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Life's a bitch... but then you die!
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Below is a list of synopses created by mmatt that are currently in use.

Comic: Blue Zombie
What is Blue Zombie?

It is not the tale of a hero out to save the world. It is not the tale of striving to survive in an oppressive society. It's damn sure not about cute fluffy animals.

No shounen-ai. No T&A. No over-the-top violence or mystical journeys or inappropriately underaged harems...

Blue Zombie, like it or not, is the story of an undead girl just struggling to get along with the (after)life... If only it were that simple for her.

Instead, she has to put up with unruly and inhuman roommates, an extremely angry, psycopathic and murderous twin sister, nostalgic demon hunters, magic spells gone horribly wrong with explosive results, dating shows, Counter Strike and killer gelatin.
Comic: CLUSTER - Adolescence sucks anyway
"If you asked me what is CLUSTER all about... I don't know. I can't even tell you really how it started."

This is a story to exorcise, to recall and to please. It might be a bit edgy, though not as edgy as it could.

It is a sad story. And it is not intended for young people. There are certain topics and themes that will appear in CLUSTER that might not be perceived in the right ligh. CLUSTER is about cruelty, it's about soulless science, but it's also about life, love and the presence of another person.

And it's partly insane, too. So you better think before you start reading.

I would like to dedicate it to Dan Kim, Katsuhiro Otomo, Karen and a few other guys who waited impatiently for it to be released.

Comic: Deity Permit
Deity Permit is about an aquaphobic girl, Rika, one of the many who find themselves quarantined in a suspicious underwater hospital. While Rika would rather run about spending time with her dying mother, this hospital facility tries to treat her 'illness,' the origins of which are most bizarre: some old Polynesian goddess named Pele. ...DUN DUN DUN.
Comic: Dementia of Magic, The
It's a comedic medieval webcomic that takes place in a universe created by a computer geek who's never read a page of Tolkien or played a round of D&D in his life. It primarily follows the lives of Matthew and Alexandria, two siblings who live in the Landis Kingdom in some sort of pseudo-medieval magic fantasy world.
Comic: Dregs of Society
Quoted from About page:

Q: What is this comic?
A: This is a pointless comic about one character heavily based on me and her two friends, one of whom is actually a Naruto character and the other a character from an ongoing novel-type thingy by me.

Q: Why did you make it?
A: Well, I was sitting at my desk one morning after a late-night webcomic binge and I saw a spider on my desk and thought to myself, "OH! This will help with my ant problem!" And then I realized that I truly was the dregs of society and that this line deserved to be immortalized in some fashion. Naturally, I dragged Kabuto and Rik along for the ride, for they, too, are the Dregs of Society.

Comic: Eversummer Eve
The fae are closer than you think. This is but the first lesson learned by college freshman Griffin McBride when his life takes a turn for the bizarre, courtesy of a gentleman trickster, a modern day witch, and Griffin's own estranged (and very strange) brother. Oh, and did we mention the dragon living in exile in Atlanta, Georgia?
Comic: MegaTokyo
When two friends, Piro and Largo, get stuck in Japan, things can't seem to get much worse. Boy, were they wrong. Stranded with no money, Piro, the quiet artist with no self-confidence, who has the usual manga artist's weakness for girls in school uniforms, the only one who can speak Japanese, must find a job and look after Largo, the beer-guzzling, fantasy world L33t G4m3r. Together they meet up with old friends and enemies, make new ones, and deal with Dom's horrible stick-man fillers. A great comic drawn by a great artist.
Comic: Mythogyny
The premise of Mythogyny is simple: it is the modern world, in North America. Everything is normal-- everything is real life. There's only one thing we don't know, but it's a doozy: magic exist. Secretly, unbeknownst to most of us, it's a part of our every day lives. It never went away-- just hid.
Comic: Outsider
A full-color web-based science fiction comic by Arioch.

Humanity is caught in the crossfire of a galactic war, and it's up to the members of Earth's Scout Corps to forge an alliance that will ensure Earth's survival. But which side to choose: the oppressive, insectoid Umiak or the enigmatic, elflike Loroi? Outsider is self-rated PG-13 for intense battle sequences, related images, and brief language.

Comic: PartiallyClips
(Some of) The Rules I Follow: No changes to the art from frame to frame, but small changes to the original clip (usually size or orientation) are sometimes necessary. Never use the same clip in two strips. No repeating characters. No overtly political humor. Nothing topical that will not be funny a year from now. No strips without a gag (preferably multiple gags). Offensive subjects and language are fine if they're central to the humor. No self-referential humor. No breaking the fourth wall. Stay dark, keep your edge, but come up for air now and then.
Comic: Sea of Insanity
Once, the gods of the Greeks were feared and respected. Once, they held the power to topple empires and shape the hearts of men. Once, merely looking upon the true face of a god could reduce a mortal to a cinder.
Those days are past.

Belief in the mythology of old has waned, and the pantheons have scattered and broken. The immortals that remain have adapted, attempting to assimilate themselves into modern society. Though they are in decline, they remain gods. They live and love and play their games, and none are the wiser. After all, what has a god to fear?

This is the story of a nymph, her roommates, the god who courts her, and a progressively more bizarre supporting cast. It is a tale of life, love, and fate at its worst. And, most of all, it is an online testimony to how the creative process can make really bizarre ideas seem like a good thing, providing the creator hasn't had enough sleep and may, in fact, get through an entire script before realizing they have a word processor open.
Comic: Shadowlark Symphony
I'll leave this for the comic creator.
Comic: Socks
A story about boredom. Maybe. An idea I originally had around the end of 2003 I think, except I wasn't sure of how to go about telling it then so I didn't. Around the time I was starting up the Kiwis By Beat site I remembered it and had a bunch of new ideas for it, and so here we are! Things will be moving pretty slowly so I'm going to be updating once a month with fairly decent sized chunks. I guess... I guess updates will be on the 1st of each month! Sure.

Comic: Those Destined
A lifetime of stress caused by the 'Destined Hero' prophecy that surrounds Rae has caused her to be tempermental and paranoid. She'll happily accept the description 'psychopath', but firmly believes that anyone complimenting her is probably trying to kill her. Too unlikely to even be considered an Unlikely Hero.
Comic: Unshelved
Welcome to Unshelved, the world's only daily comic strip set in a public library! Writer Gene Ambaum (the made-up name of a real-life librarian) and co-writer and artist Bill Barnes have been publishing since February 16, 2002. Some of the stories are made up, some of them are based on real life, and some are absolutely true stories sent to us from our readers. And the stranger the story, the more likely it is to be true.

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