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Below is a list of comments made by Captain Tastey, in date order (newest at the top).

Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete  
Simply put so a neanderthal such as yourself can easily understand:

Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete  
It's number one because fBuckley was sick of losing to Pupkin and threw a tantrum until his fans boted it to to the top of the list.

That's the reason it's hnumber one. Not because of the , art, quality, humor, popularity (PA beats it by MILLIONS fyi). But because he's a selfish manchild.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete  
Form a club you say? Welcome to the Webcomic list!

And no. Doctoring badly drawn cartoons in photoshop does not merit "good art".
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete  
Tim deleted RoM and never brought it back. He covers his tracks pretty well. You can find a good deal of it on the PvP forums. A chunk of the people he's screwed over regularily chat over there. Google does the job too.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 1/5
Thanks for the reminder.

I totally forgot this:
after reading the comic, the art is terrible, the writing is extremely dirivative, the characters are complete idiots and pawns used only as a way for the biggest prick in webcomics to get his "higher than thou" opinion accross.

And yeah like I said, the jerk that spews that pile of filth is an advantageous, egotistical pedophile.

Thank you. good night.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 1/5
What's so funny about Ctrl Alt Del? First I'll give you a run down just so you can all learn why the webcomics world hates the man.

I'll start with "RoMicide". Tim(the writer and "artist" of CAD) befriended a 16 or 17 year old girl online and tried to form a relationship with her anyway. Several people pointed out that she was underage, but Buckley sent naked pictures of himself to her. He propostitioned a minor, but was never caught by the law for it. Some members of the Rantings of Madmen section at the CAD forum began discussing the incident, and some called BS on Tim for his behavior. The thread was deleted; anyone who posted in the thread, or even read the thread, was perma-banned from the forums. The RoM forum was shut down after that in a massive purge of nearly 1/3 of the forum members. It's known today as Romicide. Don't believe me?

http://www.urbandictionary.c om/define.p hp?term=romicide

Next up is the WoW guild. Tim(again the "artist"... and I use the term loosely) formed a guild on World of Warcraft, but eventually left the guild, and left it in the hands of the other leaders. A month after he quit, he logs on, and proceeds to go on an obscenity laced rant and banned everyone in the guild, killing the organization in a half-hour, and leaving those members up shit's creek. (The PvP guild took a lot of them in after that.) Now it's a bannable offense to even discuss WoW or that incident in the CAD forums.

Now we get to the OTHER gaming incident, the Battlefield one. Tim asked for money from his forum members to get a CAD server for BF2. He suddenly up and quits that game, (rumor is he sucked and got sick of it) and just takes the money before it was used to pay for another month/whatever time period. He shut down that server; nobody could play on it. He never returned the money, he just screwed over his readers.

Now we come to Kris Straub. Tim ranted about Webcomics Appreciation Day (nowhere near the date of the event) and said it was just a bunch of bull. Kris Straub, who does Checkerboard Nightmare and Starslip Crisis(two comics that actually don't suck, mind you), wrote Tim an e-mail that explained that while Tim may not have liked the idea, a lot of artists saw it as just that little bit of recognition for their efforts. (I've seen the letter, it was very nice and polite.) Tim responded by telling Straub to "go back to blowing Kurtz", and that "I get more e-mail in one day than you get in a year." The way the response was written, it seemed to imply that Tim thought success was measured by e-mail, and he showed such utter disrespect and contempt for Straub - the rudeness level was easily a ten; it's known within the webcomics world that Tim just doesn't give the slightest shit about other comics - that's fine, but he openly bashes and disrespects pretty much any other comicker that approaches him, spouting off on how much more successful he is and whatnot. He's just plain mean. Need proof?

http://www.blanklabelcomi p?t=2524

Here's his response:

"Fine, than go be bitter elsewhere that someone ten years younger than you is doing it bigger and better than you ever did, or ever will.

I don't know why you felt the need to come to my forums to try and cause shit. I didn't think people like you and that Straub punk could survive without your lips surgically grafted to Kurtz's cock.

In a single hour I get more email than you get in a week, so if you want to bitch and moan about me somewhere else, by all means, knock yourself out. But the instant you think you're going to come to my forums and tell me I'm lying, you'd better believe I'm going to ban your sorry ass.

Happy Webcomic Appreciation Day. I know you little webcomics love the attention.


He also does not respect his forum members. As long as they're kissing his ass, he's fine with it, but when someone offers some constructive critisism, that individual will have the thread locked, and will likely be banned for trolling. Tim literally CANNOT take critisism of any kind; he sees his success as the only justification for putting out a formulaic, chronic-cut-paste comic that just keeps recycling the same jokes over and over again. (Just read it for awhile, folks, it used to be good, but now it's the internet's Garfield - successful but not entertaining.) Tim has shown open, nasty contempt for anyone that so much as suggests he do, well, anything, really.

Tim really doesn't have much of anything to do with Connecticon anymore. It's his group of friends that run it, and he couldn't really even be bothered to show up. He stopped by during the last one for a few minutes, and left.

People don't like Tim Buckely because he's a moody, disrespectful jerk who treats other people as if they were beneath him. He took money from his forum-goers and denied them the service they were paying for. He's exposed himself to and propositioned a minor.

And on top of all that the comic has gone down hill faster than an avalanche.

Now, then, why is CAD funny? It's not. It's run by a total nazi who ran out of jokes two years ago and continues to abuse his readers to this day

I hope this was educational. Do yourself a favor and read a good webcomic.

-The Captain

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