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I really like comics, mostly quirky comics and geeky comics. I used to like gaming comics but since I don\'t play games anymore I only read a few of those now.
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Below is a list of comments made by Xeginy, in date order (newest at the top).

Comic: Riot Nrrd 5/5
This is such a great comic. It\'s refreshing to read something that, instead of passively accepting all of the crap that is so prevalent in geeky stuff today, actually points it out for what it is, and then refuses to participate in it. 5 stars.
Comic: Darwin Carmichael is Going To Hell 5/5
I like the art, and the whole concept is really interesting.
Comic: Collar 6 - A Bondage Fetish Webcomic 4/5
Nice art and compelling story. I definitely want to know what\'s going to happen next, and that\'s always a good sign. I don\'t know if the comic is portraying the BDSM world accurately, but I\'m not exactly an authority on the subject, so I couldn\'t tell anyway.
Comic: DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary 5/5
So, so, so awesome. A lot of the time diary comics are boring or just self indulgent, but this one is good, the art is great, and I\'m sorry it ended. 5 stars.
Comic: Curvy 4/5
Very good art and pretty interesting storyline. I wished it updated more than once a week, but that\'s just me. It\'s an adult comic, yes (that means porn) but it\'s got a story and developed characters and everything else you need for a good comic. So the nakedness is just a bonus.
Comic: Cool Cat Studio 4/5
I\'ve always been a fan of Gisele\'s art, and I like the weird storylines, too.

My one criticism would be that I don\'t like that Liz seemed to be the \"face\" of the comic, appearing in all the banner ads and even on the cover of the book. It could be argued that Belinda and Jeremy were EASILY much more important to the story, with more background and more character development, than Liz. But Liz was sexy, and she for some reason always wore a skintight bodysuit. So Liz ended up being the face of the comic, kind of overshadowing all of the more interesting and developed characters. It was kind of a \"sex sells\" approach, which I never like.
Comic: Chester 5000 XYV 5/5
I\'m always really wary with adult comics because a lot of them are just mindless porn, and I have no interest in that. But this one, while it has the porn aspect (obviously) it also has a compelling story, very good art, and the lack of dialogue only makes the entire thing more impressive, as the creator is able to convey a ton of emotion and depth in just body language and facial expressions, or the occasional heart or smiley face.
Comic: Candi 5/5
I like the art, the story is fun, and the characters are very believable. I don\'t see the art as being lazy; that\'s her style, isn\'t it supposed to look like that? Anyway, all in all, it\'s a good comic.
Comic: Anders Loves Maria 4/5
Wonderful comic. I\'m wondering if the title should be changed from \"Anders Loves Maria\" to \"Anders Has Lots And Lots of Sex\" but that\'s just me. The only bone I could pick with this comic is


I got this weird feeling that Maria and Tina only existed to give Anders some character development. Like, they weren\'t characters on their own, they were just added on so Anders could learn some life lessons. Then, they both conveniently die at the end so Anders can be alone with his child and not have to deal with any downfall from the two women he both literally and figuratively screwed over. I just got this faint misogynistic whiff there at the very end that I didn\'t like. And I read in the comments on the website that the title of the comic references not Maria the adult, but Maria the new child that Anders loves. I don\'t see that as an \"Awww\" moment. So what was adult Maria, then? Just a surrogate for the \"real\" Maria? That seems like a pretty messed up thing to do. Hence the 4 stars instead of 5.

But I still really, really liked it, and if she ever prints it out, I\'ll pick up a copy.
Comic: A Girl and Her Fed 5/5
Political comics are always tricky. I like that this one isn\'t annoyingly \"patriotic,\" nor is harshly critical or dismissive. Plus, the art is great, the storyline is very original and the updates are (more or less) consistent. Good job :)
Comic: Queen of Wands 5/5
I was sad to see it go, but glad the author ended it well. Definitely one of the better online comics I\'ve run into, and I look forward to a book (if ever) being made.
Comic: Rooster Tails 5/5
This is such a good comic. You don\'t find a lot of comics that deal with trans issues, especially for the main characters, but this one does it and it does it well. I could complain about the format of the site itself - I don\'t like that the website is a *blog* and not a *webcomic.* But that\'s just style for me; the comic is still excellent and the art is great.
Comic: Striptease 5/5
I\'ve been reading this for a few years now, and the comic only gets better with time. The art has improved drastically, and its always nice to see an artist that is improving. Plus, the story is just too weird (in a good way.)
Comic: Least I Could Do 1/5
It\'s weird that the male characters in this comic are pretty fleshed out, with interesting stories and totally relatable strengths and flaws, but all the female characters (not that there are many) are just static and boring and have very little personality. Oh, and the fact that all the female characters are drawn the same way, with that weird porn-like figure, while all the male characters have varied looks and body types? Yeah, that\'s weird too.

Every one of the male characters has had at least one major storyline about him. Not so for ANY of the female characters. Why is that? Hey Sohmer, did you know that girls exist in real life and it\'s not just to give guys like you masturbation fodder. Girls - nay, women even! - have jobs and thoughts and tell jokes and some don\'t even care if her appearance pops a boner for you.

And what\'s with the hate on fat people? Were you a fat kid or something? Seriously, I\'ve read some of your rants about fat people and it sounds like you\'re afraid they\'ll all form into some giant fat transformer and set the country on fire. Do you have nightmares about that?

In conclusion, yes I\'ve read this comic. I even bought some of the books before I came to my senses and threw them away. Sohmer, you\'re a good writer. deSouza, you\'re a great artist. Please use your talents on something a little less crappy.
Comic: Menage a 3 1/5
I tried to give it an honest try. I\'ve really enjoyed Gisele\'s other work - Cool Cat Studio, Penny and Aggie, Eerie Cuties - but while Menage a 3 has excellent art and even good writing, there is no real story except for the various characters trying to sleep with one another. And that gets old, real fast.

I don\'t mind comics that use sex as a punchline, or adult-oriented comics, but it seems like really tired sexual stereotypes are just being rehashed here. I check it every so often just to see whats going on, and it\'s still the same - someone is in the middle of trying to trick someone else into sleeping with them. Original, right?

Like someone else has said, most of this comics popularity comes from the boob factor. I expected a little bit more from this creator.

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