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I'd appreciate any and all comments regarding my comic, although I'd PREFER constructive criticism based on your honest assessment of Plotless Violence the comic rather than on your own personal problems or vendettas. Thanks!
Comics By PlotlessViolence: Plotless Violence
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Below is a list of comments made by PlotlessViolence, in date order (newest at the top).

Comic: Mint Whelp Saga, The 3/5
Although I'm not supposed to criticize other comics anymore, this one's at the request of its author.

The art's good, much better than mine. Artist doesn't skimp on the backgrounds, and characters and species look distinct from each other. My one complaint in this regard is that the graphics program he uses to finish the comic leaves behind jagged, non-anti-aliased edges, even in the computer-typed text. It's not as bad as MSPaint, but it's not as smooth as Photoshop.

The jokes don't do it for me. They're often either ripoffs of RPGWorld or show serious fourth-wall-integrity problems. When the jokes are funny, they're not subtle enough; the dialogue sort of beats the reader over the head with the content.

An early sequence starting html
made me hope it would become a cool action comic, but that seems to be the only real fight sequence in the strip. But that one alone adds a whole star to the score.

As for the plot, the basic concept behind the main character is unique and cool, but it hasn't been used to full potential now. Besides being the motivation to find the Eternal Mint, the protagonists' naturally exuding flavor could be used as a weapon against poisonous enemies, to soothe the throat to allow a dragon to breathe fire with regularity, as a taste-based key to open the mouth-entrance of a living cave, etc. Right now, everything is too moment-to-moment, and the plot points are too obvious (preserve the fourth wall, darnit!) for the strip to achieve the greatness it has the potential of doing. Also, it badly needs a strong villian who poses a real danger to the band of heroes, but there's still time to write all this stuff in.

So it's hardly the worst comic on the net, but it can get much better.
Comic: Simulated Comic Product #4 3/5
Good stuff. Not like that bad stuff.
Comic: Plotless Violence  
Well, what can I say, Tom? You're right. I had thought that webcomic artists and fans would have necessarily thick skins, but experience has proved otherwise. Then there's the fact that some comics improve but you can never change a post. So I think I'm going to restrict my postings from now on.
Comic: Plotless Violence  
...said the man who advertised his comic on the Academic Team Vol. 2, The page. Look, Donny, I like your comic and I thought your first two comments on this page were honest, but now you're starting to get ridiculous. You criticize other comics as much as I do, but that's ok because you can draw better than I can? The only time I pointed people towards one of my comics (LG) was when that link contained my further relevant comments.

But since these totally irrelevant star ratings matter so much, I'll enumerate the exact score for everyone:
I rated myself 5 stars: 2 times
My friends rated me 5 stars: 5 times
Other people rated me 5 stars: 1 times
Other people rated me 4 stars: 3 times
Other people rated me 3 stars: 1 times
Other people rated me 2 stars: 3 times
Other people rated me 1 stars: 10 times

Comic: Plotless Violence  

Although I assume Drastic and Ziggurath also rated me based solely on the fact that I gave them low scores, that is just an assumption. Probably they would have hated PV anyway. You however made explicit in detail that the reason you hated PV was at least partially because you were offended by my comments. I wanted to address your comments, and hey, I consider this my forum anyway; if, as you say, I was just trying to drum up hits I would have posted again on your page, but apparently that's a problem.

I don't see what the big deal is with me having asked my friends to post their comments; everyone does that, and it's not like it affects the webcomiclist rankings. Your assumption is that my comic is SO HORRIBLE that the ONLY person in the universe who wouldn't hate it is myself, and that therefore anyone who rates it above 1 star is either myself under a pseudonym or a close friend I had to beg and pay. I honestly don't think Plotless Violence is quite that bad, at least not anymore.

Nor do I understand why my ranking other comics offends you. I don't rate webcomics dissproportionally to their popularity. Look at the comments I've left: I like some webcomics and I dislike others. That's my personal taste, and I don't see why "professional courtesy" should keep me from expressing it on a website designed for people to share opinions.

Frankly, I don't even think Theatre Hopper is that bad. You can certainly draw better than I and since my deleted comments were posted you've had some strips I've found humorous. I can't remember what I rated you, but I do know that even back then you couldn't have earned a 1 star from me because you're not a sprite comic and you're not offensive (in the comic). I do seem to remember that I did not use foul language in those comments; I think they were removed because I criticized your taste in movies. You just sorta surprised me by going after me so long after my comments on your page.
Comic: Plotless Violence  
1) Is this about my comments on Theatre Hopper? Because those apparently offended someone enough to get them removed, the only time I've ever seen this site remove a comment. And that was THREE MONTHS ago. Get over it.
2) "Shameless Self Promoter?" My ad budget is zero. Duh I'm going to take advantage of webcomiclist to get some hits. That's what it's FOR. Or maybe you feel that my rating other comics is unfair promotion. Except that I seem to be one of the few people who rate comics objectively, good or bad, instead of vindictively. Way to show me that was wrong with your touching, poignant, totally unbiased rant.
3) I can't "take it"? Why do you think I put my comic here? I've got a tagboard on my site, a forum at p?t=64143
and my e-mail address is . Flame away to your black little heart's content, but if all you're going to say is "you didn't like my drawing, so I hate yours," then I may not take your suggestions into as much consideration as otherwise.
4) I think I do give out constructive criticism. It's harder to be specific, of course, when reviewing a gag comic and the criticism is "be funnier." But despite your supposed refusal to help me out, telling me to work on proportions was constructive. I'll find an anatomy site on the web and practice.
5) No one was paid to post here. I certainly did ask my friends to do so, but I specifically asked for their honest opinions, and all of them listed their e-mails (this was before webcomiclist moved to registered posting only); none of them hid behind standard internet anonymity. Apparently giving myself a rating offends people, so I won't do that anymore, although I have to ask: why would you think I'd draw something that I myself didn't find entertaining? I'm a sadist, not a masochist.
Anyway, people: don't be afraid to post, but keep in mind that I'll be alot more receptive to honest suggestions than vindictive flaming.
Comic: River Road 5/5
I should also note that the old Slackerz archives, accessible through this site, are awesome. These series are a testament to the thesis that good comics are based primarily on intelligent, witty authors rather than sh*tcom "situations" or "Ka-RAAAAA-zee karacters!" like everyone else seems to believe.
Comic: Ghost Trigger 4/5
Good action sequences, hooray!
I don't think this was ever meant to be a gag-a-day comic strip; there are too many of those already that trigger the wrong meaning of "gag."
Comic: Kitty Kazawa: Freelance Exorcist 4/5
Looks good an all, but I just wanted to say that those revolver daggers she uses (see logo at the top of the comic page) are genius: you can spin them around your index finger through the trigger guard, like chinese ringdaggers, or you can just stab or shoot with them.
Comic: Night Warrior 5/5
Excellent. The art here is the very equal of professional action comics, the script and dialogue are adult instead of a preteen's false idea of "adult," and the whole package is slick and professional. I like the fact that the characters make do with self-trained skills rather than the Deus Ex Machina superpowers that mainstream comics today bathe in. It's like Batman without the hokey getup or the 200 and growing extra, unnecessary tagalongs.
Comic: Dinosaur Comics 4/5
Gotten alot better recently. The writer is a master of dialogue.
I still don't think you can earn a 5-star rating without having to draw at least SOMETHING once in awhile.
Comic: One Man Knife Fight 5/5
Very good stuff. It's nice to see characters who are true psychopaths instead of just cliches.
Comic: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 4/5
I like the way this author thinks and writes. I think I'd get along with him in real life.
Comic: Samurai BANZAI! 2/5
The art's really good...particularly little things like the faded backgrounds (my G-d, the trees! How does he get that effect?), blurring/vibration lines, and glowing. The artist has a firm grasp of Photoshop, if that's what he's using.
On the other hand, the story is just a collection of Rurouni Kenshin (maybe some Samurai Deeper Kyo, possibly Lone Wolf and Cub) cliches, and the action scenes--what should be the key scenes for this type of manga--look great but are posed/choreographed all wrong; Except for the interlock-swords-so-enemies-can-sta re-each-other-down, the fighting "techniques" shown are either physically impossible or totally unrelated to the cut/slice they actually perform in the continuity of the comic. The fight moves are derived purely from the Anime laws of physics and flourish-poses.
Comic: Sex & Violence 4/5
Gorgeous art, psychopathic characters, and so much blood! I'm glad this came back from the dead.
Comic: Ribald Youth 4/5
I can't explain why I like this, but it's very calming to read. It's sorta like the Anime Azumanga Daioh, in that you can watch, and know it's bad, but it's still very relaxing and you can sorta just let your mind vegetate.
Comic: Asylum 360 3/5
I'm still reading through the archives, but this is good stuff, and in a unique setting. I have to wonder how long it's going to be before people start ripping this guy off, except in ugly sprite-comic form.
Comic: Less Than Kate 3/5
Thank you for your...graphic comments.
I've been reading LTK for awhile now. Good art, and I like the fact that it presents a flawed character without actually glorifying those flaws. The score is based on the success/failure rate of the jokes relative to comparable humor webcomics.
Comic: Boy on a Stick and Slither 3/5 is brilliant, and it's been getting better recently.
Comic: Cyanide and Happiness 3/5
No, it's not. Most strips comes close to being funny but fail. But some of them are funny, and I've learned that telling one good joke every 20 strips is a relatively good thing online.
Comic: Adventures of the Scantron Ninja and Cookie Tree, The 1/5
so bad it doesn't even work as a PARODY of ultra-lazy web"artists"
Comic: N-Fans 1/5
- 3 IQ points for every strip you read.
Comic: Darken 4/5
Art is great, fight scenes aren't bad, and I like the concept of presenting Evil characters without trying to excuse their crimes.
Comic: Starship Destiny, The 4/5
The Intro "story"line was horrible 4th-wall-breaking "ha, ha, stupid robots" junk.

But the actual comic is pretty cool.
Comic: Spriteville, USA 1/5
WHY, G-d, WHY?!
Comic: krazy Kimchi 4/5
Well-drawn and often humorous, particularly the "specials" that span several pages and occasionally feature fight scenes.
My quibble with his comic is that the page layout looks like it was designed by a dyslexic monkey flinging html onto a document: with all the hypertext to "special" comics, the various (!?) archive pages are completely muddled, and I'll never know how many strips I haven't seen yet.
Comic: A Modest Destiny 4/5
Yeah, the humor is tapering off, but it's not dead yet.
Comic: Cortland 3/5
Actually, scratch that: it doesn't break the fourth wall, I just read several of the Keenspace parody strips out of order...while hopped up on caffeine. Sorry.
Comic: Standup Comics 4/5
Very funny at least 25% of the time; it out-Red-Meats Red Meat (since the latter has Jumped the Shark). My favorite is strip 65.
But, really, is this a "comic?" There's only one picture for every's like Dinosaur Comics, except a monologue. At least gimme some varying facial expressions or something.
Comic: Nothing Nice to Say 3/5
The Penny-Arcade of music. Not that bad, but a bit hard for me to follow, given I don't follow music.
Comic: Teenagers in Bikinis 1/5
I think this is a prank....maybe a How Not to Run a Webcomic submission?
Comic: PVP Online 2/5
Of all the strips I read (and I can only tolerate so much) they only varied from inane to almost mildly whimsical. What is it people see in this? There must be something here, because it's very popular, particularly among other webartists whose work I DO like. Or maybe my body was more resistant growing up to the radiation that affects everyone else's brain matter, which would explain MUCH.
Comic: Pocky Munchers 1/5
Thoroughly worthless. It's amazing how much time the artist must put into drawing, coloring, and shading this when, ultimately, the writer has nothing to say. And why is it the archive page looks like it was designed by a blind, dyslexic man, particularly given Keenspace already HAS a built-in, automatic system of keeping past strips organized (3 if you're willing to take the extra 10 seconds to add a drop-down menu or a standard Calendar tag)?
Comic: Strange Candy 2/5
This started out with alot of potential...but given how easy it is to make fun of anime/manga compared to SC's success at such, I just stopped reading after too many strips in a row completely bombed.
Comic: Drastic 2/5
The art's nice...
but the punchlines are so obvious and cliched as to ruin whatever thought went into the dialogue.
Also, when will artists learn, the Fourth Wall is sacrosanct!
Comic: City of Zeroes 2/5
Started out ok. But given the restrictive subject matter and the, uh, "art," I think this jumped the shark already around strip #13.
I'd prefer screenshots with word bubbles (given how copy-paste-y it is already, you might as well look good and show off the creativity of the videogame's create-a-character). The jokes should branch out: either focus on characters other than the citizens or develop cohesive backstories for individual citizens, because right now every strip is about the foibles of a generic everycitizen character.
Comic: Masters of the Art 3/5
Humourous. Well-drawn.
Comic: Least I Could Do 3/5
I don't think ANYONE believes every strip is funny. And Fourth-Wall-Breaking is never funny. I think the last time EVER a 4th-Wall joke was funny was on the show "Drawn Together" where the Princess is saying, "I don't think Foxxy likes me, because her hand got all blurry when I walked in...but she could have been waving, or giving me the OK sign, or....Oh...."
Before that, the last time a 4th-wall joke was funny was the 1980s(?) Daffy Duck cartoon where the artist used the eraser to constantly modify the canvas in motion.
Comic: Axident's Domain 1/5
Horrifyingly bad sprite comic. Makes all the standard sprite comic mistakes, particularly fourth-wall-breaking, utterly pointless deus-ex-machina, and mind-numbing dialogue. Inexplicably, however, the dialogue is written in grammitcally correct English sentences....
Comic: Marilith 4/5
It's early but this could be good. It reminds me of Gunsmith Cats, which was one of my favorite mangas.
Comic: Webcomics Character for Hire 1/5
I hate to have to agree with Ziggy (since he's got even less--yes, it's possible--creative talent than this comic's author), but he is right:
This thing is just stupid. It's not at all offensive, it's just a sequence of cliches taking up well-established opinions that everyone already shares. If any of this is meant to be parody, it's so overly-transparent as to rob it even of the overused cliched parody it might have been.
I think it started as a prank, a sort of HNTRAC thing, and then it got popular, and the webartist decided to continue it rather than make something good.
Comic: Goats: The Comic Strip 2/5
Very few of the strips are actually funny. This is a wierd comment, but I think the author has the right cadence in terms of setups, diction, etc. to tell the joke, but I think he's forgone the actual joke content of the joke.

I don't think humorists can get by on the "wow, he's such a crazy/odd character!/situation!" gag anymore.
Comic: Scary Go Round 2/5
I just don't get it. I think the art style is cool and unique, but I don't find the dialogue humorous.
Comic: River Road 4/5
Quite humorous. I hope it stays that way.
Comic: Legostar Galactica 1/5

The standards for humor/dialogue are already set higher for sprite comics, higher still for digital photo comics, because they require practically no artistic effort to throw together.

But even if this were drawn, and well, it would still be horrible. Not a strip here is funny, interesting, or otherwise worth anyone's time.
Comic: Hyper Death Babies 5/5
I was referring to the author of White Ninja's mental handicap, which is funnier than anything he actually "draws."
Comic: Homestar Runner 5/5
"You're not on fire like a peasant!"
Comic: Death Bunny 3/5
This was a pretty funny comic about ultracynicism and violence, but right now it's poised to jump the shark, and the author doesn't seem to be updating.
Comic: Cortland 2/5
Used to be a pretty good alternate version of Dilbert. Then the author devolved into fourth-wall breaking and furries. ....
Comic: Pure Profit Comics 1/5
This wouldn't be so bad if it were funny. It's not, and so there's no draw, no reason to read this at all. People, just because it's easy to make your own webcomic doesn't mean you SHOULD....have something to contribute, or you're just wasting my time. It's just sucking up bandwidth on ye olde internet.
Comic: Alpha Shade 4/5
Very cool so far. It's set in an original universe, great art, interesting plot, compelling war-action sequences. The only thing that annoys me is the way it's set up to run like a large flash program instead of a standard .gif/.jpg/.png comics site.
Comic: Men In Hats 4/5
Loses a point mainly for the easy-way-out art style.

I love this comic, though, because it reminds me very much of the dialogue I used to have in my conversations with JSM and P at our old dorm apartment (which is a compliment: we were all much wittier than any of you).
Comic: Minding My Own Business 3/5
This comic can be very funny sometimes w/rt sexual humor, but it can also be nauseatingly boring when it tries to come off as "romantic."
Comic: VG Cats 3/5
This strip is in the unique class of being the only Penny Arcade ripoff to ever be funny, although less than half the time.

Also, the author is a Dynasty Warriors 4 fan, and I respect that.
Comic: Felicity Flint, Agent from H.A.R.M. 2/5
A ripoff of the Austin Powers, and like the same, each joke (strip) is hit and miss.
Comic: Cat and Girl 2/5
Hit an miss, depending on where the specific strip falls on the pretentious--intelligent scale. It doesn't help that I don't get ANY of the cultural references.
Comic: Least I Could Do 3/5
This is funny when the main character is offending women.

It is nauseatingly cringe-worthy when it breaks the fourth wall.

It is boring pretty much anytime it tries to do anything other than insult/offend women.
Comic: You Damn Kid 2/5
This was cute early on, but the writing fails to evolve or all...since when it started.
Comic: A Modest Destiny 5/5
This is what a webcomic should be: individual and unique characters, a cohesive plot, and original art.
Comic: Lick My Jesus 3/5
This is a pretty good comic. The authors are witty and intelligent and that comes out in the strip.

On the other hand, I think the standards should be a little higher than with hand-drawn comics because it's just word balloons on digital photographs.
Comic: Boy on a Stick and Slither 2/5
The vast majority of this strip is bland observation, (the incessant Florida Cracker strips are just poorly-done Republican bashing) but every once in awhile the author will really surprise me. , for example, perfectly captures the Philosophical question of morality.
Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete 2/5
"Most Visited"...unbelieveable. Just...unbelieveable.

Heck, why not give it "Most Original," since Little Gamers took the "Best Concept"?

Look, the art's ok, and a good ripoff of P-A might be readable, but, people...THIS is the "best" webcomic on the internet?!? This!?
Comic: 8-bit Theatre 3/5
To respond to the below poster, I'll say that it's a cow because this is the only sprite comic I have ever seen with sometimes-funny dialogue.

Typically, Sprites are the ultimate cop-out, a way of being even lazier than stick-figure drawing. Hence, web"artists" who use sprites tend to be uncreative and unwitty.

In this case, the sprites are justified because the entire comic parodies that single game instead of merely referencing it .(Note: if you can't tell the difference between parody and reference...well, you're qualified to direct Scary Movie 4. But I won't watch it.) Also, use of Photoshop means that SOME effort was put into the strip beyond the very first one.

It's still not nearly as good or funny as its ranking or popularity imply. But it's not unreadable.

I wish I could give 2 1/2 stars.
Comic: Little Gamers 1/5
I find this comic absolutely fascinating for the simple reason that its popularity is...existent. It says something about the human psyche. I wrote a whole dissertation on it, the ranting portion of


If someone can tell me why LG is better than the comics I drew there (I literally tried to draw the worst webcomic ever)....I will eat crow. I will hunt it down myself, slow-roast it, and eat it, feathers and all.
Comic: Emerald Blades 2/5
Well-drawn pencil manga with numerous problems.
I know it's supposed to be an action manga, and it's pretty hypocritical for ME of all people to comment on plot, but I think it's fair when of 137 strips, only 7 are combat-oriented: The plot is about as intelligent as...ok, it's stupid. The Kenshin-taken supereasy morality is grating, and the entire thing reads like a wish-fulfillment fanfic.

Then there are the characters, every main one of whom is a such a direct ripoff I pinpointed their origins on the first appearance, long before they explicitly announced their affinity for Rurouni Kenshin: The main character is Kenshin Himura, the other main guy is Largo from Megatokyo crossed with a total misinterpretation of Saito Hajime, the main enemy is Gatts from Berserk, etc. The side characters are the same Anime/Manga stereoarchetypes you see in every Anime/Manga regardless of subgenre.

This wouldn't be a problem if the fight scenes were good...they're not. The extent of the techniques displayed by these "masters" are: horizontal slash, vertical slash, side-dodge. One time there was a one-handed throw that is physically impossible unless you're 5 times stronger than an average man of the same height. One time there was a kick, technically illegal in the kendo setting they were supposed to be in. Another, the Largo guy uses his sheath (GASP! SUPERPOWER!) to PUSH AWAY (not deflect) what's supposed to be a Gatts-styled heavy claymore. Right.

Plus, there's almost no visually-shown fighting at all. Almost all of the "techniques" are rendered as slash lines instead of illustrating the weapon and limb, and in the second-to-most recent fight (4 on 1 fistfight), the entire fight scene occurs a comic that's supposed to be focused on the fighting.

Honestly, I was surprised to read in the forums that the artists knew some (sorta) martial arts, because I couldn't tell and I almost always can by reading the works. The problem is that, while they want to draw Kenshin Himura's basic fighting style (just his...not the other manga's characters' techniques, nor Kenshin's special moves), the artists seem to believe that "Skill" is nothing more than "speed" and "strength."

I know that action is much harder to draw than just copy-pasting stick figures on a couch with word bubbles, but it's not like no one else online does it better:
Falcon Twin <-- uses Aoshi Shinomori's double-weapon-style fighting combined with American Kickboxing moves
Swords are Cool <-- a better-rounded Kendo experience than this, although not as well drawn
Godlike <-- Capoeria/Breakdancing-based fighting with some grappling
Plotless Violence <-- my thing. While everything I draw is ugly, at least I show more than the same 3 moves over and over.

Occasionally, Emerald Blades is funny. But I think it's fair to evaluate it as an action manga given it implies that IN THE NAME.

Now, I'll still keep up with this webcomic because I have a high tolerance for bad kung fu plot, want to study their art style, and love webcomics, but I can't say I could recommend it to anyone who isn't as obsessed with those things as I.
Comic: Plotless Violence 5/5
For what it's worth, I'm no longer using MSPaint. Smooth-lined comics start at

Comic: Clown Samurai 4/5
This is a pretty cool comc, with a unique artstyle. My complaint is that, so far, there haven't been as many updates as I would hope.
Comic: Perry Bible Fellowship, The 4/5
"Weird" is right. This is more of a sequence of experimental comics rather than a cohesive strip, but it's immensely creative, and some of them completely blow my mind.
Comic: WIGU 5/5
The new Wigu-TV site is awesome! It has that precise brand of humor that made Wigu, Overcompensating, and the better strips of WIGU so great...
What's wierd is that Jeff said in an interview that he closed down Wigu in favor of multiple shorter bits because he didn't want people to have to know complicated backstories to get the jokes, and yet his forte' is characterization.
Whatever. As long as I laugh.
Comic: Hound's Home 3/5
I have fond memories of some of the earlier strips. The author's depictions of the problems of having been born undesirable are quite comical. I'm worried, however, that in recent months HH has updated little, the humor is thinning out, and the author seems like he's on the verge of ending what was once Keenspace's greatest achievement.
Comic: Alien Loves Predator 3/5
It's hit or miss, but if you've ever lived in New York (and I have...the horror...the horror...) many of these jokes will touch the right nerve.

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