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Posted by Pat Doyle on 4 August 2006 at 6:08pm
Tonight, I, interview Josh Mirman, the Messiah of "Punks and Nerds". We talk about global guts, double dare 200,  and an intense rivalry in the making.  Also, I am amazing.  All fan mail, or lack thereof, and requests, goes to

Pat: Josh, thank you for being here with us. Well me. But my dogs on the couch also, so us.

Gotcha. Dogs. Dogs are good.

Pat: Now Josh, many people see certain parts of punks and nerds being rather dark. Is this intentional?

Josh:Haha, they do? No. Punks and Nerds is never meant to really be dark. Dark comedy, yes. Very much so. If we're talking about the current Angstman plot, the plot itself is supposed to be ridiculous. You have cartoons many people have grown up with, in rivalry with one another. That alone, to me, is funny. I feel like somethings the situation itself is funny rather than a punchline.

Pat: During my interview with Kilika, we talked about how he and you both received an email from some woman, who effectively told you and Kilika to rot in hell. You think people need to calm down a little bit these days?

We did? I didn't get one. If so, it went straight to my junk mail. I do get some hate mail, and yeah I think people really need to understand that it's not okay to act that way in the world, offline and online. If you don't like something, stop going to the damn site to read it. It will make both them and the person who owns the website a lot happier.

You've been known to go back to classic shows, like Guts. And what I need to know is this. Have you ever dreamed of climbing the aggro crag?

No way man. I was a chubby kid. The thought of doing any of that stuff on Guts gave me a leg cramp.

Pat: You think you could take Kilika up the crag?

A surfer vs. an illustrator. Uhmmm. No I'd totally get my ass kicked. I can beat him in other things though. Like poker and patty-cake.

Pat: My interviewer code of ethics is forcing me to revert to being serious. Are the persona's of PaN based on friends and family?

Josh:Mike was originally based off of one of my good friend's and roommate. Brad was originally based off of myself. Jade is sort of based off of the real Mike's fiance. Jim is based off of one of my good friends, Sara is based off of NO ONE. The ranter (that fat nerd) is based off everything stereotypically wrong about people online. Anyone who sees themselves in that guy should be ashamed of themselves, haha.

Pat: DS, or PSP?

Josh:I own both, but the DS is dominating my interest. It's a shame, I want the PSP to be good. I recently am buying used games for my PSP library, such as Metal Gear Ac!d and I feel like it's more of a chore than fun to play the thing. As for Brain Training for the DS, something that looks like a chore is surprisingly fun. I'm spending most of my gaming time with my Xbox 360 and DS.

Whose gonna win the title of "the besterest system in the nextgeneration of the besterest consoles, cuz they are the besterest".... Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360?

Console wars are stupid. Most of these companies are huge conglomerates. If anyone gets in second or third, it's not going to financially damage them or put them out of business. Nintendo can sell to only their fanatical fanboys and still be one of the most well known named companies in the world. Xbox is created by Microsoft who I bet secretly owns America. As for Sony, it's Sony man. No matter how good or bad the thing is, they're going to sell simply because of their name.

Now for what I think is the better system. I don't know. The PS3 offers a lot but good god. The price is ridiculous. For what they are offering us, it's a really great deal, but they need to understand that their target audience cannot afford that. Remember $600 dollars is the core price and all of those stores makes us buy bundles. I expect the PS3 bundles to be sold for a minimum of around $1000 when it comes out. However once that dies down, it's going to be fine. Release games for it? I don't know. The only game I'd want is Metal Gear Solid 4. No I don't really care for Final Fantasy. My attention span for video games aren't that wonderful. If I want to read a great big story I would get a novel. But to sit and watch Final Fantasy... It's either hit or miss for me. I couldn't finish Final Fantasy 7, but I did finish Final Fantasy 6 and enjoyed it. One of my favorite games ever was Chrono Trigger. So it's always a mixed bag for me and RPGs from Square-Enix.

Xbox360 I'm really enjoying because of the demos you can download, the videos you can download to work with your HDTV, and the Xbox live arcade. The achievements give people more reason to go back to the games they defeated and try something new with it. The replay value goes up. I'm not enfuriated that PS3 took the idea and made entitlements from it. It's a good way to have replay. I say everyone should steal it.

The Wii, to me, looks fun. As I get older I realize I do not need the best graphics in the world to have fun. So the whole new innovative gaves are getting me excited more than PS3 is. I'll be getting the Wii right away, but will wait for my PS3.

Throughout the history of Punks and Nerds, you have touched many subject, going from when the toilet water splashes your anus, to the talking dildo (that's MISTER dildo to you) to Skeeter accusing Doug of rape. So I must know. Do you claim your idea's from some sort of demi-god, or are you going to claim that you just stare at a wall and pound the stuff out?

Josh:The things I touch are simply things I talk about with people and then if it's really funny I go "Yep, this should be a comic." Bam, comic made. Doug raping Patti is more of a disturbing story than funny, however, so I'm glad I didn't make it. It's a guest strip. David McGuire made it and he's really funny. Look up his portfolio site. But as a person who has had one too many friends who have beenraped, I sort of feel like it's the line... Well, okay not really. It's just something I wouldn't joke about.

Pat: What are your favorite webcomics? Josh:I don't read webcomics anymore. I don't have the time really, nor do I enjoy enough to keep coming back to them. I am NOT saying I think webcomics are bad. I think webcomics are oversaturated when it comes to bad quality over good quality, but I think the good quality comics will live on for many years, while the lame ones will die out eventually. Pat: How do you create the comics?

Josh:I have a four panel template that I just print out and drawn in. Rather than thinking of panels, tiers, gutterspace... It's just too much for me over something that is supposed to be an outlet of my creativity and humor that I can't draw or write about with my art jobs.

Pat: do they need to make another Mighty Ducks? I think they totally gotta

Yes, but only if they bring back the entire original cast. So that they're all in their late 20s and early 30s. It will be 90 minutes of awkardness.

Pat: any advice for an aspiring webcomics creator?

Josh:Seriously, do this for yourself. Just be happy with what you do. It's a very young genre of storytelling, and the "professionals" are also learning new things about it and themselves everyday. Take a deep breath and go with the flow.

Pat: That's just about all the time we got. Anything last second you wanna say?

Josh:Be good, be happy, have fun, and smile.

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