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Writer needing a fantasy artist

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 5:48 am    Post subject: Writer needing a fantasy artist Reply with quote

Hello! I'm Thad. I'm a writer. Fate has decreed that I am not also an artist. That's where you come in!

Over the last two years, I've been writing stories and running RPGs in an original fantasy world. My NaNoWriMo attempt next month will be set there. I'd like to have a webcomic, as well, so that these stories may actually find an audience, but I have yet to find a reliable artist.

The basic premise is for the comic to be a series of short to mid-length "slice of life" stories of the people of this world. These stories would be mostly independent of each other, though characters from different storylines could certainly meet. The overall feel is pretty realistic and low-magic, but that could vary a decent amount between different storylines. The alcoholic, monster-killing bounty hunter's story, for example, will be a much grittier one than that of the treasure hunting swashbucklers on a quest to buy a brewery. I've drawn inspiration from Game of Thrones, Dragon Age, the music of The Sword and High on Fire, even Brian Jacques' Redwall books, and there's a lot to work with thematically here.

As far as hosting goes, I'm trying to figure that out. I'm leaning toward seeing what ComicPress has to offer, but I'm open to any and all suggestions. Point is, I don't expect the artist to have to handle this on top of everything else (unless they just want to).

Here's how I write. This is two pages, originally intended for print. Pretty light on dialog, but Dust isn't one for words.
Panel 1
Close up of a simple iron poker hanging from Dust's belt, just a piece of metal with a 90-degree bend in the end.
CAPTION: Cold iron.

Panel 2
Close up of a small, whittled wooden charm tied around Dust's neck.
CAPTION: Rowan wood.

Panel 3
Close up of a daisy chain, knotted around Dust's head.
CAPTION: Daisies.

Panel 4
Dust stands facing an inn across a field. A small crowd has gathered outside.
CAPTION: I hate fairies.

Panel 1
Dust strides through the crowd of onlookers, grouchy as ever.
DUST: Outta my way.

Panel 2
He stops at the doorway, staring at the bare lintel above it.
DUST: Don't you people know anything?

Panel 3
Dust faces the people. One of them tries to speak, but Dust cuts him off, holding up a HORSESHOE and pointing at the unadorned lintel.
MAN: They're in the--
DUST: Put IRON above your DOORS!

Panel 4
Dust shoves the horseshoe into the chest of the surprised man as he turns away, stomping through the door.
DUST: Fix it.

THE PART ABOUT PAY: I will pay. I can't pay much. Should there be any ad revenue or (fingers crossed) merch sales, you'll get half of whatever profit there is. Until that point, depending on the frequency of updates (I'm thinking 2-3 times a week), I can afford about $10 a page. Not much, I know, but I will do everything I can to increase that rate.

Concerning art style, I'm pretty flexible. Other than maintaining a pretty realistic feel, I'm willing to work with what you can do. I've been thinking most comics would be B&W, with occasional color splash pages. And if you're particularly versatile, I think it would be cool to occasionally switch up the style dramatically for shorter storylines or one-offs. Say, going for a washed-out watercolor look for a shorter, more whimsical storyline, or something photorealistic for a single page stop-gap between stories.

So there it is. Happy to answer questions. Happy to receive advice. Ecstatic if something should come of this.
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