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Looking for artist: Post-apocalyptic, dark humor comic

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:55 am    Post subject: Looking for artist: Post-apocalyptic, dark humor comic Reply with quote

Hello all

The River Hippo here!

I am working on my new comic, and I'm looking for artists to make it come alive.


Format: Fixed story, fixed length, expected to be no more than a hundred pages; expecting weekly or biweekly updates. Black and white, color covers, graphic novel format. My current artist might help with the covers. Artist might do the lettering, or either I can do it. English and Spanish.

Story: God decides he looks bad if the Mayans end the world, so He sets to doing it first. Our reluctant heroine copes with the ongoing destruction, unwittingly designated to save the world. Angels, demons, Mexican mythology and... ponies?

Genre: Sci-fi, adventure, sarcasm, black humor; rated R for language, sensuality, violence, possibly controversial themes.

Style: I'm looking for a gritty, bold style. Think the original Ninja Turtles, Tank Girl, Batman in his darkest, you get the idea. Manga is fine, in fact I love manga, but still have to keep the noir style. Stylized violence and a little gore is expected, I have scripted nudity, but will refer to artist as for the best way to do it (see below).

Script: I write my scripts as screenplays, that's the tool I learned to use and I see my histories as movies in my head anyway.

Pag. 2

ESTABLISHING. CECILIA's dept. CECILIA closes the door, paperwork in hand.
CECILIA: I'm home, Grandma.

INTERIOR. Living room. TV on with color strips on it. CECILIA is a little puzzled.
CECILIA: Grandma?

FULL SHOT. Fore: A table. Back: CECILIA notices a paper note on top of it, so she...

CLOSE UP. ...picks up the note (you can play with the panels position here)

CLOSE UP. The note reads: “Cecy: Some angels came and I went to Heaven. I'm truly sorry you cannot come. Left a chicken in the oven for dinner. Love. Grandma”

CLOSE UP. CECILIA with incredulity expression, looking at the note.
CECILIA: What the ...? GRANDMA?

I usually write the script in Spanish, send it to the artist, then I translate the dialog and text to English over the finished art. Can you read Spanish? Great! Else I'll simply translate the whole thing.

Method to my madness: I discuss characters personalities and traits with artist. I also disclose all the history and relevant points. I then send the script, usually a full chapter, and discuss current week with artist. Even though I have scripted shots and "camera" views, I usually let the artist free to reimagine scenes. The artist is the expert on how a panel should look, or how a scene is better told visually. If I'm very adamant on how a particular scene should look I will tell so. Artist usually sends me the first rough sketch or wire-art so I can make observations before actual penciling work. In some cases I send storyboards. For this particular comic, artist can have a say on the amount of gore or sensuality in a particular page.

What's in it for you: "Fame and fortune, Short-stop... fame and fortune" Razz Seriously, I'm an starving writer with a RLF job and a mortgage, so I cannot pay much. But let your art do the talk, I can happily negotiate payments and/or merchandising profits!
EDIT: Comics are a hobby for me, but I will definitely pay for the artist's valuable time. Starting fee at $10.

References: My other comic, M9 Girls! , is typically between the 300-500 spot in TWC and TWCL, which I think is not bad, with about 70-100 daily visits and between 200-250 visits on update days. Feel free to visit there for extra reference (This is a PG-13 shojo comic).
I also did, in collaboration with my regular artist, an invited cross-over comic here.

Want to jump in? Let me know. Call now! Wink


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