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Below is a list of comments made by L'ope, in date order (newest at the top).

Comic: Charliehorse 5/5
Laugh out loud funny. The art isn't outstanding but it really doesn't matter when it convey the jokes so well.
Comic: Blue Crash Kit 3/5
This comic overplays the ecentricity of characters and plot a little. And i don't like the romantic relationships, they just don't work for me. However, when coloured the art is good and sometimes the dialogue saves it.
Comic: Paradigm Shift 5/5
Oh now this is truely an outstanding webcomic! Fantastic art, panelling story and characterization? I almost couldn't believe my eyes. PS is an amazing, amazing webcomic and i can't believe it has been overlooked for all this time! The frissions between Mike and kate are almost palpable and this is drawn so well it feels like your there watching it all play out. If i could i'd give this six stars.
Comic: Fey Winds 5/5
I love LOVE this comic. It's so rare to find such beautiful, beautiful artwork combined with a winning engaging cast of fantastical characters, and an actual successful deliverance of humour! It's being reworked at the current moment, but from the first 6 pages in i was captured. My only complaint is i want to see what happens next!
Comic: WTF Comics 5/5
Fantastic. This comic has some of the most well developed, interesting charactersi've ever had the good fortune of reading about. It never fails to deliver a perfect blend of action, humour, drama and is set in an everquest based land that by no means do you have needed to have played to understand the comic
Comic: Strange Candy  
I'm a loyal fan of this comic - the characters are fun and funky and the art is colourful. The jokes are usually spot-on. Emi-chan is the best character in this webcomic :D
Comic: Aoi House 5/5
Fantastic art, and a genuinely funny and involving story. It's a great manga - it has a fresh feel compared to most, being from an american point of view. This is one of the best webcomics around.
Comic: Sinfest 5/5
Sinfest can do no wrong in my eyes - the spot on social commentary, the gorgeous art, the hilarious jokes and the flawed characters you find yourself caring about (god and the devil included).
Comic: Hellbound 5/5
deliciously hilarious - one of the best senarios involving a bunch of bumbling misfits trying to find a talisman to serve their own less than saintly ends. Always delivers a big dollop of comic every week without fail, with wonderful, cartoony art.
Comic: Angel Moxie 5/5
A great trio of friends. It has a really great group dynamic. This comic was one of the greats.
Comic: Lang Lang 4/5
its cute and funny and is a slow burner of a comic. Genuinely touching sometimes.
Comic: Sequential Art 5/5
Fantastic, funny and puts a spin on the old roomates scenario. I love every stip!
Comic: Dreamland Chronicles, The 4/5
Really good so far. The comic paces itself well, which it can afford to do thanks to a reliable weekday update. It's graphics are a joy and a pleasure to see and the story is whimsical and enchanting.
Comic: Weebl and Bob 5/5
so damn funny! i love the continuity. so randomly amazing
Comic: Errant Story 5/5
Looks incredibly professional and reads like a dream. It is set in a fantasy world that is a harsh cruel reality to most of it's inhabitants. There are problems brewing in Errant story and we see it through the eyes of half-elf Meji who is trying to complete her high school project by becoming a godess. The story starts typically but moves on to a deep, compelling plot with rich character development and fabulous art. Action scenes never looked so good.
Comic: Wotch, The 5/5
A fabulous comic. Truely, the cartoonish art style tones down the more serious subjects the comic broaches during all the magical mayhem but this is great due to inviting characters and the traditional magic in high school concept played upon in an original way. it's fantastic
Comic: Darken 4/5
these people are evil and yet they're the heroes! madness - it completely changes your viewpoint and its fabulous. Why be good when this comic shows you how to be bad.
Comic: God Mode 3/5
An interesting take on the normal gaming comic. It's not bad, but it isn't very funny.
Comic: Chugworth Academy 4/5
bizarre humour, which is sometimes difficult to grasp, but is hugely addictive with a gorgeous art style and funny characters.
Comic: Zelda Comic 5/5
laugh out loud funny. Link is stupid but not annoying. Navi is surprisingly likeable, Pit is underappreaciated, Bub is overwhelmingly cute and Zelda is a woman in a man's world... and body. The story plays off the original concepts of the Zelda stories in a hopelessly funny way and branches off into a more complex route. I love it. My first ever sprite comic and i adore it.
Comic: Girly 5/5
very original, the artwork is so amazing it blinds me with jealousy. The characters are lovable, and very well fleshed out for a primarily funny story. There is a love between the two heros which is admirable and we only hope we can find such a love. This is the comic that has two belivable, genuinely in love lesbians and josh lesnick has portrayed their relationship in a funny inventive style without any of that coming out of the closet stuff. This is about love and having as many adventures as you can.
Comic: Penny And Aggie 5/5
This story is great. It is intelligent and uses a lot euphemisms during the story telling as well as visual jokes. It has a deep physco analysis of the two girls showing there are two sides to every story, and the grass isn't always greener on the other side. The story is absolutely brilliant and i think it defies the stereotypes quite well
Comic: Digger 5/5
i was loving this unique fantasy comic until it abruptly came to a halt where the pages were no longer free. i am dissapointed that i won't be able to continue reading but what i did read was gorgeous writing and art.
Comic: 8-bit Theatre 5/5
It's incredibly witty writing. The characters show little development, but they are so funny you don't want them to change anyway. The story flows convinvingly and puts an interesting spin on the original final fantasy story. The violence and hatred between the main protaganists is gloriously excessive, and makes you savour the rare moments of harmony between them and at the same time you can't wait for the violence. Always with the violence. Its a sprite comic, so it can get away with it.
Comic: Red String 5/5
accurately and lovingly created. The japanese culture is portrayed in a way so far from western culture it seems alien to us but it is stangely beautiful. The comic is full of schoolgirl drama but that is by no means bad. In fact in this case it is very good. There is a lot of symbolism used as metaphors for love. It's wonderful to see a comic boasting the grandeur of love as well as it's hardships.
Comic: Anime Arcadia 4/5
its pretty good. Lately it's been lacking, but Kate is genuinely cute and a great cat girl
Comic: Order of the Stick, The 5/5
Amazing. The story ignited and has blazed on with vibrant characters, quirky art styles and a plot that keeps on growing. Funny and you can really feel the bond between the order of the stick's members.
Comic: Reman Mythology 5/5
Truely captivating. Beautifully drawn with an immersive world and three-dimensional characters. I'm sad that this has stopped being a webcomic but look forward to it's continuation when it is published.
Comic: inverloch 5/5
fabulously realistic art and characters. There is a lot of character development and the plot leaves us immersed. Fabulous fantasy with a lot of people following the budding romance between the thief and the thief catcher.
Comic: 9th Elsewhere 5/5
So heart-breakingly sad at sometimes, and yet so beautiful. This is a comic for those that need to cry and smile through the tears. Carmen has invented an incredible story with adorable characters and amazing artwork. Never before has a story moved me so much.
Comic: Weebls Stuff 5/5
side-splittingly funny and incredibly inventive
Comic: Demonology 101 5/5
Finished and it was true brilliance. Everything a comic should aspire to be. Sci-fi genius with a gorgeous art style and a deep story and equally deep characters. There is a message in this comic and you'll have to read it to understand it.
I hope Faith hicks does another comic. She is a credit to the webcomic world.
Comic: Sabrina Online 5/5
Addictive with wonderfully disney style art which seems to have been lost in recent years. It is a mature story with touches of humour and is quite charming. The story moves slowly due to few updates but it is good none the less.
Comic: Questionable Content 5/5
Funny and very, very clever. It deals with Faye's pysche in a sensitive and amusing manner. Whilst witty it also displays heart-warming romance which is great.
Comic: Earthsong 4/5
Charming and very pretty. The style varies slightly, and the main character has suffered quite a few inexplicable (story wise - the author had her own reasons) character redesigns. Depsite this it is a lovley fantasy story that is only beginning. I have no doubt it will grow into an epic tale as i am already absorbed in it's large-scale adventure
Comic: Stuff Sucks 5/5
its funny with really original characters. It doesn't quite fit into any genre, and the art style and writing is quirky and enjoyable
Comic: Sore Thumbs 5/5
This comic is very hilarious. The characters are so off the wall that you can't help but laugh. They're opinions are exargerated and ironic and they know it and you know it so i don't see the problem. This is my favourite way of taking politics. The characters are fantastic and they all make me laugh. Fairbanks is the most adorable angry christian i ever saw. I think this comic was very ambitious in its mix of politics and gaming and i reckon they've pulled it off. The artwork is very pretty, as is the main character.
Comic: Directions of Destiny 5/5
I cannot find fault in the comic. Breath-taking art, and an absorbing story with many twists and turns. This has a Harry Potter edge but is quite different from the norm. The pacing and layout of every page is so effective i just had to mention it. Beautiful in every way
Comic: Altermeta 5/5
Sadly this has ended but when it was going it was brilliant
Comic: Grim Tales from Down Below 5/5
The comic is deliously sadistic in a comical fashion - particulaly the marriage of Mandy and Death - and the art is just gorgeous. The tone contrasts and yet is similar to PPG in a way that fits. I enjoy it very much
Comic: Secret of Mana Theatre 5/5
I like this comic a lot. Something about it i find funny and very touching at times. I am in awe of the movie quality of the comics. Pacing is always very good.
Comic: No Rest For The Wicked 5/5
Absolutely amazing. I was blown away by the authors ability to take the traditional fairy tale and give it a gloriously dark spin. Good characterization is always a win for me, and the interaction between the heros is always delightful. This comic continues to wow me.
Comic: Tsunami Channel 5/5
It's good. A lovley style of art, and the characters are adorable. The author is an obvious manga fanatic and this comic is clearly a result of that. It's still a very beautiful comic. The jokes arn't very strong, but they quality of the comic itself is.
Comic: Bigger Than Cheeses 5/5
The author's comments are sometimes more hilarious than the strip itself, and the strip is hard one to beat on the hilarity scale. I quite love the characters, and i love the storylines. They are very rare but incredibly good.
Comic: This Comic Sucks 5/5
Strangely enough, this comic doesn't suck. In fact it's down right hilarious.
Comic: Fur Will Fly 5/5
A great comic. I miss the old artist's style a lot - and whilst i like the new ones, it is quite annoying every friday when the storyline is broken up by a completely different one which makes the continuity confusing. Aside from that the comic is surprisingly original for a furry comic, and it deals with day to day life as well as the paranormal in a typically hilarious and sometimes quite moving fashion
Comic: True Magic 5/5
Good refreshingly different art, good writing, and funny. The dialogue is never forced and whilst i'm still not sure where the story is going i am very prepared to wait and see. I want to see a bit more romance. It's been touched upon in one or two comics but seems to have been abandoned. Oh well, the comic's still fantastic.
Comic: PVP Online 5/5
This comic is funny, and it isn't just about the games which means it can appeal to a wider audience. It has character and a great story. I love getting my daily fix of PvP
Comic: WTF Comics 5/5
Amazing. It's an emotive, funny and breath-taking adventure, that makes sense and has a good pacing. I think i want to marry Stra - and if failing that have him get together with Maguna; nothing like a bit of bickering to get two characters together.
Comic: Cat Legend 5/5
A gorgeous comic, really original and with characters that are so real i feel i could befriend them. Bing and Sarah were the cutest couple i ever did see. This is a fantasy story that i would not miss for the world.
Comic: Loserz 5/5
I have come to love Loserz. It is laugh-out-loud funny, and recently the characters have gone through enormous development which makes them genuinely loveable. I feel for Jodie's struggle to be loved for being herself and i can really relate to her as well as many others in the story. I think it's pretty cool how the loserz now have friendships and romances with popular people - it shows that the characters have broken away from their stereotypes. I also love the author, he does a great job and hes hilarious.

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