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VG Cats

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Genre: Gaming
Date Added: Before Time Began
Last Update: 17 April 2015
Archive URL:
Current Comic Ranking: 879/23733
Views This Month: 3801   (More...)
Average Views a Month: 652   (More...)
Favourite of: 1840 members
Status: Normal (?)

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This comic deals with the stupidities of some video games and the hilarious situations that ensue due to them. It also chronicles the life of two very bizarre cats in their daily adventures. All in all, a really funny read.

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YourWebcomicIsBad 2/5
I only keep this in my favorates to follow Super Effective. VG Cats itself is lame and barely updates anymore.
Axel-Comics 1/5
I used to like this comic years ago but reading it now I can\'t help but think his jokes are average at best and childish at worst. And the lack of updates...dear god, the lack of updates! I also find it rather annoying that he can\'t make the time to update regularly for his fans and yet he expects them to buy volumes of VG Cats and Super Effective for extorsionist prices. 1 star just cos the artwork\'s good.
Venusfly9108 1/5
Update: I remembered one comic that I thought was funny. I think it was the one based off of Animal Crossing where Leo gets his leg smacked by that raccoon, which I\'m not bothering to look up. Rating: 1 star. Okay, that\'s all.
Lordyv23 5/5
What an adventure of two cute cats. Actually I like cats very much. I am fascinated by cats specially on comic characters. The concept of the story makes the story so interesting.

Venusfly9108 1/5
Man, this comic hardly updates at all... but oh well, I stopped caring about it once I graduated from high school three years ago. I heard rumors that three of these comics are funny, but I\'m not digging through those 300 comics. I have better things to do anyways.
swifttalon MLIA 5/5
This is the most kickass comic I\'ve read. The artwork is amazing, The jokes are hilarious, and the updates... well, Scott has a life, can\'t blame hiim for that. It\'s an amazing comic and it\'s my facorite.
SpiritRadio 5/5
EXCEPT HE DOESN\'T FUCKING UPDATE!!! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! !!!! IT\'S BEEN A FUCKING MONTH!!!!! I love this comic, but Scott needs to fucking update once in a blue fucking moon at least.
SpiritRadio 5/5
EXCEPT HE DOESN\'T FUCKING UPDATE!!! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! !!!! IT\'S BEEN A FUCKING MONTH!!!!! I love this comic, but Scott needs to fucking update once in a blue fucking moon at least.
SpiritRadio 5/5
Absolutely hilarious to anyone who gets the referances. If you arent a goddam anthrophobe and love video games, i would definately reccomend it. Also check out double helix\'s \"Decline of video gaming.\"
tedology 4/5
It\'s definitely funny, and the artwork is above average, but I\'m not sure it deserves all the praise it\'s getting. I think the quality of the work suffered a little when the author discovered this thing is making him money. That being said, definitely worth checking out if you\'re into videogame humor.
BenMacleod 5/5
People are always complaining about this comics update schedule, but I think the fact that he spends so much time on each comic to be why its sch a great comic, the art is great, the jokes hilarious, and the characters are awesome
yuansuxs 5/5
HA! RANDOM COMIC RATING BOOST ATTACK! haha... jk this is the best comic EVER
that guy 4/5
There\'s a lot of inside jokes that only us gaming nerds may understand, there\'s quite a few fillers, and there\'s a lot of randomness, but all in all, it was definitely worth my time. I also find this guy\'s obsession with cats amusing. And awesome comment, Bazaza.
I-Wanna-be-a-Marysue 2/5
When I was first getting into webcomics, I liked VGcats. But that was years ago. While I think the art of VGcats has improved over the years, the jokes have become repetitive and the author has just lost his passion for making the comics (other than using the series as his cash cow). Also, any comic which focuses on the cats (of the comic\'s title sucks), as the cats just aren\'t interesting.
Seanier 2/5
I just don\'t get the huge obsession with this comic. It\'s certainly not bad, a lot of the comics would probably be funnier if I actually played the video games they were lampooning. It\'s just not very well thought out, a lot of the humour is repetitive, the characters are very flat, and the whole concept is just not that original.

In my opinion, it\'s an okay comic, but highly, highly overrated.
katosen27 3/5
I\'d give this a higher rating if his update schedule wasn\'t so ridiculously horrible. Its excellent artwork, beautiful even. The jokes are hilarious.

But...that update schedule....he puts so much work into each comic, it destroys the schedule, completely.

Do give it a try, but you are going to have to have a LOT of patience once you get caught up.
ass load of comments i guess its worth a try
Thaslugga 4/5
I love this comic if he made it a three panel then he could probably update more often
Phalanxia 4/5
Entertaining, but the best thing VG Cats ever did for me was giving me a link to Slackerz. Wish it would update more though.
dai 1/5
Here is a great idea, lets have a stupid male character, a bitchy female character, and make fun of video games!

EFFING COMIC GOLD!!!one1!1eleventy-one!

1-sta rred.
Does this comic update? Ever?
DDR 4/5
i honestly think this a good comic. the art style is amazing and expressions priceless, the jokes are funny and crude but it needs more thought out jokes, the layout is great and i got to give scott credit for faster updates now. and this comic is quite an inspiration too

so i give it a four
kittytreats 5/5
This is a breath of fresh air from all those other video gaming comics. I love VG Cats!
Stormblazer 5/5
First off, let me start off by saying I normally despise anything with furry on sight. For some reason, VG cats gets away with it for me, and it is the sole exception to date (I think it's because it's not a continuous plot type strip, among other things).

The art is great other than being furry, the jokes by and large are pretty good, and like Penny Arcade, they really work well within the context of gaming.

@Falken: Look... I'm pretty critical when it comes to webcomics usually. But unless you know nothing about gaming, I really don't see how you arrived at only 3 of them being funny. You must have an even more twisted concept of humor than me, and that takes some doing.
*^_^*Nikki 5/5
*^_^*i've read some of it and my fav is when they make fun of zelda*^_^*noting personly i like zelda and this the same*^_^*......well maybe this a little more*^_^*
jayvesuvio 5/5
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Cheat2Win 3/5
The updating schedule is sometimes well.......sproadic, sometimes the jokes are either lame or disgusting(without being funny), and sometimes the characters look kinda weird. Sure VGCats has a lot of downsides, but it makes you look forward to Mondays because of the good parts of it; when the jokes are good they're pee your pants funny and the artwork in the gallery is always a plus side.
Louis@skateboarding 5/5
Scot...time is short and there is so much to I'll just say it. I Love you and would be submissive to the idea of you pregnating me O_o.

Love Louis XXX....I'm also totaly straight, not that there is anything wrong with homosexuality but I dont quite swing that way
Underscorex2 5/5
I really like this comic its my favorite.
I can't tell you how many times I've laughed while reading this.
santaman87 4/5
kason8002 5/5
RedTopHat 4/5
I like the art and the concept. A flavor of the week is good when you find so many people doing plot lines. VGCats is good when you need some quick humor.

I wish updates were more frequent however.
BeachNuts 5/5
High Five!
EmberWolfe 5/5
best. comic. ever.
Elamntor 3/5
Good comics.. What else is there to say..?
Cagia 4/5
It's a very good comic and the humour he just got better since it started it just needs to update a bit more regulary.
JohnnythePirate 5/5
This comic is pure insanity. Very cartoony, very well drawn, and very original despite the webcomic genre it falls into. The archive are rather hit and miss, but the most recent updates show the definition of learning from mistakes. It's definitely my favorite gaming comic out there to read.
BlackDahlia 5/5
Twisted, funny, with the tangy zip of Miracle Whip...just like a sandwich should be.
What was I commenting on, again?
nocturnus 4/5
It's absurd - and that explains all, IMO, plus the art is quite good.
Krypter 5/5
VG Cats is my favorite comic because its all about difference!! VG Cats offer a sharp sense of humour with great facial expretions! I love the idea of using cats as main character for no other good reasons then for the fun of it! i mean, no other characters are cats!? And his creativity to make strong characters like Krug and Dr. Hobo is genius.

Other things, is that he makes it seem like Leo and Aeris arnt "palying" games per say, but are rather re-living them as the main characters or in-games palyers! Thats not somthing you often see!!

And the best stuff is how the comic is based on games! i mean, there will always be games to make fun of!

And he makes everything seem so cute (Aeris is so cute when shes angry ^.^)

I give the comic a 5 based on my standards for a good comic! not childish loyalty!!

VG Cats Rulez!! Hell Yeah!!
DeathbyChiasmus 3/5
obnoxious. tasteless. hyperactive.
and extremely funny.
some of the gags won't make you laugh so much as cringe (MGS3's Snake with a bad case of crotch leeches comes readily to mind), but VG Cats has solid artwork that's only improved from the start, and the outrageous humor will make you laugh out loud just as often as it offends--if not more often. one of my favorite things about the strip is the phenomenally weird cast of supporting characters.
arandomfoxinthegrass 5/5
I started reading this comic when it irst came out. I loved it then, I love it even more now. The updating gets a little anoying, but i can live with that.
prahanormal 5/5
one of the first webcomics i got into.
verry funny indeed
unionavenue 4/5
Artwork is super. Not a huge fan of the humor but its more of a personal taste than a professional observation (?). There were a few that made me giggle. VG Cats is definately out there. Keep up the good work
lifeisagame247 5/5
I love this. The parodies and the jokes about n00bs are the funniest and I can sometimes identify with Leo, because I am an Nintendo gamer myself. The strip were Leo was upset when Nintendo was sold to Rare is really exact. I suspect Falken has never tried a video game? And you should do before reading alla strips again.
Falken 1/5
I read through plenty of the strips, I'm not one to judge something like that. I read through over 150 strips. Out of those, a grand, incredible total of 3 were funny. 3. Magic number it may be, but that doesn't make the other 147 strips of pure turgid SHITE worth reading.

Oh and I forgot to rebutt one of Quinlan RB's arguments below: he says that storylines are needed to develop an attachment to the character. However, while I have already stated in my looooong post that not every webcomic needs a storyline and VG Cats' style cannot be present if a storyline is brought in, there is one other important thing to note.

You aren't supposed to develop any kind of attachment to a VG Cats character. Again, the style of VG Cats just doesn't fit that notion.


(PS: if I must elaborate on this, then I probably will in the near future if asked on this page. Tah.)
ermmm actually when I first mention Falken, I meant to say "THEREFORE it isnt. a. good. webcomic."


Tacitus666 5/5
Alright I am going to direct this following comment to those who hate this webcomic:

Yes, I realize that not everyone will like a given webcomic - not even one such as this.

However, if you are going to hate VG Cats, it has to be for a good reason.

For example, Falken says that VG Cats isn't funny, isn't well-drawn, and there "isn't. a. good. webcomic."
Why do I get the feeling you haven't looked into the very recent VG Cats? Because yes, the art was admittedly crap in the beginning, and so was the humour in comic #1. But, it has progressed over the years and now the art rivals or perhaps even outclasses that of CAD, which I also find to be a very elite webcomic.

If you don't like a webcomic, then feel free to comment and say why, but I'd rather not see comments made by people who nto only hate this webcomic, but state dumb things like "the art is crap, and it needs a storyline to create an attachment to the characters".

Which brings me to another point: Not every comic needs a storyline. If VG Cats had a continuing storyline, then many of VG Cats' factors and matter wouldn't make sense at all.

As for those commenting on how bad the rate of updates is: Scott Ramsoomair has a LIFE, and he doesn't need to spend even most of it working on any given comic or update for you people. Yes, this is most probably his full-time job as a cartoonist, but it takes more time than you think to make each individual webcomic, and not only that but Scott also needs time to unwind, play games and do other things like socialize. Instead of just sitting there staring at your monitor due to your insane amounts of spare time or because you have nothing else better to do, why don't you just go for a walk or play a game, or even watch TV. Life doesn't revolve around your need to read webcomics. Cartoonists like Scott and Tim Buckley of CAD aren't working for you, they are working for themselves in order to make money. This is on THEIR terms, not yours. You do not own their webcomic, and they will bring out webcomics at their own rate, whether you like that or not.

Anyways, that's it for my semi-ranted spiel.

kason8002 5/5
This site is the BEST... Great stuff.
ericsagirl 4/5
this isnt half bad...great art, funny strips...yesh
Corrugo 5/5
Great, funny comic.
Evil Dead 5/5
nah dude your kool the updates are tiresome though and even i forget about this comic a lot. still like it lotz though! :3 kitty's are kool!
Quinlan RB 3/5
Vg Cats, Hmmm....
What to say,

GOOD: Well drawn, interesting enough to read, one of the originals That incredibly influenced other comics, He's friends with Snafu-Dave, It has its funny moments as well as its Video game synapsis is quite different then Penny Arcade and I have never seen a person more obsessed with cats

BAD: The Updating is tiresome and highly annoying, When he does update it is definately not on mondays, no storyline, just a pile of ideas that are funny, Storylines are the very things that make you attached to a character

I cannot get enough interest to even rarely check this comic when it updates and all tjhis comic does is portray the writers ideas about the world of Video games.

If You disagree with me and think I have problems for not loving this comic as much as the average person, Try to make me like it, I have been trying myself for the past year,

Thats my proposition:
Tell me why I should like this comic More.
What did I Not Realize or miss when I read through this comic Strip. Im up For suggestions.
a tad overrated in my opinion, but definitely strikes the fine points in video games
metaslugx 4/5
Great comci, but updates about once a millemia

'B' comic
jonesy 5/5
Fucking awesome. You won't find anything better, cept maybe CAD.

Only thing I don't like about it is that Leo gets beat on so much. But even thats funny.
krudman 5/5
A great comic with great art. I'll admit there are better artists, but Scott's art in itself has a way to make you laugh. I can go through an update with no text and laugh in a way that no other artist can pull off. The comics with text are funny to top that off.

The two main characters are so great it's almost impossible to love them, and the supporting characters are just as great in the little cameo appearances they make.

On top of being an awesome comic, scott manages to help other comics out with his webcomic spotlight on the front page.

Kudos to this comic and all who enjoy it.
TPJ 5/5
Great Funny comic the highlight of my week
Evil Dead 4/5
rabid maybe, fanboy no.

just because i forgot to put the little blank spots like so many others doesn't mean im crazy about this comic or angry by what you said, just forgot the sacred blank spots between the paragraphs.

and poke not fun at my slang... I'm sure you have your special phrases and words.

oh and one more thing... if you think the comic sucks sooo bad, why do you keep coming back?
lamer 5/5
One of the best webcomics I've ever read. This comic may not be completly invisible to the competitive world of comics (*cough Penny Arcade cough*), then again, what can smash it down when it comes to video game humor?

Oh, and I know that the art is a Furry/Anime mix, but why bother? You don't hear people bashing others for liking Sonic, Star Fox, and Full Metal Alchemist, do you? (Unless you're Adam Sessler from X-Play. He's funny when he makes fun of those things.)

I would reccomend it to every one of my friends. It's that good! Great job, Scott!
Falken 1/5
Wow. A calm collected analysis of it by myself predisposed to belittle this repugnatly bad webcomic, and what do I get to counter it?

A rabid fanboy whose vocabulary seems entirely composed of words found in no english dictionary.

Its not 'some' of the strips that suck, every webcomic has those. Its an overwhelming majority, in the region of 95% or more, that are absolutely incredibly bad. I understand all the jokes attempted within the strips but the delivery, timing, even the base observation is entirely humourless.
Evil Dead 4/5
Mr. Falken i disagree with you entirely.
this comic is part of something I like to call "TEH FRIK!". TEH FRIK! is the goodness of all that is funny, all that makes u money, and just something thats better thatn others.
this comic has art comparable to that of Penny Arcade and i found i was laughing at several of the strips and granted some are pieces of crap... doesn't mean a damn thing. means it was a bad moment for the man's brain to be workin' thats all. you on the other hand are part of "TEH FRIG!" TEH FRIG! is not TEH FRIK!, TEH FRIG! is all that is bad, like bills. i give it a 4 anna half
Falken 1/5
A Horrible, horrible comic.

I read through over a hundred strips in a fit of boredom. I found exactly 3 even mildly amusing.

Applegeeks, Chugworth Academy, CAD, Megatokyo (Yes, even now) and Sorethumbs even, all completely outclass this comic in every way. They have better quality art, charactes, humour, everything. Even the majority of their websites layouts are better.

Horribly unfunny comic, that relies on poorly executed 'flavour of the week' humour to succeed. Never before have I witnessed such a hideously unfunny FFVII 'Aeris + Pheonix down' joke. Never before have I plunged on through a comic archive, hoping against all obstacles that I might find soemthing worth chuckling over, only to be sorely dissapointed.

VG cats is not funny. VG cats is not well drawn. VG cats is not. a. good. webcomic.
TDDM 4/5
Wonderful, but Dr Hobo Pales in comparison to chef brian.
l33tone 5/5
Cats + video games = awesome!!!
mikep3313 3/5
For me, the comic is extremely uneven. While the video game parodies are funny and well-done, the main gimmick of the comic never fails to make me insanely angry. That gimmic being, of course, cats dressed up as video game characters. The cats are fine, the parodies are fine, but when this comic combines the two, it loses something in my eyes.
lotodame 5/5
Vg cats is the best webcomic ever. It's interesting how he transforms all the video games into strange, twisted comics. I especially like Leo. He's so stupid. RAT FLAILS FOR EVERYONE! Oh, and the jokes are funny too. Heh.
billythehick 4/5
reached a peak of random invention last year, and is now starting to slow down, but remains worth a look. NEEDS MORE DOCTOR HOBO!
Admiral 5/5
This comic has some of the best art and humor I have ever seen. I love the drawing style and the crazy concepts and situations of all the games, characters, and so on and so forth. One of my favorite comics ever.
Saëdom 5/5
A weekly dose of great jokes!
832001 5/5
He´s right !!!!!!!!
Cowboy 5/5
Greatest. Webcomic. EVAR.

The art style is amazing, and his methods of coloring only get better over time. The humor of it is perfect; Scott does to videogames what needs to be done.

VG Cats is too good to be explained in words. You MUST read it.
the_velociraptor 4/5
A fresh breath to comics. Humor is awesome and well thought up. Just don't let it near Hitler...
bahamut951 5/5
DedRandal 5/5
The art is excelent and most of the humor is very good. Not the best, but not enough to detract from an excelent rating.

I especially like the "HAL" reference in the recent ipod comic.
Tacitus666 5/5
Abso-f***ing-lutely awesome! My favourite alongside Ctrl+Alt+Del and Concerned.

I really like the Archive list Scott Ramsoomair uses as well, listing each individual comic and what game or whatever it is spoofing beside the comic's title.

I also love the facial expressions. Starting to feel sorry for poor Aeris and how she can stand being tormented by Leo. :D

wodan46 3/5
takes the potty joke route more often than needed
832001 5/5
Enchuu 5/5
Its funny, what more do you look for in a Humour comic?
jackmcslay 1/5
oh great another gaming comic that's made to be funny... except it's not...
user dude 5/5
oh yeah i kno this is a comment thingy but anyone know how to unblock something from a student computer? cuz I can't look at the vg comics

user dude 5/5
oh yeah furgot my comment's yeah I like Aeris she can look and cartoony and cute at the same time Leo's a retard but he pretty much the funny in the comic but i Quote: this shits awsome!!!!
user dude 5/5
what are you guys talk'n bout this sht's awsome
Beholder18 5/5
Best use of disturbing humor in net. What else to say?
RoivasUGO 5/5
Usually funny, sometimes absolutely hilarious. Is there a way not to like this?
832001 5/5´s combining my three most favorites:
Furry,Games and humor you don´t have to think about...But please don´t read it when if don´t
know that many games coz´ i think you won´t get the funny insider jokes like the G-Man isn´t speaking and Gordon gives him a book about speech lessons...for example.
so i think it´s time for me to end and i know there must be ONE fucking gramaticle failure
so don´t blame me!
BTW i´m german....
Keeper of Secrets 5/5
I have been a fan of this comic for a long time, and I cant see how anyone wouldn't like it. The art is great, I liked it so much my style is half VGCats. Characters, great, humor, great, everything about it is great. Sure, it could update more, but when it comes out, it looks splendid, and it cracks you up, what else can you ask for?
PhantomPenguin 5/5
the best of the "big 3" gaming comics.
meandroo 5/5
Every bit as good as the hype. I got caught looking at work because the "Princess is in another castle" one got me giggling.
JJK 5/5
This is easily one of the greatest webcomics in existance. Every strip makes me laugh out loud, and the artwork is fantastic. Deserves to be higher than PA.
GreyMage 5/5
I think this is a hilarious webcomic with references to all of my favourite anime and games, I think it's characters interact perfectly with eachother and it always makes me laugh.
chrissy 5/5
Most of these comics you'd have to be a nerd or geek to understand, but I'm PROUD to be both, so I love it.
kisstheelf 5/5
best comic EVAH

~ ze fan
Merkmon 5/5
I love it! Really funny because I play most of the games they make fun of and it's spot on. Totally worth bookmarking!
R23 4/5
I like it ^^
the art style is really cute and expressive too
kichigai-kiddo 4/5
came across this comic from one of my online friends from devart and I must say that I'm rather glad that he showed it to me. :D

the jokes are very original and the style of the comic overall is just pure wonderous.. stuff O_o reminds me allot of hail-nekoyasha from devart. you people should go read her stuff...

only thing that somewhat vexes me is the cats >.< anime has overated one of my fave animals for some reasons. same thing goes for foxes - seem overused.

but overall give this comic a good look into and I'm sure you will be in stitches by the end. XD
CK01 5/5
One of the webcomics at the top of my watch list. Bit cruder than say Penny Arcade even, but great style and writing.
Traitorfish 5/5
Absolutely brilliant. Original style, too.
nohara_megami 5/5
Let's put it this way, I have specific comics that I have in my Favorites on my computer so when people I know come over I have to sit them down and show them.... HILARIOUS!!!! I will not compare it to other comics I read because this is in a catageory all its own......
Adalonus 4/5
This comic is good only because half the things they make fun of are concepts my friends and I have talked about. So its good for that... but not good enough for more than a 4... eh... maybe.. but i'm going with a 4 here
Pudge_bar 5/5
errrr...... I don't know about you guys but I certainly don't like it. 8 bit, CAD, and Penny are better....

Awwww.... quit the crap, shit I like it... like everyone..(but C&H are better hehehehe)
Post 5/5
The creator of VGCats, Scott Ramsoomair, is widely aknowleged as a webcomic god for good reason. For years now Scott has been honing his comic and artistic abilities to best fit the niche of gaming comics, and he now delivers weekly observational humor with a meticulously simple style reminiscent of the innovators of artistically primitive comics who created Calvin & Hobbes or Peanuts. There is no continuous plot to VGCats, so you do not need to have read every comic in order from the past many years to enjoy Scott's one-off humor, which is a rarity I have only found in Not Thought Through Comics ( and occassionally in CtrlAltDel Comics ( If you enjoy webcomics, and you enjoy gaming, you will enjoy VGCats.
ishkampo 4/5
Cute and and the artist has a good hands, yet the humor is not that too good. One thing I want for the author is to make it a continous story like what CAD(ctrl+alt+del) has done so it can have some progress in the storyline.

btw gj keep up the good work
Ark 5/5
Really good, some of the game references in there are absolutely spot on.
Updated once a week? Fine with me, it looks stunning.
comiccontrol 5/5
I can't stop reading this one! One of teh best on the web and one of my favorites. Go check it out now!
Zaddra 5/5
Great comic I have to say. One of the comics that inspired me to start my own webcomic!
Kashi 5/5
very goofy, not always funny, but often enough.
The sheer number of comments for this one should convince just about anyone.
Boyinabox 4/5
Beats Penny Arcade senseless. Mind you, so does everything else!
Kage and Tenchi 5/5
My favorite webcomic next to Bigger Than Cheeses
Love this web strip. Excellent artwork!
cashacka 5/5
i can say nothing more than lol
furryjonny 5/5
Really, really great. Funniest comic I've found so far.
Jono!!! 5/5
Probably my favourite comic of all time. In my opinion its always been consistently better than CAD and PA. Considering the cool art, the Analytical jokes, The great archive. and the fact that it isn't published it professionally as do most of the top comics, its excellent.

My only criticism is that its only published once a week!
smileyfaceman 5/5
Wicked video game humor mixed with a unique art style makes this one of the best of the best.

Always funny. In some sick way it is always funny.
Re:Pete 5/5
Made me laugh... seriously laugh... I never laugh... I have cramps now... ignore the talking kitties... they'll eat your brain... with a spoon...

Krug's homepage was entertaining too...
super05 5/5
I loved it, you could do with updating abit more but the comic i love!
flame060 5/5
Must be, one of the greatest comics of all time.
Jenny169 5/5
Dude, not liking this comic is like liking "The Phantom Menace."
Illjwamh 5/5
This comic contains my all time favorite single comic strip. I've never laughed so hard at something that didn't move.

The rest of them are generally pretty good, too.
Septher 5/5
only game parody comic that i've seen actually DOING IT and SUCCEEDING time and time again.
GrenghisKhan 5/5
This comic is godly.
I've heared some people complain about it being trash (or just plain non-existant) humor, and sure sometimes it resorts to "potty humor", but none of it comes off as plain rehash. VG Cats is an insane thrill-ride as far as gaming parody comics go, and sometimes thats just what I need. Most of the negative comments on this humor being complete garbage have been made by prudes I'm sure, and honestly I find it annoying. Even in other comments on other comics I hear this comic trashed constantly for being "low scum" so to speak. In my mind its a perfect example of, as a friend of mine puts it, being "mature enough to be immature." The artist/writer is a no holds barred kind of guy, and why should he be? Its his comic and his choice humor. Personally I love it.

The art is unusually expressive in simplistic ways, unlike the cheap copy paste jobs you see in quite a few other comics.
rhathar 5/5
This comic is the most hilarious thing I've read in a LONG time. The week-long updates are well worth the wait =)
Spooky Hat 5/5
VG Cats is good. 1 of the first that read the humor is a bit grade school(i dont mean clean)the only bad thing that i can think of is that monday si so long away
If Penny Arcade and Bigger than Cheeses got it on, this would be the very very pretty offspring
blank 1/5
For Captain Awesome:
I'm looking for good and original humor, and VG Cats' humor is neither. I'm sick of reading the same jokes over and over again... oh yeah! but with slight changes that make stupid people not realize the fact that the joke has already been used over a zillion times. And the "original" ones are poorly thought.
And yes, it is a webcomic, but webcomics should have good humor too. Especially if that's the point of the webcomic.

And yes, cats are overrated as hell. You can thank anime for that. But how are you going to realize cats are overrated when you don't even see how overrated this comic is? =D

And please, don't direct your comments to other users, this is not a forum.
"Then, why did you reply?"
"Because you fucking directed your comment to me, don't do that"
Misanthrope 4/5
I wish the characters here were human, because I HATE furries.
That aside, this has some really funny strips, even if not every one succeeds.
Captain Awesome 5/5
jesus, blank. What level of humor are you looking for? it's a freaking web comic for christ's sake. It is based on games though, so if you havn't played the games, you won't get it.

And cats are an overrated animal? What is wrong with you? Nobody "rates" animals.

VGcats is awesome. One of my favorites. The updates could be more frequent, but I can't really complain because it's free entertainment.
blank 1/5
Poorly thought and unoriginal characters, poorly thought and unoriginal humor, poorly thought and unoriginal concept, and as the main characters, simple, yet eye-catching art and... as characters, we have the most overrated animal in the world: cats.

The worst thing in this comic has to be the humor. Made to make people with low IQ laugh, and laugh at the same joke with slight changes over and over again (finding an original and well thought joke in this comic is impossible), just like most webcomics and flash series out there... that's just... sad... very... very sad.
Donny 5/5
VGcats takes the concept of video game comics and makes it it's own. Its nice to see a gaming comic that can stand on the merits of its characters alone. The comic would rule even if it wasn't about gaming.
irokie 5/5
i love this comic. i wish he'd update more. i'm currently working on a plan to kidnap scott and bring him out drinking... the humour's perfectly off beat and incisive. and the art-work is beautiful!
escushion 5/5
Moving from strip to strip, I try miserably to stifle my laughter and fail. It's one of those comics where you can hurt yourself from laughing too hard if you go through the Archives in one sitting.
Garbled 4/5
It updates regularly and on schedual, the artwork more then gets the job done, it's hilarious, and it's one of the first comics that got me into webcomics.
However, it seems that the quality of the humor is slowly declining, though I get the feeling that this is but temporary.
Malice 4/5
I actually really like this strip, and there arn't very many gaming strips out there I can stomache.
ziggurath 5/5
Excellent. Needs updating more often.
PlotlessViolence 3/5
This strip is in the unique class of being the only Penny Arcade ripoff to ever be funny, although less than half the time.

Also, the author is a Dynasty Warriors 4 fan, and I respect that.
ravestone 5/5
this rocks i'll give it a five im seros
RDemon 4/5
This comic is just about as good as Penny Arcade, just with less updating
rastopopolus 5/5
I gotta say, this is probably the best comic about gaming ever. Amazing art style, very witty. Just brilliant!
Kirb 5/5
I deem this comic good. And... very strange at times.
Gotta love the D&D one. >>
poo 4/5
its very funny. teh art is good too. if only he would make a good story to put leo and aeris in it, it would be perfect
Sam Bennighof 5/5
An amazingly funny comic with smart jokes and an absolutely hysterical art style. This is definitely worth checking out. Especially great Zelda jokes. This is unrelated, but ook at comic 100.
da_guy 5/5
cant remember how i found but it has been one of my favorites since comic number 83
Artsangel 5/5
Sometimes hilarious, sometimes disturbing, always brilliant. Better jokes than any other gaming related comic, too.
Gleezus 4/5
Gaming meets furry... and it actually works... well. Great humor, good art... and I love the gaming references... especially the chocobos...
Awesome comic! Definately my top pick.. next goes PA then CAD. I actually look forward to Mondays because of VGCats!
Aidank 5/5
Hilarious and zany, all around great. Good Artwork too.
D4rk 5/5
This comic has made me giggle out loud just more than twenty times ^^

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