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Looking for an Artist!

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:46 pm    Post subject: Looking for an Artist! Reply with quote

Hi all! So new to this site, but I've got an idea for a comic and well I just can't draw for crap. Anyway I'm posted pretty much the same thing on DA and Tapastic forums, so I'm just broadening the pool a little.

Anyway about me. You can call me Add, or Archy, or well pretty much anything that's like not derogatory really, I'm not too picky. I'm 19, live in California (woot woot) like videogames, comics, anime, and all that stuff. I've got this idea that's been plaguing me for a while and I'd love to find someone to collaborate with!

Note: At this time I'm not even thinking about profit, but in the event that this somehow gets popular enough to reach a stage where that's actually a plausible option then profits would be split 50/50

2)As my collaborator you would be my Co-Creator. I understand how much work and effort this is going to take (I've already ditched like 2 of my classes working on this stuff #childrendonotfollowmyexample) so I really don't want to seem like one person's role is more important than the others.

3) This will be my first webcomic, I've been researching formats for Comic Scripts and the like, but still, do bear in mind that I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing. I'm coming at this from a short-story/novelist perspective, so I'm bound to probably give tmi and make mistakes. We all have to start somewhere right?

Now if that didn't turn you off! Onto the meat of this post! (This is pretty much copy-pasted directly from the other posts I've made)

Before we get started though I'd like to mention some themes I'd hope this to have and if you're not comfortable with them, then it's probably best to turn back now.

1) This comic will focus on two major themes Fear and Identity. This means that yes, there are going to be characters of varying sexual orientations and views on gender as well as being fairly dark. So first and for most. If you have a problem with gender-queer, gender-fluid, gay, bi, pan, asexual and the like people, this probably isn't for you.

2) Due to the nature of some of the characters abilities (and just cause I'm never one to shy away from the topic) I'd suspect the comic to be fairly violent and gory. Let it be said, for all intents and purposes this world is at war, and war is never a pretty thing. I feel like it would be a disservice to any message I'd like to create if it wasn't at least shown in part.

3) This third theme is more as a precaution because I don't know if this will make it's way into it yet, but potential alcohol, language (well this one's probably going to be in here, the character's are Dystopian World teens. What teen doesn't curse?) and possible drug use. Not that the drugs would probably be some sort of futuristic something not in our current world but it would still be a drug.

Now then! Now that that's covered! ONTO THE REAL DEAL!!!

For the sake of not saying too much I'll try and keep it brief.

As said this world is set in a Dystopian future in which a mysterious event (yet to be named because all the names I come up with sound stupid at this point) ends modern life as we know it and plunging the world into what appears to be a technological Dark Age. This event wipes out 75% of the human population. Out of the survivors, some begin to emerge with mysterious abilities triggered by their fears and meant to be used as a way to combat them. Fast forward a little and you get new creatures, monsters out of the most warped visions of humanity bent on destroying the remainder of the human race. Then we have mysterious robots who appear soon after which are built to eliminate the super-powered humans.

So to recap we have two factions trying to kill the humans. One indiscriminate and the other targeting specific individuals. The story follows a group of teens hoping to find one of their friends who'd mysteriously disappeared along with their family a year before the apocalypse. These friends travel across a barren US in hopes of finding this friend and possibly answers to why the apocalypse happened in the first place. You know. While trying not to die and stuff.

And that's the general Idea!

**Some Characters:**
These are some of the main cast

*The Teens*

**The Weapons**
Weapon D(ouble)X (aka) DX
Gender: F
Race: Japanese Canadian
Power: Weapon (Side A)
She has the ability to turn any part of her body into any weapon she chooses. She possesses enhanced sight and reflexes.
Secondary Skill: Regeneration

Weapon XY (aka) Y
Gender: M
Race: Japanese-Canadian
Power: Weapon (Side B)
He like his sister has the power of weaponization. However instead of changing his body, he distorts the area around himself making turrets, traps, blades etc appear from the floor. He has enhanced hearing and sense of smell.
Secondary: Chameleon/Durability

**The Brains**
MasterMind aka M aka M&M
Gender: F+M
Race: Indian
Power: Masterplan
The ability to conjure up a 3D blueprint of a building or landscape and track inhabitants within it
Secondary: Telepathy

**The Leader**
Rico aka Rio aka Rick
Gender: M
Race: Latino
Power: Ya' Like Me Right?
The ability to compel someone into doing anything you want
Secondary: ????

**The Crazy**
Houdini aka Dean aka Dini (Pronounced Deanee)
Gender: M
Race: Russian
Power: God Mode
For ten? minutes Houdini is able to mend space to his whims allowing for impossible escapes and feats of luck
Secondary: ????

Gender: M
Race: African-American
Power: None

Now then! If any of the above piqued your interest and you have no problems with the warnings then I'd LOVE to hear from you!

*How to Apply*
(whoops this probably the most important part)

**The Artist** :

He/She can draw either in black/white (tones, manga style ect ...), or
use colors, it doesn't matter to me either. The panneling will be
The artist will be given full credit of the art part .
If there are any profits let's say : from the support system on the
future for example, it will be shared 50:50

The artist will be asked to have at least Skype for better
communication (You don't have to speak if you don't wish to but
having one of these types of softwares if necessary for instant

If you guys are artists and are interested, or maybe know an artist who may be interested don't hesitate to send me an e_mail to :
With :

A link to/ sample of your work .Including : Action scene, one sketch (a complete art if you want but if you don't have time A sketch is fine) of 3 of my characters of your choice.I purposely left their appearances vague outside of their race, meaning I'm curious to see how YOU interpret them considering this would be a collaborative en devour.
One environment scene ( any if your previous works )

Also please leave a response in the comments so I know to look for your e-mail!
P.S: Remember that this is not a commission.
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