mia_ravana 4/5
Not my favorite but one I make sure to follow everyday. Characters are likable and plots are enertaining. At least something to check out.
geekscomic 5/5
This wonderful comic is what inspired me to create my own. Scott Kurtz is the master of his domain.
J.K. 3/5
Not that great, but at least is tons better than Penny Arcade
Asuryan 5/5
Absolutely wonderful. If you are a gamer, if you love computers, or even if you love strips that manage to stay hilarious even when dealing with situations like broken hearts and such, this is THE COMIC. Thank you Scott Kurtz for being alive!
Jesus Christ 1/5
I condemn this crappy gaming comic!
Jeremy Woods 5/5
I read this comic everyday. I love the characters and the artwork. Peace out.
Eric 5/5
This comic is full of so many gags, from the MAC vs. PC jokes to Brent and Cole's nastalga for the days of their childhood, a recently added genius cat that's attempting to take over the world, but constantly being foiled by a ball of twine, and the ever-lovable Skull, the EverQuest troll castoff, this comic is one I look forward to reading for years to come. Beware the unpredictable panda attacks.
Jesus Smith 1/5
Preachy when it tries to be touching, far too dependent on juvenile humor and has nothing much to do with gaming most of the time. And the artwork really isn't worth mentioning. I have no idea why this comic is so popular, but I think it says a lot that the artist is now trying and failing to give his work away to the syndicates. Not like anyone would buy this.
Srdjan 3/5
Not so great, I think. Basically, too crowd-preasing, it seems as though he made a list of everything popular so he's putting it all by schredule. Plus, it gets very preachy and moralizing sometimes. Still, art is fine and it's actually funny so if you can get over all those annoying things, you'll like it.
Glotty 5/5
Love this comic, great for techies and gamers, so much joy in a single strip, and updates regularly
Aidank 5/5
I didn't see the rating bar. I give this a 5/5. A truly great comic.
This comic is great if your a fan of video games, computers, and other electronic entertainment. It's a hilarious romp through the office of a video game magazine. I highly reccommend it.

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