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Below is a list of comments made by joeyecw, in date order (newest at the top).

Comic: Questionable Content 5/5
When I first wrote a review for this comic, I was still in the 2003 section of the archive, barely into the 20s of the strip count. Today I stand before you as a man whom has read every single strip in the archive. Yep, all 1431 of em.

In order to see the uncanny improvement in art, all one has to do is read the latest strip, then press the \"first\" button above it. There is an incredible difference between Jeph Jaques circa 2003 and Jeph Jaques 2009, as far as his mastery of the craft goes.

QC was a joy to read when the characters were little more than avatars set using funny fonts in boxy speech bubbles, all set aganist a simple gradient backdrop. It FELT indy and young and hip. Today, however, QC feels professional without losing any of its edge or credibility. I was gripped by the storylines, sometimes tearing through as many as 200 strips on a slow work day, and actually found myself quite depressed as I watched the strip grow ever closer to present-time, after which I could spend no more shifts at my desk at work eating up hundreds of strips to get through the day.

I am learning more and more about webcomics as I go. Looking back, I feel foolish for believing that certain comics were as great as I said they were, now that I have comics like QC to compare them to. If I could, I\'d give this comic a 10. It deserves it.

If you love yourself, read this. Start at one, and work your way through it, and watch an artist grow up and a simple strip become a classic.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete  
Also, I think it\'s worth mentioning that I wasn\'t talking about Ctrl+Alt+Del being the \"most popular\" comic of them all (though it certainly is among the most popular). I was actually referring to it\'s standing as one of the most popular gaming comics. I do not know where it actually ranks vs Penny Arcade, but I\'d assume they\'re #1 and #2, whichever order they\'re in.

I say this because the comparison was drawn by a previous poster between this comic and xkcd, which is not a gaming comic.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
helloearthling said:
\"Thought you might like to know, xkcd is more popular in raw pageview counts, by a massive margin. And it\\\'s never criticised to anything near this level.\"

I don\'t know if either are true, and if they are, if either is true beyond the confines of this website. But even if both of your claims were true, it wouldn\'t change the fact that Ctrl+Alt+Del is more mainstream, thus more widely criticized.

Also, I\'ve read xkcd, and it\'s crap. Some of the jokes are funny, but it\'s stick figures. If the guy can\'t draw, he should have done everyone a favor and hooked up with an artist. Or better yet, written a novel. That\'s not a comic strip, it\'s a child\'s doodling.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete Sillies 5/5
Tim\'s been doing Ctrl+Alt+Del for nearly eight years, and he\'s upped his game along the way, improving the art and the humor. While I\'m not surprised, necessarily, that there is a negative comment here, I\'m a bit frustrated by it.

CAD is how Tim makes his living. It is his franchise now, not simply his hobby (though I\'m sure it still feels that way at times). So instead of letting the world he\'s created get stale, he\'s given us all (including himself) a new perspective. He\'s trimmed the fat and proven beyond any reasonable doubt that CAD, as a premise, as a comedic vehicle, is the genuine article.

With the advent of the Sillies strip, Tim has made the whole CAD universe more accessible, and although the haters won\'t want to admit it, that is the whole point.

Five stars.
Comic: The Adventures of Dr McNinja 5/5
Absolutely fantastic comic. One of the best on the net.

To be fair to the others like Ctrl+Alt+Del, and Questionable Content, this isn\'t really the same thing. For one, it isn\'t a strip, it\'s a book. That\'s a huge difference. Imagine the difference between a short story and a novel. Clearly, you don\'t compare the two.

Still, this is excellent. If I had found this on the racks at a comic book shop, I wouldn\'t think this was done by an unpublished author. 5 Stars.
Comic: Questionable Content 5/5
As an addendum to my previous post below...

I realize that the strip is not taking place in the early 90s. After re-reading my review, I realized I came off as not knowing that. I do know it, so let me clarify.

That kind of person--the self-conscious music geek who likes coffee shops and/or flannel and/or oversied sweaters--has always existed, and still exists today. My earliest memories of them, however (and perhaps the first time they truly became cool, at least since the 60s when they were all group in with, and mistaken for, hippies and beatnicks) was in the early-90s, so that\'s immediately where my mind goes when I see that archetype.
Comic: Questionable Content 5/5
What can you say about QC that hasn\'t been said before? I was born in the early-80s, so I was a little too to truly participate in the self-loathing, emo-before-emo-became-emo first-half of the 90s, and it\'s probably because I spent those formative years wishing I was old enough to be one that I still look back at those people and that KIND of person with such fondness. And that\'s probably why I dig this comic so much.

I read this comic and I think of a young Ben Stiller, or a young Winona Ryder. Actually, it makes me think of the true poster child of that era, Janeane Garofalo. Dunno why, maybe it\'s the whiney-ness of it, or the depressant antics, or how the protagonist in the early issues is pretty much me circa 1998 (though I was probably a little younger than he). Wonderful strip, wonderful writing, and the humor is funny and silly and brilliant. Thank you for this. My first 5-star review.
Comic: 8-bit Theatre 4/5
I\'m just starting to read this strip (only about 16 episodes in) and I love what I see so far. I love that the creator of this strip has proven that you don\'t need to be a cartoonist to create a comic, that there are ways to showcase your writing without having to write a novel (which he\'s done anyway). I love it.

I can\'t speak for the repetitiveness of the jokes, as I\'m still in the first year, but I can say this: it\'s great so far.

For a strip that, on the face of it, looks like it could very well be the most niche-marked strip on the web, the humor is actually quite broad. Broad enough that many of the gags don\'t require the reader to have ever immersed themselves in the game worlds the art of the comic lampoons.

It would have been very easy for this strip to appeal only to fanboys and ubergeeks. It could have been another Penny Arcade, or even the occasional episode of Ctrl+Alt+Del, where you only get the joke if you\'ve played a particular game. So far, the mind behind 8-Bit Theater has ensured that the comic is accessible to not just gamers, but everyone who likes a good laugh.

Keep it up, and I can\'t wait to keep reading.
Comic: Order of the Stick, The 2/5
I checked it out. While I was impressed by the cartoonist making a success out of a stick figure strip, the comic itself is not my cup o\' tea. I\'m sure the jokes within the strip are funny, but I can\'t understand 90% of them because I just am not that into roleplaying games aside from the standard console fare such as Final Fantasy.

Very narrow market for this strip. If you\'re a huge D&D fan, OOTS is for you. If not, keep looking.

I give it a 2 for maintaining and updating, and for the fact that for the niche audience, this stuff is gold. But I cannot go higher than this, simply because I simply don\'t get the jokes.
Comic: Penny Arcade 2/5
I stumbled upon this webcomic a couple of years ago, yet I found myself here yesterday wondering why I stopped following it. So, putting on my best journalist face, I clicked the link and returned to the Penny Arcade to see, as the kids say, what the dillyo. I remember...

Early the series, the art is serviceable, not great, but I\'m not an art critic. I can\'t draw convincing stick figures, so I\'m not the guy to throw stones. The art later becomes much more appealing, however, and makes the comic a lot more accessable, and that\'s really the first step to being a widely-read strip; nobody is going to read a strip that makes their eyes hurt.

Where this comic, at least in my opinion, fails to make the grade is in the comedy. To be fair, we\'re talking about self-made men (and women) here, and not your typical professional cartoonist who have their strips syndicated in the big papers, so it\'s not fair to blast them for allowing some of that amateurism to occasionally show.

But that\'s not the problem with Penny Arcade.

I in no way consider myself a diehard gamer, but I play them enough to get most of the references in PA, but again, that\'s not the problem. Even though Penny Arcade is more niche even than some of the other gaming strips, it\'s not that the casual gamer can\'t relate--though there\'s some of that, too. The problem with Penny Arcade lies in the humor...or lack thereof.

No offense to the creator of this strip--he\'s a fine enough artist and kudos for creating and maintaining a popular strip for those who actually do appreciate his brand of humor--but it\'s my opinion that he just doesn\'t have the comedic chops to make this strip work. The jokes are often either too narrow, too easy, or casual observations that aren\'t that funny at all, and this is where Penny Arcade dies in the minds of those who aren\'t quite \"diehard\" enough to forgive for the sake of a strip that speaks to them almost exclusively.

In the end, I reccomend Penny Arcade to those who are interested in hardcore gaming and frequent, dependable updates (these things ARE hard to find in webcomics) but aren\'t so worried about laughing out loud.
Comic: Randumb 3/5
I just discovered this comic today (thank you,!) and it\'s easily the best one I\'ve found in my searches thusfar.

The artwork is serviceable, and, well, it\'s actually kind of nice to know that you don\'t have to be a brilliant artist (unless the artist of the strip is just putting us on, of course) in order to tell a story in pictures.

I enjoy the plain, you\'ve-all-done-this-before humor and how it blends nicely with the more off-the-wall jokes.

I will continue to follow this strip, as it has become my new second-favorite webcomic ever! Woot! Congrats to you, Randumb!
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
Ctrl+Alt+Del is the most popular webcomic, so it\'s no surprise that it\'s also the most reviled. As with anything else in life, the most popular ones will always suffer more slings and arrows than the rest.

The negativity directed at this webcomic is no different than the hostility felt by literary critics toward Stephen King and J.K. Rowling. I have not read the opinions of Mr. Buckley\'s contemporaries, but I would not be surprised if there was just as much venom being spat from other webcomic writers as there are from fans of the less-popular competition, ala every stand-up comedian in the world vs Dane Cook.

If you can ignore what the haters say, Ctrl+Alt+Del is a charming, funny, sometimes-hysterical, sometimes-thoughtful, sometimes-melancholy strip that reminds me of another of my favorite dramadies--Scrubs.

Now, that isn\'t to say Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn\'t fall short occasionally. It, like anything else, has its faults; sometimes it feels like the stories are forced rather than inspired, especially the more dramatic ones. There are other times where the plot seems to be an ill-conceived mash of two (or more) separate plots that never quite made it to print. An example of the latter is the story of Lucas and the stock girl he meets at the electronics store who eventually kidnaps him and attempts to kill him for an inheritance she mistakenly believes he has. Aside from the ridiculously-elaborate plan hatched by this Best Buy stockroom associate, including accomplices and henchmen, it doesn\'t make sense that the girl--who has successfully killed several other men for their money--is working at the comic equivilant of Best Buy when she just-so-happens to bump into Lucas.

But even in that flawed storyline, the comics manage to be funny, and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. Isn\'t that all that matters?

It\'s a great comic, really. The haters hate because they think their comic should be more popular becuase it\'s more \"pure\", whatever that means. The truth is that Ctrl+Alt+Del delivers, and that is why it\'s on top. Thank you, Tim Buckley, for creating a wonderful comic strip.

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