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One Day at the Mall...

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:59 am    Post subject: One Day at the Mall... Reply with quote

One day at the mall, there was nothing better to do.

Thus begins the most mind-bending saga ever to be set in a single day at a large retail establishment.

“One Day at the Mall” is a webcomic project, written by myself, and in need of an artist. The premise is pretty simple: A dozen or so people, with nothing better to do, spend their day wandering a massive shopping mall, in a desperate attempt to alleviate suburban boredom. Naturally, mayhem ensues.
The story, rather than progressing in a linear fashion, will be presented as a series of short scenes taking place throughout the day. To avoid confusion, each page will have a timestamp on it, indicating the relative sequence of events. Additionally, there will be a number of “secret” stories taking place in the background of other scenes, which readers can piece together once the whole story is finished.

So, all that having been said, let’s meet our dramatis personae.

SUMMER: Self-proclaimed leader-type. Has decided to start a band with a few of her friends. Likes to make big proclamations. Basically has a gigantic ego.
DEANNA: The sensible one. Pretty much always finds herself in either the role of “Group mom,” or the role of “Summer’s sidekick.”
JARED: Drummer. Big guy. Soft-spoken and reasonable. Mostly ignored. Easily led.
JULIA: The sweet, but slightly less than bright one. Is dating Kyle.
HENRY: The crazy guy. Connects with reality on pretty much only the most basic level. Is tolerated by friends for his entertainment value.
MARIE: Extremely terse, speaks in as few syllables as possible. Filled with subtle, burning hatred for everything. Follows Henry around a lot, and doesn’t know why.
KYLE: Thinks he’s a superhero, with electricity-based powers, goes by the name “Kyle O’Watt, Master of Electricity.” Is not actually a master of anything, electricity or otherwise. Expects his powers to kick in any time now.
CHELSEA: College pot-dealer. Grows her own, sells only to a few of her friends. Cynical and disaffected.
AIMEE: Little punk rocker genki girl. Lives on caffeine. Friendly. Maybe too friendly.
EDITH: Trans girl just recently starting transition. Terrified of more or less everything.
KIERAN: Amateur occultist. Has lots of insane stories. Takes himself very, very seriously, which everyone else finds very, very amusing.
CECILIA: Kieran’s best friend. Takes the magic stuff pretty seriously. Extremely judgemental. Gets along with exactly nobody.
ANNE: Retail serf. Works at a big box type store in the mall, at their service desk. World-weary, cynical, and sarcastic.
NIU: Works at the same service desk as Anne. Younger, nicer, and more optimistic than Anne.

Those are the characters we’ll be following the most closely, but there will, of course, be others.

As far as what I have in mind for art, I generally tend to like black and white better for this project, and, beyond that, I’m really open to any style.

As far as compensation goes, the artist who signs on for the comic will get 50% ownership of the comic, and 50% of any eventual profits. I’m basically looking for a collaborator here (as I am in no position to enter into a “for hire” situation, financially).

Finally, who the hell am I? My name’s Rachel Evil McCall, and I’ve been attempting to get my feet wet in this whole comic writing thing. I wrote a webcomic called Life Among the Unmotivated for a while before unrelated problems in life forced me to stop (though I do intend to bring that one back for a limited engagement in the future). Life Among the Unmotivated can be found here: Furthermore, a short story I wrote was recently featured in the anthology comic Lite Bites and can be found here: (it’s four pages, plus a cover page).

So, there it is. This is a pretty ambitious project, with a lot of crazy non-linear stuff, and a lot of craziness in general. If you’re interested in coming on board for this one, or if you’d just like more information, contact me at rachel.evil.mccall at

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