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Below is a list of comments made by Misanthrope, in date order (newest at the top).

Comic: Tales of Scifibertron 2/5
The art is phenomenal, but the "jokes" are just SO STUPID...
Comic: Funky Ninja Comics 5/5
Wow. The art is gorgeous, the pacing is fast, and I'm really intrigued.
Comic: CoMers 5/5
Really cool. Good action, good writing, smooth art and animation. The voice work is obviously not professional, but this is about the best non-comedic flash animation I've seen online.
Comic: Misadventures of Wonderboy 1/5
"hard work"? You make a SPRITE COMIC. If it takes you more than 7 minutes to make a strip, you've got bigger problems than my criticism.
"constructive criticism"? A 1-star rating means your comic is so bad that nothing can save it. It's not funny, meaning the writing it is terrible and will never improve. My criticism was destructive: stop making it and close down your site. But if you must have constructive criticism, here it is: start drawing non-sprite characters and hire someone who's actually funny to write your jokes for you.
Comic: Conned 1/5
It's like a train wreck you stare at in disgust.
Comic: Misadventures of Wonderboy 1/5
I'm no doctor, but this author is suffering from accute cranial trauma. And by "suffering" I mean "he's still conscious and capable of making more comics."
Comic: Bigger Than Cheeses 3/5
Some are funny and some are not. None of the old ones back when it was all pixelated and poorly drawn are funny, and those ought to have been deleted. But now it looks good and reads ok half the time.
Comic: Unlife Online 3/5
A bit random, but not bad.
Comic: Whispered Apologies 3/5
Wier. The writing is interesting, but it's also totally unrelated to the accompanying comic.
Comic: FF:V is for 5! 1/5
This is what happens when a stupid man and a stupid woman have a stupid kid, and that kid decides to start a sprite comic based on ripping off of 8-Bit Theatre and breaking the fourth wall.
Comic: Ghost Trigger 1/5
"martial arts champion" just means he's really tall.
Comic: Red String 4/5
For what it is, a weak-willed-characters shoujo manga, it's pretty much the queen of its genre.
Comic: Ghost Trigger 1/5
The art is simplistic, there's no humor or characterization, "plot" is a euphemism, and the whole thing is just a bad translation of Cowboy Bebop, which was way overrated to begin with.
The "fight" scenes everyone seems to be raving about come from the School of Our-Straight-Limbs-are-intersecting -so-we-must-be-fighting. They're tolerable in the sense that kung fu comic fans take what we can get, but it's obvious the artist was trained in some American pseudo-Korean 2-year-belt-factory that teaches poor-stance kickboxing instead of a real martial art. "Flow" my gluteous maximus.
I'd give it a 2, but I have to knock it down another star for the disgusting levels of popups I don't seem to get on any other Keenspace sites, plus the ugly copy-pasted html buttons, poorly planned site layout, and effects that just cause my computer to hiccup.
Comic: Pokemon Gt 1/5
It's a sprite comic based on arguably the worst franchise in existence. How good did you think it was going to be?
Comic: Angry Zen Master 2/5
This is like Theatre Hopper, except the author here has excellent taste in movies. Also, he can draw well. So it's a marked disappointment that he can't write a good joke.
Comic: Adventures of the Scantron Ninja and Cookie Tree, The 1/5
Wow. There is actually worse than stealing a videogame's sprites for your visuals. I am genuinely surprised.
Comic: Ninja Gaiden Comic, The 1/5
1) Don't use sprites unless you've drawn them yourself, even if all you've got talentwise is the ability to make misshapen stick figures. If it's not your ART, you're not an ARTIST. Sprite comics are the epitome of laziness visually, and this typically translates to the rest of the comic. Sure it looks like you're editing it in something more powerful than MSPaint, but that's like saying doggy defecation with a pretty pink bow on it won't stink up the sidewalk.
2) None of your jokes are funny. Given the only possible draw NJC could have, this is problematic. The only guidance I can give is to be original. Everything you write sounds tired. The only reason I can't place where I heard each joke before is because I've heard or read each one at least five times already before you ran over it.
I don't think you'll actually improve or take my advice, I just wanted to complain again about how you don't deserve the use of characters from that classic game.
Comic: Megaman Online 1/5
Wow! Another sprite comic starring Megaman?!? Will it be about gaming and break the fourth wall, too? Oh boy oh boy! Just please don't make the jokes funny or I'll get all confused and disoriented; I'm not worried.
Comic: Lazy Duo, The 1/5
Your comic is terrible and you should feel bad.
Comic: Whence and Whither 3/5
Just what the crowded webcomic world needed: another RPG World ripoff. Cute art, though.
Comic: Weebl and Bob 2/5
I'm not sure how a mindless character's singular, simple desire for something in and of itself without jokes to back it up is considered funny or compelling. One extra star for the voices, because there's nothing else here.
Comic: Elftor 5/5
I can't believe this isn't ranked higher. I mean, sure it's done in Microsoft Paint, but it has something no other comic has: it's actually FUNNY.
Comic: Lick My Jesus 5/5
Funny and insane.
Comic: Plotless Violence 4/5
I like it. It initially looked ugly, but the art's been steadily improving, and Kung Fu is perfect for comics. That's how you take advantage of the visual format, not by copying-pasty pictures of two losers sitting on a couch, spouting word bubbles at each other with jokes that would have been topical 5 years ago. So, yeah: More violence, less plot!
Comic: Legostar Galactica 1/5
Congratulations on your collection of legos. I love those things.
Careful with those jokes, though, they're antiques. Seriously, 20 years ago they wouldn't have been considered funny. WOW! Character says one thing, then the exact opposite happens! You should write for network television!
Comic: Year One - the strip 2/5
Using other, professional artists' characters is an upfront admission that you lack creativity. That explains why the jokes aren't funny, either.
The art is good. Thank you for not using sprites or Paint.
Comic: Oompa Loompa Slayers 1/5
Isn't there some score below 1 I could give? Something that causes physical pain to the author? Gimme his address; I'm not lazy, I'll slap him myself.

WHY would you defile MSPaint and my eyes with this stuff? What possible enjoyment could there be in assembling sprites like this? If you like that sort of thing, don't post it online. No one needs to read more "jokes" about breaking the fourth wall. You're not going to get popular this way. You're not going to get PayPAL money this way. I just hope that when you give up, you have the human decency to delete your website so no one else will have to be hurt.
Comic: Bob and George 1/5
Are you morons INSANE?! This is a comic that fails on every level...NO original art, NO jokes, NO storyline that doesn't make you vomit...
That the reviewers below gave it 5 stars saddens me on behalf of all mankind. I mean, how do you idiots even manage to work the keyboard and get on the internet?
I've heard, and this may not be true, that this pile was the very first sprite comic. If that's true, then not only does it deserve -10 on its own, the author also owes the world the world's greatest apology for starting a trend that will forever haunt webcomics.
Comic: VG Cats 4/5
I wish the characters here were human, because I HATE furries.
That aside, this has some really funny strips, even if not every one succeeds.
Comic: Penny Arcade 5/5
Awesome. Although these authors are losers in real life, they have found (indeed, created) an element where they can succeed.
The only negative aspect of P-A is the legions and legions of horrible ripoffs it inspired by making people realize how easy it was to create a comic.
Comic: Theater Hopper 2/5
Sweet Jesus is this nowhere near as good as people apparently think! "I like this movie! I hate that movie! The extremity of my preferences are comical in and of themselves! Time to do the 'dew!" Learn to tell a joke.
Comic: Two Evil Scientists 1/5
Eyes! Brain! It hurts, Mommy, it hurts!!
Comic: String Finger Theatre 1/5
The minimum requirement for artisticism in a webcomic is that readers be able to tell the characters apart. F minus, minus.
And it's not funny. At all.
Comic: Ninja Gaiden Comic, The 1/5
Thanks for dirtying my beautiful memories of Ninja Gaiden 1. Curse you emulator + printscreen button, curse you!
Comic: dbz af 2/5
On the one hand, the art's good and it's faithful to its source material.
On the other, faith to its source material means they like DBZ, which means they have the minds of retarded chipmunks, and the writing shows.
Comic: Elftor 5/5
Reliably humorous
Comic: Philosophy Bites 2/5
The art is the best part of the strip (Not a compliment).
Comic: 8-bit Theatre 5/5
Actually funny. Since when did people start writing good dialogue in webcomics, because that's not right.
Comic: Worst Webcomic Ever, The 1/5
Tries hard to earn its title, but fails even that because it's not a sprite comic and it's not in 1337. Still, having the entire comic be about the broken fourth wall, that brings it close to the goal.
Comic: WIGU 5/5
Ah, yeah, that's the stuff!
Comic: Sore Thumbs 1/5
Rather than engage in any sort of honest discussion of the issues, let's just portray all members of the opposite political party as bigotted hypocrites! Throw some T-&-A in there, maybe some tired references to 1st Ammendment protection with regard to videogames circa 1999, and bam! Instant webcomic popularity. 'Course, the only reason it's a KeenSPOT comic is the fact that its author owns the company. It should have become obvious to everyone how bad this was when the 2004 election ended, the comic lost its ability to reference politics, and it STILL couldn't tell a decent joke.
Comic: PVP Online 1/5
Hasn't been funny ONCE, EVER, and I want to slap the author
just because.
Comic: Overcompensating 4/5
Hahahahaha. Funny, as long as Rowland's head doesn't keep swelling.
Comic: Mac Hall 2/5
Not that funny, just old, so it picked up bunches of fans before everyone and his retarded stepson got themselves a webcomic.
Comic: General Protection Fault 1/5
Loser comic drawn by loser.
Comic: Little Gamers 1/5
They're paying for the lobotomy I have to get now.

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