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Below is a list of comments made by Stormblazer, in date order (newest at the top).

Comic: CONvicts 5/5
Just realized I\'ve never commented on CONvicts yet, even though I often do go an read it =P
Good comic, strong art, and a really neat premise. Plus, I love conventions (mostly anime - and I swear there\'s more girls at anime cons than guys, least here in colorado) - they\'re random, active, and crazy, and it all shows in CONvicts.
Comic: A Girl and Her Fed 5/5
How on earth did I miss this little gem for so long?
Top-notch writing and a original plotline.

Artwork isn't the best, but in a strange way it seems very suited to the comic.
Comic: God Mode 3/5
It's a comic that tries to rely on humor, but it's not funny. There's no real substance past that, which leaves you with... decent artwork.
Comic: Geist Panik 5/5
Pretty good. It's not very long yet, obviously, but doing great so far.
Comic: 8-bit Theatre 2/5
I honestly don't understand how this appeals to people. It's funny and good at first... and then it's just the exact same jokes over. And over. And over. One of the most repetitive webcomics I've ever tried to read. The best joke in the world isn't funny the 50th time.
Comic: Peter is the Wolf 4/5
I'm not really a fan of the whole werewolf thing, but I like the idea in this one. That said, people drawing huge breasts is starting to really get on my nerves. I'm willing to overlook the furry in this one since it's not blatant and obtrusive, and kind of required for anything werewolf, but the huge breasts? That's just asking to destroy the otherwise decent plotline that's being built.
Comic: The Phoenix Requiem 5/5
Seems like a good start- a little early to be put this high on the list though I think, there's not enough material there yet.
But if it continues the way it has been, it has great potential, and the art is very high quality.
Comic: Something Positive 4/5
I'm probably not being entirely fair to this comic- it's really meant to be read on a day to day basis, and it doesn't work nearly as well reading the archives straight out I think.
That said, it is funny, and it's drawn well for it's purposes (although I wish the text was a tad bit bigger, that's just me). Unfortunately, it tends to be a bit repetetive, and too many characters are too static it seems.
And something about it just prevents me from being really drawn into the characters like I am in some other comics.

Again, it is quite funny in many places, it just feels like it's missing something.
Comic: TwoKinds 2/5
I've read the first hundred or so strips... and quite honestly, this is one of the only comics in the top 50 here that I could not read to completion, let alone liked.
The art is ok, the base plot concepts are ok. The implementation is not, not least because of the use of the use of one of the most appalling versions of furry I've ever seen (almost all furry is bad anyways).
It prevents you from really sympathizing or connecting with half the characters. Don't get me wrong, the other characters are drawn fine outside of a slightly weak grasp of showing emotion, and the plot I think the author was going for would have been fine.

I'll try to finish reading it if you can convince me it gets better, because it seems like it might have had potential, and the writing is decent.
Comic: El Goonish Shive 5/5
Excellent comic. It's got some downsides (not least that any furry is an almost guarenteed downside), but the rest of it makes up for it and more. I love the gender-bending theme especially.
Comic: Magnificent Milkmaid, The 2/5
The art is good. Everything else is not. This is little more than porn, and the breasts ruin even that.
Comic: Looking for Group 5/5
Excellent comic. The artwork is excellent, and I love how the artist borrows from a whole line of RPG concepts, and as nukunuku said, Richard is plain out awesome.
Comic: Cyanide and Happiness 2/5
The earlier comics were ok, though never spectacular, and the later ones... Well, it really feels like they're just trying way too hard to make a joke. And for a stick figure comic, that's all you have, there's no art to back you up.
Just tossing out random vaguely offensive concepts doesn't make a comic edgey or sharp or whatever. I've seen many comics that do that properly, this isn't one of them.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete  
As an addition to my previous point- I'm shocked that people say it's going downhill. If fleshing out characters and going with an actual plot is a bad thing, then I really hate to think what you people say is a good thing...

Personally, the comic is much better with the addition of a stronger plot line.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5/5
The comic is good, but in no way does it deserve the position it's in. Comics in the top 5 should be true masters of the webcomic media, and frankly, CAD isn't. Is it in the top 20? Certainly. Maybe even top 10 if I stretch it. But not the top 5.
Comic: Order of the Stick, The 5/5
I'm shocked you consider 8bit theater a "more polished comic." 8bit theater had a good concept, but it repeats the same jokes over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. That's not what I call polished, ever.
Errant Story was good, I admit, but then, Errant story wasn't supposed to be a meta spoof the way OOTS was.
Comic: Dueling Analogs  
I really wish there was an edit option... Accidently posted this in the wrong comic profile. I meant to put the review below this for the comic "Sore Thumbs."

My apologies to this comic's author, as I haven't read much of Dueling analogs yet.
Comic: Dueling Analogs 2/5
This comic had potential, but it's somewhat out of touch with the gaming community, and worst of all, every time the author tries anything political, it fails spectacularly. The reason is that, similar to some other webcomics I've seen, the author has a very skewed idea of what people on different sides of the political spectrum are like, and it really destroys any chance of humor.

The art is good enough, it's the humor and execution that are problematic.
Comic: VG Cats 5/5
First off, let me start off by saying I normally despise anything with furry on sight. For some reason, VG cats gets away with it for me, and it is the sole exception to date (I think it's because it's not a continuous plot type strip, among other things).

The art is great other than being furry, the jokes by and large are pretty good, and like Penny Arcade, they really work well within the context of gaming.

@Falken: Look... I'm pretty critical when it comes to webcomics usually. But unless you know nothing about gaming, I really don't see how you arrived at only 3 of them being funny. You must have an even more twisted concept of humor than me, and that takes some doing.
Comic: Chugworth Academy 4/5
The art is great- not what I'd call beautiful, but it has a direct quality that works very well.

The problem is that the humor is kind of off and on, and I think the author tries too hard in a few places. Further, the author should stay away from all things political. He has a very skewed idea of what people on both sides are like, and it's not pleasant.

That said, when he does get the humor right, it is good, and the overall impression is good- not great, but definitely good. And the humor is good more often than not.
Comic: Abstract Gender 5/5
It's not that the plot is slow so much as it doesn't update as regularly as most people would like. But it's pretty good, and I think we need more decent gender bending strips =P
So far the only ones I have are The Wotch, Abstract Gender, and Misfile.
Comic: Sore Thumbs 3/5
The political tones are... too much, even if I agree with some of them (though usually for different reasons).
Embodies the liberal side, both the good and bad parts of it.
Art is decent, it can be pretty funny sometimes.
Comic: A call to Destiny  
Look, personally, I find it highly suspicious this is where it is. Look at the ratings. All of them 1/5 except for 2, and at least one of those is highly suspicious in origin. As said, this would do for a fetish comic. But comics for such non-mainstream fetishes do not go up like this.

Personally I think the whole system on this site is at least somewhat suspect, there's a lot of comics in strange places given how many hits the sites actually receive and how much support some of these comics get.
Comic: Masago 2/5
How the hell is this #17...
I really think the rating program this site uses needs a complete overhaul.

Masago is... inconsistent art, a lot of the jokes don't make sense. It's an ok comic, but no way in hell does it deserve to be this high.
Comic: inverloch  
Forgot something- How the hell do you compare this with stuff like Errant Story, Misfile, etc?!
Misfile is an excellant comic. So is Errant Story. Comparing something like Inverloch to them is a disgrace.
Comic: inverloch 2/5
Severely overrated.
There are good webcomics involved around elves, magic, tokein-ish worlds, errant story for one.

Inverloch is.... the art is good. The plot is so-so. But what really kills it is the dialogue. The dialogue is very strained, like the author is trying to make a point to the detriment of the whole comic. And, as mentioned, the actions tend to be stiff.
Comic: MegaTokyo 5/5
I've only read up through comic 775 so far, but I have to say something here. For everyone that's whining about Caston leaving... Personally I think it was for the better. Yeah, some inanity is good, and perhaps there should've been more put in by Fred. But prior to Caston's departure, the inanity was... completely separate. It was like trying to maintain an insane plot with a sane plot, neither of which were going anywhere as a result.

Oh, and if the ideas are ripped from multiple sources and put together, then honestly, it's not any different than the most things. Everything's based on something basically, truly original ideas are rare as hen's teeth.

As for the angst... with just Fred, the storyline is not only better, but it's actually way funnier now too.
Comic: Girl Genius 5/5
I'm amazed. I've seen some good webcomics, but this is one of the best. The plot is superb, the characters are very strong with real development, the art, if unusual in some places, is largely excellent, and the humour is well placed.
I'm struggling to find something negative about it, just to say it.
Easily one of the best webcomics I've seen to date.
Comic: Least I Could Do 3/5
Read the first year... the art is so-so, and while the jokes were funny, the basic concept is recycled so many times, it just ceases to be funny anymore. 8bit theater has a similar problem IMO, the original jokes just get recycled endlessly.
And I don't understand how you call that good art. The male characters are average, and all the female characters are below average in drawing quality.
Granted, the original jokes WERE very very funny. Just not the 40th time through.
Comic: Flipside 5/5
In terms of sheer quality, this is one of the best, or maybe even the best, webcomic I've seen to date. Art and writing are top-notch. Of course, I'm referring to Book 1+, have not read book 0 yet.

I can't even imagine how you wouldn't give this at least 4/5 unless you seriously didn't understand anything that's going on, or hate anything that isn't random slapstick.
Comic: T.A Vision 4/5
Decent comic, and funny.
Comic: Transe-Generation 4/5
well, at least this has a closer to proper rating than most of the comics on the list.
Very interesting look into the world of transgender, whether you're a part of that or not.
Comic: Fans 5/5
What in the name of all that is holy on the internet is this doing with this low of a rating... this is one of the better webcomics... what the hell.
Comic: Rob and Elliot Comics 4/5
Good art, good humor. No real plot, and it doesn't need one.
Comic: Sexy Losers 4/5
Messed up, not as innovative or surreal as some others like it, but still good, and very much deserving of a higher rating. At least top 200, and speaking of that, a lot of stuff in the top 200 really, really doesn't deserve to be there. At all.
Comic: Perry Bible Fellowship, The 5/5
Unique and innovative in the field of disturbing. Of course, me being me, most of them don't actually bother me, but they ARE funny. Good work.
Comic: Ghastly Comic 5/5
Despite that this comic is essentially over, it deserves to have a higher rating. MUCH higher. As in, Top 50. No, it's not for those who are easily offended, but neither are the jokes merely crude or crass. In other words, this isn't intended to be offensive imo, but rather just having fun and open ended with it.
Comic: It's Walky 5/5
Why is this so low on the rating? It deserves to be in the top 50 at least.
Anyways, Roomies starts out so-so, but quickly picks up and holds a good pace till the end. Where It's Walky picks up is again a bit slow, but soon gets a strong steady pace as well.
Overally very well done, with plenty of nice twists thrown in.
Comic: Misfile 5/5
One of the best webcomics out there, for uniqueness, and the ability to remain interesting even when you know little about some of the subjects involved (specifically, cars). I know very little about cars, but that hasn't stopped me from understanding and enjoying in full the comic, as it's written in such a way that it's not an issue.

Also, the characters are very easy to get absorbed in, and very well done both in development and art.
Comic: PVP Online 4/5
A little inconsistent in style (I'm not talking about art), but otherwise a decent comic about gaming.
Comic: Wotch, The 5/5
Good comic, found out about it from a filler strip on Misfile (another excellent webcomic).
Considering how much gender bending occurs in this strip, it still strikes me as odd how the authors seem to go out of their way to tone it down. That said, it's pretty fun filled, if a tad random. But then, considering the nature of the Wotch, that's rather the point, I'm sure =P
Comic: College Roomies From Hell 5/5
For those that didn't like this comment, I'd like to know how far you read. The first year or so of the strip isn't that great, art and plot-wise. It starts to pick up after the Misery Journey, and goes up from there. Way up, both plot and art-wise. As far as art, I think this wins my "most improved" listing.
The story lately has definitely taken a turn for the serious, and I'm aware some of you don't care for that as much, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the strip.

My only complaint is that the updates have been far less frequent in the last year or so compared to before.
Comic: Sluggy Freelance 5/5
Sluggy Freelance was the comic that got me interested in webcomics. Sure, it has it's downsides, such as slow character development, but it's still easily one of the best webcomics out there, and longest, if not *the* longest.
Comic: A call to Destiny 1/5
Why is this even in the top 200? I suppose it could do for a fetish comic, if you were desperate... The artwork is poor, there's not much of a storyline, and it's not even funny.

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