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A learning person who's yet to make a success (or failure, depending on how critical you are.) The webcomic that I'm making with my friend (who's not in the web comic list.) will be here soon.
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Yahoo! Gamefreak300034
Below is a list of comments made by lamer, in date order (newest at the top).

Comic: Dead Winter 5/5
Excellent. It is a nice comic with many differnet different flavors. A little George A. Romero, some black humor, slice of life and some paranormal dreams. It all adds up well, with no elements clashing. Sure, some of the panel layouts can be a bit confusing, but that is a pretty small flaw when the whole product shines.
Comic: Ethereal Legacies 4/5
Sure it is mature(As in containing nudity and what not), but what the hey. It is still a pretty interesting fantasy web comic filled with some pretty cool monster designs and violence. Of course, it can be hard for some to get past the fact that a comic contains some sexual content, but then again, Better Days contained sexual content. It could use a little bit more story, though.

Anyways, the artwork is fantastic and nicely colored. Many artists seem to avoid coloring since it could ruin their lineart, but Largominus2004 seems to know what he is doing.

However, the story seems to be the weak point. Of course it has fantasy elements, but perhaps it can be more developed as the comic is updated more. Also, it can be a little text-heavy at times. I understand it has a narration, but it could benefit from using vocabulary words that can replace most of the words in normal sentences. Or, better yet, let the characters and their actions speak for themselves a little bit more. This way, readers will not feel disconnected.

Despite flaws, this is a pretty cool fantasy comic with potential to sit right next to Better Days and New Worlds in character development with improvements. Keep up the good work, but also remember to push yourself a little more.
Comic: Welcome to Pixelton 5/5
It is a gaming comic, sure, but it does have a share of weirdness. It is more of a crazy cartoon world filled with (kinda) subtle video game references than something with two guys sitting on a couch playing games. I hope Josh Farkas will do more. Well done!
Comic: A Mad Tea-Party 5/5
Nice story, brilliant artwork, and good writing. I hope for updates soon!
Comic: Wrongside: Beginning 4/5
Pretty good so far. However, this won't be a comic for those expecting lots of action right off the bat.

I, on the other hand, like how it develops it's plot. Let's hope it reaches the high pillar of comics like "Better Days".
Comic: Awkward Zombie 5/5
Familiar with HailNekoaasha from DA? If so, you might enjoy this. If may still enjoy this.
Comic: Even in the deepest heart of chaos, a glimmer of order can be found 4/5
A unique comic with good humor writing.
Comic: Homestar Runner 5/5
Best web cartoon ever!
"How can you tell if someone's butt is stupid?"
Comic: New Worlds  
Hold on, let me rephrase. I meant colorful and original in some ways, though looking at it at first will make you think it's based some real history.
Comic: 8-bit Theatre 5/5
Very, VERY funny! A great lesson on writing excellent humor.
Comic: New Worlds 4/5
This great! And historically accurate.
Comic: GingerDead and Friends 5/5
Very funny...and morbid! Nice!
Comic: Better Days 4/5
In more ways than one, this comic is similar to a good reality show like 28 Days on FX. Sure, some parts are shocking, might one dare say repulsive, yet you keep coming back just to see what happens next. It hits us in the part of us that many are gulity of: Looking at the disturbing things, like a car crash, for long periods of time.

The art is an absolut beauty. The details are very good, and the emotions are put in delicately in some parts, and in powerful bursts in others. But it all makes a comic worth looking at for art.

It does get a little preachy at times. Some parts I skipped because the dialouge was so heavy handed. But, the dialouge is at times compelling. The content isn't exactly what I would call enjoyable or entertaining (Rule number 142: Sexual abuse is wrong), but it sets a dark and insane tone. If the censorship groups were actually paying attention to things other than TV, Music and Video Games, they would have a fit over this one.

Some of the humorous parts were hillarious, but they were soon overshadowed by the drama. I mean, Megatokyo manages to get the plot/comedy thing well, so you would think that this would be like that comic, except in Furry form. Yes and no.

So, in a way, I'm pretty torn with this webcomic. It's a comic that breaks the mold of mature stuff made by other forms of entertainment, but it's that very reason that this comic will not be liked by everyone. Especially the ones who are offended by even a hint of taboo sexual images. At least I can say that I read a Furry webcomic that puts a real emphasis on emotion and stroytelling. Now that's something.
Comic: World's Worst Webcomic 3/5

This is a monster, in a bad way, yet you still love it. Just like the majority of the bad movies of 2006.

Reading this comic is almost like suicide, yet because of the rush, you want to read and read until your senses die.

This may be the most enjoyable torture ever made.
Comic: Spooky & Tingle 4/5
A comic of dark humor, Spooky & Tingle has a personality of it's own, with helpings from the writing of Paul Kidd. Very recomendable.
Comic: Press Start to Play 4/5
A very good webcomic. I hope you guys keep on updating it. It's full of laughs! My one complant is that the humor is, although funny, a bit too "friendly" for folks who like sex jokes and people who like bashing anime fans and furries.

Some folks may be a bit divided on whether to love it or hate it. Count me on the Caravan of Love.
Comic: CyberKitties 4/5
Funny! Exciting!

Yeah, those are the words I use to describe this. Sure, it has furries, but who cares as long as it makes people laugh? The one flaw is that there seems to be a absence in sound effects. Oh well, at least the action's pretty decent. It looks like Paul Kidd and Chris Berdoz have a masterpiece in their hands.
Comic: 2 Way Mirror 3/5
It does have some good moments, and it's surprisingly deep. Don't worry, I'm not one who sterotypes furries. Besides, people all over the globe have anthromorphic animals as a part of their culture and folktales.

Here's some advice, though. Try to be careful if you want to do a comic with adult themes. The world is overpopulated with male pervs who crowd around something with two girls kissing each other faster than you can say "Japanese Anime". Also, the drama's good, though I think it needs some more comic relief. I mean, Shakespere put comic relief in his drama. (Though some of it I don't get.)

This comic does have potetnial. maybe you could try have a love triangle with the main character involved with a female and a male. That i would definitely love to read.
Comic: VG Cats 5/5
One of the best webcomics I've ever read. This comic may not be completly invisible to the competitive world of comics (*cough Penny Arcade cough*), then again, what can smash it down when it comes to video game humor?

Oh, and I know that the art is a Furry/Anime mix, but why bother? You don't hear people bashing others for liking Sonic, Star Fox, and Full Metal Alchemist, do you? (Unless you're Adam Sessler from X-Play. He's funny when he makes fun of those things.)

I would reccomend it to every one of my friends. It's that good! Great job, Scott!

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