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Better Days

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Genre: Furry
Date Added: Before Time Began
Last Update: 29 May 2009
Current Comic Ranking: 2732/23731
Views This Month: 605   (More...)
Average Views a Month: 95   (More...)
Favourite of: 429 members
Status: Normal (?)

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This comic has finished but is still worth the read through the archives.

Current synopsis by: geneseepaws
Current image by: tonymontana49

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PS; \"Trolling\" and \"hating\" does not equal criticizing through analysis. Anybody over the age of 12 knows this.
Venusfly9108 2/5
Summary of Better Days:
*spoiler alert* Fisk fucks every one\'s brains out*, except for Persia, probably because she has crabs, and succeeds! THE END! *end spoiler*

*And that includes his sister too.
Super_and_MeOw 5/5
Amazing comic. Absolutley fantastic. However I must admit I did not like the incest idea. I also have a twin sister so this was absolutley apalling. Other than chapter 10, I really enjoyed reading this the three times I did.
If you have not figured it out yet, there is a time-lapse between each chapter. It is common sence, but evident from the comments around here, i judge ignorance.
Ac6592 5/5
I take pitty on the poor trolls that spend a good part to there day composing a hate coment for a comic that lots of people actualy enjoy alright we get it your not easaly amused by everything get the f**k over it and get a life
Oh yeah that\'s a direct response to Dr. Onions long comment
Ac6592 5/5
I take pitty on the poor trolls that spend a good part to there day composing a hate coment for a comic that lots of people actualy enjoy alright we get it your not easaly amused by everything get the f**k over it and get a life
Gonra 5/5
Personally (and that means this is my humble opinion), I think this is one of the best webcomics around (and quite addicting); nice art, very good story, funny parts, sad parts, some romantic parts, and some morally ambiguous parts.

The thing I like the most about this comic is probably its main character; I like his sense of humor, his sense of honor, his personality, how sharp he is, etc... Even if I don\'t share his religious and/or political opinions.
I also think it\'s nice how none of the characters are perfect, they all have their quirks.
I liked the comic better at the beginning, before Fisk left home, since afterwards it\'s a bit less funny and the amount of sexual references (and non-explicit sex) is a bit too much (again, in my opinion), but it\'s still pretty good.

Many people dislike this one because of its unusual amount of morally ambiguous themes and the political views that appear. I agree that there are quite a bit, and some are not necessary, but I also think they make the story interesting, and you don\'t need to agree with any of it, it\'s just a webcomic, it\'s there for entertaining mainly, and if you don\'t like it, then don\'t read it.

Overall, I think it\'s a very interesting and enjoyable comic for those who can stand someone disagreeing with them, and some things that you don\'t approve of (as is my case), and I recommend it to everyone (as long as you can stand the previously mentioned factors).

I give this comic a 5 because I think a 4 wouldn\'t do it justice, but maybe a 4.5 or 4.75 (I like exactitude) would be more appropriate.
zedigalis 5/5
has a great story (although it ended kinda suddenly but original life makes up for that...) is insanely addictive and has many usable quotes!
MadReader 5/5
Started reading and could not put it down. Marathoned the whole series in one sitting. Loved it.

This is a slice of life story with some soap opera like moments. The drama gets played down pretty quickly, and the story never loses its charm. Witty and thought provoking throughout.
Yurnero v6.69  
I like this comic it\'s interesting
SpiritRadio 5/5
Found it last year and ive read it twice. Excellent addition to the furry genre, great artwork, gives a great prespective on life and universal goals, IMO, very dynamic characters and storyline. A great change of pace from your favorite genre.
KYLE07 5/5
i respect this artist this story got me into comics.
it was very emotional and i am looking forward to reading all his comics
joshua_wyatt_england 4/5
I\'m not a Furry fan, like at all, but in all honesty, the great story was enough for me to set aside my dislike for the genre
Mana_Elemental 1/5
Hostile Amish 4/5
Very good overall artwork, and has an interesting plot and interesting characters. However, the incest was slightly disappointing to be in the comic.

Reddlemagne 5/5
Regardless of what others say, I find this to be a truly engaging comic, both graphically, and storywise. The characters are well developed, the stories realistic, and the drama sober, fast paced, and not for the easily offended. Overall, this is an awesome comic, and I ask that they keep up the good work.
silverfox14 5/5
Great comic! If this was in comic stores, I would buy it! Only at chapter 9, so I must read on! Thank you for this gift of a comic!
This comic has more depth and substance than people give it credit for. I think that sometimes people disregard or criticize it quickly because of some moral objection to the content.

Works of art and fiction I feel are best viewed when viewed as entertainment, and Naylor makes his comic very entertaining. Fisk is refreshing in his sense of honor, and his ability to forgive people in situations that aren't easy, understanding that everyone is flawed, and nothing even the country he is fighting for is perfect. Lucy doesn't claim to be perfect, she knows she screws up, but is content in the fact that she is doing the best we can. I feel sometimes that this is the message of the comic and how it relates to real life. We all screw up, sometimes very badly and we all get looked down and judge, but in the main we are convinced we are doing our best, and when we screw up we hope tomorrow is a Better Day.
culade 3/5
the art could be a little more refined but for twice weekly, its okay.
the story on the otherhand needs some help. the incest ruined their brother/sister relationship to me as it is a 200lb gorilla. some characters get to show up and poof, gone forever like Marissa.

this comic feels too much like an HBO lifestories special/Lifetime movie with the drama at times.
there are jokes occasionally. but too few and far between.
overall, it's alright. more comedy would help, like at the beginning.
acelxpro 5/5
Something about this comic just kept me entranced, the hole thing is like a bloody train wreck I seriously couldn't stop reading.

The art work is nothing special however it is more than acceptable for a web comic updated twice weekly

The plot is a bit preachy at times but otherwise is absolutely brilliant, if not unsettling at times...chapter10...

The fact that you get to know the characters so well before some of the most shocking events is the most unsettling part of all. I read up to chapter 18 in one night, I didn't sleep well that night, I kinda felt sick, yet I still love the characters.

Overall this is currently one of my favorite webcomics out their, lets hope Naylor can keep up the ground breaking events without them being for pure shock value.
dr.onion 2/5
The comic comes off as a form of masturbation for the author's political/social/religious views. The protagonists are all on the same moral wavelength as the author, and if they mess something up the narrative is forced in a way that will make them look like they did the right thing, or no consequences will arise. Example:
"I slept with my neighbor and now he's getting a divorce from his wife and is moving away and taking my son's best friend away too so now he's pissed at me!" That's alright, once this chapter's over this issues will be ignored until a few chapters later when you and the neighbor are engaged and everything's fine again.
"My girlfriend's a whore and I don't like that!" Just dump her so you can immediatley get a new girlfriend who will instantly disregard all her incestuous feelings for her brother and dump them all on you, even though you guys just boinked a couple times and barely know eachother.
"I had unprotected sex and am afraid I have an STD!" Nope.
It's apparent there are a handful of characters that are always right and nothing too bad will ever befall them, and the rest are utterly undeveloped and treated only as obstacles to the protagonists. We do not get any insight to the lives of these characters.
"What the deal with rapist teacher?" He's a rapist. Chapter end.
"Why's that girl such a whore?" She just is. Chapter end.
"That lesbian just used that chick's brother to try getting to her and subtley mentions a distrust for boys, do we get to learn anything about her past or her opinions?" No. What's more, you will never see her again. Chapter end.
"Tommy's parents are pretty uptight, why is that and what are their views?" Because they're Christians and Chrisitians are bad. Didn't you get the memo? Chapter end.

Artistically: The artwork is painful. Not just because it's flat, but because I know Naylor has a lot of talent that doesn't reach its potential in a this medium. Compared to his colored work or even penciled sketches, you can see the art loses a hell of a lot of personality. There's barely any variation in line quality or thickness, and half the time I don't know where the scene is taking place because of the lack of backgroud.

In conclusion, I admit I share a lot of the same views as the author politically and socially, but I'm also interested in seeing things from the other side and having my opinions challenged. There was a lot of potential here, but at this point I doubt I'll see it come to fruition.
elrohir 5/5
Great character development and interaction, as well as artwork, dialogue and storyline. Just forget the odd sex scenes if it bothers you.
Some of the views presented are a little... conditional... but I can live with the occasional slip. I doubt there is a comic around that I enjoy more. Absolutely smashing.
KobraG 5/5
i have read all your comica nd bougt most of your other work on catalogue me and my GF cant get enough of your creativity
thetruth12010 5/5
i love it 4life
Hunter469 5/5
I loved this comic.
lamer 4/5
In more ways than one, this comic is similar to a good reality show like 28 Days on FX. Sure, some parts are shocking, might one dare say repulsive, yet you keep coming back just to see what happens next. It hits us in the part of us that many are gulity of: Looking at the disturbing things, like a car crash, for long periods of time.

The art is an absolut beauty. The details are very good, and the emotions are put in delicately in some parts, and in powerful bursts in others. But it all makes a comic worth looking at for art.

It does get a little preachy at times. Some parts I skipped because the dialouge was so heavy handed. But, the dialouge is at times compelling. The content isn't exactly what I would call enjoyable or entertaining (Rule number 142: Sexual abuse is wrong), but it sets a dark and insane tone. If the censorship groups were actually paying attention to things other than TV, Music and Video Games, they would have a fit over this one.

Some of the humorous parts were hillarious, but they were soon overshadowed by the drama. I mean, Megatokyo manages to get the plot/comedy thing well, so you would think that this would be like that comic, except in Furry form. Yes and no.

So, in a way, I'm pretty torn with this webcomic. It's a comic that breaks the mold of mature stuff made by other forms of entertainment, but it's that very reason that this comic will not be liked by everyone. Especially the ones who are offended by even a hint of taboo sexual images. At least I can say that I read a Furry webcomic that puts a real emphasis on emotion and stroytelling. Now that's something.
HeeroMccloud 5/5
love the art work and the comic
Any1 know what happy to better days web page???
Brownie210 5/5
Loved the artwork, the humor, and, above all, the storyline.
borenas 5/5
my favorite comic series.
Jim AKA Mutt 4/5
The real draw her is the artwork. Mr. Naylor is a great artist and I have admired his work for years before Better Days existed. That and he's a decent storyteller. I may not agree with some of the views that the comic is sometimes a pulpit for, but it doesn't ruin the comic one bit for me.
D-Wolf2k2 5/5
I regularly read this comic, and even though it does get preachy at times, the artwork and character development is still enough to keep it on my favorites.
Rokaan 5/5
I wish i had the money to help Jay Naylor out. His art in this and other comics is just superb. At least how he develops and draws his characters. THe story line was awesome, from page one i was actually hooked.

This definately deserves a 5 out of 5, and anyone who disagrees ought to get thier head checked.
Allie 5/5
Very, very good. Engaging storylines, characters you actually like, and great humor.

Yeah, a little too furry-ish sometimes, but totally worth reading.
Roamer 5/5
A great comic. Even if it treats about incest, it isn't treated as a fetish, but as a conflicted relationship and as the only answer the two find to their loneliness; I've rarely seen a comix featuring sex treating something else with a little more consideration than as if it was just a brief interruption between an erotic scene and the next.
Plus, the art is great and it can be both funny and pretty deep.
PS: Sorry for the english, It's not my mother
Vergil 5/5
Simply one of my alltime favorites...
To spell it in one word: Brilliant!
Its been a long time since i last read such an awesome comic. Better Days has everything good Story , simple but nice artwork and Erotic^^
Every Chapter i must know what happens next.
Jay Naylor i bow down for such excellent work
Wow. Just wow.
This comic has everything.
Great Art. Great Writing. Great Characters. And Great Humour at the appropriate times.
It can deal with the worst subjects but still come out OK.
Wow. Just wow
Juria 5/5
Inspiring, out-spoken, controversial, and all blended together with some of the most impressive artwork I've seen in a while.
Jay Naylor has done to his characters what very few artists can do, he's made you think of them not as simple characters, but as living beings.
Traitorfish 3/5
The early ones are good, but then it becomes preachy, emotional, dull and full of soppy crap. And an almost obsessive amount of sex. it just gets too weird.
Squeeshe 5/5
O.O Woah. This is the best comic ever. I give it... a 5... out of 5! GREAT COMIC.
kisstheelf 5/5

great artwork, uplifting and deep storyline, very insightful

it addresses many modern issues that most people avoid confronting - not for those that are uncomfortable with touchy subjects.
mikewuk 5/5
One of the best storylines, ever. twist's and turns. If i had to pay money to get this. I'd pay. Great art and storyline. A must read. and it can only get better with time.
furryman 5/5
To catch me with the art is not very simple but
to catch me with the story is very,very complicated.The art is as good as a buyable comic book and i want to now how it goes on.
But...that what fisk does to his sister i don´t understand and for this I could brake his face every day.
Rave 5/5
This webcomic is gem in the genre. I like that it is entertaining, well drawn, and the storyline reflects the depth and variations in its creators personality. There are moments that make you laugh, and others that aren't so funny when they start to mirror your own circumstances, but still connect with you. The way in which this comic does these things is complete opposite from that of Project Rave, but with the same desired effect. Jay Naylor is truely talented and I look foward to updates from him.
smileyfaceman 1/5
The art is great. But that's really it.

The story would fit in with any Lifetime channel drama. That is not a compliment. It is rarely funny, or at least the funny bits don't make me laugh.

And incest...creepy, creepy incest. This is one to avoid.
jellybeansniper 4/5
hmm...kind of a weird comic...but finally, a comic i like with no real romantic storyline...well, not one that's a major storyline... (still has to catch up a bit)
CÚlio Vicente Ribeiro Filho 5/5
Jay Naylor is one of the best designers that already saw. In Better days he brings good stories on the past life of Fisk and his/her family. I am accompanying these chronicles eagerly.

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