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Below is a list of synopses created by CuWolf that are currently in use.

Comic: Afraid of Monsters
What if you discovered that monsters were real - and that you were one??
Allen has a lot to learn about the world of monsters, as well as his own abilities. After being rushed with this information with absolutely no forewarning, he\'s left to catch up to information that others might\'ve been eased into over the course of up to a month. He\'s the center of a great deal of attention, and over half the other \'patients\' at St. Gardenia\'s Center for Monsters seem to know of him before he even has a chance to introduce himself.
Can he manage to piece together the reasoning behind this strange situation, learn about these new discoveries, and hold onto any sanity and normality left at the same time??
Comic: Always Human
Welcome to the future. Genetic engineering has made us smarter and fitter. We live longer, healthier lives. And we can look however we want. It's a pity that none of this has made falling in love any easier.
****This webtoon has LGBTQ+ characters, please read with an open heart and mind :) ****
Comic: Ariel51
Ariel 51 is a long form sci-fi adventure comic about Ariel Ackley, a girl struggling with loss and her journey to strange new places.
Comic: Bicycle Boy
A cyborg wakes up in the middle of nowhere with no recollection of who he is. In search of answers, he explores the land--with the intent to find that information.

Thus, adventure ensues.
Comic: Brujagh
Taking place in a universe parallel to our own, where events in history turned out in just the right way, mankind spread to the stars before the turn of the 20th century. After roaming around neighboring systems, mankind found itself face to face with a small group of bickering aliens. Not long after that, alliances were formed, and joint colonies were planned. Brujagh is one of those worlds. The main city, with the shared name of the world, houses the largest mixed population colonies in the center of the Galactic Council.
This particular story follows Brujagh Police officer Sierra Vesping, and her Benian partner Rho. While Vesping is a pretty seasoned cop, some new events start to make her feel like she’s a recruit again. This happens after she learns of a very shady organization: B.A.D.
Comic: Camp Weedonwantcha!
Camp Weedonwantcha is a place where kids get dropped off for the summer and are never picked up again. With no adults around, the unwanted trio of Malachi, Seventeen, and Brian can get into whatever dangerous and irresponsibly fun activities their hearts desire.
Comic: Cupbearers
Loyalty. Honor. Customer Service. Monster Fighting. Join Lora, Kath, Warren, and The Duke of Grapes as they protect the realm, serve the castle\'s juicebar, and grow as friends.
Comic: Damsels Don\'t Wear Glasses
Life\'s no cake walk in Persephone for some, but Lave Faraday has it worse than most. In a city where the undead are part of the night life, Lave is expected to make sure the balance between the living and the technically deceased stays in check; or do time in jail for past crimes. But when you have mafia vampires, necromancer frat boys, and zombie booze drinkers prowling the streets, one can\'t help but feel like a glorified paranormal janitor.

Yet somehow being underpaid and living in a shoe box apartment is the least of Lave\'s problems when she finds herself protecting a young boy from a sinister force, and making enemies in all the right places.
Comic: Final Arcanum
What happens when a sky pirate falls from the sky?

Does he make a new home or try to find his old one? Is he even a pirate anymore if he's so far from his ship and crew?

After he takes a tumble from his ship, Acacitli finds himself lost in more ways than one.

Not only does he get tangled up with bounty hunters, the number one enemy of pirates, but also a strange man has begun relentlessly pursuing Acacitli and the mysterious amulet his father gave him long ago.

The story begins in the clouds...
Comic: Four Leaf
Four Leaf is a fantasy web comic about a kid that doesn’t dream, trying to find the way home.

Lupe is 16 years old, she considers herself to be a weird person. She hasn’t been able to adapt to her new city or make any friends; but things will change when she meets Lina, the other new girl at school. Soon things will get really odd, and Lupe will find out how normal she is.
Comic: Gloomverse
he was just a regular, unwanted kid, until she was lucky enough to get a job under the best magician in the world! Unfortunately for her, her new boss is a self absorbed sociopath.
Comic: Homonids
Humans and homonids come to conflict in this post-apocalyptic world.
Comic: Idolon
Home-schooled her entire life by her eccentric father, Cassandra is a clever and intuitive – if not naive – girl who moves to a new school her senior year thanks to a prestigious scholarship. It is at this school that she befriends noted social outcast Sam - and through Sam meets the rash, raunchy, and seemingly dangerous duo of Deanna and Benny. She finds that befriending the trio is just as alarmingly dangerous as it is new and and exciting, and it’s thanks to these three that Cassandra is thrust into a life she never imagined existed, and it isn’t anything she could possibly prepare for.
Comic: Kamikaze
In a post-apocalyptic future, feudal corporate houses hoard food and basic resources. A young freerunning courier intent on escaping her city is unwittingly thrown into a life or death game of corporate sabotage from which she might never escape.
Comic: Love! Love! Fighting!
Love! Love! Fighting is about a young woman who currently has no money, no job and her father won’t return her phone calls. Stressed and in sore need of a good break, Oriana finds herself in a difficult position when her bossy little cousins tricks her back to their home country South Korea.
Come and join Oriana as she learns how to handle her troublesome family members and strange new friends, who all seem to bring new and unwanted stress to her life.
Comic: Magience
"Magience" was a new video game, one you could play while awake OR asleep thanks to an innovative headset. No one was quite sure the exact technology behind it, only that it was top-of-the-line and very mysterious.

In a world of fantasy, players get one character to level and adventure with, exploring an infinitely growing and evolving world.

However, it's not long before people start to notice certain oddities, and certain strange theories and rumors start popping up all over the place, both in game and in real life.

Crazy as it sounded, what if "Magience" wasn't just a game after all?
Comic: Magna Girl
A slice of life comic that turns into a superhero adventure.
Will events beyond Maggi\'s control shake the lives of the entire Reese family and even bring Maggi one step closer to becoming a hero?
Join Maggi Reese as she learns to grow up with superpowers!
Comic: Mahou Josei Chimaka


Or choose a chapter:

Magical Girl Woman Satire, 16+
Series complete!
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Now complete! ebook | paperback | keychain

Fifteen years ago, magical girl Shimmer Shimmer Sky Patcher Chimaka lost her final battle against her greatest foe, broke up with her \"destined\" boyfriend, and practically flunked out of school. Now a chemical engineer at Squid Petroleum, Chimaka is older, wiser, and a whole lot more bitter. But when a surprise phone call alerts Chimaka to the fact that her ancient enemy is getting restless again, it\'s going to be up to Chimaka and her best friend Pippa to try to reignite Chimaka\'s old magic...and save the world!

For all you readers who wanted to know what happens after your favorite magical girl series left off...KaiJu brings you \"Mahou Josei Chimaka\"!

(Now complete)
Comic: Naruto: Hero's Path
The story of Atsuko, daughter of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga, as well as many other familiar faces, set a generation after the events of the Naruto manga.
Comic: OilCan Drive
OilCan Drive is the story of an outlaw rock and roll band traveling through the futuristic wastelands of America in a stolen airship. With an ex-hockey player as its lead singer, a former soldier playing lead guitar, a runaway girl on drums, and a giant gorilla playing bass guitar; it\'s a post-apocalyptic Western with a rock and roll soundtrack. It\'s Josie and the Pussycats meets Joss Whedon\'s Firefly. It\'s the story of a band that is, literally, on the run.
Comic: Promethius
What do you do when you live in a super hero world and your best power is to converse with doodles?

Well, if your Promethius, you make a job out of it and hope you don\'t get caught in the cross fire between supers and villains!
Comic: Sink
Paolo’s one goal in life is to enlist in the Spanish Navy and work his way up to Capitán General, following in the footsteps of his step-father. Unfortunately, he is booted out of the naval academy because of his family’s involvement in an act of treason several years prior. Determined to clear his family name, Paolo sets out to find and raise the sunken treasure ship Gloriana– but he’ll need help from his estranged siblings, a pearl-diver, and a pirate (or twenty), all of whom have their own agendas and shifting loyalties…
Comic: Soul to Call
The earth has never been the same since the Fall. Two thirds of the human population are dead, otherworldly abominations wander the ruins, and the occult runs rampant.
In hopes of salvaging the only scrap of family remaining in her life, aloof courier Avril seeks an Anathema, a blasphemous creature rumored to have the abilities that she needs.
Comic: The Idle State
The new comic from the creator of Treading Ground.
High school may not exactly have been hell, but it was enough for Aya to pack up her things and flee the state once it was over. Join her as she settles into Georgia and community college - at least as best she can
Comic: The New Yesterday
It all came to an end over twenty years ago.
This big, galactic civilization came crashing down. Decades later a man who survived the chaos tells his story to a boy too young to remember. The guy’s name is Malik, and before the fall, he was just a regular corporate nobody.
But when Malik finds out that his company is up to some shady business, he is compelled to publish their secrets. Get the truth out. It doesn’t take long for the totalitarian Nation to catch on, and our story starts when Malik is sent to prison.
There, he meets members of a shadowy resistance group, and a street punk who thinks he can see the future – and together they plot a daring escape! Malik’s new life is just beginning, as the world itself is ending.
Comic: The Substitutes
What happens when three roommates accidentally acquire powerful magic weapons destined for someone else? What happens when the aforementioned “someone elses” fall from grace and public favor in the aftermath? What happens when you’ve suddenly found yourself as the hero to someone else’s story…?
Comic: Thunderbird
Thunderbird takes place in a harsh desert land, full of magic and mythical creatures. Most important to the peoples of the desert is the Thunderbird, a god who arrives from the north every year, bringing with her the life-giving rain the tribes of the desert so desperately need. This year she arrives late and is shot down during her flight, leaving panic and worry in her wake. Without the Thunderbird, everything will die. Shortly afterwards, Molly Donelly finds a baby Thunderbird in her backyard and saves it from a group of werewolves, their designs on the creature unknown. After seeking council with a local tribe, Molly teams up with Bodaway, a wandering centaur and powerful magic user. They both set out on a journey to reunite the baby with his mother and see just what has the power to down a god…
Comic: Tistow
Tistow is a webcomic inspired by Victorian London and surrounding areas. It tells the story of its namesake city and its residents, particularily concentrating on the lower class, destitute and criminals.
Comic: Waffles and Pancakes
Waffles and Pancakes is a comic about two very different people trying to figure out the answers to life’s important questions, such as what would happen if our butts had nipples and whether or not snakes would look stupid with ears. It’s silly, random, and doesn’t always follow a defined plot.

Updates are on Sundays, and sometimes Wednesdays as well, depending on how much time I have.
Comic: Whither

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