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Devil's Advocate on the Awards and a Proposal

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:25 pm    Post subject: Devil's Advocate on the Awards and a Proposal Reply with quote

I'm not sure how to say this without it looking like I'm trying to minimize the awards (which I'm not) or having it sounding like sour grapes. I can only say it's not those things.

To play Devil's Advocate on these awards. Who really cares, other than the comic creators mainly on this site?

I do think it's nice to have awards for webcomics. I was happy for my buddy Steve Ogden when Moon Town won last year. But we did both wonder the same thing. It seems like there's a group of people here that get excited about it, and they go out and talk about it. They are mostly comic creators.

It doesn't seem as if the "general public" really participates much. Sure you post the awards on your site hoping your readers will participate, but I think the truth is that very few do, except maybe to vote for your comic. Particularly the nomination process is not a quick and easy thing to do.

Maybe someone can share voting numbers, but I seem to recall them being quite low.

I wonder if it would be better to actually brand these awards as an "industry" award by ones peers instead of a "general" award. You'd have comic creators register - and by registering all they need to do is show a website where they are currently creating comics. Then you just have them vote.

It seems this way it is much clearer about what the awards are. And I think, a bit more meaningful. To be blunt, it would make more sense to me than having it now the way it is where either the most popular comics win, or those who promote themselves best win.

I think you'd get far more interesting results, too.

Anyway, my take on it. People will disagree. That's how I see it. Maybe it's too late to even discuss, don't know.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:01 pm    Post subject: Re: Devils Advocate on the Awards and a Proposal Reply with quote

jaygee wrote:
PeceEquisse wrote:
I was thinking while we now have a member of the year and moderator of the year award, maybe we should add more, the more awards the better

Sort of like with videogames, u get best action game of the year, best rpg, etc. Maybe we could have categories like, most informative member of the year, member that should be upgraded to a mod, most helpful member, most entertaining member, and Im sure theres a whole lot more people could think of. We also could start each by having nominations again.

What do u think?

Sorry, am a bit dim-witted sometimes - who was it again who's won the 2009 TWCL Member of the Year Award? And I seem to have somehow missed the 2009 TWCL Mod of the Year Award completely. My fault, I know.

I'll totally beat you to mod of the year! I'm clearly so much more awesome!

PeceEquisse: those suggestions aren't workable. For a start, being a moderator is not a prize, it's a responsibility. Informative people aren't *necessarily* responsible. And we don't necessarily need any more mods. Between Wendy, JayGee and me, we're keeping on top of spam (most of the time), and spam deletion is really the only thing we do. And we don't already have awards for best mod and best member.
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