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Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 1/5
Didn\'t I say you probably weren\'t one? I\'m actually happy you responded with intelligence than just spout \"It\'s so awesome!\" like some of the other people here.

And if he does make cash off this, I honestly do not understand how. I read the comic, in its entirety, up until a few months ago just to check it out.

It made me chuckle here and there, but it didn\'t make me laugh. There were moments I thought were ok at best and others that I thought were just completely retarded.

You have your opinions and I have mine. I don\'t see how something like this can possibly be amusing enough for people to go out and buy merchandise based off of it. It\'s not worth wasting cash on, in my opinion.

There are things out there that have a lot of hatedom, and yet have an obsessively dedicated fanbase. That\'s the fans\' choice.

And like your opinions aren\'t those of a fanboy, mine aren\'t exactly those of a hater. I checked his site out, his comic out, extensively, even saw some of the animated series. The comic wasn\'t very appealing and the series was even less so.

And yes, I stumbled upon it by accident. I didn\'t come here looking for a fight. I even stumbled upon this site itself, with no prior knowledge that it existed. Thanks for pointing that out.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 1/5
Okay, so, it\'s been god knows how long since I actually read this thing. I ironically found it again at random, believe it or not. So, I read the post of the guy below me, and I read some things.

And I gotta say, you claim that no one responds because you\'re not all the fanboys and fangirls that I make you out to be?

Well, I find this hilarious since you gave a five-star rating. So, people coming in going \"This is the best comic ever!\" and five starring isn\'t them being just plain fanboys? Well I guess you\'re just the damned expert on them, so you must be right!

Let\'s see, the money thing. Yeah, wanna know who actually makes cash off of comics? Ryan Sohmers. I\'ve mentioned him a few times, I believe. I will admit, I am quite a fan of his stuff, but mostly I just like how well his hobby has become a career for him.

That\'s a money maker. Why? Because he and Blind Ferret Entertainment are the ones Buckley ran to for help to make the CAD animated series and Sohmers found after one season of it that it was going to be a financial bust for them.

So no, CAD isn\'t as much of a money maker as you\'d like to believe. Ryan Sohmers makes money running a store based on his hobby, sells his webcomic to fans optionally or lets them just save his strips online, founded and runs Blind Ferret Entertainment. Daniel Shive creates El Goonish Shive for free, goes to college to increase his skills and technique in what he loves.

What\'s Buckley got? Hell if I know, since I haven\'t even been to his site in forever, but I recall he charged people decent cash regularly just to watch those bland CAD animated videos.

So yeah, next time you wanna try saying he makes a good living, actually think about what you\'re typing.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 2/5
Wow. I\'m not usually one to stalk things, but I took about five seconds out of my day every other day to see if I got a response, and that mediocre response appears. I know this sounds like the mindless banter of a hater to the fanboys and fangirls, but then again, their talk is mindless banter to me. I just looked up above the comment box, comments like \"It\'s teh win\", \"It makes me cream\", even people touting it as the greatest comic of all time or one in which someone claimed Tim was the king of webcomics.

Just a thought: Have any of these people read that many webcomics? I\'ve had my own experiences like this. I would read a comic, think it\'s fucking awesome, and then over time realized I\'ve overhyped it. I scrolled down from the top to see a comment in which a guy explained that he felt everyone giving it a bad ranking were haters, that\'s not true.

One of CorruptGoat\'s explanations was the animated series. I\'ve read many webcomics and I know a few things that go on in the actual industry of them, and I know for a fact that Ryan Sohmer, the founder and head of Blind Ferret Entertainment, the group that helped Tim create the first season of the CAD animated series, pretty much said he was cutting ties with it after the first season. The reason? The animated series was actually less successful than the comic itself, worse than the comic itself, and Sohmer and BFE lost a good amount of actual money in the process of its creation.

Also, I mentioned in my own post that it was a rumor that people were banned for saying the wrong things. I retract my statement. That\'s not true.

It\'s not a rumor, it\'s a fact. Controlling the forums through heavy moderation. There are also supposed facts(rumors? Maybe, I haven\'t cared enough to look at them in depth yet)that he regularly skipped school because his webcomic was so important. I remember mentioning the creator of El Goonish Shive as well. Daniel Shive made a comic based pretty much on whatever his head thought of, not just one revolving around jokes and simple topics, showed MAJOR improvements in his art over the years, did it while still in highschool without sacrificing time for it, and after highschool, started taking courses at a college for these things.

To explain that paragraph for people who might not understand: It\'s a sign that Tim was narcissistic, and still might be. That he felt his comic was so important and awesome, that it actually held more importance than his education. I know this is for webcomic reviews, but I also prefer to criticize the artist as well, not just the comic. I could have a perfectly exquisite gourmet meal prepared by a person that treats me like shit the entire meal, and the meal wouldn\'t justify it. Except with Buckley his creation isn\'t \"gourmet\" or \"exquisite\".
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 2/5
I\'m a guy that does my research about these things. I recently caught up with the comic, read about it and various facts about it in various places, and even read the comments here. I\'m also a gamer, a moderately heavy one. Not an OBSESSED one, but I\'ve had my fair share of experience. Also, to explain this beforehand, I have almost never read Penny Arcade, save a few random strips. All of that out of the way, so some obsessive fan doesn\'t bite my head off for whatever bullshit reason can be thought of, this is my summary so far:

Bland. Anyone that says I\'m a dumbshit merely for saying that is either a fanboy or you be trollin\'.

To elaborate: In the beginning, I liked it. Hell, I loved the first strip. I\'ve read a comic or two that did the same gimmick, first page the characters mention the comic, crack a joke. El Goonish Shive did it pretty well. The strips that followed the very first one for CAD though, not so much. Not the very start of downhill, but he almost had the whole \"This is a webcomic\" character self awareness joke going for the first several strips.

The serious storylines are pretty mediocre. I did somewhat enjoy the one involving Rory and the Hawaiian Mafia, though for whatever reason I enjoy the mere concept OF a Hawaiian Mafia. But the miscarriage one was....yeah. After that storyline it was pretty much almost never mentioned. He tries to integrate serious situations into a comic that would have been better left off sticking with the jokes.

As for the jokes, I found quite a few of them to be moderately funny. One of the things I loved about the comic the most was the Four Players. Aside from that, there were a few good strips I saw that are fresh in my memory even now. But as a whole, the comic isn\'t the funniest I\'ve ever read.

As for the art style, I admit it\'s not amazing. Before even considering criticizing the comic I found myself wondering in the beginning, \"Why is it, even when he is yelling, or surprised, or upset, or with any emotion, Lucas tends to have his eyes half open as if someone buzzed yet not piss drunk?\". It\'s relative copy+paste in quite a few situations regarding facial expressions. But the point on the art style isn\'t just about how it looks. It\'s the attitude. This guy apparently touts himself as a master of art, kills criticism with fire and well repeated ban button taps, yet it barely improves over the years throughout the archives.

To bring some other comic examples into this: El Goonish Shive and Least I Could Do. Both are nonsensical, but the art has gotten better over the years. Daniel Shive, the creator of EGS, even goes to college for degrees in the stuff he needs to know to improve his own hobby\'s art quality. Now, I\'ll admit, looking back into the beginning of the comic, the art was worse than it is now. In fact, the quality of the art at the present is quite a bit better than it was in the beginning. But akin to the humor the art isn\'t the best ever. Even the more recent strips border on decent quality cartoons.

Then we have the characters. Lilah, I understand personality-wise. She seems level headed for an obsessed gamer, compared to the others. Lucas, I can also understand. Standard tech guy with a dash of gamer. I actually like Lucas a lot as a character. But Ethan. The entire comic pretty much runs on his constant and quite apparent retardation and antics. Seems to have run on it since the very beginning, like a less funny version of Robot Chicken. I enjoyed a few things he did, like that whole \"I can concentrate my brain and gain vast wisdom for seven seconds a day\" thing. I even absolutely loved the whole \"Winter-een-mas\" concept. But aside from these very few things, I just didn\'t see anything in him besides the guy that churns random shit out for the comic to run on. And while that\'s a GOOD thing in a comic that would do well running off of jokes, the point is he\'s practically the primary source of it to the point of utter predictability.

Then we have Sara. I actually had to go back into the archives and skim the first several strips to find her name. She appears in a couple of strips, never to be seen again, dumping Ethan over his obsession of video games. I\'m not even sure what her role was in this comic. Humor? Drama? Both? I just didn\'t get it. Granted, while there was that whole floating beer bottle thing going on, Ethan got over it pretty damn quickly. It seemed an utter waste of possibility to introduce a character only to whisk them away, never to be heard from or seen again.

And speaking of that, we have Scott. This was the biggest \"What the hell?\" to me this whole comic, is what purpose he has in it. From what has been shown, the guy has no visible job, yet early on is shown to be magically paying the full rent at the first apartment, and at the newest one has his bedroom lined completely with metal walling, a large metal bulkhead covering his door that sends electricity through people that touch it, incapacitating them, has a private line from which he consumes immense amounts of electricity, his own satellite dish for god knows what, and never even leaves his room. So I did some looking, some checking up on it. Apparently, he wasn\'t supposed to even be in the comic for more than a few strips.

I\'ve never been to the CAD forums, so I wouldn\'t know completely how this goes, but what I found elsewhere basically suggests that Scott wasn\'t supposed to be more than a side character that almost never appears and does appear when he does just to be that one Linux Guy that goes with the \"Microsoft is evil\" cliche. He was originally added in for the same reason as Sara, to appear for a couple of strips and then never again. Apparently the fans were a bit fond of him, something new, I suppose, so Tim let Scott stay at the insistence of quite a few fans, but chose to never integrate him into the stroyline because he didn\'t want him to be an actual main character no matter what, for whatever reason. This is the strangest of claims, but I\'ve even read on a couple of places that asking about Scott or talking about him on the CAD forums is grounds for instant banning. That\'s just plain crazy, if it\'s true.

All in all, this comic is decent if you want to read some stale jokes, and behold Ethan in all of his insanity, but other than that, you\'re better off sticking to something else, and dealing with a less self-important, \"Small Name Big Ego\" artist.

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