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Ethereal Legacies

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Genre: Fantasy
Date Added: 10 June 2007
Last Update: 16 October 2013
Archive URL:
Current Comic Ranking: 10444/23733
Views This Month: 73   (More...)
Average Views a Month: 39   (More...)
Favourite of: 167 members
Status: Normal (?)

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Ethereal Legacies is a fantasy story that deals with the death of magic and the races that fight for its survival.

Current synopsis by: Largominus2004
Current image by: largominus2004

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Hello Everyone, Largo minus/Kris here. I just want to thank you all for such great words of encouragement and praise. I don't think I am quite there yet but I am working hard to get my art and story to a professional quality. The nice comments only assure me that I am still headed in the correct direction. Thank you very much and I look forward to the future, especially with readers like you hanging with me the whole way ^^
crimson_angel 5/5
you should give up your personal ife, cxhain your self to your computaer, and spend your every waking moment making us more pages. your comic is that good.
Hellion 5/5
Largo04' you have some sort of ungodly talent there. I've been surfin' around this site for hours now, reading comics on the featured comic list. That is until I came to yours. That flame girl hikari one or whatever is pretty sweet too but your EL comic is far superior in every way. Espeically the artwork wow! The only thing that the guy/girl that does that hikari comic accels at is putting the heroine in those tightass pants giving her a nice yet blatant CT. Thats honestly the only thing thinking back that I would say caught my attention. Your story, personas, art, and all out hotness of the characters reigns absolute over all the other comics here. How are you not the #1 comic on this thing? Well its a mystery to me and I say keep up the killer work. I'm giving my first 5 star to you. The other comics I've read on the featured list barely deserve a 3 to 4 max now having read yours.

Azumanga 5/5
Gorgeous artwork Largominus2004! I luv the artwork! To say that ur talented is an understatement. I really luv the red head and that blond girl chasing her. They have spunk, sass, and sex appeel that I can personelly relate to!

What happens to the red head and blond when they go through the portal together? They arent going to die are they? I hope you won't kill off my 2 fav. chars. :(

Good luck on #1 here. #32 is really good I think. I cannot wait for what you put up next!!

Largominus2004 5/5
You Must go and check out the latest ethereal website update!!!!!
Sorry to be late with a new comic page everyone. I am currently going through a divorce and had to move to a new job in Oregon all in the same couple of weeks. I am also without any of my furniture and that includes my PC so I will be down for a few more weeks. Please dont give up on me though. As soon as everything is sorted out I will be posting a very cool new page.
pam 5/5
I forgot to say but did you know that you are on the featured comics and banner thingie for this site? If you didn't know then you should because that's pretty cool. Well it's how I found you at least.
pam 5/5
Hi Hi Largominus2004. I have only recently been introduced to your artwork. You have a really good eye for detail and a style that I haven't seen before. It seems many are commenting about the character's boobs, but to be honest I don't see what all the fuss is about. The characters are pretty and their clothing designs well thought through. Are there any male hero types in your comic beyond the female elf girls? I'm just curious. I bookmarked your page and I think I'll look at your deviant site next. You can count on me reading from now on.
Umbris 5/5
Shak there's a lot of art that's not on the comic site, which you can find on Kris' DA (Deviant Art) site. Some of it's sketches and such, while others are related to the comic. Kris (Largominus) has some pretty cool stuff on there, so go check it out :).


Awesome comic update this week Kris. The art is nothing less than stellar as per usual :).

Hey Shak, go to deviant art and look up largominus2004 and go to my gallery ^^ Thanks for the support man!
Shakazulu 5/5
Coo coo brotha. I be makin sure to check that out fo real. Yeh dia be hot for real. Yur shiz definitley tight so Im all about pluggin yer site to ma boyz. I mean the more sucess you get the more kickin stuff I gets to see.

So you dont have no nudes of just dia and dat blond chick? Yo you shuld because that deviant art place is all about full on nude stuf. Dat way its not detractin the comic. Ma bro gots a login to that deviant place so i'll check yo stuff out soon.

Hope I check your shiz out in da future and get to see those two chics full on. Id be like dam! This dudes hands down da best fo real.

keep it real dawg
To Heathers: Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate the kind words. Sharlise is trying to get Una's sword from Bianka. I may not have made that clear enough. You are the second person to ask that. Michael and I are going back through and redoing some of the pages and panels for the print version of our comic. I will keep that in mind. Thank you

To Shakazulu: If you go to my deviant art site, you will get quite an eyeful of Diamanda. She's my fav too. I tend to drool too much while drawing Diamanda Lol. The website is m/ I did this requested new years image of the crew. It's 18+ though so you may need to create a deviant account. You could also go to and look back a couple pages to see the same image.

Thanks alot for the cool comments Devious I appreciate the feedback man!
heather s 5/5
Hiyas Largo,

I wanted to say that I love your comic and I'm really excited for you to be making your physical version of it. I hope it does well ^^.

Bianka is my favorite! I've been wondering why that blonde elf is chasing her though? Maybe I'm lost, but will that get explained?

Take cares and bye byes ^^.
Shakazulu 5/5
Yo what up Largo?

So yeah been readin this comic for awhile now, like 2 months or so. I figure I would finally post somethin. First I gotta say you have some pretty dedicaded fans brotha, and I like seein that with a man of your talents. You be deservin that.

I also just watned to say to ya that I totally agree with lamer, umbris, and dev man. Don't listen to that ol wench talkin smack about your art styles and stuff alright? She don't know jack man. Sures you got nudity and stuff, but you know what? It ain't all like derty and stuff, so I don't know what her dealio is. she dont even know.

Oh and hey that charlize chick and that diamond chick are f-in HOT. Did you desine those outfits yourself or what? Those 2 be on the top of my list of best comic chicks ever and they look sazzy. I do reckon that dia chick could use a see throguh verzion of that dress and char some skimpiar bottoms though. Thaz what I've been hopin to see. what are the chances of that huh? Yeah and whens that dia chick show up?

Have a happy new year man and keep it real man
Devious 5/5
NICE! A buddy of mine just showed me your comic and I gotta say it's pretty kick butt. The story is pretty cool and after checking out your main site I am definitely excited to see all of that background stuff and character art you say you are creating.

Oh and did I mention I'm a big fan of how you draw those sexeh ladies :)? Everything from their shapes, attitudes, even their hair. Oh and any guy would be stupid not to like the red haired chick's corset, the blondie's thong and thigh highs, and the hilarious hand prints on that big chick's chest LOL!

You should seriously consider doing some tasteful nudes (but like not that smutty stuff, something sexy and artsy).

Later yo!


P.S. Yeah and totally keep up that sexy and deadly thing with those chicas. Gotta love a chick that can look that sexy and still whoop ya booteh.
Thanks a lot Umbris! I love to see that you appreciate the hard work that goes into the comic. As far as the history goes, Michael and I are already working on a series of background info pages that outline the history of Ethereal. It's great to see that you feel the same way we do about the history. The story will begin to reveal more about the sister's past as well. The story really does deserve more clarification. Michael suggested we go back and rewrite the older pages as well. Again, you were right on track. It's obvious that you know your stuff, which makes your comments on the comic so valued and appreciated. I would like to send you a piece of art that is only meant for those fans that have shown a lot of passion for the comic by voting for me on this page and the wonderful comments on the website. If you go to my web page look for the contact option and leave me an email. I will send you a cool piece that I just finished of Bianka.

This goes for all of the other fans who added me to their favorites on the web comic list. This also includes people who haven't added me yet but intend on doing so. Going forward we will send those fans exclusive material such as update info and art. Thanks a lot Umbris!
Umbris 5/5
Wow, I have to say that after thoroughly viewing this comic, reading all of the responses, then coming here to see someone actually flame Largo for what I consider nothing less than stellar... I'm just blown away.

Anduin... I don't know if you are a guy or girl, but you obviously have a serious inability (not to mention lack of cognizance) on how to state an art-based opinion or argument. Does nudity really bother you that much...? Seriously, because last I checked it is our natural state of being.

You're offended, we get it. Sadly 99% of the readership views Largo's comic as a gorgeous collection of artwork, which is based mostly off of heroines vs. heroes. Shall I therefore be irrate about the fact that majority of men in comics or fictional pieces are depicted as muscle-headed bafoons? Because that's about the extent of it with most artists who draw males. Going forward do us all a favor and please keep your criticism and obviously one-sided, tunnel visioned opinions to yourself. That is unless you can exhibit some shred of constructiveness or tact, which is doubtful... Thanks ;).

Having said that I wanted to thank Largo for spending so much time preparing these comics from week to week. I just learned about the comic from a buddy of mine, who noted that I should check it out. All I have to say is WOW Largo.

Kid you've got talent. I think you've really nailed a style and story here, but I'll be honest I'm finding that I have a lot of questions about the story as a whole. Have you thought of writing a whole back story or doing some sort of style guide for fans like me to check out? I think I'm not alone in wanting something along these lines... oh and a set of desktop backgrounds would be TIGHT (like a fan kit). It's just a thought.

I do have some constructive feedback for you, which I hope will serve as a good set of things to mull over going forward. Firstly I agree with what majority of the other people are saying. This comic definitely tailors more towards an adult audience, but the comic bounces between two realms a lot it seems. It'll go with a little bit of sex and violence, but hamstrings it instead of embracing it. Both categories are fine, so long as they are "tasteful" (which is good) and aren't just completely "gratituous" (which turns people off). To be honest I believe you do both adequately, but as you say, having a balance is key. I think that no matter what you should feel comfortable expressing youself how you see fit. To me it just seems as if you might be holding back a little from what you personally want to do. Sometimes a tease (like sheer or semi-sheer) is better than outright nudity.

Secondly I also have felt that it'd be a great idea to go and rewrite some of the older cells. The artwork is beautiful, and the writing should match closely with the feeling of the art. You openly admitted that this is your first time writing, and I think it shows that you tried hard at it. Heck it's better than I could have done. Now that you have a writer though, I believe it'd help the comic out a lot (I noticed that in a cell with Una it says, "week" instead of what you really meant, which was "weak"). It's just a thought.

Lastly I seriously believe that you should flesh out the backstory more (as mentioned above). What's the history of this place and what creatures live there? Maybe I overlooked it, but what does the name of the comic even mean? Just out of curiosity.

Well enough of my ramblings. I just wanted to say thank you for putting all of this effort into something that I have found quite enjoyable. Your art style (especially the trolls, goblins, and without a doubt the elves) is amazing. I hope that you keep up the good work, and listen not to the narrow minded critics out there.
Thanks a lot William ^^
wiliam 5/5
Comic series started not long ago but is deffinately worth a look and the wait.
There's a new update to the Ethereal Legacies comic. Thanks and Enjoy ^^
Hey Everyone! The comic is almost ready. By the way if you would like to get some Ethereal Legacies stuff in the meantime go to my Deviant art page. It has some really cool extras. Here's the link:

Sorry about the comic delay. I am currently working on a demo for my game company and have been here at work more than usual. The next comic page is about 80% complete and I hope to have it up this week. Thanks for the patience everyone!
lamer 4/5
Sure it is mature(As in containing nudity and what not), but what the hey. It is still a pretty interesting fantasy web comic filled with some pretty cool monster designs and violence. Of course, it can be hard for some to get past the fact that a comic contains some sexual content, but then again, Better Days contained sexual content. It could use a little bit more story, though.

Anyways, the artwork is fantastic and nicely colored. Many artists seem to avoid coloring since it could ruin their lineart, but Largominus2004 seems to know what he is doing.

However, the story seems to be the weak point. Of course it has fantasy elements, but perhaps it can be more developed as the comic is updated more. Also, it can be a little text-heavy at times. I understand it has a narration, but it could benefit from using vocabulary words that can replace most of the words in normal sentences. Or, better yet, let the characters and their actions speak for themselves a little bit more. This way, readers will not feel disconnected.

Despite flaws, this is a pretty cool fantasy comic with potential to sit right next to Better Days and New Worlds in character development with improvements. Keep up the good work, but also remember to push yourself a little more.
Here we go! The actual characters and story begins to take shape! Ethereal legacies is going to really pick up! Enjoy ^^
sorry about my temperamental rant I posted last night. I had been working non-stop for well over two weeks, without a break and lost my cool.
I hope this isn't taken wrong by many of you. This is a response to to a comment below.

I have had time to think about a comment from Anduin. I have an actual response for Anduin and people like you. I have just worked all weekend on my actual job. Being a game designer is a constant time draining job. There's so much to keep up on while keeping up with the team's needs. Keeping teams in check and constantly proving yourself as a confident creator is very hard work. After that I have a beautiful family that requires a lot of hard work and attention to details. I certainly wouldn't want my children to say things like you did, just because they can. I would like them to consider their words and be good people. Your review was rude right from the start. I am not sure what it was that set you off but please be a bit more considerate about your words. I bet you can't say that you have sacrificed so much. Your family time, care for your job. I bet you donít have the drive, the desire, to do something else with your life (except right dumb reviews). I work 50+ hours a week at my regular job, come home and provide for my wife and my children, then with what little time I have after that, I create this comic book. Itís a way to vent some creativity, need, and desire to do something else. You chewed my effort up like this project was some pay or professional site. Like I really feel like I could charge right now. I am not that good, not yet... I will be, but I and you (obviously, you couldn't make that any more clear) feel like there's much improvement needed. I have a word of advice to people like you and anyone willing to really read this. A real artist will never be perfect, we are constantly learning, struggling to get better. As a great artist you have to let go of any thoughts of being perfect. Perfection is a glorified ideal for halfwits. As a creative person, there is far too much to draw, to master, create, and to write about. I canít figure out your comments, they had no real value, just criticism with no reason. Thanks and next time try offering some advice. Any idiot can point out the problems; a genius comes up with solutions.
These are some very valid points. I do have to admit that I have room for improvement. That's why I dug down deep and started the comic. It took a lot of time and effort to convince myself that it was simply time to do the comic. I am new to this and I expect to get criticism like this. I will address some of these issues and continue to march forward. Una's appearance was intensional by the way and you called me on it. The style difference comes from having fun. I love to play around with anime/manga and traditional comic art. That will probably continue due the fact that this supposed to be a fun project for me. I have studied the human form. I am writing and drawing, coloring this by myself. I have no team and I have a family and work full time. This leaves very little time to catch everything but I am working hard at it. Thanks for the comment Anduin, I will take your advise and improve, just be a little less harsh on us newbies if you could. Thank you
Anduin 2/5
Every once in a while you come across a tasteful comic that features beautiful art. Unfortunately, this is definitely not one of them.

From the very first page on, and without warning, blatant nudity is shown of what is supposed to be the main character- it is quite apparent the artist considers his dream blow-up doll a suitable lead. There is literally nothing but page after page of this "woman" striking awkward poses baring either her tush or enormous, hand-printed breasts. Needless to say, it's doubtful the artist has any experience with actual human anatomy, as like I've mentioned, each of the lead's breasts are as large as her head, and her middle is only just wide enough to accommodate what seems to be a ribless spine made of rubber. Furthermore, her face's appearance changes every single time you see her, leaving open the thought that there might be a dozen or more of these bizarre creatures running around!

Lamentably, the whole piece of work is presented in art skills that would do SO much better in a comic NOT to serving as "fap" material to the monkeys who must read it. Indeed, the only thing letting this comic escape from a poor rating by me is the absolutely fabulous goblin and "Rigor Mortis" character designs. When they and the main character are in the same panel, it's apparent that they are indeed "from different planes of existence." One must wonder what could have been, if only a competent writer was brought in (to put it simply, the writing and dialog are inconsistent, illogical, and poorly transitioned), and if the main focus (AKA, gigantic secondary sex characteristics) was changed to something that wouldn't have to distract readers away from the story. It's a shame to see so much potential go to waste.
Hello Everyone! This weeks page is one of my favorites. As a matter of fact the next series of pages are going to get exciting. I hope everyone enjoys my comic and please feel free to comment or give me some ideas! Thanks
Sorry about the page delay, I will be posting tonight. I was out of town and could not update so please look for the new page tonight at 7pm central time. Thanks everyone!
Just wanted to say that the next comic is going to be great! Things have been getting more streamlined and I am excited. This has been a wonderful experience and I want to thank you all for the support!
Ok, so the lower the better, thanks to everyone on the forum and thanks to everyone who enjoys my labor of love. New page update Sunday ^^
Is a comic code of #29 really bad?

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