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Posted by Pat Doyle on 22 May 2006 at 4:05pm

Kilika, a webcomic creator, has started the first surfing comic on the net.  He’s an awesome guy, so I tried to get an interview with him.  Check out his comic, at

Pat: interview start... NAO!

Kilika: dramitic

Pat: alright, I'm Pat Doyle, here with one of the newer webcomics on the net, blue and blond, perhaps the only surfing comic out there.

Pat:A lot of people are curious dude... are blue and blond based on people?

Kilika: well, blue and blond are both based off of myself. I split my personality in half, and gave bits and pieces to each character. Then I let their other half develop with the story
phyically, the new blue is based off of my looks

Pat: you have blue hair?

Kilika: except for the hair color

Pat: cuh-rayziness
more like the nose and chin…which readers HATED when i changed his look to look more like me...

Pat: heh.  Yeah, A lot of people seemed to think it was blasphemous for the guys to have noses.  Any particularly funny emails you got in regard to it?

Kilika: let me pull one up

Pat: sounds good.  *editors note*
while kilika was gone, we stole all of his surfboards.  cuz that's how we roll

Kilika: this is from a reader named koby:

“dribble, drip, sniff, snort, make a mess on exam study guides, get stuffed, smell the fat kid farting, make an unnecessary thing to draw. 
I think Blue's haircut and nose make him look like a dork but everyone else looks better though.”

Pat: frigging brilliant

Kilika: hey!

Pat: what?

Kilika: that wasn't nice lol.  stealing my boards like that

Pat: you have NO video proof. Thus, it didn't happen.  *ninja vanish*

Kilika: curses!

Pat: damn straight.  alright, next question....favorite webcomic
15 seconds on the clock

Kilika: gunnerkrigg court, by tom siddell

Pat: sounds solid

Kilika: have you heard of it?

Pat: yuh-no.  well, now I have

Kilika: lol

Pat: I'll be sure to check it out

Kilika:there you go

Pat: thankya kindly

Kilika: anytime

Pat: so, recently, a few people have gotten pissed at tim buckley.  of Ctrl-alt-del for having so much pay-stuff.  any thoughts?

Kilika: well, i would love for his stuff to be free, but i understand why he requires the fee.  the quality of the cartoon is really nice, and it's very similar to the comic, but i don't think that a cartoonist can afford to keep putting out such nice quality cartoons from his own wallet.  personally, i would like for him to do what red vs blue does with their donators, where the donators get the cartoon early, and it's given to the non donators some time later

Pat: well then, this next question, you did not see coming
waffles or french toast

Kilika: french toast, because you can put powdered sugar on it

Pat: hellz yeah.  Now, let us discuss the newest characters, green, and orange.
I'm gonna guess...the girls velvet?

Kilika: lily actually

Pat:That's a sugar coated lie good sir, and we both know it

Kilika: no actually! lol

Pat: oooh I gotcha... lily it is *wink wink nudge nudge*

Kilika: in that book that i just created, "Off the Map", the girl from that is a purple haired girl named lily. this girl in blue and blond is just the older version of her

Pat: crazy
Kilika: don't throw out the posibility of a velvet named character though

Pat: Touché kilika.
Kilika: lol

Pat: so, E3, biggest gamers event.  any games that struck you?  As amazing that is, not physically

Kilika: well, i'm a huge DS whore...

Pat: *bows*
Kilika: and i LOVE the SNES starfox, so starfox DS is my pick of the show

Pat: I should have guessed from your comic

Kilika: lol

Pat: now on a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for the desperate housewives game.  and if you say any number above a 5, we cannot be friends…ever

Kilika: my God... well, personally I would give it a 2. BUT my girlfriend hates video games, but watches desperate housewives, so I might have to rent it to give her an incentive to play Nintendo's new system with me this fall

Pat: good but don't buy it.  that evil in your house

Kilika: never.  the cool thing about working at gamestop is that i can check out used games, so DH will be one of those

Pat: assuming someone buys it

Kilika: considering that someone will buy it to trade in of course...

Pat: who would buy it though?  that's a question better left unsaid

Kilika: some ghettoed out urban child from the streets of richmond

Pat:...who watches desperate housewives?

Kilika: well, my girlfriend and her roomate for two

Pat: touché.  alright, let's talk about.  "the first wave"

Kilika: awesome
this is a collection of the first... 70 strips?

Kilika: actually, the first 122 strips

Pat: dizzamn.  that's not a small number

Kilika: i put two comics on each page

Pat: that is a BIG number.  so, 61 pages?  no wait...theres gonna be commentary..70 pages!

Kilika: i also threw in some artwork too, as well as the original comic from high school

Pat: sounds sweet

Kilika:well, there's commentary on each page, by either myself or the characters

Pat: ah.  does the commentary by the "you" character have a nose?

Kilika: i'm the only character in there with a nose lol

Pat:*gasp*.  well, at least we'll recognize you

Kilika: now i'm no longer special...

Pat: you lost your unique factor, eh?

Kilika: i'll find some other way to make my character look different
for volume 2

Pat: good call.  I'd go with an afro

Kilika: nah, that'll cover up the comic too much

Pat: heh.  alright, some more broad questions.  webcomics as a whole, going up
or down?

Kilika: well, as we all know, there are thousands of webcomics out there. Most of the popular ones have had their foots in the door since the creation of webcomics
so the popularity of them has been going up. But since some comics are ending soon (Like punks and Nerds), webcomics will be going
down a bit

Pat: Well josh mirman… the creator of punks and nerds, who *cheap pop* I'm also interviewing, is working on some new projects

Kilika: that's what i hear, and i'm really excited for what he comes out with
Pat: I'll let ya know when I talk to him

Kilika: personally i would like for him to finish stubble
tell him aloha for me

Pat: can do.  Alright, so blue and blond.  what's the thought process behind making a comic? do you sit at a desk thinking?  or do you have a really cool answer,  like you save babies from communist ninjas?

Kilika: well, i wish that i could say that i have a bunch of brains consisting of surfers, writers and commedians hooked up to a supercomputer, collaborating together to create the comic, but no, i don't have one of those

Pat:... so no ninjas?

Kilika: sadly, no ninjas. that would be cool though. but what i actually do is i plan out each chapter in B&B, come up with some significant plot points, and think up of everything in between whenever i get around to it
i'm only at my desk just to draw up the comic. the thought process takes place during my normal day

Pat: ah, gotcha.  so, blueandblond is here to stay right?

Kilika: damn straight

Pat: we're not gonna be seeing in a newspost..."I have lost my interest, KTHXBAI" are we?

Kilika: lol well, if i ever lose the internet (which i have before), I'll just look until i find a spot
on time i just drove around my neighborhood looking for someone's internet to leech off of just to post the comic

Pat: that's crazy.  your like that kid in the mighty ducks...

Kilika: lol

Pat: from now on…I'm calling you ducks and you'll like it

Kilika: well, you wouldn't be the first actually


Kilika: i have a webbed hand, no joke

Pat: …are you serious?

Kilika: like a duck's.  seriously

Pat: so, surfing was a natural choice?

Kilika: and swimming too. i have a glove that i wear on my left hand with webbing inbetween the fingers.  just for the water though

Pat: that's crazy... your badass level just went up by 10

Kilika: i would creep people out if i wore it on a daily basis

Pat: you'd look like some superhero

Kilika: i'll try to post a picture in wednesday's blog for you

Pat: kickass hombre. Kickass.  favorite band

Kilika: crazy about Eve 6.  they broke up though back in 2004. But one of the band members is now in a new band named "Monsters are Waiting", and the other two members are working on something secret to come out later this fall

Pat: that's pretty cool.  you hear guns and roses got back together?

Kilika: really?

Pat: yep

Kilika: neat

Pat: neat indeed

Kilika: i never really listened to them much before they broke up. i'll have to check out their new stuff then

Pat: sounds like a plan.  Alright favorite... surfer

Kilika: well, i really like Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, and Tom Curan. But I always play as Rob Machado in Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer, so let's go with him

At this point, Kilika’s internet freaked out, and logged him off.  He quickly logged back on.

Kilika: darn

Pat: That was a net seizure, to all our readers

Kilika: yeah, the connection at my folk's house sucks

Pat: Kilika was attacked by the man….man.... they came to corporatize his works, but he fought 'em off with his... rebel with a cause gun'chuck

Kilika: kids, don't sign up with Comcast. Ever.

Pat: and now you know

Kilika: gun'chuck has a nice ring to it

Pat: yeah it does. alright

Kilika: back on track

Pat: next question.  What's been the general feedback the fans give you?

Kilika: at the end of chapter 2, I was actually recieving a lot of fan mail, all positive. except for Blue's nose, but they got over that. The only really negative email that i got happened to be my very first one, where somebody told me that Josh Mirman and I were going straight to hell

Pat: ...what the heeeeell?

Kilika: i linked to his comic on a day the he did a comic about doug raping patti

Pat: ... *snicker*  bwaahahaha

Kilika: without even knowing what comic he put up that day lol

Pat: if you watched the show doug, you'd get why that's hilarious

Kilika: i always thought that he had a thing for skeeter

Pat: yeah, some people seriously need to chill
Kilika, duck, buddy…NEVER utter that phrase near me again

Kilika: duck... i like that


Kilika: got it lol

Pat: so many bad images.  so, what's the downside to webcomics?  (if there is one)

Kilika: i'll make sure not to mention that again

Pat: *shudder*

Kilika: well, the only real downside to webcomics is how seriously they're taken. A lot of the professional cartoonists don't think highly of them at all. At least the ones who know about them. Like the animator for the Cramp Twins? yeah, he really didn't care at all about my "little webcomic", he was only interested in "real" stuff

Pat: woah.  wait.  the cramp twins?

Kilika: he dropped by my school to review everybody's work, that's how i met up with him

Pat: and he ditched you?

Kilika: i kind of lost some respect for the guy after that

Pat: understandable.  if it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure blond could take on both of the cramp twins

Kilika: he didn't ditch me, he just didn't have anything nice to say about the comic

Pat: ouch

Kilika: maybe i can do a Blond/Cramp Twins crossover as a nude beach

Pat: hah.  and have your cast just tear 'em apart.  or better yet
pit the cramp twins..against this!
dun duuuuun!

*real editors note.  The image is for an upcoming comic creation, by yours truly, and my faithful artist friend. *

Kilika: i'll pay to see that

Pat: Yep.  alright, final question.  You have any words for an aspiring webcomic creator?

Kilika: Do what you feel like doing. If you want to do a comic about college or video games, good for you. But try to mix it in with something else that you find dear to you that hasn't been done in a webcomic before. There are too many comics out there just about video games and college.  Also, please, please, please don't put up a button asking for donations.  those are just shameless if you're new to creating webcomics. if you want to go anywhere with the comic, you have to be willing to make sacrifices.

Pat: alright, well duck, thanks for your time

Kilika: anytime, thanks for the interview.  guess i'll end it with an Aloha too

Well that’s the end of the interview.  Tune in next time, for my escapades with josh mirman.  Same webcomic list time, same webcomic list channel.

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