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New writer looking for artist collaboration

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:32 am    Post subject: New writer looking for artist collaboration Reply with quote

Hello there,

I was wondering if an artist would like to team up with me to make a manga. I would like to sent it to a publisher one day when finish. An average manga is around 150 page I think, so this would be a long term project. Of course any profit or recognition would be split if any were to be made. That's my long term goal. My other goal as a writer is to make my artist a fan of our work. I really want to make my artist feel sad, happy, (biggest goal is to make them cry) and be involve in the plot. Hopefully I can make them mad too by twisting the plot and making them email me their frustration as to why "this" had to happen.

About my writing style:

I like solid background for my characters. When writing, I like to see my character grow, especially emotional. So, many time, the story will be around how the character grow using many events to portray that.I prefer detailed writing as in, scripting out the scene, character expression, point of view per panel and any other minor details.

I would prefer it that the artist set up the time preference as how many script they can draw per week, and to keep in contact with me if there is something happening in their life that could delay and even keep them from working for an amount of time or even stopping the collaboration. I don't like to rush the artist as we all have things in our life that we have to do.

I prefer manga artist style drawing, as these type of drawing have a better emphasis on facial expression then Marvel/DC style (my opinion) but that's just my preference.

This is my current idea that I really want to get publish one day even if it's just one book in a long series.

Slice of Life/Action/Drama/Comedy/Adventure: Plot: A brother and sister day to day life in a rich city as they rob food, and make new friends. It is center around a rich city trying to "clean up" the town by getting rid of all of the kids without parents and pushing them to the dirtiest side of town. The "dirtier" side of town consist of majorly orphan kids who tend to sneak into the city to cause some havoc and some even trying to find their parents. The story will be character driven, meaning the majority of plot will be base of of new character (the orphan kids) being introduce into the story and interacting with the main character.

Nin (14yrs, for time sake, I'm not going to post an entire profile) (one of the main character, non-biological sister) (narrating): "This is Arbiots." --!--First panel+across page --!-- = Overview of rich city.
Nin (narrating) "And this is my home even if they don't want me." --!-- more panel portraying "luxury" --!-- = lavish pool, rich restaurant, happy kids, with mom and dads, kids playing with toys
Nin (narrating): "This is the side of town kids like me aren't allow in" --!-- More scenery panel (cont.) --!--
Nin (narrating): "This is the side of town they want me to call home." --!-- new page? Panel across page --!-- = Overview of poor city (almost in ruins)
Nin (narrating): "To them, this is our home" --!-- more scenery panel --!-- = depicting poor/ruins themes

Fast Forward/ (I don't want to make this post to long)
Nin (narrating): "This is me". [background = behind a fancy restaurant]--!-- panel (compromised) = Nin sitting down behind a dumpster holding a trashcan lid over her head.

I'm going to just write the script overview now, the top is the sample of my writing style, now I'm going to rush it, to let you guys get a "feel" of the story. I do apologize, this is getting longer then I wanted to be.

Nin (narrating): "Everyday I steal food. I can't steal very well. I've met someone not to long ago and he's been taking care of me ever since. He is much better at this stuff then I am."

Noise in background (thump!). Door fling open and Grey with a sack of food (second main character 16yrs) runs out very fast.
Grey ( not shown in panel yet): " NIIIIIIIIIN, RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!"
Panel = Grey point of view = See Nin poking her head out and reaching one hand toward Grey from behind dumpster
Small panel = Grey grab Nin hand

(whole panel) = front view = Grey holding Nin's hand running (Grey expression on face = freaking out, Nin= smiling)
Nin (narrating) = "And this, is my big brother Grey"

Hopefully someone will like this plot would like to work with me. If you're interest, I would like to ask for samples of your drawing.

I would also like you to mention that I am new to writing for a comic. I hope that my story and writing style could give you a preference on me instead of my inexperience.

my email if you're interested, and if you have any question you can post it here or in the email
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