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Below is a list of comments made by nazgjunk, in date order (newest at the top).

At the heart of Subnormality lies the patented wall-of-text principle. Rowntree is one of the few comic masterminds able to successfully apply the technique, and the result is excellent.
Comic: Edmund Finney\'s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life 3/5
Newspaper format, constant art quality, fairly amusing - I\'ll stick with this one for a bit.
Comic: Evil Diva 3/5
The drawings are a little inconsistent (it\'s almost as if the artist accidentally switches styles for a single panel every now and then) but rather nice overall. Story might be building up to something nice - we\'ll see.
Comic: Broken Mirror, The  
I liked the comic a lot. It\'s getting a tad hard though with the lack of updates, lack of hiatus notice and by now fairly inactive forums. Bloody pity.
Comic: FAIL!  
Seems to be up and running once again, after two years. We'll see what comes from it.
Comic: Menage a 3 4/5
Boobs tend to float, yeah. But so far this comic is doing fine. Within the first month, that was perhaps a little pointlessly fast, but you mustn't forget that the comickers behind this have their own steady fanbase from other comics. That's pretty much how I rolled into Ma3, anyway.
Comic: Copper 5/5
Either we don't know what we are doing and where we're going, or we're on an adventure. I prefer the latter.

That line is a surefire way to get me.
Comic: Galaxion 4/5
80s/early 90s scifi comic, it's great to see this!
Comic: YU+ME : dream 3/5
The caption "lesbian webcomic" seems, so far, to be little more than something to draw attention to the comic. Decided to have a look at it anyway, and I'm curious enough.
Comic: Between Two Worlds 5/5
It's finally done ^^ I can assure you it's worth reading, especially now it's done.
Comic: Hero By Night Diaries 5/5
It's beautiful. The artwork isn't quite as good as the story, but that doesn't mean a thing - the story is amazing. If you like this, check out the same artist's Yirmumah Origin, which has sadly been doing nothing but mildly amusing sketches ever since Coffman started working on HBN.
Comic: Billy the Beaker 1/5
I've seen a lot of minimalistic webcomics popping up lately, and many of them can be quite fun. This one, however, just... let's say I don't like it. It's not funny or interesting. At best I could read it as a parody on the load of (I think largely xkcd-inspired) minimalistic comics we're seeing, but that doesn't make me enjoy it. Sorry, I usually try to give constructive criticism, but I don't see how I would, here.
Comic: Broken Mirror, The 5/5
Why in hell have i not noticed this thing before? I don't have anything to add to what's already been said - this is beauty. Quite refreshing to read a running webcomic with a proper storyline, freaky atmosphere and lovely art for a change. I'm hellishly curious as to how the two storylines that have begun will be combined.
Comic: AfterStrife 3/5
I'm not a great fan of the drawing style, and I never liked stereotypically bitchy characters such as Megan, but I'm still quite curious about this comic. I'll just drop it on my favs and follow for a while. Not too much of a storyline yet, but we'll see.
Comic: Dresden Codak Presents 5/5
Strange. I loved the postapocalyptic "Epilogue". I don't think I'll ever get all the metaphors that are said to be hidden in this stuff, but it amazes me either way. It's appealing to philosophy and physics geeks, both of which I am. I wub it.
Comic: Soup 3/5
I need Ray&Steven back. Dude, you haven't let them go to heaven, I'm telling you. The story hasn't ended, simply because. I think, therefore it is.

On a more serious note, Soup is a fairly amusing piece. It's not quite in my top 5, but it sure is worth a read. The humour isn't as Douglas-Adamesque as some of his other work, but it's cool in its own way.
Comic: Pretentious History of Everything, The 4/5
Another one awesome piece of both writing and art by Otto Germain. I've yet to check out some of his other works (I'm already following Uku and Soup - i'm not quite sure whether soup is still supposed to update though, any comments, Otto?), but I'm quite sure they'll be awesome too. Not biased, convinced :P
Comic: WTTF: Welcome to the Future 4/5
Pretty amazing, original concept, and usually pretty damn funny. Some of the comics are pretty stupid tbh, but the good ones sure make up for that. I'll be adding this one to my evergrowing watchlist.
Comic: Yirmumah 5/5
"Yirm umah."
Comic: xkcd 5/5
This is probably the most geeky webcomic I've seen. It's brilliant, been getting better too -- I love the Pi episode. Indeed, the drawing is basically worthless, but that doesn't really matter. Lovely.
Comic: Kingdom Heights 4/5
Veery amusing. Veeery amusing. *smirk*.

Art is nice, although every character is drawn in a slightly different style. Not too much of a storyline, but I don't think the characters are really suited for that anyway. Jokes have been getting better over time, so keep that up!
Comic: Comedity 4/5
This is a damn good comic. It's always fun if a writer tries to show his inner debate :P

As for the updates, the artist seems to have some good excuses for that.
Comic: Juathuur 5/5
Holy moo, this owns so hard.

Daily update, detailed Dune-like universe, nice drawings, action scenes that actually look good (not many artists manage that), a good story,

Damnit, this really is good.
Comic: Among The Chosen 2/5
I love some of the graphics, but the drawing isn't very good imho.
Comic: In His Likeness 3/5
Seriously, this deserves to be higher up in the list. *fav*.
Comic: Dueling Analogs 3/5
Wew congrats, Dueling Analogs is #1! It's never really been my favorite, but i do like to read it.

Imagine, you got ctrl+alt+del off #1!

Again, congrats.
Comic: Demonology 101  
Started reading it, easily five stars. Damn this, this is good. Sad thing is you hardly find these gems alive today.
Comic: It's Walky 5/5
Ok, read all of it, including Roomies and Joyce and Walky. Damn, this is brilliant. It's walky will always be my favorite though, since it's got a surprisingly good storyline, nice characters, and a nice sci-fi twist.
Comic: Joyce and Walky! 4/5
Damn took me a while to read this stuff... Read all of it, starting from 1997. It's a damn lot. Obviously, "It's Walky" was better than it is now, since that actually had a storyline. It's amazing though how the artist still manages to get a good comic with the same two/three characters for months and months.
Comic: It's Walky 4/5
I'm reading all of it atm (wow what a damn lot that is) and it's been good till now. We'll see.
Comic: MegaTokyo  
Not reading that aweful lot of comments, bleh.

I heard about this a few times, decided to read it. Sadly the website is being hellass slow, so I'll just fav it to follow it for a while.

The art is undeclinably nice though.
Comic: Doctor Faust 4/5
Forgot my vote -_-
Comic: Doctor Faust  
This should be way higher up. It isn't hilarious, but it has something that's good.

Don't really know what, but does that matter?
Comic: Consumed  
The site is up again, but as far as i can see there is no comic atm, just some tests for the blog/archival/whatever system.
Comic: WhoGirl, The 5/5
That's another one on the fav list. Really, this is surprisingly good. Even if you don't like manga, look at it, because it isn't that manga-ish at all.
Comic: Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life 5/5
It's fun to recognize things from philosophy class in a webcomic. I like this.
Comic: Sorcery 101 3/5
I like this comic, not sure why. The art is a bit irregular yet, but i guess that'll grow. Nice storyline, nice way of implementing werewolves.
Comic: Goodbye Chains 3/5
The drawing is surprisingly nice. It's quite old-skool, so to say, but has a refreshing slightly anime-like note too.

I still need to see what happens with the story, we'll see.
Comic: Grim Tales from Down Below 5/5
Love it or hate it. Roughly the same comments as I posted on PPG Doujinshi.

Love it.
Comic: power puff girls 5/5
love it or hate it... I didn't know the whole doujinshi thing, but this is cool. I don't think I ever really got past cartoon network leaving our cable, so this is perfect. It encorporates some of my favorite cartoons, I was totally thrilled when I saw Courage the Cowarldly Dog passing by. Damn, I love this. Also, the Dexter remake is really brilliant, I need to use that pic *somewhere* just because it is that cool.

Comic: Marilith 4/5
Nice, this isn't all black'n'white good/badguy stuff. You don't get to see that much in comics, so it's a big plus. Nice art too.
Comic: Abstract Gender 2/5
I've seen some Ranma 1/2 a while ago, and I hadn't expected to like this... Tried it anyway, and this is good! And no, there is no need for the plot to go faster. A lot happens in this stage, and a lot of things need to be cleared up, so this is just fine.
Comic: Swearing In Front Of Children 5/5
This is completely insane. Really. Ridiculous. Weird. Chaotic.

I love it ^_^

Hmm, just read JustViolet's comment, "film noir"... damn that's just right.

Crazy, I tell you, crazy.
Comic: A Divine Dramedy 5/5
Total friggin' weirdness... and yet so similar to my daily life. In short: brilliant.
Comic: Bean Men, The 4/5
This is weird.

Completely insane and mindless violence! WOOHOO!

The sick thing is, I actually like it. And I have no idea why. Meh.
Comic: Dorothy Gale: Journey to Oz 4/5
I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto.

I just love how that line got transcribed:

"we sure ain't in Kansas no more!"

Great comic.
Comic: CONvicts 4/5
Weirdness. Weird setting, weird people, weird whatever.

I like this ^_^
Comic: Kristy Versus The Zombie Army 4/5
Strange. It is not funny, the art isn't exactly fabulous, but I still like it. I must be changing. Ew.
Comic: Penny Arcade 3/5
I find this (including the old ones) way less amusing than the old ctrl+alt+del. Between this and the new CAD i'm not sure though.
Comic: Bunny 5/5
Weirdness is the first word I have to describe this. Brilliant is another one. The art has this strange touch, giving a (some might say badly-drawn) bunny a touch of life.

Pfew, how melodramatic. That's absolutely unlike the comic, it is weird.
Comic: MegMan 4/5
I have no idea why I like this, but I do. Damn, this is good. The artwork could be a bit better, but the story and text really are nice.
Comic: BF 4/5
This is a nice comic, for what it is. I just prefer humor, so I won't stick with it.
Comic: cute wendy 5/5
I loved cute wendy. It really is a shame that it stopped... Just like Wendy, which was just as weird. Damn.

Does anyone actually know why the heck Josh keeps drawing all this lesbian stuff by the way? Not that it isnt good :P
Comic: Bigger Than Cheeses 2/5
Bleh. This is just a bit too random for me, and I don't like the artwork.

It's rather pointless if you ask me.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 4/5
@linkmask77: they are currently meeting with their respective parents, if you havent looked yet.

Whatever, unlike many other people I still like CAD. I think that there's more of a storyline right now, which has always been a reason for me to prefer Questionable Content.

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