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Below is a list of comments made by JohnnythePirate, in date order (newest at the top).

Comic: F@NB0Y$ 5/5
NMaster you forgot the character driven writing and humor!!! Awesome comic. Art keeps getting better and better. Good writing. Original humor.




Comic: Apple Geeks 4/5
This comic shows that humor isn't everything. The art is the one thing that really sets it apart from the rest, obviously, but the writing is very nice and it can easily sway back and forth from funny to dead serious. Very good reading material.
Comic: PVP Online 5/5
I wouldn't go so far as to say the humor goes through slumps, but rather say that it is replaced with nice chracter developement and story telling. It's a really nice read as long as you aren't always looking for humor.

Also note: ding ding and toot jokes are funny :P

The art is really different from most comics. It has a very nice newspaper sydicate feel. And seeing how it has managed to make it into a few papers, I'm not the only one who would think that.

Very original and very fun to read. It's nice to see a comic that manages to pull in 7 strips a week. Most comics can barely pull in three to five on a timely manner so I can't really rag on Kurtz for his rather unpunctual updates... too much. :D

Great comic and a great read out of the 30 seconds of your day that it takes to read it. goods consistancy and characters.

Comic: Questionable Content 4/5
I can't complain too much for a webcomic to update five times a week and to always take a shot at coming out with a punchline when all is said and done.

My main gripe is the art is a bit wierd to look at. I love looking at how the guy keeps getting better and better, mind you. I't amazing to see how much he has progressed since day one. But I can't put my finger on the what it is that I don't like about the art...

The characters are really nice. Everyone has distinct personalities and views on things and the writer isn't afraid to let them collide every now and then. That's darn good writing when chracter developement is factored in.

The humor is a bit cheesey at times, but I amazed to hear myself chuckle at every punchline that's thrown at me.

It could be better. It DEFINITELY could be better. The art and progression has shown this. The comic keeps getting better. I'm giving a 4 out of blind faith. I'm pretty sure a year from now, it could easily be a five.
Comic: Penny Arcade 4/5
the one thing about PA that I really enjoy is that no matter what, I get at least one of three things out of the strip:
Good Art
Good Writing
Good Humor.

I always get a combination of the writing and the art, mind you as the humor sometimes falls a bit flat from time to time. So humor is a bonus that I don't always expect, I suppose. But the writing and art are always top notch. Jerry is a master with words, and Mike is a master with photoshop.

The humor is hit and miss at times though.

Comic: VG Cats 5/5
This comic is pure insanity. Very cartoony, very well drawn, and very original despite the webcomic genre it falls into. The archive are rather hit and miss, but the most recent updates show the definition of learning from mistakes. It's definitely my favorite gaming comic out there to read.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete  
Cagia, I was polite enough to accept the "immature comments" statement you made and leave it at that until you did a 180 regarding it.

So let me be frank. I remember when Wintereenmas was cool and they called it "Decemberween"

And did CAD ever pull in 1 million dollars in charity donations in one year? I thought not.

Now if you want to post another remark about not leaving immature comments, by all means, but it would be quite nice if you would stick to what you have said.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete  
I actually find it funny that the people who have elaborated on crystal clear reasons why CAD fails as a comic and the reasons that Tim Buckley fails as a cartoonist are essentially being ignored while the ones who simply hate it are just getting yelled at.

His characters are bland, robotic, unexpressive, and horribly drawn, as well as lacking in in meaning of the word "character"

The stories, like the characters are terrible.

The humor is horrible and unadventurous. You take the single most lame and easy to use joke and you now have an example of CAD humor.

"But I hope it'll get some point across that JohnnythePirate is a fag and a P.A. Fanboy"

If I had to pick any webcomic as my favorite, it would have to be "Girly" by Josh Lesnick. Nice try CAD fanboy.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete  
Check out the consistancy people. I've never seen such inconsistent ratings. Most poeple get the general 4-5 if the ir comic is deemed superior. The only ones badmouthing CAD are the ones who can actually draw! Plus, you know, there's the chance that they have actual taste.
Comic: Girly 5/5
There are some that make webcomics and there are some that light a fire under the idea. Josh Lesnick is the second of the two. Girly is one of, if not THE best webcomic you will ever read.

I could go on about how amazing the art is, how emotioally gripping yet still very humourous it can be, and how addicting the story is, but that will not do any justice to a masterpiece like this. It is a must read, and you will enjoy every page.

I'd give is a ten out of five if the rating system would let me.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete  
Comparing first comics is like comparing baby pictures to see who will be a more upstanding citizen later on. Tim is unadverturous when it comes to his art, while, PA, Applegeeks, Girly, Sam and Fuzzy, and many more have done nothing but push themselves to the fullest.
Comic: Dueling Analogs 4/5
DA is another gaming comic. You have your typical Xbox jokes, Mario makes a cameo, it's got it all, but one thing is does differentis the brand of humor. Aside for the need to delve into the booby and penis well of humor, it works as a very fitting political cartoon. It takes issues that we do and don't thin of involving the gaming industry and lights a fire under it. The art is rather hit and miss. Primarily copy and paste, which the humor does it's job very nicely to make up for it.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 1/5
For those who can't define overrated, if you look in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Tim Buckley and CAD.
His art hasn't improved very much since CAD emerged and it wasn't very nice looking to begin with.
The humor is not a rip off of Penny Arcade as everyone claims either. That is giving too much credit. Tim uses the easiest jokes that are sure to succeed on a very speciific audience. This doesn't mean that they are in fact funny, but rather you can understand why they should be funny... and yet, you are still left wondering why you aren't laughing. The humor is very weak and uninspiring. It simply consists of using straightforward violence, things that would happen in a videogame, or things that a gamer could interprit.
The writing outside of the humor is terrible. The characters aren't living, breathing personalities, but rather simple pawns used to enforce some biased opinionated propaganda upon the CAD readership. The characters themselves are strange foreing bodies that you would sooner force out of your insides than keep close to you. The main character Ethan starts out as a complete jerk, and an alchoholic, and somehow manages to become less and less intelligent with each comic. Lilah, his girlfriend, is just available for the girl gamer stereotype. She has no personality beyond being in love with Ethan, or making uses of the geeks and girls stereotypes, taking women back a hundred years in the proccess. Lucas. the co-star, is pretty much there as the second man. Ther person who asks the questions in order to make the main character, Ethan, look good. Scott, the Linux user, has the only excuse for being such a bad character, and that is becaue he is behind a steel inforced door throughout the comic leaving no way for him to develope as a character that you would desire to learn more about. Zeke, an Xbox built by an incompetant moron (Ethan) is the only original character, as you see him unaware of a new world and try to find love in household appliances.
At the end of the day, CAD is pretty much only a lesson on how not to make a comic, how not to write a story, and how not to be truely funny or entertaining.

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