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Comic site seeking artists (note the plural!) profit share

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:32 pm    Post subject: Comic site seeking artists (note the plural!) profit share Reply with quote

Greetings! I'm Eagle, and I am the creator and webmaster for I am an experienced and published writer, and am looking to break into web comics with an eye towards eventual publication.
NO-Earth is an alternate history world with multiple time-frames that encompasses all genres depending on the specific setting chosen. There are currently 5 titles written that cover a wide range of archetypes from horror, super-heroes, para-military, police procedural, romance, slice-of-life, preternatural, and more that I'm not recalling at the moment. The first couple of pages of each of the scripts are already posted on the site, along with more detailed background information and limited concept art.
Hosting is provided by my employer, web design and management by myself. The site is up, is being maintained, and we have a good six months worth of buffer. I am posting script pages in lieu of art, but will start posting art as it comes in.

Page 1

Panel 1: Exterior shot. Nighttime. Umbra, our hero, is watching the back of an imposing building. Specifically, he’s watching a doorway. He’s wearing the stealth version of the Umbra costume and is heavily cloaked in shadows due to the spot he has chosen.

Umbra 1: [over suit radio] Hey, Xander, you sure this info’s accurate?

Xander 1: [over radio] Voice-stress analysis says the caller believed it.

Xander 2: You got anything?

Panel 2: Same scene, but now there’s a door opening on the back of the building.

Umbra 1: Yeah. Got a door. Check your screens.

Panel 3: Exiting the door is a figure wearing a tac-suit and carrying a sports gear bag. He is in a hurry, and the art should reflect this.

Umbra 1: Yes!

Umbra 2: It’s Forté! With a bag!

Umbra 3: I’m taking him down.

Xander 1: Careful, Lex.

Panel 4: Still in shadows, Umbra and Forté are running down the alleyway. Forté should have the body language of someone who is running under sheer terror.

Xander 1: There’s a truck around the corner.

Umbra 1:
Getaway vehicle.

Umbra 2:
Keep the ‘pack close.

Panel 5:
Forté is rounding the corner about 40 yards ahead of Umbra.

Xander 1: Straight for the truck!

Umbra 1: Crap!

Panel 6: Umbra rounding the same corner. Forté is stepping out of the back of the large panel truck. He has no bag, and he is holding his right gauntlet loosely in his left hand. His right hand is bare and giving off sparks.

Xander 1: He’s coming back out!

Page 2

Splash: An electric energy blast is coming from Forté’s hand, converging on Umbra and blowing him backwards. This is the reader’s first good shot of Umbra, so make it dramatic, especially since he’s getting the crap knocked out of him. There should be no doubt that this is far more than the costume or the guy in it are able to take, and having his body contorted in pain would not be out of place.

Page 3

Panel 1: Our 3 main characters are a set of black triplets. Use Denzel Washington as the model. This is the first real time we see one of them, so it might be best to keep the character at least partially in shadows, or show his back. Only parts of his face. Since he is in a dark van filled with monitors, computers, and other tech gadgets for the Umbra support, this should be fairly easy and not give the reader the feeling that something is being hidden from him.

Xander 1: Lex?!?

Xander 2: Let me know something, or I start hitting buttons!

Xander 3: …damn.

Panel 2: Xander’s hand over a button that’s marked ADREN on a panel marked INJECT. Other buttons should be marked as well, including with such things as MORPH and ATOX.

Xander 1: You asked for it.

Xander 2: Doing an adrenaline injection.

Xander 3: Lex, readouts say your heart’s stopped. Say something before you get shocked.

Panel 3: Xander’s hand over a red 3-inch diameter button that says DEFIB.

Lex 1: [OVER RADIO] I’m….here…

Xander 1: Great! Hang on! I’m rolling now!

Panel 3: Xander is in the driver’s seat, and the van is now rolling.

Xander 1: Hold on, Lex. I’m calling for help.

Lex 1: Don’t….I’ll be ok….

Xander 2: Screw that, Bro. Some of your vitals still say Dead.

The above writing sample is the first three pages of Triad, a script I am still working on for eventual inclusion in the site. There are 5 other scripts on the site for further examples.
I have a 1200 word document on the site detailing what I am offering artists, and what I am expecting. Boiled down into a nutshell, it is this. This is my best effort to break into comics on my terms, with the goal of publication. I will be splitting profits with artists on negotiable terms. Merchandising, advertising, sales of original artwork, print/ebooks and the like are all on the table, and I am very easy to work with. My goal is to make this a success, and there are additional things coming that I am not at liberty to discuss at this point. The first step, however, is getting art and an audience. The site is already gaining a small following just on the scripts and other information on it, the addition of actual pages will accelerate this process.
I am not overly picky on art styles at this point, and would like to see a range of styles on the site. I personally lean towards more realistic styling due to the nature of the work, but within that simple confine, there is a wide range of possible art styles.

(Hey, I hit all the points!)
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