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Dominic Deegan

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Genre: Fantasy
Date Added: Before Time Began
Last Update: 10 February 2015
Current Comic Ranking: 849/23733
Views This Month: 14504   (More...)
Average Views a Month: 2276   (More...)
Favourite of: 810 members
Status: Normal (?)

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Dominic Deegan, a grumpy seer, and his friends have faced violent knights, murderous witches, incompetent thieves, furry sea monsters, angry mobs, magical slimes, flesh-eating demon lords, the blight of the undead, and mood swings. Their adventures have only just begun. Come and see for yourself. Just beware of Death From Above!

Current image by: aerianwildcat

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Lordyv23 5/5
The story of this comic strip makes the whole story interesting. Although the art is not really perfect, but I have seen improvements since it started. The character are well researched and planned. I like the twist of the story.

R0gue H3ro 2/5
I\'m kinda surprised at the consistency of the five start rankings, I was initially surprised as to why this ranked so highly compared to other webcomics, but Mookie has a very solid fanbase that likes what he does. One thing that Domanic Deegan does very well is all out epic fantasy, some extensive world building, excellent character development and most important he updates often.
On the downside, DD suffers from some huge flaws that will never elevate it from anything other than a mediocre webcomic for me. First off, like its been said before, Domanic is a Mary-Stu, he always wins, he\'s always right, and seems to be an avatar for the author. Don\'t know if its true, but yea. Appearances and all that. The artwork is never bad, but never progresses very far either. His work now looks very similar to when he started. The magic system is kinda cliche, but thats probably just a matter of my own personal taste. Finally the puns are truly horrible, some people seem to like this, but i kinda think that joke is so outplayed that its a sign that Mookie really doesn\'t know many others.
Asher 5/5
This is my favorite comic.... out of the hundreds of web comics I have read.

For those not in the know, here is a basic out line of what to expect.

First of all, it seems to be very crappy art with little to no story line but a very catchy theme with the frequent pun that makes you either laugh out loud or facepalm... or both.

After a bit of reading the author steadily improves the artwork to be just amazingly brilliant!
It also very quickly evolves a very interesting, intense and complex story line that is easy to understand but hard to stop reading.

Unlike a lot of other good comics, the author is still continuing to update regularly.

I didn\'t even know it was listed on this site but when I saw it\'s listing I had to comment.
Probably one of the very few web comics I\'ll write a good review for with 5 stars.

bushwhacker2k 5/5
Excellent. I walked into this expecting a half-decent webcomic with a few decent jokes at best and found one of the best stories I\'ve ever read.

WARNING: If you fear puns then run away, cuz Dominic Deegan LOVES puns :D
I-Wanna-be-a-Marysue 1/5
The art is terrible, hasn\'t improved over the years and is a bad mimic of anime art. And the story is terrible because the main character always right and does almost everything right. He\'s a Mary Sue.
curiousvalkyrie 5/5
Gotta say, I love the world and the story. It\'s well drawn and one of the few comics that updates Monday-Friday daily. The characters are fun and feel very real. It\'s completely worth reading it, even with the more than occasional sigh at a bad pun.
dejarnjc 3/5
Ditto what shagbark said. This comic is entertaining but in no way great. The storyline is average at best, the humor is terrible, I actually don\'t mind the drawing, the characters are generally meh at best and very very mushy at worst. That being said, it can still be quite entertaining
Zorque 4/5
Ah, opinion... when everyone else is wrong and you\'re so obviously right...
shagbark 3/5
You people are on crack. It\'s all right. But it\'s not in a league with Girl Genius, Schlock Mercenary, Templar Arizona, Megatokyo, Order of the Stick, or Buck Godot.
Tuqui 5/5
I love it and i don´t know why it isn´t in the first place.
alantliber 5/5
Truly awesome. If you've never read this, do so.
Forgot to add, very frequent updates (makes me very happy).
Overlord59 5/5
Brilliant. No other way to describe it. The story is incredibly compelling (I read the entire archive within about 24 hours). It deserves every bit of praise given in the other comments.
agent_spliced 5/5
people say the art is all right. Compared to a lot of the other comics out there, the art is wonderful. His attention to shading and proportion is flawless, especially in recent comics. The storyline is awesome. He, himself, is fun and wonderful. I met im at conventions and e's great and so is his work. Definite must read. Te masses are right best comic ever!
Sauratos 5/5
A truly amazing comic. It has achieved a very difficult balance of drama and humor. Updates are on a very regular basis, and I cannot remember the last time the artist missed as update. Probably the best piece of fiction that I have read in a webcomic. Overall, awesome.
Beo 5/5
most enthralling story I've ever read in a webcomic, really excellent stuff, so long as you can stomach Donovan's jokes XD
jayngfet 3/5
decent, but rough diamonds are worth less, the coal itself more so, if mookie just goes back and adds a few comics to the whole orc rape thing things would work sooner, and maybe update less often to color it
jayngfet 3/5
decent, but rough diamonds are worth less, the coal itself more so, if mookie just goes back and adds a few comics to the whole orc rape thing things would work sooner, and maybe update less often to color it
Cheat2Win 5/5
I don't understand why this comic's at #10. This comic should be in the top 3, hell, even #1! This is probably the best comic I've ever seen so far. Though the puns are sometimes awful(obviously on purpose), the comic's still funny. It's pure gold.
TheAllmightyHamster 5/5
Yeah.. It's pretty good aigh't:p
qwazzerman 5/5
What can I say that has not already been said? This is one of my all-time favorite stories. I've found myself gasping for air from laughter more than a few times while reading.
EmberWolfe 5/5
awsome art. awsome story line. one of the best comics i've read so far!
Kristy 5/5
I just sat down and read the entire archive over the course of a couple of nights. This comic absolutely rocks. A lot of people say that the art is "lacking" and I actually disagree.

The art may be SIMPLISTIC, yes, but I feel that it expresses a great deal without being overly detailed. I loved the style.

The storytelling is amazing. This comic is so full of plot twists and I was blindsided by the unexpected several times.

The characters are lovable and well-rounded. This is one of the best, if not the best, story-driven webcomics I've ever read.

5/5 for me.
talyhawk 5/5
The story is what really makes this comic worth reading. Mookie does a great job of coming up with story arcs and not all of them are based around some sort of crisis, which keeps the story from becoming too boring.

The characters are all very well developed and it's not hard to find a favorite character. The detail that is gone into on each of the characters is very noticeable. Even some of the characters that only show up for a brief moment come across as being well developed.

The art isn't the greatest, but it has improved greatly since the comic started out. That alone is more than enough to give props to Mookie.
Sauratos 5/5
To be honest, the artwork on this site is lacking, to say the least. However, the storyline is just so amazing and the plot points are so well though out, that is really doesn't matter what this comic looks like.

This has got to be some of the best storytelling that I have ever seen on a webcomic, and has become one of my absolute favorites, even after only one day of reading it.

The humor gets dry at times, and many times relies on stupid puns for a laugh, but surprisingly that is what helps make this comic so good. You may not just burst out laughing, but you will get at least a good chuckle out of it.

All in all, Dominic Deegan has got to be one of my favorite comics out there - the humor, the storyline, the memorable characters - they all seem to work together to make this an amazing comic.
Datel 5/5
Truely, I have to say it's one of the best webcomics out there, it's always full of excitement, drama, mystery, suspense, just everything a good story needs.
J-- 5/5
Everything about this comic is great. The characters and story are always interesting. I just read through the archive in two sittings, interrupted only by sleep and class. I always tend to look at a comic's story, but excellent art can be found here as well.
Muse 4/5
Remarkably good! I've heard a lot of 'not-so-greats' about the artwork, but there's diamonds in the rough. At the top of the great list are the expressions. It's not often you see expressions drawn so well!

The characters are great. They're all so colorful, all with their uniqueness rather than the same skeleton with a different appearance. And nice character development!

The only real complaint I was was the..*cough cough* sexual content...Of course, that's just my opinion...Eh. ^^' On the other hand, swearing was basically kept to a minimum. There really wasn't a whole lot of cussing, so that saved the rating a bit.

Rating - 4/5
whitelynx 5/5
One of my favorite comics for a couple of years now. It's been a pleasure watching the art and story develop over time.
Led 5/5
With a great story, jokes that never get old, amazing artwork (it doesn't have to be complicated to be good!) and much other things, this is maybe THE best comic I have EVER read.
MoltedSeraphim 5/5
Wow... what a great comic. It's horribly corny and the artwork is good though not amazing, but still.. something about it is just so addictive, and the writing is wonderful and awe-inspiring. What a great read. Seriously.
desdemona47 5/5
Highly addictive! I stayed up until 3:30 AM last night reading because I just couldn't stop, and then finished the rest in the archive in every spare second today. It is a very good read!
mcknight1081 5/5
Worth going through the archives from day one. It's amazingly good, you get drawn in, stuck on the characters, and just when you think things get too tense in the adventure, the author throws in a gag which eases the reader but still fits into the storyline beautifully. I wish there was a higher rating then 5.
TDDM 5/5
Quite possibly the best thing I have ever read.
AJay 5/5
Extremely addictive. Read at own risk!
Beholder18 5/5
Wow. Just simply... Wow. I didn't even realise that comic exists since yesterday, but when I started reading it. I simply couldn't stop untill i finished. Well ok, I had like six hours of sleep, but that doesn't count. The fact is that I've read it all in about 20 hours of constant reading. And you know what? I'm mad, that I have to wait for further episodes. I want them NOW! It's just like... WOW! It never happened to me before!

The plot isn't the greatest one around (though very entertaining and quite original), the art is nothing special (I've never liked this style - well ok, it's nice and clear, but that's just it - although it has it's moments), you can sometimes predict the ending of a sub-plot just like it was you, not Dominic, who is the seer, some jokes happen to be not funny at all, and (just sometimes!) character development seems to be a bit... Irregular? Unnatural? Strange? Something like that anyway (in other words: characters can act weird - but it rarely happens). You probably think that I'm trying to say that this comic is like many others and noyhing special, but you know what? I LOVE IT. I will say it again: I LOVE THAT COMIC. You know why? Whatever you say about all the "basic elements" of it, which are "only" good in this case, the overall is a masterpiece. Sometimes funny, sometimes (very) brutal, sometimes heart-warming, sometimes sad. Dominic Deegan has "The Touch" that makes something unique and great.

So, concluding my opinion, I find this comic one of the best I've ever read. And I can't wait for more. All my base are belong to DD.
Falken 5/5
Excellent comic. Not the most incredible art, but surely some of the most effective. Stylish and consistent humour, and a very well thought out story (Even if there are a couple of plot holes)
levi3o4 5/5
This is by far one of the best stories on the net. It has things that appeal to everyone - fluffiness, hedonism, humor, puns, action, gore, fantasy, and even a little rock n' roll. If you start reading from the beginnng, I can almost guarantee that you will become addicted to this daily-updated saga.
jambob 5/5
2 days ago just after i had finished my breakfast at around 10 o clock i sat down at my my computer and stumbled upon this webcomic domonic deegan
i thaught it was amazing and decided to read every one
so i started to read and fourd that by 8pm i had finished
i read through over 1800 strips.
this is a realy great comic i can recomend you read this
steve ingram 4/5
If you're new to this comic read if from the start. Don't think you can just waltz in after however many strips there have been now anf understand what's going on. you won't.

it is an awsome comic though!
James Mancuso 5/5
This comic makes me feel funny inside.
gman103 5/5
I love Dominic Deegan. My friend told me that I should read it, so I did. I couldn't stop reading it until I was finished. It is one of my favorite comics.
decourou 5/5
it's the best comic
Somnium 5/5
One of my absolute favorites...ever. It's funny (once you get used to the puns) and manages to keep up a good fantasy plot without falling into any major cliches.
Canis King 5/5
Dominic Deegan has to be the greatest comic ever! The characters are just awesome. The storylines are top notch. The artwork is beautiful, and the style fits the comic just right. And the puns put the fun back into funny. I guess the greatest praise I can give is that within five minutes of going through the archives this has become my favorite comic ever! Lastly I have three words to say “DEATH FROM ABOVE!”
swordfan 5/5
I'm not sure what I can say that hasn't already been said...It's simply the best, the character development, the story, the puns, plus the occational alliteration. Of all the comics I've read over the years, both online or in print it's got them beat (plus a lot of books and movies), heck I must have read through the archives at least three times by now and probibly will again.
Dark_Link 5/5
Graet story, great art. And when I say grteast story, I mean great story. The awesomeness of the storyline cannot be stressed enough. The transitions between the various plot points have been good too, nice and smooth. Only warning, PUNS. Otherwise extremely good comic.
klas.mattsson 5/5
This comic is great, it's the only webcomic that's been able to evolve into something better than it was from the beginning according to me. The characters are realistic (with a comic touch though), the story is interesting, the jokes hilarious.
If you haven't read it, read it.
NatNi 5/5
Fusion of drama and humour is really hard, but this comic pulls it off with style. I love the puns. A lot.
trilok 5/5
"Dominic Deegan is the best piece of fiction ever. In my opinion. Not best webcomic, not best fantasy, best thing EVER." -Vorin

i concur
asmarfey 5/5
I can't stand it, I LOVE this comic... I have to pace myself because I tend to pig out on it. :)
Spooky Hat  
umm... *fix* not all in one sitting
Spooky Hat 3/5
Wow, What to say about Deegan... Well its a good read if you go from start to finsh not all in unless you loke back pain. it gets taxing to fallow the story line day after day. the story is good. i like it and have read it twice(sorry for any bad spelling)
Gleezus 5/5
Very good comic, I love the story, the art isn't perfect but that's not what makes this comic great. The jokes are a bit punny, but it doesn't take away from the story. Overall... a new must read for me (and hopefully for you as well).
sara-ane 5/5
It's got to be one of the more hilarious comics out there. The art isn't bad either. I suggest you check it out!
stinkypants 5/5
Personally, I don't absolutley love the art, but the awesomeness of this comic is not through the art, but through the plot. Love the puns, love the characters, love this comic.
aerianwildcat 5/5
Amazingly detailed plot, characters that catch and hold your interest, and very commendable artwork. Yes, it is rather heavy on puns, but they are funny puns in my opinion. I'd say this webcomic is definitely one of my all-time favorites.
Zanzarra 5/5
Nothing more to add here from me. DD is, was and will be the best.
Dace66613 5/5
This is one of the Best comics out there.
Eric 4/5
One of the better plot comics out there.
Sakura30 5/5
Dominic Deegan rules! ^___________________^ i can never seem to tear myself away from the story. everyone should read it! :)
Gebohq 5/5
Dominic Deegan is a very punny comic. Ditto on everything else :)
parasquirrel623 5/5
best story telling i've seen so far!!! I couldn't stop reading it. I was totally emersed in the character development, and what was going to happen next
Dominic Deegan is the best piece of fiction ever. In my opinion. Not best webcomic, not best fantasy, best thing EVER.

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