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Looking for some help, will supply as many details as I can.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 4:45 am    Post subject: Looking for some help, will supply as many details as I can. Reply with quote

I recall reading a comic a long time ago, but every search I used now seems to pull some completely different, take everything I say with a grain of salt because my recollection could be fuzzy, but here's what I know:

Visually the background of the site was a rather deep red, and there may have been a darker pattern in it. Rather simple navigation icons, possibly just text links forward and backward (though both of these could have changed or been updated, its been several years). The art style was well done, black and white from what I recall (there may have been occasional color images) and very much like the engravings done in the covers of old novels (at least in the second story, more on that later) lots of hatching and the like.

Story wise the comic broke down into two basic categories:

One was a general slice of life type comic, about the author, female, somewhat heavy of body style (not judging, just remember it), she drew herself and her husband (I think) as well as anyone else in the comic as a furry, or anthro if you prefer (again, no judgement either way). She herself was wolf-ish, husband was similar if I recall, but much leaner (not fluffy) Husband may be a christian priest/pastor (w/e the proper title is). She also had two pet Rats, who are not anthro, just pets. Apart from being slice of life, what I remember most is the recipe she gave on the comic for cooking steak, and as best as i can recall using a cast iron skillet thrown in the oven @500 and then the steak was put on it for like 90 sec, flipped, repeated, then thrown back in the oven for a few, finally pulled and allowed to sit for several minutes (I may have the order mixed up).

Every Saturday (i think) they switched the program though to tell one specific old detective story, which I thought for the longest time was E.A. Poe (though I can't find any of his stories that match my recollection), but since I'm not sure on that it could be any of his contemporaries in the same era, Twain, etc. This comic starts with a man(still furry) waking in bed, and talking about his strange dreams with the woman (also furry) in bed with him, and evolves into him telling the story: teh once a week segment involved a detective or agent who was trying to infiltrate a Crime syndicate***Correction here, it was a group of Anarchists the Agent was after, use your judgement when reading the word "crime" in the rest of my description***, possibly in Paris (I seem to recall him eating breakfast with the top crime boss with the Eiffel tower in view), and it would have been around the turn of the century, early 1900's (again roughly, could have been late 1800s up to maybe 1930), automobiles were available but rare, only one really relates to the story. I think the top crime boss was an Elephant. Agent/primary Character/Narrator might have been American (despite being in France, if I have the France part right...), He was almost certainly a fox or wolf (dog-like). It turned out that the head bad guy was smarter than those after him because all of his lieutenants were seemingly agents against him, but he kept playing them against each other because they were all under cover and weren't aware that the others were also under cover. Several of the lieutenants were in disguises that hid their species (one always wore sunglasses and gave the appearance of being a sinister killer, because when the glasses came off it was obvious he was guileless, he looked like a puppy, young and funloving) Somehow the Agent gets away from the boss, but the mob ends up chasing him, he gets somewhere he thinks he's safe but ends up needing to run again, ends up in the back of the one automobile in the story, watching the mob recede (slowly which gives you an idea of when it was, in relation to how fast cars are). and that's all I remember from that story.

I'm sorry for the rambling run on sentences, just trying to add as much info as I can in case someone remembers other bits and pieces but isn't sure. Thanks in advance for all the help.
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