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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

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Genre: Quirky
Date Added: 28 May 2009
Last Update: 22 May 2015
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Current Comic Ranking: 357/23733
Views This Month: 2909   (More...)
Average Views a Month: 418   (More...)
Favourite of: 109 members
Status: Normal (?)

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Bittersweet Candy Bowl is a weekday comic about a bunch of friends going through school, getting tangled up in relationships and dealing with everyday drama. It's supposed to be fun, touching and amusing, and hopefully you find it that way too!

Current synopsis by: SuitCase
Current image by: Taeshi

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Venorik 5/5
My second favorite comic of all time, and I must say that\'s an achievement due to the sheer amount of comics I read. It is also the only comic I read that actually made me a little sad it was the start of the weekend, as it only updates on weekdays. Characters, while some start stereotypical, always branch off into different then when they started, plot is good, while sometimes predictable. There is no such thing as a Mary Sue, as every character has their quirks. Hell, sometimes you just cant decide if you love or hate some characters (Mike, the main male character, for me)

All in all, I love the story, characters and the flow of it all. 5/5
SpiritRadio 5/5
Great comic, brilliant character design, incredible storyline with tricksy arcs. If you don\'t like the art, i dont blame you, although it gets much better, and Taeshi\'s art style is perfect for showing the massive amount of emotion in this comic. Don\'t let the mediocre beginning put you off, i promise it gets SO VERY MUCH BETTER! p.s, I recommend listening to the killers and snow patrol while reading
SkylineFaux 5/5
NOTE: This review is split into two parts. The first half was made before I finished reading the rest of it (stopped somewhere before the Awakening Arc). The second half was made when I finally caught up with the comic wherein Back and Forth was just starting so I may be missing some things that have happened in the latter strips. Anyway, on to the review:

Before anything, may I just point out that yes, it has quite a feminine name and that banner really doesnít help in dousing the feminine ring to it. But I assure you gentlemen, itís not in anyway so girly that youíd be hung for reading it. Think of it as the Powerpuff Girls (admit it, you liked that show and it kicked major ass).

So yes, letís proceed with this introduction. Note though that Iíve not yet finished reading the rest of the webcomic so do forgive me for any plots I will be missing. Also, spoiler warning!

Bittersweet Candy Bowl is a webcomic about two childhood friends, namely Michael (Mike for short) and Lucy. Itís a pretty basic slice-of-life themed webcomic, where everything in the comic could happen in real life (except for the talking pets). The story progresses through time so they grow up and age.

Bittersweet Candy Bowlís cast is quite the interesting one. I personally donít find any of them boring as they all add some spice to the webcomic. Up first is Mike, a humble and thoughtful main male character of the webcomic. Heís quite the charmer but is very sensitive to loud sounds and is subjective to the cold (which is why he wears a scarf). He is the childhood friend of Lucy, a tomboy (kinda) and the tough main female character of the webcomic. She has a deficiency though, and that is her left ear, which is deaf. She wears a big pink bow, given to her by her mother. They are quite the rivals at mostly anything because of Lucyís nature to beat Mike at everything he does.

This friendly rivalry dates way back in their preschool days, where they first met.

Theyíre accompanied by their pets. Lucy has Yashy, a little Yoshi-like female who likes running her mouth a lot, so much so that she frequently gets punted off-screen by the characters because of her excessive insults towards them. She is friends with Mikeís pet, Blur, a bluebird that Mike saved one day. He is named so because he has amnesia and could not remember his name.

Them being as pets, both of them cannot always be around our two main characters, so come in the supporting cast: Their friends from school.

First off, we have Daisy, a smart feline who has quite the crush on Mike (she even calls her Mikie). She is usually happy and very carefree. She wears a necklace, a gift from her parents. Next up is Paulo, another feline who is your typical pervert. He always hits on Lucy who always beats him up whenever he tries his charms on her. Despite this, he is very confident and handsome (Lucy said that). Last to the fray is David, a dimwitted canine who knows nothing better than to think of sexual innuendos. He is the only dog in their circle of friends and I must say heís pretty random at times, so random that heís funny.

They end up staying together, even through high school, meeting new friends along the way. So yes, the cast does increase in time.

Now we move on to story.

As said before, itís your typical slice-of-life webcomic. Thereís no extraordinary thing happening here. Itís mostly light-hearted and geared towards comedy, but it has its serious times (also sprinkled with comedy). As far as my reading goes, there have been quite the number of serious events in the webcomic, all of which develops a character even further. Theyíre also very interesting and engaging, not a long, dragged-out essay about them. Overall (from what Iíve read), itís a really fun and enjoyable read. No chapter has bored me yet and Iím excited to see what happens in the following ones.

The art is a bit to be desired though. At times, you cannot make out what the characters are doing unless you stare at it for some time. It is however, cute and it fits the theme of the webcomic. This problem also translates to the text which is barely readable at times. Happily, it gets better. Judging from the latest strip, it looks rather nice and still keeps the cutesy factor.

So yeah, if you have the time (itís 450+ pages long and counting) I definitely recommend reading this rather surprisingly well-written and amusing webcomic.

Now that Iíve read through the entire webcomic up until the latest one, I can finally give my full opinions about it. Yep, this is merely a follow-up to my first post, so welcome back Bittersweet Candy Bowl! Please note once again that there WILL be spoilers. If you donít want to be spoiled, leave immediately!

From where I stopped (which I have sadly forgotten, but I think it was Chapter 28 or even earlier), the drama was kicking in. The direction of the comic was taking a turn from a very light-hearted and quite plotless comedy to an often thought-provoking and heart-tugging drama (I should stop with the hyphenated words). Happily though, the comedy was still intact when the drama rolled in and at often times balanced the theme, which in turn didnít evolve into a whole bawling-your-eyes-out webcomic wherein itís just asking you to take it really seriously. This is whatís so great about Bittersweet Candy Bowl, it doesnít go all out with the drama, it just kinda knows when to stop and give you a breather or something.

New characters have joined the fray, both main and sub characters. One main character introduced to us is Abbey, a gentle and loving bunny (who is weirdly considered a cat). However, this ďpansyĒ (as Paulo would put it) of a character can become very cross and help out those who are in need whatever means necessary. He has a troubled past which makes him quite an unstable character. Another character is Tess, a senior (was a junior when the gang met her) who acts as the gangís ďschool guideĒ for their freshman year. She is a protective and encouraging (albeit persuasive) female. She too has a dark and rather troubled past regarding her past years in the school and in the long run haunts her present. Despite this, the gang still accepts her as a friend and is often protected when unsolicited violence comes knocking up her door.

Another thing Iíve noticed is that the chapters are divided up into several arcs in the archive section. These chapters focus on a specific event in their lives. For example, the Old Flame Arc heavily focuses on Mikeís infatuation with Sandy.

As said earlier, the plot has thickened a lot. Character development is now one of the main focuses of the webcomic and a common method of developing a character in this webcomic is through flashbacks. I canít count how many flashbacks have happened. Itís not one of those quick flashbacks either where only one scene is shown. Sometimes, a whole chapter is dedicated to oneís flashback. It works really well in narrating the past of the characters.

The story has increasingly become deeper, focusing on Lucyís troubled state with Mike. The following chapters have focused on developing both characters very intricately in a way that you somehow get attached to them (mostly with Lucy). These string of events donít leave the other characters ignored and at bay though as they too have their time of shining with their own development.

The art has improved by a mile, even the text is now readable most of the time. Chapter 47 is where the style truly changes from traditional black and white media inking to fully digital with color and shading, even. The result is amazing and makes the comic much more attractive. The characters look much more refined and it even mimics the style of the old comics with a pop-art theme. Despite these major changes, the cutesy is still there front and center.

Overall, I still think itís a well-written and amusing webcomic. By reading through the whole thing however, it isnít just well-written and amusing, but a very thorough and incredibly enjoyable webcomic. A deep and compelling storyline coupled up with interesting and captivating characters make this webcomic an absolute gem among others. Only a few from my list of recommended webcomics have captured my emotions (Better Days and a little bit of Jack if youíre wondering) and this is one of them. Undeniably, this is one of the best Iíve ever read.

To follow up my review:
Greeting all you here and there on the forums and elsewhere!
Warning this is a LONG read! (Summed up at bottom)

It is I, the great NekoÖ whom none of you know or have never heard of.

I just wanted this public so people could comment and ect.

Being a amateur writer and avid webcomic enthusiast I thought I might say a few things about this webcomic!

Iíd like to praise this comic is several categories and constructively criticize it elsewhere, if you do not mind. Since Iíve read itís entirety in just under 4 days I noticed a few things:

A Positive: The plot is REALLY well thought out. Taeshi, I commend you for the great structure youíve presented. Seriously. This is the most well thought out comic Iíve read.

A Negative: You do tend to sometimes abruptly change pace/setting/story without much segwaying. I just got lost a few times when the plot jolted. Not very common, but just a note.

A Positive: The characters are very well portrayed and realistic. I find I can easily parallel them with the kids I knew in Highschool. So far NONE of the characters seem ďforcedĒ (unless you intended them to be). Seriously well done and thanks for it!

A Negative: Updating is only 3 times a week. OK, this one doesnít REALLY bother me as 3/week is really good. I just want MORE of the great storytelling that you give!

And to leave on a positive note: Your plot, while well thought out, is also varied. you Donít just stick to one character or theme and you constantly are building a more thorough universe that is VERY immersive! This world youíve created is AMAZING. Characters flow in and out naturally and that is no hard task!

Overall Review:
Amazing work! 9/10 and wonderful! Keep it up and I look forward to reading as the tales unfold! Go Taeshi go!

KYLE07 5/5
Wish it never ends
the comic is great
DarkMaverik 5/5
Bittersweet Candy Bowl is a self advertised \'light and fluffy\' comic that has quite a bit more drama than it\'s creators seem to want to admit. This is hardly a bad thing, as it is extremely well written, and you will feel every blow that comes to these characters as they try their hardest to make it through their school years.

When it\'s funny, it\'s hilarious. When it\'s touching, it\'s absolutely heartwarming. When it\'s depressing, it\'s down right heart wrenching. I know so few comics that try and touch on all these areas, and not only succeed, but do it so masterfully. You will laugh, cry, and go \"Awwww\" till your face hurts.

The art in the early days isn\'t great, but it\'s far from terrible. And it gets better and better until we have what we do now. Also, the first few chapters can be a little confusing, as there seems to be allot of mayhem in the way it\'s laid out, but it gets over that hurdle fast enough. But these are all minor complaints.

Finally, if the \'furry\' element is at all deterring you, don\'t let it. Yes, the characters are cat\'s and dogs, and yes, this is an aspect of the comic\'s world, not JUST an aesthetic choice... That\'s where it ends. It simply gives the characters a unique look and feel, making them cuter etc. There is no ties to the furry community here. As for furrys wishing to read this... I\'m sure they\'ll appreciate the anthopomorphic characters just as well here as anywhere else.

So to sum up all my ramblings... If you enjoy a good drama comic with light hearted trimmings and fantastic writing, and can stand to have characters sometimes take the wrong path and make the wrong choices rather than just always fixing everything as soon as it happens, then you\'ll enjoy this comic.
whatanamazingday 5/5
Bittersweet Candy Bowl is my guilty pleasure.

I have always generally disliked manga and the whole cutsey-wootsie aspect that comes with it. I find it to be terribly annoying, honestly, and the fact that it is constantly mimicked bothers me to no end. I also generally don\'t seem to get along with furries, and I almost always loathe furry webcomics, as they mimic the \"cute\" mangas, while injecting their own bizarre sexual fetishes into the mix. In fact, I find in general, the majority of story-based webcomics are completely devoid of any artistic thought and seem to be carbon copies of each other; they have boring stereotypical characters that have no depth to their personality whatsoever.

All that said, Bittersweet Candy Bowl, on the outside, is essentially a very cute comic about a bunch of furries who go to a highschool and fall in love and have wacky adventures.

But, it is more then that.

I came across Bittersweet by accident, and had every intention of having a laugh at another generic furry comic, (Yes, Iím a complete dick, I know) but I quickly realized it was much more then that. The characters are much more dynamic then expected, with lots of growth obvious as the comic goes on. They all seem to have multiple sides to their personality and interact with each other realistically. Everything in the plot seems to work and the majority of chapters each seem to reveal something new about the characters in it. You will bond with the characters and feel their ups and downs and relate to them as if they were real people. The story always remains silly and cute, without ever really entering foot into the dreaded ďanimu/ kawaii~~Ē trap most artists drawing manga fall in. The story is (with the exception of a few of the earlier chapters) interesting and the writing is very good, and thatís all I ever want from a comic.

Art-wise, the comic is quite professional looking. Many of the new pages feature lots of interesting shots and are planned quite nicely. Once you get past the fact that every character is anthro, the art is cute and many of the facial expressions I find quite funny. The coloring on the newer comics is also quite exceptional, creating effective atmospheres and making otherwise boring backgrounds interesting. There is also great timing between characters movements, making the few action scenes real treats.

However, the comic is not without its faults. Some of the early comics seem useless and like filler, and the art seems rushed. However most of the problems in the earlier comics have been corrected with the newer ones which feature colored art with more interesting panels. The art is generally quite good in the newer ones, however sometimes has some minor flaws, which the creator will be more then happy to tell you all about (ďSHIT I MADE THAT GUYS LEG TOO LONG I AM SCUM/ AGGHHHHH THAT PANEL IS SO EMPTY AND BORING NO NO NO.Ē) But the great writing more then makes up for that, to the point where you would need to be looking for it to see it.

All in all, itís a cute and sweet comic that you should defiantly check out. It sure as shit makes Mondays a lot nicer and you will begin to wish the updates came faster.

Ps. Taeshi, if youíre reading this, I believe I am your only reader who hates David.
Joshyartist 5/5
Bittersweet Candy Bowl is a perfect example of why you shouldn\'t judge a book by it\'s cover. Despite it\'s cutesy, some would call \"furry\", exterior is a surprisingly deep and expansive world full of wonderful and three-dimensional characters that don\'t come off as forced stereotypes or comic tropes of \"smart guy\" or \"hot girl\" It seems everyone has their own back-story and thoughts that drive their specific personalities and decisions.

The stories flow consistently as well never seeming stop and go as most comics would. They flow nicely into each other and thus provides a better experience for the reader, as for the quality of the pages they aren\'t the highest quality art but it\'s still above average, and that suits me just fine.

Also in terms of the content, this comic gets away with that fine line of genuinely coming off as funny AND dramatic, you\'ll laugh and you\'ll wonder how the characters will change or grow with the events that happen to them. You get to care what happens to these characters and comics rarely can do that successfully.

Bottom line, go read the comic. Add it to the list of comics you read as I would rate it among some of the best and it needs to be more known.

And on a final note, keep an eye out for David if you do decide to read the comic. He\'s the best, period.

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