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Comic Book Writer, Looking for Artist for Webcomic

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:39 pm    Post subject: Comic Book Writer, Looking for Artist for Webcomic Reply with quote

Hello everyone, Iím a up and coming comic book writer whoís looking to start writing web comics and comic books. I have an idea for a web comic that I am passionate about pursuing and hopefully turning it into something special. Iím being honest in saying this is my first web comic, so please be nice in replies or anything that you guys send me. Also, if youíre interested in working with me, please be mindful of this because Iím sure thereís some things Iím not great at yet but will hopefully be able to make better as I gain experience.

The Idea:

The idea Iíve come up with is about a time traveling assassin whoís one of the best in the world at killing. She wasnít always this way, but losing her son made her change up who she was. Living a life of crime has made her into a person who prefers to be alone, unless sheís at a bar drinking. Sheís daring, clever, and very confident in her ability. She works with the government to kill people in the past that will make small alterations to the future. She also contracts with a crime organization to kill people in the past and present for a lot of money. The protagonist goes on adventures in the past and in the year 2208 AD. The future is full sci-fi future, I want to make the setting look like cities from Blade Runner. Robots, flying cars, all of it. She has a mechanic who is her only friend and an on again, off again hook up for her. Time traveling has rules to it, people are not allowed to run around in the past and kill anyone they want in the past without consequences.

The Pitch:

After an explosion takes the leg and son of a female police officer, she turns to a lifestyle of crime. After going on a killing spree to get revenge for her sonís death, sheís used the skills and contacts sheís made to keep herself off the policeís radar. She contracts with the government and crime lords to kill targets in the past and the present. In the future, new technology has been created that allows a person the ability to travel to the past and stay there for up to seven days. This technology has been hidden from the public. The cost of the equipment doesn't make it a viable option for commercial use, so the government and a few crime organizations are the only ones able to afford the technology. She uses the pain of losing her son and the skills sheís learned from her undercover and SWAT work as a police officer, to become one of the best assassins in the world. With the help of her mechanic, who is the closest thing she has to a friend, she plans to fix the wrong that was done to her seven years ago.

What Iím Looking For:

So if youíve made it this far hopefully Iíve peaked your interest and you might want to get involved. Iíve said before that this is something I have enjoyed doing and am passionate about. Saying that, this is still just a hobby for me. I will not be able to pay anyone who wants to collaborate with me. If someone still answers this ad, I promise that youíll be a part of the process of writing the stories and developing the characters. Iím looking for someone whoís art style fits the story and is willing to be a part of the whole process of creating this comic and gain experience doing both or if youíre a veteran then hopefully pass down some knowledge to me. This would also be a great way to build your portfolio, Iím willing to rotate artist if after doing one story arc the artist wants to move on to something else. If this venture becomes successful and we are able to make any type of money from this comic, I will be more than happy to share in any profits that come from merchandise, publishing the web comic as a full fledge comic book, or any other way that profit can be made.
For requirements, Iím looking to upload a new page of the story at least once a week. Each story arc will be somewhere between 24 and 30 pages. Ideally, Iíd like to do two pages a week but I know art can take some time. If an artist wants to be a part of this, they must be able to do their own colors. A contract can be drawn up, if you feel more comfortable doing things with one.
If youíve read all of this and are interested then Iím very happy. Feel free to reply to this post, PM me, or email me at

Thank You
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