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Genre: Manga
Date Added: Before Time Began
Last Update: 5 May 2015
Current Comic Ranking: 84/23733
Views This Month: 3349   (More...)
Average Views a Month: 599   (More...)
Favourite of: 1322 members
Status: Normal (?)

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When two friends, Piro and Largo, get stuck in Japan, things can't seem to get much worse. Boy, were they wrong. Stranded with no money, Piro, the quiet artist with no self-confidence, who has the usual manga artist's weakness for girls in school uniforms, the only one who can speak Japanese, must find a job and look after Largo, the beer-guzzling, fantasy world L33t G4m3r. Together they meet up with old friends and enemies, make new ones, and deal with Dom's horrible stick-man fillers. A great comic drawn by a great artist.

Current synopsis by: mmatt

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dodogal 4/5
i\'m going to get bashed but i like megatokyo\'s story far more than it\'s art, it seems to me like fred has not used all of his talent, the art seems just sketchy to me, and even in the newer pages, where complexity and composition\'s quality have increased, it looks rushed to me.

insidexml 5/5
I can see how people don\'t like this comic. Lack of character profile, slow update, etc etc etc.

I like it though. Megatokyo fans are some of the most patient in the world, in any case.

It may lack humor at times, but just because it does doesn\'t mean it isn\'t any good.
the best! leet,ninjas...and zombies...what more could j00 ask for?!
Encore Seraphine 5/5
You seem to have a loyal base of fans
for your awesome comic.
kittytreats 4/5
Good comic, very first web comic I read because a friend recommended it to me because it had video game humor. People get a lot of inspiration from this one. It's changed a lot over the years, it's almost like all the ideas Fred has for Warmth goes into Megatokyo. Personally I miss the older version of MT but it's still good. A lot of ideas from Canon visual novels which is interesting to see. It seems sooooooo slow and whenever I go back to read I get confused at what's going on.
katosen27 3/5
A good comic, but i agree a lot with Taxing on the slowness and lack of a character profile page.

Plot moves waaay too slowly, but i read anyway. Arts good too. So, its okay, i guess.
Cheat2Win 3/5
The comic was awsome in the early parts, but it's like there's something missing. Oh yeah, now I remember. HUMOR. On the bright side, the art's always good.
Stormblazer 5/5
I've only read up through comic 775 so far, but I have to say something here. For everyone that's whining about Caston leaving... Personally I think it was for the better. Yeah, some inanity is good, and perhaps there should've been more put in by Fred. But prior to Caston's departure, the inanity was... completely separate. It was like trying to maintain an insane plot with a sane plot, neither of which were going anywhere as a result.

Oh, and if the ideas are ripped from multiple sources and put together, then honestly, it's not any different than the most things. Everything's based on something basically, truly original ideas are rare as hen's teeth.

As for the angst... with just Fred, the storyline is not only better, but it's actually way funnier now too.
hamburgerhell 4/5
well... i can't say that i'm a fan or a know-what to this comic and i can't say much that i enjoyed this book cause of the reeeeeal boring storyline.......................... .............. THATS WHY I'M READIN this backwards !!!!..............:)I'ts kinda hard at first but it kinda feels kinda corny over a long period of time's like..........have anyone ever watched the movie "momento"?
m7+2=awed 4/5
I got into megatokyo when books 1 & 2 were out. They we're really hilarious, but i just kinda stopped getting into megatokyo in general.

Then, a couple of months ago I thought I'd check it out; to see if it was still alive. WOW.

Books 3, 4, and 5 were out. I bought them, and read them all in one session. =)

It has definently changed from straight up humor to kind of a drama/comedy. And the story is solid.

The only thing I remember still not liking was how the story moved REALLY slow online.

I still check up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday though (even though it's ALWAYS delayed), and read along.

But the books are the best way to enjoy Megatokyo.

Come on, megatokyo is classic.

And I can say I'm a fan.
isaac17 5/5
Still read it, but like everyone else has said, Fred really screwed the comic up. Absolutely no humor, but it's the one story everyone loves so much you can't stop reading it... If you haven't... shame on you! Everyone has to read MT!
Anime_Fever 5/5
I do agree with the people that say it's lost a little touch since Caston left, that being said, I still love this comic.
FireFrenzy 5/5
Only one way to say this, i liked this comic so much i started reading applegeeks for the crossovers on Hawks side (it was during one of the new page droughts)
hamburgerhell 4/5
i don't care what they say....your comic rocks and you had the evidence to prove it (dont worry about them haters, every good will have its bad)
crzygrl0902 5/5
I LOVE LOVE this comic. Fred is a genius.
flutegirl 5/5
wow thats alot of comments.....anywho....when i first started reading megatokyo i loved it sooooo much i stayed up almost all night to read it and as soon as i got home i read it. I think the art work is fantastic and i love the story line. ive never read anything like it. used to read machall b4 they stoped and i had thought that nothing could be better then it but man was i wrong!!!!
Dizzae 5/5
I got recommended this a short while ago and started reading the first comic, before i knew it i had read through all of them within the course of a few days. This is my new faviourate comic, the story and artwork are awesome and i shall very soon be buying the released volumes. I highly recommend this comic to just about everyone it is definetly worth a viewing.
bleedingblade 5/5
Megatokyo is hands down my favorite comic. It was the first wbcomic i started to read along with CAD, and in my personal opinion this should be number 1. What i dont understand is why people complain its losing its humor. Its still there, for example lately Largos taking over the shop. Not only is everyones reaction priceless but Largo himself is making the situation hilarious. I also feel the story is really well-devolped and certain aspects of certain characters to majority of gamers/otakus today. I personally find myself like Piro, too nice to say no, nervous, shy, fearful of girls and the depression they bring, totured arist (poet), otaku, and have a thing for girls in a school uniform. I just wish I was lucky enough to have a Seraphim. Well besides that, (Im getting offtopic) this comic is great for not only those looking forward to something every couple of days (I check every other hour). Its brilliant, the art is fantastic- so full of detail, the story is gripping, the comedy is light and well-sprinkled, and the romance has my blood pumping (he should just ask her out already she already amitted he was her boy in one of the comic where hes helping in the restaurant). All in all a must read for anyway who loves webcomics.
Jakinthebox 5/5
This is my favorite comics. Period. Shame that Rodney decided to leave. Still awesome!
TheMadIdiot 4/5
OK so i used to really like megatokyo but its really starting to grate on me long story short its not as funny as it used to be
Led 5/5
Simply amazing. I like many webcomics, but this is one of those I really, really love.

From the beginning, it had a great humor in it, and sure, some of it disappeared with Caston. Instead, we get a piece of the humor, and a far greater storyline. This webcomic have been a masterpiece under change all the way from the beginning.
Nefarious Nadia 5/5
I havn't been a MegaTokyo fan for long, but let me tell you that it's my favorite. While I enjoyed the constant punch line type of comic it was in the past, I like the new format, that actually has a plot, much better.

Some people seem to think that there's nothing funny left in MegaTokyo, and I beg to differ. There's still humor in the story, just a different kind of humor. I'm not exactly sure just when Rodney left the comic, but I think that Fred's put an interesting new spin on it. And besides, I don't think the humor will EVER go away unless Largo gets deported or something.

As for a subject that was brought up earlier, yes, there are a lot of characters, however I have no trouble remembering their names, and I don't think that it takes away from the story. They all add something to the plot. All of the characters, From plucky schoolgirl Yuki, to the l33t ninja Junpie are imortant.

I reccommend MegaTokyo to those who don't mind reading a lot to catch up on what's going on, and to those who don't mind having both drama and humor in a webcomic. MegaTokyo may no longer be about one joke after another, but it's still an incredibly good read.
Zephie 2/5
I used to love this comic but storyline became too dull for me. I feel the humor had simply drained out of it and left a sappy romance in it's path. Even though I don't read it anymore, I still think that Fred is an awesome artist.
Not reading that aweful lot of comments, bleh.

I heard about this a few times, decided to read it. Sadly the website is being hellass slow, so I'll just fav it to follow it for a while.

The art is undeclinably nice though.
Evil Dead 5/5
Dammit i couldnt resist posting after what i just read... i mean it's just to damn funny and thank you dude i strive for wierd but i dont follow Falken around, just he happened to rate the same comics i like and said something about VG cats that i disagreed with nuff said. man this place is like a YouTube or MySpace blog er sumthin'...
Falken 5/5
Quinlan, you are referring to the fact that we had a small discussion about VG cats. (I hate it, he loves it), and that we both rated this comic too.

Its like 4 goddamned posts. I think you're looking a little too hard for something that doesn't exist.
Quinlan RB 4/5
Who The Hell is this "Taxing Guy", He makes good points but oddly seems like He writes his own comic, Hmmm...
Pretty much everything good about this comic has already been said so I go straight to criticizing it.
(Oh Crap, Im going to be Killed For this)
The art isn't as good as people say it is and it has became a drama, straight out unfunny.
Please tell me otherwise and point stuff out that I forgot or missed.

Oh god, Follow Falken and Evil Dead Around the Webpages, Their both weird and Dont seem to leave each other alone
metaslugx 5/5
WOO the next chapter will be out soon.Plot is Awesome, gotta love Largo

'A' comic
krudman 5/5
overhyped? maybe. a good read? definitley.

megatokyo has evoloed greatly from the beginning. once a four panel comic with a witty punch line, now a rich manga with enormous potential with the setting, the characters and the intertwining stories.

its got pretty much everything youd want from a comic. manga for the maga fans, a manga art style that non manga fans could enjoy, beutiful art, great characters, crazy antics and humor, and drama and romance.

mega tokyo is one of the comics that made web comics what they are today, and they deserve all the credit thats given if not more.

kichigai-kiddo 2/5
Iím sorry N4b0t but this comic isnít that good to me, and other people have the right to think so just like you have the right to think we are all apparently wrong. Now it has itís strong points, but it has allot of weak points as well.
Evil Dead 5/5
sorry misspelled your name Falken it has an "e"
Evil Dead 5/5
Hello Falkin

I like this comic too part of TEH FRIK!

also you people leave some long ass comments...
Falken 5/5
Megatokyo is a strange comic indeed. people often read through the archives and get bored or annoyed with the change to manga more than humour. (Wheres teh funny?)

Personally, I love both styles, and my favourite strip is still a classic. Anyone here speak leet?
l33tone 2/5
I don't know, while the art is very nice, the stiry kinda lags on and the jokes either take too long to play out or just aren't funny. It feels more like a blog than a webcomic.
DirtyRob2k3 5/5
MegaTokyo is tha bomb diggity!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sad at first to hear that Largo was no longer a part of the team, but Piro did not let it stop him from giving us the same grade A story driven goodness that is........ MEGATOKYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if Piro can just get over his self-abusing rants he is sooo famous for, he can spend that time making the comic even better.........
gsword&msheild 2/5
I was funny for a wile kind of like penny arcade but then it got some love story and wasn't funny any more. Then I started to hate it. But the art is pretty good and have read it in a wile.
TheMadIdiot 5/5
MegaTokyo is my favorate webcomic. Its funny its got Kick Ass art what else do you need. The characters are well developed and the Story just keeps on going need i say anymore.
the_velociraptor 1/5
It's a dumb Romantic Comedy that does NOT make me laugh. I hated it. Sure, art is great, but its just about various girls fawning over Fred's aalter-ego and wanking.
DedRandal 4/5
I love pencil art, this is good pencil art. The writing is good too, it's just not my genre of story...

I can see why it's popular, but it's just not by bag of cookies. That's all I have to say about that.
subtlemagic 4/5
right where to start well megatokyo is in my opinion pretty good i can't draw plots to save my life i have to admit but that's not the point
i think largo leaving is acctually a real shame beacuse the whole thing has become recently more piro based though largo is still crazy and drunk not nearly as funny as before however i don't think that that makes the whole comic a write off
i do not however agree with people saying if you don't like it dont read it reveiws are for constructive critisim and to automaticly rule out people who do not like or have lost interest in the strip there are always reasons
if i told all the people who weren't 100% interested in my story that they weren't allowed to read it not only would i be unpoplular but how would i get any better (though flames are irritating albite)
overall i still enjoy megatokyo but it is not of the same happy go lucky stance as it was. Which is a shame
Ps my spelling and grammer is not of the highest standard for that i apoligise
melikegames 5/5
this comic is the best it is what got me started in web comics this comic has something for everyone
megatokyo_rules13445 5/5
i luv megatokyo!!!!!!:) its different crazy funny &
strangly romantic!!!:) GO MEGATOKYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ive only read 2 webcomics, & compared to this 1
the other 1 (angel moxie) sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shramin 5/5
this comic has nice drawings is funny and has an element of reality and emotions to the figures. i really enjoy reading this comic and allways check for new work ^^
PhantomPenguin 1/5
one of the worst things ive ever read.
7h3_L337_4lch3m157 5/5
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Keeper of Secrets 3/5
I loved this comic once my friend introduced me to it. The art was good from the start, and it was hilarious! Then over a while it got too dramatic. It was a hilariously great comic, but evil saw it, thus almost ruining the series. The first volume was quite perfect for anyone seeking a good read, though.
Taxing 2/5
From Megatokyo, in case the title of the entry somehow escaped you.

Megatokyo is one of the rockstars of the webcomics hobby. While it's somewhat more of a niche comic than the true runaway stars, in Anime/Manga circles it's the 500 pound gorilla, and even outside of them it can give Penny Arcade, PvP and Sluggy a run for its money. Con reports almost always mention how packed Megatokyo panels and signings and booths are, and the engagement and subsequent wedding of Fred and Sarah Gallagher have become the stuff of Fannish Legend.

I don't read Megatokyo. I used to, but then I stopped. And every time I go back, I'm reminded of why.

Megatokyo started as an artistic collaboration, between Gallagher ("Piro") and Rodney Caston ("Largo"). In fact, the "Megatokyo" website was owne by Caston, who had been running a slashcode server unsuccessfully. They began to write a series on the Penny Arcade model -- a gamer geek with a sardonic sense of humor writing, a gamer geek providing the art. However, Gallagher didn't come from a cartoonist background and wasn't interested in a comic strip perspective. Instead, as a manga fan, Gallagher decided to draw Megatokyo as a Doujinshi, or amateur manga. This shows in the layout of the strip -- it's full page, clearly meant as the pencilwork for a book (at least in concept). And it shows in Gallagher's pacing. Where Gabe and Tycho approach their usual work (setting aside the adventures of the Cardboard Tube Samurai or Twisp and Catsby for a moment) from a comic-strip perspective -- in art, style, execution and humor, Megatokyo is clearly supposed to develop like a Manga develops, both in complexity and style. And while Piro is a gamer, his preferred style of gaming (as he admits) are Japanese romance sims -- which is also one of his preferred styles of manga.

In other words... Megatokyo, in Gallagher's eyes, is a romantic comedy with weird things that happen.

One gets the feeling Caston didn't agree. When Caston was collaborating, there was far more funny in the strip, which satirized manga as much as celebrated it. To enter Tokyo without a passport, Largo needed to defeat a Ninja in Mortal Kombat, for example -- and in schooling the ninja, he ended up getting him as an apprentice. Piro was essentially the straight man for the craziness, and the fun of the strip was watching the straight laced young anime and manga fan try to cope with the insanity Largo brought into his life, while also dealing with the alien world Tokyo turned out to be, instead of how he'd imagined it.

Then Caston left. And with him went the spark. The vim. The vigor. And a lot of the funny.

Not all of it. Seraphim (Largo's angelic conscience) Angelic Body Attack against her demonic counterpart was hilarious, for example. But it slowly stopped being a strip where people got coffee in their laps (or accidentially got a full, hot coffeepot slammed into their head) and started being... well....

It's not that there aren't still coffee jokes. It's that they're forced instead of natural. It's not that crazy things don't happen -- it's that they feel like they're happening out of obligation. It's like the Largo side of the story stopped mattering, and Piro stopped being a straight man -- instead, the series became entirely about Piro, and all the attractive girls who are in his life, and how he lacks the emotional maturity to figure out how to handle it. And there's nothing wrong with that. That's a perfectly good basis for a webcomic. It would probably be better if he stopped trying to put Largo-style craziness into the strip, since he doesn't 'get' it, but what the Hell.

Except that's just part of the picture.

Another part is speed and consistency of updates. I've said before that I recognize that cartoonists don't "owe" us anything, typically. We don't pay them, so they get to update when they feel like it. On the other side of it, the more you yank around your readership, particularly with updates, the less reaon that readership has to come back. When you just stop updating, or do it when you have time or feel like it, there's no decent reason to expect people to invest energy in your strip.

And then there's the point you reach, when you do make your strip your job. Your source of income. The way food gets on your table. And then all bets are off.

One of the reasons cartoonists hate syndicates is because of editors. Editors call and yell at you if your strip is late. Editors call and tell you to redo your strip because it's not funny. Editors call and say your strip is funny, but your audience will be offended so change it. Editors call and say the publisher is banging down his door and screaming, so fix the problems! Webcomics have the absolute, glorious freedom that artists of all stripes have yearned for forever -- freedom from editorial control.

The second you declare your strip to be your primary means of support, you desperately need an editor. And that editor needs to have the power to call you, scream at you, and even fire you for not doing your job. Because that's what your strip has become -- your job. And when you blow off the strip, you're blowing off your work, and the audience you've brought are the people who are feeding you, so you suddenly do owe them. You owe them for the food and the electricity and the Internet Access they're paying for.

If your strip's revenue model is based on reprints and original printing for a comic book (a la Pvp), you're beholden to your publishers, and your strip is important because the strip is creating the audience. If your audience gets fed up because you make promises you don't keep, either in terms of content or just in terms of the strip showing up on time, they don't buy your comic and the publisher gets pissed.

Megatokyo had major problems in this regard -- to the point that Piro actually put up a progress bar on his front page, detailing how close he was to finishing the next page. He knew he wasn't hitting the targets he promised, so he at least gave us progress reports. And he gave us filler strips -- usually random stuff from his sketchbook, or "Dead Piro Days," which were 'days that the artist is tired and braindead, so here's something else for you.'

You remember the last entry I did, in praise of Filler Art? Dead Piro Days are the antithesis of good filler art. First off, a huge number of them are "Shirt Guy Dom" days -- stick figure art done by one of Gallagher's associates, in emulation of Sluggy Freelance's "Shirt Guy Tom" filler art strips. Unfortunately, the comparison breaks down because Shirt Guy Tom days were actually funny, and Shirt Guy Dom days... well, weren't. At all. Second off, Sluggy stopped doing Shirt Guy Tom after a bit. In fact, because Pete Abrahms knows we're putting the food in his daughter's mouth, he actually recruited Trillian, a Sluggite of renown, to organize appropriate activities for the days he couldn't produce the work -- be those filler art, guest art, randomness, "great moments in Sluggy nudity" strips, or what have you. It's not as good as getting the daily strip, but it shows concern for the audience and keeps them happy. Shirt Guy Dom doesn't do that.

Now, this could all be old news. Going back through the last several strips doesn't show any Shirt Guy Dom's (though it does show an ad for tee shirts that featured a sulky Piro complaining that he needs to actually produce a strip because "people are starting to complain," which makes me think things haven't changed all that much). And honestly, people know I'm often willing to let update crap slide. So was that enough to knock me out of the whole shebang?

Nope. To do that, Megatokyo had to succumb to a deadly vice: density.

Megatokyo has a lot of characters. In doing a websearch for a fansite, I found one that listed no less than fourteen "major" characters for the series, plus a block of minor characters. They have a lot of plotlines. They have a lot of mysterious pasts. They have a lot of different interactions. They have a lot of different girls, most of whom look twelve, interested in Piro, who admittedly also looks like a 12 year old girl, so maybe the attraction is understandable.

And as God is my witness, even when I was reading the strip daily and as into it as I ever got -- and I have a pretty good memory for useless details and the detritus of my daily life -- I couldn't ever tell you more than four of the characters' names. I could barely keep track of them visually, even. I knew Piro and Largo, and Seraphim because she was the cute angel girl, and Boo because he was the hampster. And Ping, because Ping is easy to remember... and... um....

Well, there was the tall one. And the one that we're supposed to root for Piro to fall in love with. And the schoolgirl, only she also had friends, and it was hard to tell them apart because Piro only draws one young female face, and... um... hm. Oh, the scary goth girl, who actually never seemed scary or goth, or in fact substantially different than the schoolgirl -- who was in junior high but she was being put forward as a potential romantic interest for Piro, and that was just creepy and....

This was a strip desperately in need of a scorecard, and it never provided one. In fact, in researching this snark, I went to Megatokyo right now, like a year and a half later, and clicking on the cast list. And got exactly the same page I got the last time I looked, when I was an active reader and couldn't keep up: "(i'll finish this section when i feel like it)" all by itself on a page. All in lower case, including the 'i's.

"I'll finish this section when I feel like it?"

This is your fucking JOB, you IDIOT! You want new readers to be able to pick it up without having to read five fucking years of backlog to get into the story! You want current readers who might not remember every detail of your strip to actually be able to refresh their memories when you pull an obscure character back in! And given that at least one of your regular readers couldn't remember your female romantic lead's name half the time, it might help to give him someplace to CHECK!


Okay, I'm better.

Frustrated at incredibly sporadic updates and characters I could only basically remember, I decided to move Megatokyo onto the "sporadically checked list." I do that with strips I like -- remember, I did like Megatokyo -- that have update issues to the point that I'm bugged, or otherwise like to read through in bunches when I'm in the mood. The brilliant Men in Hats and Flem Comics are both on that list, and I'd rate them close to my favorite comics, so there is no shame in being on it. It's rare that a comic on my "Why am I reading this comic, again?" list moves to "sporadically checked." It's a lot more likely they'll go onto my "you had me, and you lost me" list directly.

So a couple of months go by, and I go back and check the archives.

And nothing much has happened. Oh, (some) strips had been published, but there was little storyline movement. At all. In fact, it's like I'd never paused.

So I waited a couple more months.

Same experience.

So I waited half a year.

Okay. I could see some evidence of plotline evolution, but it took. Freaking. Forever.

This has to be the slowest paced storyline comic ever. I can't imagine it being any slower. You could build barns, paint them and wire them for electricity, use them as barns, then clean out the poop and hay, recondition them as 'loft apartments' and sell them as condos in the amount of time Megatokyo takes for Piro to get up, have breakfast, do another stupid 'Ping is an innocent and he doesn't acknowledge she has feelings' riff, go downstairs, put on a stupid hat and wait for a customer in the strip.

It's now been well over a year, and some storyline stuff has clearly happened, looking at it. And yet, there's little evidence of any kind of resolutions or payoffs. In fact, the major changes seem to be that they've added yet a bunch more characters. But of course, no cast list so you could keep track of them.

You can get away with no plotline development -- or incredibly slow pacing -- in a strip with regular or daily funny. Plots don't have to develop in strips with funny, because we come to the strip for the funny. When Caston was around, the funny made long gaps okay. No matter how long Irregular Webcomic (a badly named piece, because Morgan-Mar is nothing if not consistant in updates) takes to actually resolve its stories, it doesn't matter because there's always funny.

When your strip isn't about funny, but is instead about story, the story has to move. It has to move quickly enough to keep people engaged. It has to have resolutions and new conflicts to give the reader a reason to stick around. And it has to has to has to has to accomodate new readers and readers who might not obsessively track details from a year ago when they come back up, both with cast lists and probably with storyline annotations or synopses.

Megatokyo fails in this. Badly. It's hostile to new readers unless they commit to reading the backstory. It takes forever to actually resolve the situations it sets up. It gets denser and denser and denser and it plods along all the while.

This is a beautiful webcomic. While Gallagher has limitations as an artist, what he does do he does amazingly well. But, lacking an editor who cracks a whip and forces updates on time (or a community director who makes Dead Piro Days fun instead of exercises in eyerolling), a faster plot or more funny put in to make the slow plot excusable, and some kind of cliff's notes, it's just not worth it. I know it's got a rabid fanbase, and hey, power to them. I know it's the King of the Anime/Manga Fan's Webcomics, and that's cool too. I know he packs them in, and that's great. I hope he and his wife can live off this a long, long time.

But he's doing it without me. He had me, and he lost me.
ChrusherComix 2/5
I lie the art, but not my cup of tea. There's a lot of good webcomics out there.
Wello 5/5
i have been a loyal 3-year fan of MT and still is continuing to be one. not to forget that i am quite envious of your drawing skillz ^u^
dondons 5/5
((5 star!)) I love this comic, Its totally my fave. It has all attributes a great Webcomic needs, quality art, fantastic story, wonderful characters and a funny plot.
Seriously... What else could you ask for??
CrimsonRitsu 5/5
I love this comic. While some of you complain because Caston left, I still love it. Just because Piro is whiny doesn't mean you can complain. This is almost like a real life person, except you also have the fantasy encounters and things like that, and they keep it alive. With the mixture of real life and fantasy, it's just so wonderful to read.

Quite frankly, a lot of you seem just as whiny as the characters. This is much like a shoujo manga, and, as a female reader, I enjoy it very much.

If you don't like it, don't read it.

The art IS sketchy, but I like that quality, it's got a nice, charming thing to it. But maybe that's just me.

I follow MegaTokyo loyally. ^_^ 'Cuz I'm good like that.
N4b0t 5/5
I just hate how most of you people complain about the "wannabe japanese like romance story" going on right now.

MT was, in the first place, some kind of unwanted project... Fred never wanted a webcomic but ended doing one 'cuz of Rodney. Oh, sure it was one of the funniest comics around but I could feel that Fred was trying to introduce more characters and make a more solid and serious story.

THAT was his intention from the start. Fred just wanted to do an "american manga" thingie when he would get better at drawing.

Stop saying: "MT has fallen..." or "Since Caston departed the comic sucks". First, it's not dead at ALL. Second, we're lucky the comic continued to be updated even after Rodney departed. In my opinion, Fred's storylines are better than the ones of Rodney.

As for the art... It is beautiful. You can feel the emotions of the characters.. It's as if they were alive and they're easy to get attached to.
While it may be sketchy, it is of great quality.
I am an artist myself and am about as good as Fred but I cannot find the same charm in my art.

I was disgusted as I read people say: "He's late in his works. Come on, that's lame: he works on it full time!". As stated above, I am an artist too and I know for a fact that art is not something you can command freely. It is lame some days as it is awesome some others. Same for ideas. Inspiration is something complicated and having 3 completely NEW hand drawn comic pages every week is really something in itself.

I feel that you judge him too quickly.

All in all, MegaTokyo is one hell of a great comic.
3 per weeks, always original and new art plus a catchy storyline. It is the first webcomic I ever read and in one day, i read all the 750 comics that were out. Overall, something you're NOT allowed to miss. Seriously.
Natzar 1/5
i really liked megatokyo before fred/piro took over and turned it into a boring comatose lovestory. the picture of him and his GF(both also in the comic) just made me run screaming away and delete my bookmarks Largo FTW!
Ami 2/5
"If you don't like it, simply don't read it."

It's funny how everytime you critique something that's people's response. I think Fred some strange power to summon irrational fanboy defenders. The scale is 1-5 for a reason people. If you like the webcomic say why, if you don't do the same. If you can't handle seeing something less that glowing in reference how about not reading the response?
GreyMage 5/5
I think this is one of the most well drawn and well planned webcomics ever, it has very deep multi-layered characters and it draws me in with every issue.
Merkmon 5/5
This comic is excellent! Bought the books first, then starting reading it online. It totally turned me on to webcomics in the first place.
MegaTokyoRocks 5/5
I simply believe that this webcomic is composed in a most excellent manner. For instance, I believe that the storyline is both engaging and humorous. It has obviously been well thought out. I also believe that Fred's artwork is very impresive, fully capturing the characters that have been created. It is rare that an artist is able to create a work that is of such high quality. This is probably why MegaTokyo won the Best Artwork Award from this very site. Too many people whine and comlain about how much they dislike this comic. If you don't like it, simply don't read it. Don't just post a comment to complain about something you couldn't possibly even care about. Just like any of the webcomic artists and creators out there, this guy works extremely hard. Any person who works as hard as these guy's deserves some respect, not the ripping apart and tearing down of their creation.
Wilmo The Bear 5/5
For Ami

If you dont like it then dont read it
Ami 2/5
"Wilmo The Bear
Saw someone complaining about the update being slow? Once a day is not fast for you??

This is the best webcomic Ever! "

This is an accurate sampling of 90% of MT fans: obsessed and preteen. I must have missed all those daily updates. Not to get into it again, but as an earlier person said: it has degenerated from an amusing parody into a pretty inane imitation. Melodrama has never moved forward so slow or in such poor quality.
-=[-hakuryu-]=- 5/5
Well, I've been reading this webomic a year ago and its great!!! My favorite character there is Largo-sensei the L33t Master!! He can do anything without stopping him and he can order Godzilla at "Rent a Zilla!"

Its true Megatokyo is such a cool webcomic becaue of the girls there. They always likes piro........boy he's so lucky! And a robot Girl who is a weapon of mass destruction?(uhh...I really don't get what I'm saying just now?).

Anyway, its great and fun crashing and tearing down the city.(Relax, they repair the city in a jiffy).

Well, I wish that Megatokyo can publish the webcomic in color. So I can see the true art of megatokyo.

Keep up the Good work piro & prennie!!! MEGATOKO #1!!
KirbyMeister 2/5
MegaTokyo classic: The nice blend of gamer humor and anime humor is funny. I like how although this is a strip there's some continuity, as well as those 'emergency art day' kinda filler strips which are pretty ingenious.

New MegaTokyo: This comic can be described with two words: Creator. Service. After Caston left the comic went downhill in a bad way. It went from manga parody to manga imitator, and inherited it's worst qualities. This is eptomized in the comic's switch from it's 2x2 panel format to full-page format.

Rated a 2 because no one's making MT Classic strips anymore.
Megatokyofanboy5 5/5
This is so l33t megatokyo is the best ever ask me anything and I will know!:)>
mhahaha 4/5
Yes its whiny, slow and not as funny as when Rodney was co-writing for it, but I still very addictied to this: maybe because megatokyo are one the few comics to have plot twists, depth of character while not feeling overblown or overly complicated. Or maybe its because I enjoy whats the latest new excuse for piro being late ^_^
Traitorfish 3/5
Pretty good, but the comics about the short guy are usually pretty dull. 'Oh, I'm obsessing over schoolgirls!' Freak.
But the one's with Largo are cool. Rent-a-Zilla! Hurray!
kichigai-kiddo 2/5
When I first read this comic it seemed ok - now it just seems very dull and bland. The plot seems to be going nowhere for me also.

The art isn't that shabby but it could be alot better considering how long the comic has been running. The anatomy is just way off and very odd to me - looks like some 13 year old did this. The buildings on the other hand rocks all the way and the perspective in them is pretty tight. Plus the sketchyness of this comic give it something kind of unique.

Other then that not much for allot of people to look foward to :l If you want something to read just for fun then this is the comic you. If you want something that is overly random but still cool then I suggest you go read Calvin and Hobbs.
HitcH 5/5
7O74LLY L337!!!
tobadtobegood 5/5
I loved it, it's very funny and very well drawn. Mega Tokyo is something like my own sad life....kinda.
Love the story! I really do, it's funny and very well drawn. Mega Tokyo is something like my own life.......kinda.
Somnium 5/5
I think Largo has gotten a bit weker since Rodney left, but I still love the comic. It's probably my favorite :)
Wilmo The Bear 5/5
Saw someone complaining about the update being slow? Once a day is not fast for you??

This is the best webcomic Ever!
Ryucotsa 4/5
Simple put, MegaTokyo is freaking amazing. It first draws you in with a very funny plot, then pulls you deeper by introducing charaters make you want to learn about them.

However, every rose has it's thorn, Megatokyo is not updated as often as I would like, also, there has been a time or two that the charaters seemed a little "Out" of charater.

But my loves far outnumber my gripes. I think the most exciteing part of reading Megatokyo was that recently I saw a banner for it at a local walden books.

Overall very good, certanly to be read.
Prettykitty 5/5
It's very cute. It reminds me of a japanese animation called "Someday Dreamers" I'm giving this comic five stars.
Ami 2/5
Easily the most overrated webcomic out there, is there really a second?

I really donít see how people can say that the art is beautiful, I mean there are no shortage of cites out there that far outclass it in artistic merit. I guess some people go for the ďsketchyĒ look, personally Iíd take Underpower if thatís your thing. Megatokyo also has to win the award for the least improving artistic abilities. I guess you can be generous and call it consistency, but I see all the major artists making noticeable improvements in style over the lifespan of their work (even Kurtz), and MegaTokyo continues to plod along.

The story is, of course, anemic. As people have pointed out the character Largo is a thin shell of his former self and he really carried that strip. Gallagher's Piro needs a strong foil to make his effeminate whining tolerable. Gallagher's attempt at telling a story through multiple characters just makes a bad situation worse. None of them are compelling and have no chance at becoming so due to the erratic pace of the story. For a story with so many points of view to have a chance at success you would need daily updates, but as we all know if there is anything more maddening than the story of MegaTokyo, it is the inconsistency of updates.

Overall a very poor offering for a full time artist.
piro 5/5
I just started reading two days ago and it's great.
i love the art. TWO THUMBS UP for L33T G00dl/l355!!!!
nobody i know 2/5
WE WANT RODNEY BACK!!! what happened to the old megatokyo the story has changed dramatically
nohara_megami 5/5
I have read this comic for over 2 years now, and it has only gotten better over time..... I know that it is free to read but I make sure to buy every book that they publish to try and help in what way I can in the way of support...... Awesome story line with gamers, Rent-a-Zilla, ninjas, l33t skills, and a taste of romance, a must read for manga/humor fans^_^
Coffee_Ninja 5/5
The best webcomic ever!
hollyqi 5/5
Except for the One Day Spread Over A Billion Strips storyline last year (which is of course a manga staple but doesn't really translate to webcomics too well) this strip is brilliant, flawless, and wonderful. One of the first strips I read, along with Something Positive and Queen of Wands.
jonpinoy 2/5
Megatokyo is nothing special. I don't know why it's so hyped up when there really isn't anything to show for it. I still read it occasionally, but the art seems like someting unfinished and Fred is terribly inconsistent. For someone who does this as their job they should be more reliable than that. The writing is alright if you're into soap opera stories, but sometimes the characters don't fit. Take a glance and see how you like it though. This is just my opinion.
cashacka 5/5
the art is some of the best art i've ever seen.

it nearly matches Inverloch's standards
Jono!!! 5/5
I like it. Hell I love it! Its not the kind of comic you can drop into without having to read the entire backlog (as I am currently doing) The art style is simple (as far as Manga goes) but extremily cool.

My only criticism is that the storyline doesn't seem to be researched very well. The protagonists enter into the epitomy of the western Steriotype of the Japanese. A world where everyone is either obsessed with manga, a Ninja/grand master, A Horny-4-u schoolgirl, a soul devouring demon, a cosplay, a robot, or all of the above. Its just a little hard for me to swallow.

That said, still one of the best comics out there!
Illjwamh 4/5
The most overhyped comic on the internet.

That being said, I still enjoy it. While Caston's departure has indeed made a profound impact on the direction of the story, it's still interesting. I like that kind of stuff (but I also like explosions, fanservice and crazy fighting - I'm not a TOTAL sissy =P).

My main problem with it is how slow the story moves. It's perfect for archive reading, but day-by-day it moves at a snail's pace. He also misses updates a lot.

The way I get around this is to read it in chunks. I'll lay off for a while, then go read a couple month's worth of the archives all in one go. It keeps it fresh and interesting.
wasureru 5/5
The webcomic I rate all other webcomics off of.

Amazing art, good plot, funny (though not excessively), and very, VERY entertaining.

One of the best in all categories, and it updates often.
flame060 5/5
Great charicters, good storyline, quite comical at many times. One of the best comics out there.
furryjonny 3/5
When I started reding the archives I was pretty much in love with the comic but recently the plot has drastically changed. Had It started like this it would be a reasonable and well drawn comic but it lost its charm when it stopped being a gaming comic and switched genre - cntrl-alt-delete for me. You gotta have consistancy. Still read it though, it just looks soooo good...
Jenny169 5/5
I am so sick of people. If a comic or something appears on the internet, and it's not exclusively comedy, people call it "psudo-intellectual." To me, megatokyo isn't psudo-intellectual, it's just intellectual. it's not as funny as it used to be, but it isn't any worse because of that.
desdemona47 5/5
The latest storylines have been awesome! I think Fred's finally hitting his stride as a solo act in the last few months.
super05 5/5
I loved it! its used a great plot plus fantastic art work. 5 stars!
Abby 4/5
I really like the art and the backgrounds are beautiful. Unlike many others, I like the change from gamer comic to romantic, but too many more missed updates and I'll probably stop reading.
GrenghisKhan 1/5
Used to love it, now I hate it. Caston left and obviously took the MegaTokyo I loved with him. Theres supposedly some storyline going on but I fail to see anything but slow angsty ramblings in a cliche wannabe japanese romance manga. Perfect example of how good things go bad so easily. I mean, really. He supposedly had this story planned for ages? Its more like hes just making it up as he goes along. If he wanted it to be this way fromt he beginning he should have started out this way. It took so many years of thought and planning to reach this point and completely fall from its former grace? I find it hard to beleive that it was intended all along that MegaTokyo would just break off and nearly instantly change styles like that.

I never liked the art, only the writing. The art is just as unoriginal as the plot as become lately. Sketchy is nice when its extremely detailed, but that style just looks really cheap when left uninked.
My final opinion? MT has fallen. I have nothing against Fred, but his comic needs serious work if he wants to keep it alive.
Hmmmmmmm. It WAS good. Thats until largo started to use largo to make piro look better. Nothing against the artist, just yea. It went down and kaboom for me.
djfiro 4/5
Like any other, I would agree with the opinion that the arts totally rule, it 0wnz throughout the web . . .

but what bothers me the most, as well as other fans who enjoys funny and lots of action . . .
This comic has been simply turned from being the most exiting comic with some action, to being the most SHOUJO romantic manga, which is i atleast like . . . I realy like Caston's story idea better . . .

The reason that I'm still a big fan of this comic is because of his artworks and his drawing style . . .
it's realy simple yet harder to draw than it looks, though his drawings doesn't need any proffesional tools such as Inks and Tone tools, the shadings are done by a variety of pencils . . .
His art style inspires me alot, he's the reason i also became an artist . . .

I must say, i was with megatokyo from the very begining and will be till the very end . . .
Though, Let's just hope Fred considers adding more action and less of these weepy drama . . .
LoneStar 4/5
The artwork here is what makes this great comic outstanding. it's pretty funny. great comic.
maverick 4/5
this comic is pretty well done. i like the art. it's probably one of the most well drawn ones on theweb.
kainee 2/5
Although imitation is the best form of flattery, I wish Fred Gallagher would just get his own ideas. He's like Quentin Tarantino-- the results might look nice but all the ideas are basically ripped off from multiple sources. I'm not very impressed with the writing either. It's notable that Rodney Caston's departure from the comic marked a significant change in the tone of the story and not a good one. Caston's influence at least provided some inanity to offset the humongous amount of angst that Piro and Gallagher himself is capable of generating. Without Caston's special brand of humor, we're just left with a whiny Piro.

The art might have redeemed this comic but Gallagher doesn't update on time. Not very impressive for someone who's supposed to be doing this full-time. And has a supporting team to help him out. I'm sure the fanboys/girls won't like this review. But truthfully, this is my opinion.

I'm sick of seeing online comics drawn in the manga style that strive to be Japanese manga, yet fail.
Markly 3/5
The art's very nice, but why isn't it inked? Makes it look unfinished.
Nathaniel 2/5
Thumbs down.

The art is of course awesome, if generic. The problem here is the writing, where MegaTokyo suffers from what I like to call "Sluggy Freelance Syndrome," where a comic starts out as a humour comic and degrades into a silly, implausible soap opera.

Hype also kills this thing.

Love the art though.
Ch4plain 5/5
Great artwork, great story. Characters are well done, and interesting. This is one of the greats, and as such draws alot of flak. My humble props to Fred for putting up with that all these years, and for making such an intoxicating comic.
Charil 1/5
Euh... the style, while original to artist, wasn't quite my cup of tea- a bit too sketchy for my tastes, and slightly too simple when it comes to people. And then, there is the aforementioned idea of originality and the lack thereof.

But hey, other people like it apparently. Just one viewer's opinion.
BabyPan 5/5
MegaTokyo started out as a gaming comic with two guys obsessed with games, which wasn't very original. Now in the latest chapter, it seems the story is actually turning into a plotline, with no serious gaming anymore. Now there are angsty romances with two guys who are pretty much messed up.

The art is simply refreshing and great. It's in manga style, but Fred seems to have turn it into his own.
shinobi_gamer 5/5
A friend of mine has the first three mangas of it and I loved the hell out of it! I lvoe the jokes and the fact that they are living my dream! I can't wait for volume four to come out!
Not my fav, but still ok. And the comment about keenspot on the top.. Well he has his own server, why go to keenspot with all the ads and pop ups everywhere. O_O?
kidneo66 5/5
twitch360 2/5
Its nice to see someone put so much effort into such a trully dull comic.
I have a feeling the author could do better things.
devynci 1/5
Maybe people would like it more if the artist atleast tried to be somewhat original.
Donny 1/5
The art is generic and the story is uneven and uninteresting. Piro is also one of the whiniest authors out there. Boo hiss! Gimme an actual Japanese comic book instead.
DocM 5/5
I love megatokyo now. I started reading it yesterday and finished them all by the end of the day.

I wish I could draw like Piro.
lunamentia 5/5
Megatokyo is probably the best webcomic out there! And I mean it. People live for this thing.
J.K. 2/5
Sorry, nothing about this comic calls out to me. Art is good but there's better out there.
JackSP 2/5
Megatokyo has very good art, but in the end the art is simply manga style and does feel very innovative or beuatiful in the same way Machall, Applegeeks does, or ESPECIALLY Alpha-Shade (despite the confusing story and lond updates), in the beginning it was kinda funny but then it just turned into Piro the little pervert. And everyone thinks he's somekind of Japanese God because he went to Japan for a year and says "Bakka", "Hai", etc. He's from WISCONSIN!!! overall I respect the manga art but as for everything else it's just anoying
Ren C. 2/5
Megatokyo was the first webcomic I read, and I loved it from the beginning. Lately, however, it hasn't been my cup of tea. It seems to have deviated from its original gamer-style humour to more sim-game-style romantic situations and action plots that I find to be littered with pseudo-intellectual philosophying that is rarely comprehensible. Still, to its credit, Megatokyo is a legend and has accomplished a lot in its time, and the art is very consistent.
Me. 3/5
Every so often they'll have a good one ("Shoujo manga has helped me with so many problems! All I need to do is read until I find a similar situation...") typically about gaming. But most of the time is this annoying ultra-wimpy whiny protagonist lucking his way through a romantic relationship that sort of person would never achieve in real life, plus the other guy as the Kramer-ripoff "comic" relief.
jellybeansniper 5/5
MT is the best hand drawn comic on the web, and is the best comic period on the web. Not sure why it's only number 5. This is what inspired me to start my comic. That and hopes I could do it for a living too. I wouldn't mind going to Japan for a convention...
Lexi 5/5
MegaTokyo rocks. It's funny and the art is beautiful. The characters are likable and the plot is interesting. It's definately my favourite webcomic. 10/10!!
Yoshi 5/5
7H|5 (0/\/\|( |5H 1337!!!!
7H|5 (0/\/\|( |5H 1337!!!!
Shuryou Gospel 5/5
F34R T3H Powuh of MEGATOKYO.

The artist is just a guy. A normal american guy who like to draw in the japanese manner. He really brings out the part of in gamers/anime/H4CK3RS that we all know and love.
Aesir 1/5
Everyone knows exactly what I think about this bunk. :P
high_decibel 4/5
Having read megatokyo, there are few other webcomics which even come close in terms of storyline, quality of drawing, etc, etc. Not to mention it has something for everyone, action, romance, zombies...what more could you possibly want?
MarcusBlacksmith 5/5
For a comic that has such an obviously large amount of work and dedication poured into it, MegaTokyo cops more flack than any other web-comic online.

It seems any comic artist that wants quick cred has to attack the big MT at least once in their strip - often for the same reasons - and it seems strange to me, as unlike the guys from Penny-Arcade, for example, Fred never actually set out to piss anyone off.

Most of it's jealousy based. Megatokyo is, and lets face will remain, one of the only web-comics actually to earn the author a living. For some reason people tend to take this as a pointer to say 'he's only in it for the money', or to suggest that the strip is a cop-out and contrived. In my opinion it's impossible for any author with such a labour intensive art style, who sets the taxing update schedule of 3 a week, to be a cop-out, or only in it for the money. If you don't love what you're doing, drawing comics is a bloody awful job.

The simple fact is, Megatokyo is a great strip - and one that set many a trend that many of its detractors quite happily follow - popular use of 1337, overuse of ninjas and the move from scanlation to western Manga artists who actually draw their own scripts.

Power on Megatokyo!
but yes.. I still read it -_^
Aidank 5/5
A very well drawn and well made comic, MegaTokyo has strong roots in classic Japanese Manga, with it's romantic plots twists and zany cast. A classic of webcomics.

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