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Writer looking for artist to collaborate with for a webcomic

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Joined: 19 Jan 2012
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:46 pm    Post subject: Writer looking for artist to collaborate with for a webcomic Reply with quote

My webcomic:

I'm looking for a secondary main artist for my webcomic.
my email is

Wanted: anime/manga style artist for a fantasy-adventure genre webcomic that's a longish-running project

Here's my proposal - it's pretty long but it has all the details you need to know:
I was looking around cause i began a project on an online comic but my current artist is piled with schoolwork and it's hard for her to even reach the deadline i gave her and i'm pretty leeway considering 1 month = 2 strips.

My current artist has already done the first 2 strips, soo all i'm actually looking for is someone who can work and produce strips with us to help speed the updates of the webcomic

I can take care of all the storylines and all the talk bubble conversations yes i can take care of that. Yes i'm pretty easy to talk to and of course i give you my every consideration if possible cause this is freelance and collaboration hey lol.

It's an online comic that goes by donation (donation is going to be by paypal) we will all get equal share of which i have no idea what amounts are to be coming in but I have about 100 people awaiting the updates of this webcomic strips and are really anticipating it. When i used to write fanfictions and original fics i used to get 200 reviews plus emails at times - and that is literature so what more if we add visual art? Thus i'm not worried about the fame or how we are to earn readers and viewers i pretty much can handle that.

I will be handling all the site matters since i know drawing takes more time than me planning the story and writing the "name"/outline for each strip with stick people/background illustration of panels. I will be the one posting up and doing all the mini blogposts/comments after a strip but if you want you are free to do blogposts/comments about the strip/s too. Mostly i will be handling everything aside from artwork and well of course i will be assessing if the sketch is perfect for what i picture for the strip. So all you have to worry about is drawing and coloring if there is a major strip or chapter cover or something special. If you want to be more involved then just poke me i'll make sure you can do so.

What are we looking at? Ideally an online comic that updates every 10 days or 3 times a month. Hopefully will in the future turn into a weekly comic that updates once or maybe even twice every week. Black and white pages and colored pages for the major strips. Fan service such as wallpaper making, character drawing, pairing drawings, etc. - all for a price which is also possible to be given as prizes to big donations. Special season sketches for enjoyment you know like maybe a snowball fight of characters for Christmas and such.

What is the work schedule like? Well i have the basic storyline done so yes i have the beginning, the climax, etc, and the ending all done and written out. You have like a month to work on 2 strips. A strip consists of 1 to 8 panels - rarely 1 though and only sometimes does it reach 8 panels. All strips are black and white, major strips and chapter covers are the only ones needed to be colored. There are gag strips that can be done to fill in the blanks in case things are tight and guest comics may be possible if we are really in a clinch. I give you the pages always ahead of time - mostly have outline and 2 stick person and background sketch ready a month ahead.
I also need you to of course draw the characters so yes i will be giving you character profiles and descriptions to do too within the 1st to 2nd month (and the months when a main character/s makes their/his/her entrance into the story) that you are working on the 2 strips - don't worry i am very considerate i will always always give everything in advance so you have time. I have though some characters already pre-drawn by previous and just needed to be redrawn in your style - where you will be at ease drawing these chars in different positions and etc.
So for example: my current artist is working on strip 1 and 2 which comes out late December, I have actually the "name" of strips 4 and 5 ready to be drawn whenever possible - had them for about eversince the 3rd week of November.
I also help out like right now since my artist is piled (which is why i am looking for another) with school work and etc i am doing fillers for the comic -- yeah...

What is the story about? Assassins mainly. If you want i could send you a clip of a chapter or two - just tell me.

Give me a short concise brief summary: Well there are 6 assassin villages and there is this Assassin Academy. Our main characters come from this community, which is hunted down by a strong evil dark wizard out for revenge. There is time travel, gathering companions, adventure, forming alliances, and war. It has almost everything from fantasy, adventure, thriller, horror, romance, tragedy, etc in general in this one epic fiction story, with about 40 races and about 100 unknown new introduced creatures.

Where will we be posting this comic at? Is it a paid site? Right now at Smackjeeves and it looks to pretty plausible and is a pretty cool beginning site to post the comics with a very very manageable price of what i'm looking at $20 per year (but right now my webcomic is getting free hosting until i can expand) - who will take care of this? me but hey if you wna help you are free to. Once we have expanded then we will be paying of course the bigger fee of around $55 per year which gives us our own domain that we can pick from and also of course a much more wonderful interface and content holding, etc services - once this occurs we will be sharing the fee; well the donations should pretty much cover way more than the fee and have us still with $ in our hands lol or we can get a new place to host our webcomics.

Any other questions, comments, etc? Please email me at
Thank you! I look forward to hearing back from you!
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Spambot Extraordinaire

Joined: 06 Nov 2005
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Location: UK

PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am concerned that you are predicting donations in excess of $55 per year, when your current audience stands at 100. I once heard a statistic that between 2% and 5% of readers purchase marchandise, on average; I would not be surprised if the number who would donate is lower than this, since they're not getting anything back unless you have donation reward wallpapers or whathaveyou. Unless your comic is VERY good, you can't expect to grow your readership by enough to get sufficient money through donations to offset server costs for a long while.

I'm also concerned that you're thinking so much about the money here. Most webcomic creators happily pay for their hobby for several years before they get enough donations or advertising revenue for it to pay for itself. Yet you're just starting out. Without experience and/or thorough research, you can't expect to accurately predict financial issues at this stage; and if you are thinking so much about money here, I begin to wonder why - is it part of trying to attract an artist, or something you consider important to this project?

Finally, I suggest that you post a sample of your script, and if you have any, a completed page, to give potential artists an idea of your writing style and the level of artistic skill you expect.
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Joined: 19 Jan 2012
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh no lol that's in the loooooong loooong run future i know the stats don't worry! (:

I've been writing since i was 7 and everything research, experience, practice, etc. that has all been accounted for and is being done everyday.

Oh lol i'll happily pay for it all in fact that's what i am doing it's just i have to state we are a donation by readers earning site not that i say we will be earning anything though it'd be nice if we do.

a sample of my script is bad cause i'll be giving away spoilers since my story has just started so if you want to look at my writing style go here:
or here

those are my old pieces of literature that i wrote over the years though none of those are much recent i have improved though but this gives you a glimpse nevertheless
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Joined: 19 Jan 2012
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 4:56 pm    Post subject: Secondary main artist spot has now been filled! Reply with quote

Thank you all!

Secondary main artist spot has now been filled!

I am no longer searching! webcomic updates every 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month!~

Have a nice day~

(PS: is there anyway now to lock this thread?)
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