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Self Publisher SPACE giveaway & #62 is out!
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Casual Notice
Spambot Extraordinaire

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

AIPman: With the exception of my original query (which was really just curiosity), none of my comments have ben directed at you (okay, one or two were lobbed in your general direction--sorry for that). Sorry if I caused you any distress.

As a side note, have you tried e-publishng with Amazon? I gather listing with the Kindle store is free of upfront charges (profitability is another matter). You may also consider buying ad space on th NaNoWriMo website.
Traegorn wrote:
Like I said, Casual Notice reacts to things weirdly.

Weird to you, maybe, but I spent the '90's and much of the 00's digging myself out of debt and maximizing my earnings so I wouldn't be upside-down again. Then I got to watch my daughter almost drown in the debt she accrued in college and just after. I get at least one phone call every day from some "charity" that refuses to provide its tax ID number so I can check its background and is mysteriously not listed with the BBB. Once a week, I get a "poll" from the Republican Party asking for money despite the fact that I haven't donated to them since 2002 when they started ramping up to justify the Iraq War.

I'm on the back side of middle age and I took a long hard slog to get to the point where I no longer sweat the mortgage (mostly because I finally own my house free and clear). If Alias Pseudonym wants to tell you his cash dumpster is a golden ark, that's his business and his right. If you want to give him money for a Cash Dumpster screen saver, that's your right. If I think he's immoral for jangling shiney things in front of kids, or you're foolish for falling for it, it's my right to say so.
nsanelilmonkey wrote:
Video production isn't cheap, especially if you want professional quality. Going the indie route just means that they don't have to deal with contracts that will try and take full or partial ownership of copyright.

Kickstarter isn't "the indie route". I know a couple of independent producers. They don't use Kickstarter (at least they didn't, maybe they do, now, since it means they get to keep all the money) they offered traditional investment return for their project. No one demanded part or all of their copyrights or licensing; that's something that generally happens later, when a filmmaker is looking at distribution.
There's a good number of musicians on there for that same reason.

Musicians are a different issue entirely. They get screwed by record labels in ways that would be illegal in any other industry (for instance, they receive only a small royalty from record sales due to the record label's production costs, but then the label charges those costs back to the artist's contract). That's not anything close to Gene Roddenberry getting shoved aside to "Creator" when Paramount revived the Star Trek Universe (for one thing, they still backed a truckload of money up to his house).
Casual Notice--commentary, comics and an appreciation for snappy hats.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 10:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My main point was against your statement that the items associated with donation levels weren't worth it. I'm saying that they won't be because the people looking for money aren't looking to give away/sell their stuff. If they were they'd do so in their online shops. It's not meant to be an exact equivalent of the money you give, it's just a way for the asker to say thank you with items.

Take Pretty Things Peepshow. They did a kickstarter so that they could buy a new touring bus since the vehicle that they were using bit the dust. Sure they had 'prizes' like posters, nipple pasties, classes, or would do a show at a wedding, but the main reason that people donated was because they wanted PTP to keep touring.

I'm not saying this for the original posters sake since I don't really see the point of it, but for kickstarters in general.
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