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Category: Best Art

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What art awards should we have?
Just one Best Art award
 15%  [ 5 ]
Seperate awards for Best Colour Art / Best Black and White Art
 27%  [ 9 ]
Best Colour Art / Best Black and White Art / Best Non-traditional Art
 57%  [ 19 ]
Total Votes : 33

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Given the different kinds of techniques and the different amounts of time involved in each type of comic creation, I think "best art" should be split up. Originally I argued for black and white vs colour, because they can both be seen as having certain advantages over each other - colour is naturally more attractive, but generally takes longer.

At the time I debated these issues, I admit I had overlooked non-traditional techniques such as 3D art, photocomics, and using programs like G-mod to pose digital actors. I think these should be recognised too, as they too have different kinds of techniques involved. In fact, if it weren't for certain disadvantages to such a course of action, I'd argue for each of the three above mentioned techniques to have their own category too*. As it is, I nevertheless think they should be recognised, and as such propose that rather than a single "best art" category, we should split it into black and white, colour, and non-traditional.

This will recognise the best in each type of artistic creation without putting certain groups in the shade simply because they're less popular or "don't count as art"**.

*Reasons against splitting non-traditional media:
1. There are several different kinds of non-traditional media, and as with the genres debate, everyone using a slightly different technique will call for their technique to be a new category.
2. We want to limit the number of categories so as not to overwhelm both organisers and judges.
3. Non-traditional media are still fairly minor compared to traditional media, and will, grouped, still be likely to be a smaller category than either black and white or colour art. Splitting it up will create many even smaller categories that will end up with too few nominations.

**Art is subjective; while one person might say Jackson Pollard's works or Mark Rothko's works are a load of rubbish, another would claim they're the pinnacle of modern art. Similarly, while one person might claim a photograph isn't "art", another would vehemently disagree. The same goes for other forms of new media.

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